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  1. RacingBrick has a good video on this matter.
  2. You are definitely not the only one looking for this. I would love to get some cables myself. PV productions has some, but they are rather expensive.
  3. Jim

    HELP! ! !

    We have indeed little control over the ads. So unfortunately weird ads are shown every now and then. And yes....the ads on Brickset are annyoing AF.
  4. If that is the case, I'm sure the helicopter is different enough from the Osprey or maybe Boeing is somewhere involved in the deal. Point being; we never know exactly what's going on behind the scenes. For example; the rotors in Avatar don't turn 90% forward and become "airplane rotors". It basically stays a Helicopter, which is probably enough to avoid problems with Boeing. Just a wild guess. Sorry for going off-topic. I'm sure Jim will give me a warning for this
  5. If I am not mistaken, at the moment Boeing is the only company using a tilt-rotor helicopter, so releasing one without the name Osprey isn't allowed either. I have had a discussion about this with someone at TLG. (something along these lines. It's not as simple as altering the design and omitting the name Osprey) When we think of a simple solution, the real world is more complicated. Lots of models, names or even colors do require a license nowadays.
  6. Jim

    Technic Pub

    I have split the topic where we talk about LEGO
  7. I concur! Let Zerobricks enjoy his weekend with the option to visit Eurobricks without work related requests.
  8. Well, the common consensus is: Splitting up will earn more cash, but takes longer Sellings at a lot will earn less money, but takes less hassle/time The choice is yours I have periods where I don't touch my LEGO for months, but then I regain interest and start building stuff again. But I have been thinking about selling parts of my collection as well. Simply enjoy building a set, displaying it for a couple of months and selling it. This doesn't go for my Technic collection, mostly other fun stuff to build without the room to permanently display.
  9. Cool. Hope you can finish something. I was/am aware that this is a hard competition, but I wanted to try it anyway to get it off my list I have been browsing the TC21 topics and I do see a lot of cool creations
  10. Hi, I will extend the period to the 31st of January. Hopefully that will offer some breathing space. I did unlock the entry topic so people who are ready can submit their entry.
  11. Happy new year! I have been busy with a lot if other stuff so I kinda neglected the contest during the holidays. I am willing to extend the deadline. Not even sure how many contestants are actively working on a model. Any thought on the extension period? I will open the entry topic shortly.
  12. The new Hispabrick Magazine is out! We set out to make an issue with the overall theme "on the road" and ended up with more than half the magazine dedicated to MILS. As this issue runs p102 pages, that's a sizable chunk. There are detailed descriptions and instructions for different MILS road modules as well as some other models, in the context of converting a city layout to the MILS standard.Of course that leaves a little less than half of 102 pages for other content and we hope there is something for all kinds of LEGO fans. It is our present to the worldwide community of LEGO fans.HBM037 English: https://www.hispabrickmagazine.com/magazines/articles.php?edicion=HBM037 HBM037 Spanish: https://www.hispabrickmagazine.com/revistas/articulos.php?edicion=HBM037 Thank you for your continued supportThe HispaBrick Magazine team
  13. Jim

    EB Tech Help

    Like Pep said, it's better to simply use the image url of the selected photo. Select a photo Bottom right corner click View all sizes Select size (1024 for example) The right picture is shown Right click and select copy image url Paste the url in your post.