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Found 11 results

  1. My most technical and realistic model so far, the european-style Garbage Truck, fits in scale all other trucks with 49.5x20mm tires in the Technic-Theme, like the 42024 Container Truck, 42078 Mack Anthem, 42098 Car Transporter or 42112 Cement Mixer. With 1294 parts, it fits the parts count for mid-sized trucks. Instructions can be found on rebrickable. Most medium blue and dark blue parts comes from the set 42064 and 42066. If you take a look at the parts list, feel free to replace the colors and build this truck in any color scheme you want. Functions and Features: HoG steering openable cabin and doors 2-way-gearbox to select between opening the tailgate and activate the garbage press mechanism to hook the included garbage container and unload the trash all functions are operated manually, but the unloading of garbage (bottles in this case) is ready to be motorized My coolest linkage mechanism so far makes it possible to hook up the container, open the lid and unload the trash at the same time... well the working garbage press Impressions: Ready for Power Functions: This model is designed to make the functions (those selected by gearbox) to be motorized. If you own a PF battery pack and M-motor, you can easily upgrade your functions of the garbage truck. There is a full instruction guide included to do that. Instructions: The PDF instructions comes on 215 pages (10 additional ones for optional motorization) with high quality images. Instructions can be found on rebrickable here Have fun with this Garbage Truck.
  2. This is an older MOC that I made a month or two ago. It is a full rc front loader garbage truck. Power Functions are: 1x AA Battery box (for power) 2x IR receiver (for control) 1x M-motor (for steering) 1x XL-motor(for drive) 2x L-motor (for front fork and rear crusher
  3. After all this time working on the geometry of the lift and tilt, I am finally ready to show this truck. Full gallery here. The truck features (all manual): Steering, HOG Opening Cab Opening Doors Rear Outrigger Rear Skip Hook (for tilt and lift) Lifting Arms V-4 Engine Trailer with Skip Lock Much more at With Trailer Lift Function Enjoy.
  4. Alexander Hamsterton

    [MOC] Automated side-loading garbage truck

    Hi all, My son and I have been working on a minifig/city scale automated side-loading garbage truck build for the last year or so. We've finally gotten it to the point where we'd like to share it and get feedback. The bin arm is operated by a knob and reaches out and grabs and dumps standard LEGO dust bins with a plate on the bottom. There is also a ram in the hopper that is operated by a second knob. It pushes the trash into the dumper: The inside of the dumper is smooth to allow the trash to dump out: We also made a video that shows the truck and functions in action. The video may show the functions of the truck more clearly than the pictures can: We're interested to get feedback on the build. Getting the bin arm to smoothly and reliably dump trash and integrating that and the ram into a compact build was definitely one of the big challenges. The truck with some "waste" bricks is about 450 pieces. This design was created and refined with bricks on hand over the course of more than a year and at least a dozen different design iterations. We then created a model in LEGO Digital Designer and used digital renders to visualize different colors. The custom printed tiles were created digitally using LDPatternCreator, using Bricklink's Studio tool and Blender with some custom lighting for the final digital renders and some animations. The video is partly digital rendering and partly live filming. For creating actual custom printed bricks, we made color laser prints of the designs, covered them with scotch tape and then gently washed the paper off using water, leaving enough stickiness on the tape to stick to the bricks. This was quick and easy and the tiles were durable enough to play/build with, so that worked very well for our purposes. The cab holds a minifig comfortably, and there is a a hand rail and ladder for another minfig to ride along. There are clips to hold tools for cleaning up as well. There are more photos on our Flickr album: We have also submitted the truck as a LEGO Ideas project. If you like the model we'd be grateful for your support. You can see our Ideas page at Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone It’s good to have some spare time but better that sitting on the couch is to present one of my last MOCs – Front Loaded Garbage Truck. The truck was made almost three months ago (but I done it from scratch in 8 days!) for our local LUG contest. The goal was to made something up to 2000 pieces and maximum of 4 engines. I thought that front loaded garbage truck could be a nice playable model and I haven’t seen much of them made from Lego. The truck of course fit to rules so it has a four remote functions like: - driving and steering - lifting arms - moving front forks In addition to electric functions there are two pneumatic (with manual pump) – dumping the whole body and opening tailgate. If you want more accurate specification: Weight: 1700g Dimensions: 19 studs wide, 22 studs high, 53 studs long (15.2x17.6x42.4cm) Parts: almost 1900 The truck is designed to emptying big waste bins. Whole process don’t take much time. Lifting functions are motorized so you don’t have to even touch a truck to dump wastes into body. Lifting the arms are operated by L motor connected to two big linear actuators. For moving forks I used a M motor and built a long shaft through arm to connect small LA’s. Each small linear actuator is driven by 6 universal joints. Maybe it don’t sound good but I have to say that everything works fast and fine. First you have to do is drive up to waste bin. Then lift it above body using arms. Meanwhile flap mounted on top of body opens itself and then you roll over waste bin with front forks. When bin is empty simply lower arms and put it onto ground. For driving I used XL motor with total gear reduction 1:1.4 That ratio gives you an opportunity to push truck by hand (and engine will turn). Steering is simply operated by PF Servo. As I said at the beginning there are two pneumatic functions. For opening tailgate I used one small pneumatic cylinder and for lifting body – two big cylinders. Lowering body and tailgate is done by gravity – there is no need to use air pressure. For more playability I made two waste bins – green and red. Maybe this is not a masterpiece but it had to be light. So what say more? I think that movie will say everything that possibly I forgot to write :)
  6. de-marco

    [MOC] Waste container transporter

    Waste container transporter building instructions Parts list
  7. MaxxusBricks

    Custom LEGO Garbage Truck

    Hello. I decided to build custom LEGO Garbage Truck. I like what I've built! This LEGO MOC is easy to make and it took near 1 hour to create it. I used only 43 bricks. I needed green, white and gray LEGO pieces. I will put it to my LEGO city. You can built this garbage truck, too. Just watch instruction and all needed bricks in the video. Do you like my new MOC?
  8. Here we go, another refuse truck. Features: drive steering 2 cylinder motor opening doors tilting cab opening hopper bin lift compaction cycle extraction plate Video is . Much more at
  9. My entry for the contest is a Side Loader Garbage Truck, based on KO-440 (GAZ-3309 chassis): Features & Functions: HOG steering Flat-2 engine Opening hood Container lift Container tilt Dumping Opening tailgate It was a real trouble to make dump function work. It only allows to set a thin long cylinder, which is not enough to lift much. For the contest I left it that way, but generally it’s perfect with the small linear actuator; in the video I show both versions. Video:
  10. My goal was to create something aesthetically similar to the current line up of CiTY vehicles, but packed with as many functions and details as possible... while maintaining a realistic part count. Construction techniques include standard stud on top mixed with studs not on top (S.N.O.T.). Parts include a mix of standard, sloped, solid, transparent, technic axles and connectors, and notch hinges... Details include: 4 axles, 8 wheels Detailed cab with speedometer, coffee mug, loader control lever Manually operated loader mechanism with steering wheel control for forks and tilt Opening top hatch for garbage entry Opening rear for garbage dumping Tilting garbage hold with friction ram Fuel and hydraulic tanks Lots of realistic little details like hazard lights, front and rear lights, warning bar Dumpster with castors and opening lid Driver Rat Broom Part count: Truck and driver: 362pcs Dumpster: 45 pcs Total: 407 pics Dimensions: Truck: 32 studs long (with forks folded) x 6 studs wide x 8 blocks tall Dumpster: 6 studs long x 6 studs wide x 4 blocks tall Also up on Ideas: Thanks for checking it out! Garbage Crew v1.11a by elie.fisher, on Flickr Garbage Crew v1.11b by elie.fisher, on Flickr Garbage Crew v1.11c by elie.fisher, on Flickr Garbage Crew v1.11 by elie.fisher, on Flickr Garbage Crew v1.11e by elie.fisher, on Flickr
  11. Hi all! I am making this project for the contest, i did not finished it yet, but here the time is to share some details about it. Unfortunately i have little time to build(5-10 hours weekly), but i try to finish this vehicle until deadline. The project is a Mercedes Econic garbage truck. I tried to build the truck (mostly the cabin) the same as the real one, but the garbage treatment section is an own creation. I used these pictures for guide: More pics here and here! So let's see some details about the vehicle: dimensions: LxWxH: 80x21x23 stud (63x17x18 cm) pieces: 4100-4200 weight: about 4 kg fake engine: 4 pistons in a row 3 axles, 1. and 3. axles are steerable in different angle, also the steering wheel is turning in the cabin 6 motorized functions with 2 M and 2 L motors and 3 gearbox. Functions: 1 L motor: changing gears 1 L motor: driving / blade sweep 1 M motor: steering / tailgate raiser 1M motor: garbage ejector / slide packer Manual function: cabin tilting Little functions and details: tilt seats, dashboard, openable grille, openable doors on both sides, etc. The video: You can download the LXF file from HERE! (*.rar) Thanks!