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Found 10 results

  1. Earlier today in Mesabi Landing, one of the city's major dairy producers was raided today by a Corrie platoon. The authorities had received an anonymous tip about health code violations at the site. Upon breeching the door, the Corries were nearly as shocked as the workers. No cows on site; dozens of different mammals had been kept in inhumane conditions to be milked for public consumption. Corrish troops seized and destroyed the stockpile of 'milk'. Several animals also took part. Although "ILK" dairy sells hundreds of liters of milk, Corrish authorities found the nearby storehouses dry. Authorities have issued a recall for all dairy products from Mesabi Landing and are offering rewards for further information on the missing dairy products. OOC: I was inspired by an old Simpsons episode. Let me know what you think! In unrelated news, a new fromagerie has opened in Bastion!
  2. Entirely unrelated to the recent scandal in Mesabi Landing, a new cheese shop has opened in Bastion! Serving the finest aged goat-adjacent exotic cheeses!
  3. skcheung

    Easy chesse mosaic

    A simple way to make mosaic with basic bricks.A good gift for your valentine.Remind you, you must use a lot of 1x2 cheese, otherwise the build won't be so easy.I have tested it many times -- pieces won't fall out. I think 16x16 will be an optimum size of this kind of creation. IMG_4450 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_4453 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_1029 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr 16x16 baseplate98 1x1 tiles (any colour) IMG_1031 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr 98 1x1 bricks (any colour)1 layer of reddish brown bricks to build the edge IMG_1052 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr Insert 1x2 cheese into the holes.Second layer of reddish brown bricks to build the edge. IMG_1053 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr Insert 1x1 cheese into the holes.Finished.
  4. Agent Kallus

    [Brains] Cat B - Nexo frontier

    The cowardly knights of nexo are now fleeing the reanimated corpses of the castle and space themes that they slew. IMG_2179 A captured prisoner serves as bait for their zombie trap. IMG_2190 The breathing apparatus is there to keep the zombie's snack fresh. IMG_2183 An aperture science core watches the fight from his management rail. IMG_2207 Figs removed.
  5. LittleJohn

    [MOC] The Anti-ABS Burger

    Guaranteed to conceal ABS, the new Anti-ABS Burger features a half-pound beef* patty, tomato, lettuce, and cheese with a medium side of fries included (for just a small amount more!). Stop by your local Burger Brick restaurant today and try this all-new special burger, guaranteed to conceal those ABS! *Patty is only guaranteed to consist of 1% or less real beef. My tenth entry for ABS Builder Challenge. This one came together quite quickly, though positioning all the splotches of ketchup on the fries was, shall we say, less quick. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  6. SkywardBrick

    [MOC] Modular - La Plaza Deliciosa

    Check it out on Rebrickable: La Plaza Deliciosa (instructions available) Meat, cheese, wine, produce, bread and pastries; what more could a minifigure need in their diet? All can be found at La Plaza Deliciosa! This Modular MOC building features 5 stores, all food related; -Butcher’s -Cheese Shop -Wine Shop -Produce Shop -Bakery
  7. Actor Builder

    Cheesy DsCenes [MOC]

    I have started a Vignette collection for the DC Cinematic Universe, highlighting the cheesiest moments from the films. I plan to add on to this collection as films come in the future. First off is the scene from Man of Steel where Superman gets so mad that he snaps...Zod's neck. Man of Steel by Actor Builder, on Flickr He ends up killing more innocent people with Zod's laser beam, just so he can break Zod's neck. Poor Zod. He was bred to protect Krypton. He thought Superman wouldn't be willing to kill innocent people in order to kill him, but he was wrong. Superman is a monster. Why Superman didn't just snap his neck the other direction, I have no idea. I guess the "S" isn't for Super. On his planet, it means Stupid. Next up is this scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I'll keep it in a spoiler tag until Suicide Squad comes out. And here is the two of them together because Technic pins are amazing: That's all for now. I'll probably make one for Suicide Squad, and then Wonder Woman, etc. Comments and criticisms, puns and witticisms welcome!
  8. Bennemans

    [MOC] - Dairy Shop

    A little dairy shop for my WIP; an old town center! (part two, Butcher Shop, can be seen here: ) On display under the awning are tables with milk, eggs and cheese. There's also a milk can and butter churn. It has a full interior: a shop on the ground floor, with a kitchen/living upstairs and a bed/bathroom in the attic. (I might make pictures of the interior later, but it's nothing too special) I need to find/make a sticker for the sign, and I need to get some gold lattice panels for the arched windows. Hope you guys like it! [i also need to get a new camera… this iPhone 4 is not giving me the quality I want…] Dairy Shop by Bennemans1984, on Flickr
  9. Here's my first entry for this great contest. I was on a LUG exhibit (great) and ill (not so) and didn't have that much time to build, but managed to throw a bit of Bag End's hall and pantry together. This is obviously insipired by the book chapter An Unexpected Party as well as the movie. More photos can be found on my blog Cyclopic Bricks.
  10. Gabor

    MOC: Slopia

    Hello everyone! Have you ever tried to build without studs? Welcome to slopia, the world of studless things! Small town: Solar power plant: Ship: Tower of Babel: Leaning Tower of Pisa: Colosseum: Thanks for visiting!