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  1. True that. Well, one of the main events has an age limit. But that's more for babies & toddlers. Other than that; everyone is welcome! Even zeeee Germans You have that supercool TV tag we've created a while ago
  2. Okay, let's forget about the McLaren and get back on topic.
  3. In a couple of years, the Eurobricks bar will be happy to serve you
  4. This makes me very happy We can do that UCS Millennium Falcon blind build after all
  5. We drink beer, build LEGO and spit gummy rats. In a nutshell
  6. Let's get back to the actual info. This will turn into a wishlist topic in no-time.
  7. We have tons of those. I will send you a PM
  8. Is she having difficulties with the puzzles? They can be hard What's her username? I can manually approve her account. And I will bring extra wine
  9. Hi Toby. This is not how we treat each other on Eurobricks. This is not Facebook (on which you should not show the same behavior either btw). Be patient and wait for people to help you. And please provide some information. What have you tried to fix the problem?
  10. Jim and @Kitty will be present during the entire event. We have arranged our usual accommodation. Great to see you're coming! And I see a lot of regulars attending again. Nice! Looking forward to it.
  11. Hi. Welcome to EB. Glad you enjoyed the build. And funny to see you made the same mistake I made, although I still blame my co-builder....oh and the beers. Which set next is mostly a personal matter. I would recommend looking for an Arocs, while you can. Technically very sophisticated. You won't get a better build than that. Well, maybe the Claas too.
  12. No, it will probably be fully approved. What I mean is, don't expect to get a lot of information you can't guess or know already. It will not be the revelation of the century
  13. Don't expect too much of it
  14. [WIP MOC] Another AT - AT

    Hi. Welcome to EB. This is not a place where we ask people to send instructions. When instructions will be made available, it will be posted in this topic. Furthermore, it's not wise to post your email address on a public forum.