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  1. MicroSD Card My first step was to get a new microSD or microSDHC card. All the cards I own are 64GB and the EV3 brick only supports a max of 32GB. I purchased the SanDisk 16GB. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to continue installing Python this evening, so I will probably continue tomorrow.
  2. LoL Let's stick to the current title.
  3. Nice! I like the proof of concept. Maybe we need to change the title to reflect what this POC is about.
  4. Recently @MajorAlvega created an interesting topic about ev3dev, a Linux based operating system compatible with Mindstorms EV3. One of the possible languages for programming the software for the brick is Python. I never paid much attention to Python as a potential language to do my EV3 programming. However, it has a very big pro, which is the option to use Visual Studio Code as the IDE for programming the brick. In this topic I will share my experience with you. I will try to maintain an index in this first post. LINKS Micropython
  5. Thanks Major! This is very useful and interesting information. I don't really object 15 to 30 seconds for startup, but it can be cumbersome when you are still developing the software. I will take a look at micropython. Regarding the sdcards, David Lechner states "So, based on my results, the clear winner is the SanDisk Extreme." Well, I just bought one of those cards, so I'm good I decided to create a new topic for my venture into the world of ev3dev and Python and I have turned this topic into the General Discussion topic.
  6. Jim

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Can you imagine if we ever had a flying machine competition Exactly! That sounds like a reasonable and valid conclusion. A Ferrari sells better than a Red Technic Car. And once you get the Ferrari, you will want the Lamborghini as well.
  7. Jim

    [WIP] Sports Car

    Nice work! Glad you could use my photo.
  8. I think I already asked, so sorry for asking again; does ev3dev support daisy chaining? I can remember reading that the Python version does support daisy chaining. And I see that Python can be run in Visual Studio Code, which is a big plus for me. So, maybe I need to dive into Python after all
  9. I am about to order some SDHC cards. Can I get cheap 8GB cards or is it better to get cards with higher write/read speed? Usually I would go for the better ones, but since I will be needing four cards, I like to know if it actually matters.
  10. I'm not sure I'm following that comment either
  11. LoL Sounds great! I just bit the bullet and started my ev3dev project. And I immediately faced an impediment. I onlyl have 64GB microSD cards
  12. With some pointers on daisy chaining by @Hanso (thanks a lot), I made some progress with controlling the robot. I am not really sure how this will end, but the next things on my wish list are: Rotate to certain direction using a compass sensor and a PID controller Using the IR transmitter and receiver to make the robot follow me Implement these functions using EV3Dev or leJos or any non graphical programming language When I have accomplished this, I am thinking of these things Make a body for the base (i.e. make it look better with panels etc) Implement the LED strip controller Link the LED controller to some distance sensors to change LED color based on proximity of objects Using PFMate to controller the PFx brick to have better sound than the regular brick I still need to work on the math so I can steer the robot in different directions (simultaneously). It would be cool to use another EV3 unit and turn this into a remote. (basically like this. Sorry for the Facebook link)
  13. Currently, I am working on a daisy chain program where I input the power, instead of a fixed number of rotations. Since four motors are powered by a single brick, I am working on a block so I can use multiple blocks. Each block has an input for Power and the Layer (which daisy chain brick, 1 or 2). However, when I switch to port for the layer, two ports become visible. One for the Layer and one for the Port. Yet, there is only one input, for the Port. How can I input the layer with a variable? (see the upper right green block)
  14. Maybe...just maybe....you can start thinking about building an Aircraft of some sorts No further comments, so don’t try.
  15. There is a problem with the second url. Sure it's correct? https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/92212-moc-programmable-funky-drummer/