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  1. Wow, this is very impressive! I will check out the video later. I am not sure how to load bigger files.
  2. Jim

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I have received an update from TLG. We wanted to provide you with an update regarding LEGO VIDIYO. As you know, we launched LEGO VIDIYO in January to connect with children in a completely new way, blending music, digital play and LEGO building in a fun and unique way. The product tested extremely well during development and has received really positive feedback from those children and families who have played with it. We’ve seen a positive response to the launch, but we’ve also received feedback from people that we could make the play experience across the app, BeatBits, music and minifigures even simpler. So, we’re taking that onboard and together with Universal Music Group are going to pilot some new ideas in 2022, then release new play experiences in 2023 and beyond. LEGO VIDIYO is very much still available, the current products will continue to be sold in stores and marketed globally, and we’re continuing to support this fantastic play experience, including new updates and fun challenges to the app to inspire children's creative music video making. Thank you for your continued support of the LEGO brand, we hope for your understanding behind this decision.
  3. Hehe that's an interesting question. By "contemporary studless LEGO Technic" I mean what you would find in stores today. I would rather see modern tires than retired (pun intended) tires. Close to the original is in terms of functionality and design, not the parts used. I hope I've made things clear and not started a new discussion
  4. I don't mind extending the deadline, but there is no guarantee you will get the part at all, right? What's your alternative solution, besides waiting the part and hoping you will get it? Do you have contingency plan? You are free to remake whatever you see fit, but I do think it's easier to recreate a classic Technic set, because of the scale and building techniques. It's easier to stay close to the original, which is the main criterium of the contest.
  5. The 18+ concept has been introduced recently, which means that these sets aren't due to retire. Probably next year. We will probably get new Technic sets like most other years. With the minor change that the 2H seems to be getting split up more often.
  6. Jim

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    I have moved this post to this topic. Is it the hefty price tag? Or have there been complaints about this set? I haven't heard anything that warrants an early retirement....other than the price tag. Or is the information incorrect (most basic answer)?
  7. Let's discuss this further in the 42124 topic.
  8. That would be nice, but I'm afraid that still not feasible
  9. There will be good deals eventually, so just be patient 2021 is turning out fine indeed! I agree. I would love to see a remote.
  10. Thanks. I can totally understand it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it does pack a lot of cool stuff. One think most people don't know, or don't realize, is that every printed part is a new unique part, which needs to be stored. It's imply not possible to have all the stickered parts printed. That's why every theme gets a certain capacity of printed parts. And yes, I agree UCS sets should have printed parts only, but unfortunately that's not how the cookie crumbles </offtopic> The Zetros does look great without stickers. I don't miss them at all.
  11. These new valves are way better than the old ones, but don't expect miracles. Thanks! The boom works like a charm with 2 or 3 pumps. The wheel lift was a bit harder but still very doable with the manual pump. I do like the airtanks, but I agree they aren't really necessary in this set. The same goes for almost every brand...in almost every business. It's called innovation. You do need to keep in mind that the average "attention span" of a Technic consumer is about 5 years, from (let's say) 10 to 15. We are AFOLs and we are engaged much longer, so we actually see a lot of things changing. The regular customer just sees a snapshot.
  12. Thanks Veebs! The perpendicular liftarms are a great addition to the arsenal. Of course, we weren't exactly needing them, but that they exist, we will gladly use them. As with, most new parts. This is a great set to work with Pneumatics indeed. Thanks! I agree, it does look good. Thanks! Of course, it's a tactic to introduce new parts. The main reason is to keep innovating (and staying ahead of or keeping up with the competition) which results in boosting sales (by introducing new parts, new designs, new possibilities). I still think the perpendicular liftarms are a direct response to clone brands and RV vehicles. And AFOLs begging for them :laugh:
  13. Jim

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    This model is simple. Simple in a very good way. I love simple