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  1. I will close the voting shortly (or at least try to do that). There will be no second stage this time.
  2. This is absolutely brilliant!! Such a compact build. Well deserved frontpage!
  3. You can honestly tell them that you don't want C+ in every model.
  4. So the milion dollar question is.....have you been naughty or nice?!
  5. Here's your chance to express your "Future Wishes".
  6. This is your chance to share your thoughts! The LEGO Technic team is looking to get your feedback on 11 questions through this survey. The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete and will be running for until March 7th. Please feel free to share with other LEGO Technic enthusiasts.
  7. Jim

    REVIEW: 10295 Porsche 911 Turbo/Targa

    A bit late with my reply, but what an outstanding set. Thanks for the review. This looks like a must-buy
  8. Jim

    HELP! ! !

    You need to host your images elsewhere. Use Flickr or Bricksafe (it’s free) to host your images and link/embed them in a post.
  9. It's an experiment. To see who's offended by it. You won
  10. Sweet! That's an original idea. How many parts were left-overs?
  11. Jim

    Moved to New Server

    We need to look into it, but it might have something to do with the mailserver you are using. We don't see any problems with notifications. Can you try to temporarily switch to another email address to test whether you will get them on that address?
  12. Jim

    Procuring LEGO parts

    Hi, Welcome to EB. Which parts are you looking for? You say you are looking for Technic parts, but you are posting in the Mindstorms forum. So are you looking to get Technic parts to build Mindstorms robots? The usual answer is Bricklink. Are you familiar with Bricklink?
  13. Jim

    [REVIEW] #75298 AT-AT vs Tauntaun

    Wow, this is such a cool set!! One of the coolest microfighter sets.