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  1. AlmightyArjen

    (MOC) Odense Station WIP

    That is one awesome design! Are you going to build it?
  2. AlmightyArjen

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    Well it's not all that difficult actually! For the slow moving timelapse I normally use a Lego built platform which moves very slowly (double worm gear) on which I put the camera. In this video I actually used a videography slider but the motor was broken so I built a quick and dirty Lego winch to pull the slider (that is why the timelapse is nog 100% fluent). And about the video quality: it's a combination of using the right equipment, settings and color grading afterwards. Lighting is probably the most important thing. I started years ago with just normal construction lamps, now I use professional studio daylight lighting: that helps a lot. I'll see if I can make a tutorial somewhere in the future. I got first a container terminal to finish ;)
  3. AlmightyArjen

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    1) if only ;) 3) I never did anything with IR stuff, wasn't that the Youtube channel "Lego arduino trains" or something like that? I always use the 9V system. For those interested: the extra footage video is online!
  4. AlmightyArjen

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    There weren't many fails, but I managed to put a video of them together! :)
  5. AlmightyArjen

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    It's my own design, it's actually older than Valerie's but Valerie's is more life-like. All the parts that I used are available on Bricklink although the model contains about 100 red triangular supports and I had to gather them in about 10 different Bricklink orders from around the world. I now see that there's still a scarcity for these parts, that will be a problem. BUT: I don't want to keep my tower as it takes up too much space. So if you're interested I could sell it to you (doesn't come cheap though, it costed me a lot), PM me if you're interested. Otherwise I will be putting most of the parts on bricklink, what would abolish the scarcity of the support parts. I indeed store everything in boxes, closets and shelves. The shelves have custom made dust covers so I can store everything dust free. I don't like to build a city like Jang or Alex Nunes (their cities are really awesome though) and fine tune it in time. I like to build an impressive layout and shoot a nice video of it. Next to that I do a lot of Lego train automation projects, once finished I don't keep them: I use the parts for my next project. Well, most lighting I've done myself with some resistors, LED's and a lot of wire. The bridge lighting I have bought at, they sell complete lighting units.
  6. AlmightyArjen

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    I have the LDD design of it if you're interested. The downside is that due to the ramps, the trains don't have much speed on top of the raised crossover so no spectacular crashes I'm afraid (unless the trains fall down of course). And yes, baby crib is new! She's 9 months old already!
  7. Hey! So it was time for the yearly Lego train layout in the living room. This time with around 80m of tracks and the Terminator enjoying himself on the roller coaster. Have fun! :D
  8. Wow, this is simply amazing! Any idea how many bricks are in this model? It passes the 100k I believe! This is the single most awesome thing I've ever seen built out of Lego. I lived a few years close to the dolomites and I always loved hiking and climbing there so maybe my view is a bit subjective, but still... Wow!
  9. AlmightyArjen

    Three automated level crossings in a row...

    I use the arduino platform with normal IR sensors. I don't use the Mindstorms platform, as those sensors cost the tenfold of a normal regular sensor.
  10. AlmightyArjen

    2018 Lego Trains

    Amen to that, totally agree. Every time the same story here: when new trains are announced people here (not all!) are always dissapointed in one way or the other and it seems that Lego can't do it right and I totally disagree with that: overall they bring out nice sets which are mostly intended for kids who look at the sets completely different than adults do. No flame intended though! :)
  11. AlmightyArjen

    Three automated level crossings in a row...

    Thanks for the compliments! I understand the issue with the barriers moving too fast, I've done it for practical reasons. I like the idea about adjusting the speed of the barriers based on the speed of the train, although you need some additional equipment for that. I'm going to make a realistic level crossing in the future for sure!
  12. Hey everyone, I just finished my third automated level crossing: the 7835. Since I had also already automated the 7866 and the 10128 it was time to put them "in series". The 7835 is automated with the parts that are also used in the 7866. Enjoy :)
  13. AlmightyArjen

    2018 Lego Trains

    A while ago there were some rumours about a new station. Are these rumours still rumours or are they debunked? If still rumours, are there already descriptions about the looks? I haven't seen any relative post in this thread about this subject. BTW, a HP is one thing but I won't be very happy with a HP themed train station although I could understand the logic behind it.
  14. AlmightyArjen

    Lego City animation series

    For those interested: episode 2 and 3 are also online now: The fourth and last episode will follow in two weeks.
  15. AlmightyArjen

    2018 Lego Trains

    I don't know about the passenger train: I think the border between the yellow front (again one mold piece?) and the blue/grey is too "abruptly", it looks a bit amateurish to me. Cargo locomotive is awesome though!