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  1. Usually when a set is on the "rumored list", it's bound to be released. I still think there were last minute issues with the design, which led to the delay. But, as usual....we will probably never know
  2. Maybe. Maybe not. If TLG has a two year pattern, it would not have been in the line up in the first place (if you ask me). On the other hand; have we seen an official line-up or where they only rumors? I still think this is the case. Apparently Allegedly TLG scaled it down.
  3. We will close that one first with proper voting. I will ask @Milan if he can arrange things. I have little time till next week.
  4. I will try to make a topic for it shortly, but you can start planning/thinking. It will start shortly and run til end of January or so.
  5. Of course it's still Technic. You indeed need to use your imagination. Folding wings (like X-Wings, for whatever reason that is useful), opening docking bay (for contraband or for locking a robber), mechanisms to catch the robber, weapons systems, rotating turrets, etc etc Let's do this. It's fun!
  6. This! Cars are off the table. By difficult, you mean it would be a nice challenge
  7. I am not entirely sure what you mean. When I read your description, I'm confused.
  8. Vehicles....not only cars hehe. But you are right, it's more of the same (with a slight twist). Space Police & Robbers I am starting to like this idea. Space Police & Space Robbers Something like TC7 but in space.
  9. That sounds interesting. And I like something like this too. Space Cops and Bandits
  10. Hmmm I kinda forgot about that one. Let me check it out. Yeah, that is way too similar with what I had in mind. Can't believe it forgot about it. That was a very nice contest.