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  1. Don't expect too much it, but some of it is interesting Thanks for "motivating" me to complete the report btw
  2. Speechless is okay. As long as you find some words to go with the pictures hehe Glad you accepted. I will come back to you via PM.
  3. In that case, I can offer you a LEGO Boost set, but in return I will need a review for it. Of course, the set is yours to keep! You can accept publicly and we can discuss the details privately (or you can choose to deny the offer hehe)
  4. Do you have a tablet (smart phone will probably do too), batteries, a camera and a couple of days to spare?
  5. Its cuteness probably won a lot of people over. It's so likeable.
  6. By the way....I do have a special prize/challenge for @MegaRoi ....if he chooses to accept.
  7. I wonder IF this... Maybe it's ommited like some of the cool functions on the Porsche.
  8. Our pleasure. Congrats to you too. Look at that shiny Silver medal tag!
  9. No discusstion about the disqualifications here please! Congrats! As stated in the information topic, the first three will each receive their respective mug! And of course the medal tag. And I do have a special prize/challenge for @MegaRoi ....if he chooses to accept. I will contact the top 3 shortly for their address data.
  10. By the way; we have decided to ommit Jury voting for this contest, so the results are member votes only.
  11. Yes, you are In general; it was vote rigging and we decided to disqualify the contestants (who have been informed, and it's all good) instead of simply removing the votes. We think it's important to learn the consequences of such an action. This is all we will say about it, so no more questions please. We will make an extra statement in the rules of the next contest. Results will be published shortly! Well...you might be lucky
  12. Never ever accept a transcribing assignment....unless there's a big reward (mine was more than okay btw) Probably best to make a dedicated topic. What do you think?