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  1. Izzy

    Members on the map

    Please stop trying to bump this topic Stinky. People will find it in their own good time. Brisbane, Australia.
  2. Have a go at it.

  3. I like it. Then people can say that they are members of the A.B.C (AmeriBricks Community), you can't get any more simple than that. Genius really!
  4. I guess my Eurobricks event tee shirt is now a collectible. If anyone wants it, I am willing to sell. The bidding war can start now.
  5. This is absolutely adorable and hilarious. I was smiling from ear to ear while watching it. That might also have something to do with the fact that I've just had cake too.
  6. Izzy

    What are you listening to?

    his haunting voice and meaningful lyrics are really doing it for me lately.
  7. Izzy

    FABULAND Crossover: Fabuland Gulch

    What a cool crossover, this is a really tidy build with very nice attention to detail. I love the Wanted poster. And quite like the hats on the Fabufigs.
  8. Izzy

    EB Members Title Archive

    - Bold Baldie [ From Hinckley? For being bold and bald. Literally.]
  9. Izzy

    Index: EB Licensed Forum Contests

    I'm not entirely sure that this "index" is warranted, especially when your last of five links is just a link to an Index that Cornelius already did all the hard work on. But nice try any how.
  10. error 404 member not found

  11. Izzy

    REVIEW: 4702 The Final Challenge

    I love this set, also for the Quirrel character. The rumples on the torso represent the rest of the turban wrapping around his neck/shoulders like in the movie. I pointed that out in my review of this set back in 2009 as I thought it was rather clever. Great to see this set brought to the forefront again.
  12. is staging a protest

  13. Izzy

    Review: 3863 Kokoriko

    I got this game yesterday based solely on the adorable cover. Hah! Since then, my four year old and I have played it about 10 times. It is easy, fun and adorable. My daughter especially likes stacking her hens on top of the eggs and screaming "Kokoriko" first when we roll blue. Yeah, I know the rules say to yell "cockadoodle" or what ever but Kokoriko sounds so kawaii. I would also highly recommend this to anyone with kids in the 4+ range. Or for a constipated worm face.
  14. Izzy

    EB Members Title Archive

    - Blondie [From Rick, because I am a freshly bottled blonde. Or I like listening to Blondie, or I am just really really dull]
  15. 1) All your monuments are belong to us (CamelBoy68) - 1 point 3) Robbers in the lobby (Kumpelkante) - 1 point 7) Art Deco (lisqr) - 1 point