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  1. That is actually something I have been thinking about as well. 1 Motor for the transformation....and .... So one mandatory motor for transformation and 1 (optional?) motor for propulsion/thrustt/driving sounds nice. If the driving motor is optional, we could allow the optional motor for another function. That would give the participants more options. And for the transformation; Transforms from one type of vehicle to another. And another can be something like the 8852. Not sure if it should be more restrictive.
  2. I'm in favor of allowing all hubs and possibly external sensors.
  3. Car-into-jet-aircraft sounds fine. That's the kind of transformation I'd like to see. Short-chassis-to-long-chassis is not something I was aiming for.
  4. What do you have in mind? Let's see if it could fit a contest. Yeah, humanoid is bit too limiting. Agreed.
  5. My initial thought was to use a single motor for the entire transformation. Something like this indeed. True that! Maybe I do like this contest to go in the direction of "Transform from vehicle to robotic/humanoid form". Basically an remote controlled 8852 of sorts, using a single motor.
  6. I do understand we might want to set some restrictions, but I am not in favor of weight. In the past we used a boundary box as limit and I reckon that might be a good idea for this contest as well.
  7. You can check out the Index. I keep track of all the contests. [TC7] Wow......time flies. I would have sworn it was only a couple of contests ago. Check the contest info or entries.
  8. You would definitely get my vote LoL. We already had a MASK-like contest btw, which was awesome.
  9. I am glad the idea for this contest might be feasible after all. So, we do need to think about: Scale limitations (yes or no. if yes, which scale) What exactly is a transformation? ...
  10. At first I was thinking about making a car chassis which transforms into a robot, possibly with a single motor. I have seen several of those on-the-line. But I have never continued with this because the contest would definitely be too complicated. But now TLG has announced an app-controlled transforming vehicle (and we are not sure what it's about), we can probably do a (simplified) contest. I am thinking along the line of a motorized 8852, but since we aren't entirely sure, maybe we can leave the concept open to your own interpretation. Create your own interpretation of an app-controlled (doesn't have to be app, but PU or PF or whatever) transforming vehicle. The main transformation should be motorized. Something like that.
  11. I have said this numerous times, but I will glady repeat myself...I am not hosting a GBC contest. I need someone else to step in and take control. So nope, that's not it. I will leave a clue; it does have something to do with the allegded line-up for 2022. (which was/is my sign from above)
  12. Well, I do have something in mind, which I have been thinking about for years now. Recently I got a sign from above, so I might give it a go. It will be a difficult contest, but I'm thinking about running it anyway. And that contest will definitely utilize PF/PU.
  13. Jim

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    TLG will most likely use parts in colors which are used in other sets as well, to limit the number of unique parts used per year/season/period. This will reduce storage space. Each part needs a bin in the warehouse. That is also obvious in Technic sets where some “weird” choices are made. The building experience is indeed another factor
  14. Jim

    EB Tech Help

    We are still suffering from the occasional shutdown. We are working on it, but EB seems to go down every now and then. As was the case yesterday.