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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone! Looking at the presented modes over the Internet have found that this set fantastically fits into the golden scale for the small-medium models like 8109, 42008, 42024 and may other trucks including the MOCs. As there is a big topic for Mack Anthem modifications (42078 Mack Anthem Mods and improvements), here my point is to present the compatible cargo attachments like trailers, semitrailers, and other possible variations. (@moderators - please feel free to merge with the main topic if you still think that this way doesn't deserve the dedicated topic). Short index: Converter Dolly (1 axle) - EB post: - Rebrickable: TBD Converter Dolly (2-axles) with a self-aligning front axle - EB post: - Rebrickable: American-style semitrailer with sliding tandem (flatbed) - EB post: - Rebrickable: American-style semitrailer with sliding tandem (box) Is coming... American-style semitrailer with sliding tandem (dry van) Is coming... Drawbar trailer (2-axles) with turnable front axle (dry van, double-sided gates) Is coming... _______________________________________________ Converter Dolly (1 axle) First things first, even the smallest ones. While I'm still working on the biggest ones I'm glad to present some kindly unusual thing: A-dolly or converter dolly trailer that is usually used to turn semitrailers to normal trailers making them being able to be towed by normal trucks (not semi-trucks). This thing is made of Mack's rear end with the rear axle (not driven now) and fifth wheel and is equipped with a pair of wheel chock, a static A-shape drawbar (I very proud of it, really!) and removable stand support: LDD file is available: - A-Trailer Dolly 1-axle.lxf (I know, it's not a fair coupling - just demonstration of how it could be done) one degree of freedom - fifth wheel fixed axle (no suspension) fixed A-shape drawbar removable stand support wheel chocks The source of inspiration was GreatDane's real-life converter dolly: Off course, it's not a full-size and large trailer so far but I found it highly required for the further road trains like for some Australian or newly appeared eurocombi coupling: normal cargo truck + semitrailer attached as a trailer using tow hitch. Moreover, this simplest thing should be capable to work with only up to 24T semitrailers (one axle, yeah) so I'm about to finish the elder brother: 2-axle A-dolly with some tasty function
  2. So, I ripped apart my previous Renault magnum also made from the bits out of the 42078 Mack truck set, and created this. A Leyland T45 Roadtrain. I have tried to make it one of my best c models yet, by trying to get a nice looking design, but still incorporate heaps of functions. The truck features: -a tilting cabin -opening doors -HOG steering -Working fake 6 cylinder Cummins motor -Working Mid-Lift axle -Same fifth wheel as Mack anthem, so trailers are interchangeable between the trucks. The trailer is a bulk tipper. I didn’t really base it off any trailers but more rather combined ideas from different trailers. I combined both the chassis from a side tipper and added a regular bulk tipper bed to that. The trailer features: -A tipping bed which is raised an lowered by a large actuator ram. -working stabiliser legs -suspended front axle (allows movement up and down so follows contours on undulating ground) -automatic locking tailgate (cannot be opened at anytime unless a force is acted upon it) -aligning rails on tipper bed to limit bed movement from side to side when fully lowered. Hope you guys like it 🙂. Cheers, Kyle
  3. My most technical and realistic model so far, the european-style Garbage Truck, fits in scale all other trucks with 49.5x20mm tires in the Technic-Theme, like the 42024 Container Truck, 42078 Mack Anthem, 42098 Car Transporter or 42112 Cement Mixer. With 1294 parts, it fits the parts count for mid-sized trucks. Instructions can be found on rebrickable. Most medium blue and dark blue parts comes from the set 42064 and 42066. If you take a look at the parts list, feel free to replace the colors and build this truck in any color scheme you want. Functions and Features: HoG steering openable cabin and doors 2-way-gearbox to select between opening the tailgate and activate the garbage press mechanism to hook the included garbage container and unload the trash all functions are operated manually, but the unloading of garbage (bottles in this case) is ready to be motorized My coolest linkage mechanism so far makes it possible to hook up the container, open the lid and unload the trash at the same time... well the working garbage press Impressions: Ready for Power Functions: This model is designed to make the functions (those selected by gearbox) to be motorized. If you own a PF battery pack and M-motor, you can easily upgrade your functions of the garbage truck. There is a full instruction guide included to do that. Instructions: The PDF instructions comes on 215 pages (10 additional ones for optional motorization) with high quality images. Instructions can be found on rebrickable here Have fun with this Garbage Truck.
  4. Hello, Hereby I'd like to present you my first MOC. It's a model of a DAF XF 105 with a Krone cooling trailer. The trailer is not really a model build by Krone, but it's inspired by several trailers. The scale is the same as TLG's midscale trucks. The tractor uses the same fifth wheel setup as the Mack Anthem. The tractor has as functions: - Opening doors - HOG steering - Lockable fifth wheel The trailer has as functions: - Opening rear doors - Outriggers using a LA More pictures can be found here: Instructions for the tractor unit are on Rebrickable: If there is enough interest, maybe I'll make instructions for the trailer too.
  5. Hi there, Here is a MOC I have been working on during 2020. I just completed the instructions (available at Rebrickable), which was the occasion to give it the final touch. It is a one set MOC, made of only parts from the 42078 Mack Anthem. It features a wheeled excavator and a trailer: Features of the excavator: Steering with HOG from the back Manual stabilizers Front blade with mini-LA, controlled from the back 180° rotation of the turret Articulated boom, controlled from the turret (2 LA + 1 mini-LA) L6 fake engine in the turret, driven from the rear train (with differential), with a transmission going through the turret Openable cabin door and motor hood Features of the trailer: Tipping of the bed (via gear rack) In the end there are quite some parts left, but very little gears. Here are a few more detailed pictures: And a short video: Hope you will like it!
  6. Yes, another C-model of the 42078 set In the last 3 months I enjoyed my spare time in building a C-model of the 42078 Mack Anthem. My truck is an 8x4 flatbed version, with foldable crane behind the cab. I worked a lot on the cab shape, as already mentioned in @grego18f topic, who was building a Volvo FH too! It has opening doors but no tilting cab and no fake engine (I preferred a better looking cab than changing the shape to let the cab tilt). The crane is functional (all functions are manual), knobs are on both sides of the model. Main problem is the absence of the turntable. The crane is quite stable, but of course cannot load heavy loads. You can of course mod it adding a small turntable Outriggers control knob is on the back: I added 2 attachments: fake hook with chains, to move a small container, and forklift to move small pallets. Video: Model consists of around 1500 parts (so you have around 1000 leftover parts - mostly small parts and Lego System bricks). Instructions can be found on rebrickable: Stickers are custom made and could be available for purchase soon. I hope you like it!
  7. I just found another great model made of 42078 "Mack Anthem" set by @MrTekneex, a well-known C-models maker: The features are: Tilting cabin Openable doors HOG steering with working steering wheel (ahh, another cabover truck with tilting cabin and working steering wheel ) Working 6L engine Rear "doubles" at the driven 2nd axle Front and 3rd axles steering The 3rd axle is also liftable (has no steering in the raised position) Roll-off and landing / loading the container in three steps, each is driven by its own LA (or rack+housing) Dump the container Locable door of the container So far it's only on this website, so hopefully, it might appear at the Rebribale as well...
  8. I have just turned 30 years old! Celebrate with me and get 30% discount on all my instructions, today and tomorrow: Go to my Sellfy Store: Or to Rebrickable:
  9. I invite everyone to watch the newly created YouTube channel my adventure with LEGO Technic
  10. Hi everybody, my last few mocs were quite small - but not this one ... It is a Luffing Crane with a container claw - a perfect fit to 42078 Powerfunctions: 1. Moving forward/backward on the rails 2. Rotating the superstructure 3. Moving the boom up/down (level of the payload does not change) 4. Moving the claw up/down 5. Rotating the claw 6. Open/close the claw All functions are powered by one XL-motor. Function and direction is preselected by six clutches and there is one main clutch that activates the selected function. The main clutch works much smoother (it is a friction clutch) than the Lego dog clutch 18947 and allows precise steering. This is the key function of the model: the container claw. Three ropes, three functions: up/down, rotating, open/close The rigging is quite challenging Here is the engine house with 6 sticks to operate the clutches. The red read lever on the right activates the friction clutch. The shovels work as counter weights (with some old batteries inside). The trailer can carry two 42078 containers and has suspension with torsion bars. The container in the background looks a little bit funny as it is made of tracks ... And now guess what this is: ... these are the leftovers from 42055. Yes, yes, yes: this is a C-model It is using about 3000 bricks. Can you imagine to run out of black connector pins with a 42055 on the table? If you are wondering how these claw functions work, have a look at this topic: Many thanks to @kolbjha; I adapted your idea using a closed loop to open/close the claw. My crane uses the closed loop to rotate the claw and an additional rope is used for open/close. Well, that's it for today. I know you want to see a video ... please be patient. I will be away from my Lego for a while and of course I want to pick up the 42078 before I start the shooting. At least you can see the pics in higher resolution on my Bricksafe page: Bye Leonard_Goldstein
  11. Anyone knows how to install rc to 42078 mode B? Is the sbrick necessary?