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  1. I've seen a lot of cool Trucks here, so i'll show you also a few trucks. My collection has grown under Covid...
  2. That's the old TGS in the configurator, not the 2021. What you've configurated is a 35t for construction vehicles like tippers or mixers, you can't compare the wrecker with a standard chassis. There's no wrecker like the other and what you see in the render is a 41t. The problem is that you can only find pictures of the 2021, so it's designed by Efferman under help of a 1:87 model.
  3. One month later my TGX fleet has grown a bit...
  4. The Door is too short. It must be 9 Studs long.
  5. It was an honor for me to rebuild and change things on Effe's Rotator. When my TGX was finished i had the idea to combine it with the rotator. Now i have my own rotator an during the inspection of Effe's Scania i made the digital version,m so Effe could create something new with my knowledge of the test drives.
  6. The PU version of my TGX is ready now an i had to check out the new update for the app. First of all, it is not as strong as PF because the hub has overload protection, but it is enough for a truck of 5 to 6 kg. I am pleasantly surprised at how well the truck can be steered without looking at the display. It has two drive motors (left stick), a servo (right stick) and an M (slider) for the saddle plate. But i found programming cumbersome without any knowledge, the Racingbrick video helped me.
  7. The yellow one is the PF version and now i build the PU version with the "LION PRO Edition" body. We're working on a instruction for both versions, the body will be the same. The result of the test drive is that the PU isn't powerful like the PF, because the technic hub has a overvoltage protection. It could pull the trailer with 3 containers at the limit, so the safe max weight for the PU truck will be 5.5 kg. It's enough for the shown combinations.
  8. Georgeous! I'll give you my adress via personel message, than you can send the crane to me...
  9. Actually I'm in Berlin on an exhibition and first I need a second 42100. My problem is the limited space of my station wagon a I need to make a time plan for all my ideas and wants... Greets from Berlin!
  10. When i saw the video on YT a few days ago i thought: "it's never 10m..." Now i've seen the pics in your complete apartment. It's realy great! Could it lift something or only hold itself?
  11. Because you could use it also, if temporary no controller is available. When i'm upstairs in my workshop and forgot the controller in my apartment i have to use with BC2 the function to check the receiver if i want to check something. I think the Sbrick app can be controlled by a controller, but the fixed profiles are to complicated.
  12. Yes, so the PU XL is a bit faster than the PF. I'll check it with my F700, it's PU, but with the old diff.
  13. That's right, but can you look at your model and find the buttons on the display? Especially if you're driving on a exhibition it's much easier with sticks. Is it possible to connect the Buwizz app with a controller?