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  1. Yeah, you are right. I am not saying I didn't have enough time. It's just that my motivation to speed things up slipped because sets were already available via retail channels. I totally understand TLG is running a business. I mention that in most of my reviews. And please don't get me wrong; I am not "mad at TLG" and I am not complaining. I am just trying to figure out why we didn't get those sets and more importantly; I am trying to figure out if I want to keep doing reviews the way that I did.
  2. Jim

    New model Ev3rDrive

    Most definitely! And you can link like this: Make you don't exceed the maximum size of 1024 wide.
  3. Jim

    Mindstorms and C#

    Great! I love your work on the "architecture" of the framework, using Dependency Injection etc. I will be testing it shortly.
  4. Since I am Ambassador, I can ask TLG directly. And maybe I will do that. But the thing is; I wasn't really sure if I could motivate myself enough to do elaborate reviews with time limits again. On the other hand; reading all the comments here, already invigorates me To be honest, right now I do feel like cracking open the 4x4 Crawler and start working on a review! Thanks mate! And yes, I really hope we can go back to these days.
  5. This started happening when TLG sent out the sets later. In the "early days" there was a clear deadline and we got the sets 3 weeks beforehand. That made it a lot easier. But @Catalinanmb definitely has a valid point that I have been late with my reviews. Although, I reckon that TLG would prefer quality over quantity. But maybe I have been too slow. Could be one of the reasons. Nowadays, even Sariel doesn't publish all the reviews before the embargo anymore. It's simply not doable if you get the sets that late. This is certainly the case. Last time I got 8 sets which I needed to review in 2 weeks. Well, we all know what happened. I started publishing pictures of vehicles with the cabin reversed, and all sorts of other stupid mistakes. In the end I felt like a reviewing zombie. If I needed to highlight a single comment, it would be THIS ONE. I think this is exactly what happened. It used to be a small-time operation, some sets go here, some sets go there. And now it's a full-blown marketing extension. But let's not forget that TLG's marketing department is probably very satisfied with all the exposure, and I am just a single reviewer in a "niche" community. I can't blame them for sending out the sets to the media with the most views.
  6. I got the Bugatti later than everyone else. I was in Billund at the time and I got the set after my visit, while others got it before the event. I was late with the Claas! You found a valid one
  7. Frontpage promotion was late. Not the review. And I didn’t even write that one. Blakbird did an outstanding job on the review and schematics. LoL Conchas definitely has good points! @Conchas spot on mate!
  8. @Anio I am the Ambassador I have kindly sent Kim a PM on the LAN, saying that we still love to do reviews. I got the Land Rover. Maybe I should ask him why we were excluded from reviewing the Control+ sets. About the embargo date; I did get most of the sets before embargo date, but only a couple of days (like you). I simply cannot produce a decent review in a coupe of days. I do need two weeks, at least.
  9. Care to give me some examples?
  10. This is a very impressive build. Looking forward to the instructions.
  11. I absolutely agree. I have given the reason for this limited review in this topic.
  12. Jim

    Mindstorms and C#

    I was wondering; do I need to install a "client" on the brick? Or is it simply a matter of plugging in the Brick via USB and run the Example program? (Visual Studio is updating at the moment, so I haven't tested it)
  13. Hi all, Since you haven't seen many Eurobricks Technic reviews lately, I felt the urge to give some insights into the reason why. The reason you haven't seen reviews for the Control+ sets is very straightforward. We have simply not been offered the opportunity to review these sets. I haven't got a clue as to why we haven't been offered these sets. Maybe it's because I do mostly written reviews and both Control+ sets are better off with videos instead of pictures. Maybe it's because I said that "only the most profitable is good enough" in one of my latest reviews (for the pullback racers). Maybe my latest reviews haven't been satisfying enough. Who knows?! The most likely reason is that our stats have been diminishing lately. While TLG always said that stats are not the most important thing when it comes to reviews, I highly doubt TLG isn't simply choosing fan media with the highest potential view count (and why wouldn't they?!). The diminishing view count is partially caused by TLG sending sets out to more fan media, so people are not waiting for a Eurobricks review anymore. Another more important reason is that when reviewers get their set, most of the time it's already available in retail stores. This isn't helping reviewers at all. I am still not sure why TLG isn't sending the sets earlier to reviewers. I know TLG wants the set to be available when the embargo lifts but sending review sets that late simply doesn't help anyone. Maybe I should add the stats of the generic discussion topic to the review stats, just to show that Eurobricks still generates a lot of interest. When I search for a Technic review on Google, most of the time, Eurobricks is at the top of the list. As much as I love writing reviews, it does feel a bit useless reviewing stuff that has been discussed for pages and pages (and on Facebook for example) already. This takes away a large part of the fun of writing a review. Back in the days, people were staying up till midnight, so they could read a review with lots of new information. If you look at the views of the 42056 - Porsche GT3 RS review, they went through the roof. Unfortunately, time has changed. So, part of me is very disappointed that we are not considered important enough anymore. Another part of me is disappointed that I didn't get the change to review a cool set like the Liebherr. On the other hand; I know how much time it takes to review a set like the Liebherr and you really need to be motivated to deliver a great review. I also like the idea of getting the Liebherr and enjoy the build without the pressure of delivering a review. LEGO is supposed to be fun after all. Therefore, I am contemplating switching to a review format where I focus on the pictures instead of providing lots of information. Or maybe I will let someone else do the official reviews and I will create a picture review when I get my hands on the set. I need to think about it. Hopefully, we will be offered new Technic reviews sets in the future.
  14. Thanks! I will rectify it. Hehe indeed! I'm sorry to inform that this is the review. What extra information would you have liked to read? I just created a topic where I explain the reason behind this.
  15. Thanks guys. Not as elaborate as usual, but I hope readers will enjoy the pictures.