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  1. Thanks for this update! Very cool to see part of the "behind the scenes"
  2. Jim

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Wow, that looks cool. I love your blend between System and Technic. Great progress!
  3. Or TLG can simply omit B-models and go on with selling their sets and making lots of money. In other words; I don't think omitting B-models will harm sales significantly.
  4. Jim

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Could not agree more! Well spoken
  5. I have been thinking about Friends. But I will most likely pass as well. Unless you really want to collect the series and keep them MISB, I don’t really feel like adding them to my collection. I do like the fact that TLG made this decision though. I might change my mind in the future, but for now…it’s a no for me.
  6. The Garbage Truck, which is really nice, has 500+ parts. The flagship car chassis model had 668 parts. Times have changed
  7. Ahhh yes, I saw that one. Pretty cool. LoL true that
  8. Oh my....I just found the Friends sets Kitty (my wife) is asking whether there will be a modular Space set. Why didn't I think of that
  9. I'm doomed. Don't do this to me. I'm a completionist, so this is gonna hurt. Are these hypothetical sets or have I missed the announcements?! #askingforafriend
  10. Gotta say, I love the "Crossover" between Technic and City, releasing the same theme. I definitely feel the urge to collect them all and keep them as a separate collection. TLG is basically releasing a classic space like theme, which I have been dreaming about for years. And on top of that, they are releasing some Technic sets to go along. I'm loving it.
  11. Jim

    HELP! ! !

    Our mobile experience is not the best. I agree on that. We are working on upgrading the board in 2024 so maybe it will improve.
  12. Jim

    HELP! ! !

    There is no option to switch to a regular editor. That would be the Html/code view of the default editor. This is turned off to avoid other issues. I know this can be a pain in the behind. I have experienced it myself. Can you click on the arrow in the square to select a quote and delete it?