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  1. [MOC] Sergeant JynErso's bike

    Again: this is really coooooool! I like all the new details I've been browsing through the official Lego motorcycle sets in the meantime - but none of that list comes close to yours. Greetings Leonard Goldstein
  2. [MOC] Yellow Truck

    Six degrees of freedom and six bars (4 Links and 2 shocks) to fix them - this is really clever. Do you have some engineering background? A perfect solution for a small vehicle with a long travel suspension Greetings Leonard Goldstein
  3. [MOC] Sergeant JynErso's bike

    Wow! Your latest changes are a really great improvement. The coolest Lego motorcycle I have ever seen! Please don't ruin this fantastic optic using liftarms for the frame. Playability is not the most important thing of motorcycles - unless you manage to include RC ... Greetings Leonard Goldstein
  4. Tiny tracked vehicle with amazing power functions

    Thanks! Well, this configuration of a subtractor results in very low speed as the 24-tooth differential housings are driven by a worm gear. For this vehicle it is a benefit because it makes it much easier to catch the boxes or the container. But I realized another solution of a subtractor that result in high speed. It fits perfectly into the 42065-Tracked-Racer and you can see it in the video at 0:17. This will probably be my next topic, but I need to take some pictures and a video. Give me some time. Greetings Leonard Goldstein
  5. Tiny tracked vehicle with amazing power functions

    Many thanks for the compliments! @AFOLegofan66: I watched your bricksafe page - that is really impressing. Seems like you are a full-time lego builder ... Greetings Leonard Goldstein
  6. Hi everybody, my first topic, my first moc ... With this moc a had two goals building a tracked vehicle: 1. Make it as small as possible 2. Maximize playability with lots of power functions To the first point: the distance between the tracks is only six studs and the whole vehicle fits into the shovel of a 42030 And now the power functions: it is using a 8878 rechargeable battery box, an SBrick and four M-motors. Two motors are used for driving and there is a subtractor inside (which means one motor runs the vehicle forward/backward, the second motor is turning it left/right). The third motor runs the container lifting device at the back and it also locks/unlocks the trailer coupling. As it is double worm geared it is very slow, but very strong. The last motor runs the lifting device at the front. As there was absolutely no space left for any more gearing, it works by using a rope and a set of pulleys. Enough words, here some more pictures: As you can see these are pictures made with the LDD and so it was easy to extract the power functions: All just digital? Of course I know what you are waiting for. And here is the video showing this little thing in action: http://dai.ly/x5tmoni If you like my creation and want to copy it you can find a LDD-File here: http://bricksafe.com/pages/Leonard_Goldstein/tiny-tracked-vehicle There is also a background picture availably for your SBrick-profile (as you can see in the video). Maybe you have to adjust the resolution depending on your mobile device. Some notes to the LDD-file if you want to copy this: 42003 on the roof are not placed exactly as this is an illegal lego connection. Watch the video for exact position. Same for 32039 at the rear axle. The lifting device at the front needs a rubber band to keep the rope tight. Otherwise the rope would fall of the pulleys. For the lifting device I used a beam with ball cup which is not available in the LDD. I replaced it by 6M Half beams and a 2M cross axle. The cable routing is quite tricky as the vehicle is so small. I used same cable fixer to make this easier. Ok, no Lego-parts. Shame on me. But you can get them in every do-it-yourself store for a little money. Greetings Leonard Goldstein
  7. Hello! My name is Leonard Goldstein

    Hello! My name is Leonard Goldstein and I am from Germany. My favorite is Lego technic and I love power functions and RC. Well, my first technic sets were 850 and 851 - I think these were the first technic sets ever ( I feel soooo old ...). I have been away from Lego for centuries, but about 3 months ago the Lego-virus infected me again. It began with a 42053, a 42054 and some other sets. It ended up with a double dose of 42042. And of course I like the LDD: most of my ideas I check digitally first. For me it is a fantastic tool, espacially if you are "underlegod". But this problem will be solved soon ... My first real topic will come soon, but here is an appetizer: Greetings Leonard Goldstein