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  1. AlmightyArjen

    [MOC] Terra Station Z

    This is just magnificent! I love the details and the overall Futuron colour scheme, well done!
  2. AlmightyArjen

    Coal mine

    This is incredible. The size of the whole thing, the detailing, absolutely fantastic work!!
  3. AlmightyArjen

    Set 10020 Santa Fe originally also in light bluish gray?

    Thank you all. The conclusion is I bought a replica. I'll just have to accept it and I'll try to transform it to light gray in (a long) time.
  4. AlmightyArjen

    Set 10020 Santa Fe originally also in light bluish gray?

    The circular windows are prints and look original.
  5. AlmightyArjen

    Set 10020 Santa Fe originally also in light bluish gray?

    I have no idea, they look original. Thanks for the link!
  6. AlmightyArjen

    Set 10020 Santa Fe originally also in light bluish gray?

    Thanks for the compliment on my channel! I was already afraid I've been ripped off, but... ... that is so true indeed! :D
  7. Hi all, I bought a 10020 Santa Fe set through Ebay. It was a good deal but now the package has arrived, I notice that the whole set is in light bluish gray instead of the old light gray (except for two doors at the back of the train (those aren't available in LBG)). Did it also come originally in LBG? All stickers are applied on the LBG parts. I know that around that time there was a transitional period from light gray to light bluish gray. It's also specifically mentioned on Bricklink for the 10027 Engine Shed set with an additional note: "The early production runs of this set featured Brown, Dark Gray and Light Gray elements but subsequent production runs have contained varying mixtures of Brown / Reddish Brown, Dark Gray / Dark Bluish Gray and Light Gray / Light Bluish Gray elements." Could this also be the case for my 10020 Santa Fe set or have I been ripped off?
  8. AlmightyArjen

    Lego City 2022 video

    Hi all, I was quite pleased with the Lego city 2022 line-up of sets, so I decided to sell some older sets and buy a lot of 2022 sets. By doing so, I also "refresh" my Lego collection. Together with the new train sets, I decided to build a 2022 Lego city and shoot a video of it. Enjoy!
  9. AlmightyArjen

    [MOC] 12v Crocodile Engine

    Nice design! I tried to build it with 80's-only parts:
  10. AlmightyArjen

    12 Volt River Port

    Very cool, definitely has a vintage vibe to it!
  11. AlmightyArjen

    [MOC] Alstom - CP2620 - Nez Cassé 1:45 Scale (8wide)

    Awesome design! I love hou you've managed to put the nose in the model. That must have been quite the puzzle....
  12. AlmightyArjen

    [MOC] update from the LEGO city

    Massive, looks good!
  13. AlmightyArjen

    [MOC] Fort "de Monchy"

    Awesome, just awesome. Looks finished and complete with lots of details. Put it on Ideas, instant buy for me!
  14. AlmightyArjen

    Bahnbetriesbwerk NeuKriche 2.0

    This is one awesome design, it's huge!