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    LEGO Creator 5770: Lighthouse Island

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  1. LegoJalex

    [GAME] Classic Space Adventure

    Thanks! Hope you will enjoy it!
  2. LegoJalex

    [GAME] Classic Space Adventure

    Thank you very much! Yes hope you can get some time to try it out! The game is saved for every new level/chapter you reach, so you can turn it off and then return to the previous chapter.
  3. LegoJalex

    [GAME] Classic Space Adventure

    I hope that it is ok to make a post about a game that I have created (perhaps some of you already have played it). The game is called Classic Space Adventure and is a free web game programmed in HTML5 that you play in your browser (Chrome or Firefox) using your keyboard. It is inspired by the Classic Space theme so you will notice many of these sets in the game. You can play the game here, or check out the webpage for the game here. There is also a Facebook page for this game and it would be appreciated if you wanted to follow it. I make posts about the game there now and then. In total there are more then 60 different characters and enemies, and the game takes approxamately 4-5 hours to finish. It is written in the programming language Javascript and took me about two years resulting in almost 400 pages of code. The music I have composed in Famitracker, a program where you can create Nintendo 8-bit music. Hope you will enjoy it and let me know if you have any questions regarding the game! Below are some of the sets that you will find in the game that I have recreated in a pixelated style. This was how the game looked like at the very beginning of the development, compared to when it was finished in 2018/19. The resolution was lower and with much fewer details and colors. Here are some of the enemies that I have built in real LEGO. For most of the enemies and characters in the game I built them first in real LEGO-bricks. Box-Kloss is the first boss you will encounter! For the game I also needed to develop a game editor where I can easily build each level by just placing bricks, characters and enemies where I want them. It is not that pretty though. :)
  4. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Butterflies

    Thank you for your comment!
  5. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Butterflies

    Thank you very much!
  6. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Butterflies

    Here are models of three butterflies I have built. They exist in reality and are called Peacock Butterfly, Menelaus Blue Morpho and Cethosia Cyane. These models are also uploaded as a project on LEGO Ideas, so if you like them it would be appreciated if you gave it your support! As shown in the video below, the butterflies can also move their wings automatically if you have an antenna piece connected to them and then tap on their wings.
  7. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Despair

    Thanks! Glad you like it!
  8. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Despair

    Thanks a lot!
  9. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Despair

    Thanks a lot! Interesting to hear what details you liked.
  10. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Despair

    A scene of a bathroom, where in the bathroom mirror you can see a woman sitting by the window feeling despair. I'm also showing two "behind the scenes"-photos.
  11. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Somewhere in Sweden during the 70s

    Thanks! Happy to read that you like it!
  12. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Somewhere in Sweden during the 70s

    Thanks a lot for your comments!
  13. With this MOC I wanted to create the feeling of a working class area in Sweden during the 70s/80s. The car is a Volvo 242 DL from 1975. Hope you like it!
  14. LegoJalex

    [MOC] E.T. - Phone Home

    Thanks a lot!