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  1. While I absolutely agree, let's not steer this discussion away from the 2018 sets. Thanks.
  2. Hi Erik, Wow, thanks for the elaborate post/answer!! Studful is a no go for me, sorry. I have a love for studless Technic, so I basically want to stick to that. And preferably using mostly elements from the EV3 sets, but that's not a rule. So thanks, but no thanks You are absolutely right about triangles and the bridge design though. It's not a big deal that the design will become more than 5 studs high. I was planning on adding another layer to the base anyway. This 5 stud design was just one layer to begin with. Since it will be fairly big, I like to work with easy to use/design chunks of the model. Of course, this should allow for rigid building. I do like your setup btw. I will see if I can use your design and sort of slide in the wheel hubs. You definitely got me thinking Btw the current wheel hub setup is indeed not finished and it should be placed inside another assembly, because there is no rigidity at the moment.
  3. Yup. Unfortunately these sets don't score high in the "new molds" department.
  4. I'm sorry to inform that you will be getting full reviews for all four sets after all I have finished the introduction, shooting box images, content etc, and the write-up until the build for the Crane and the Forklift. Tomorrow I will finish everything up until the build phase for the Forest Harvester and Volvo Zeux. After that it's only building, shooting pictures of the progress and doing a little write-up per step. And concluding with a rant....or praise I like this workflow so far. Should do it this way more often.
  5. Ahh okay. I do have a slight dent in the Crane's box too. I reckon it's too heavy :P
  6. Ladies and gentlemen.....we got him! Or "them" in this case. Box seems to be good condition. The babies and the father are doing okay.
  7. If the two pics you have posted comprise your WIP, than I need to say that that's not exactly what we are looking for. A rollercoaster is okay, but making it out of System bricks kinda defeats the purpose. You can use System bricks to do some decorating, but the core of the ride should definitely be Technic. I recommend taking a look at some of the other WIPs to see what I mean.
  8. I am very active in board gaming as well and in FB groups I do see a lot of complaints about DHL as well. I have had several TLG shipments with pierced boxes. All delivered by DHL.
  9. I love the safety system for the seats. This is gonna be a fine entry!
  10. That is a very nice creation!! And nice teamwerk hehe.
  11. Jim

    [TC14] Randomonium

    That was an awesome idea. If I am not mistaken, we have contemplated doing a contest with this exact theme. Programmable by LEGO.
  12. Hi Beerme, Welcome to EB! I'm glad you joined. I recommend using Bricksafe or Flickr, where you can upload big pics and embed a smaller version here. Max is 1024 pixels wide. If you need any help, let me know.