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  1. I would be hard pressed to find a lot of people in this forum wanting to skip the SMF models.
  2. Jim


    Very nice! I also love the fact that all elements fit the trailer. Well done. Lol, me neither
  3. Every topic that get's featured (this can only be done by certain members) will hit the frontpage. Apparently, we (Technic people) don't feature topics enough. I will try to be a bit more active in the Technic forum, so I will try to feature more topics. The fun part is....now that we will be merging the forums, it really doesn't matter that much anymore. They are worth posting here and whether they get the tag [SMF] or [MOC] doesn't really matter (imho).
  4. It should be a proper scale model. Definition is in the index of the SMF if I am not mistaken. I also approve of moving SMF back into Technic
  5. Whatever happens, GBC will have its own contest.
  6. I have been thinking about this. Instead of remaking an old studded Technic model, simply remake ANY studded LEGO set. Would be cool to have contestants display the old and new model together, but I am not sure that should be a requirement. If we go for a no-wheel contest, it will be a no-vehicle contest, so no helicopters, boats, etc either.
  7. That has basically been my idea for every contest since TC2
  8. Hey Jim... I wrote this yesterday but unfortunately it has not gotten any responses.  

    Any ideas?  

  9. Hi, Congrats on your first post hehe. I have zero experience with BlueBrixx, so I won't be able to help you. Maybe other members will chime in. I do wonder wether you really need RTC. A geared down solution with an M motor doesn't suffice?
  10. I'm definitely in favor of running such a contest, but I need someone else to take control. I have been offered help, but I am not comfortable running such a contest. Maybe @Milan is? If not, we need another captain for this contest In the meantime, I will ask around to check it my idea is feasible.
  11. I have been contemplating a contest for a while. Something most of you probably will like, but I am not really sure it's feasible. This is very interesting as well.
  12. I have been thinking about a new contest and I have even requested some prizes. It won't be military though. Having TLG sponsored prizes and military doesn't feel right.
  13. Hi Aris. I know you are as excited as us for the new upcoming sets, but please refrain from asking for new information or pictures. When there is new information, it will be posted here instantly. We don't have a secret forum/topic where we discuss new info. --- I will change the title of this topic.