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  1. PublicPlaytime

    Lego Batman: FREEZE ATTACK!

    To be continued... Please visit my Patreon to contribute in creating the ending!
  2. PublicPlaytime

    Lego Batman: FREEZE ATTACK!

    I started making more progress on this animated short, here's some production gifs (before the addition of SFX/lighting and camera pans) I just launched a Patreon page in hopes specifically to get this stop-motion short finished, make sure you check it out if you'd like to see more! Public Playtime on Patreon - Make a Monthly Pledge to the Arts!
  3. PublicPlaytime

    Just another exciting day in the city of Plastic Dreams

    Saying “How do you do?” (but really I love you) at Assembly Square
  4. PublicPlaytime

    Justice League on the scene!

    Thanks, a little photoshop compositing goes a long way! No, I haven't picked up Lex's new Mech... This little set was pretty awesome and I like the size of this one; The Newer Mech looks bigger
  5. PublicPlaytime

    Medieval - Paying Homage to the King

    The Red Dragons of Norne Lord Escobar Dartell, the Red Dragon of Norne, is the head of his ancient household. He is a deadly opponent in hand-to-hand single combat. His half-brother, Brown Bene Dartell, is the of the strategic command type. They dress in minimal armor---Speed and agility against their enemy insures victory in battle and the survival of their household. High of nobility yet their pledged forces are a rough and tumble sort of crew. As the old saying goes, never trust a Red Dragon to hold your dagger unless you want it returned in your back!
  6. PublicPlaytime

    Medieval - Paying Homage to the King

    Karthan Sline of the Southern LineHouse Sline controls the lands that border the southern kingdom of Norne. Karthan is the head of his household and seldom follows the King’s orders. His Man-servant Ubboo-boo is never far from his side. It is also known that he dabbles in Dark Magic and is responsible for the downfall and shaming of the Slabland households. Manipulative and cruel, he is a devious subject to be dealt with in BrickTambland!
  7. PublicPlaytime

    Bat-cave Blitz with the Dynamic Duo!

    Shooting the final sequence this week for The Bat-cave Blitz!
  8. PublicPlaytime

    Bat-cave Blitz with the Dynamic Duo!

    Got another brick-flick brewing: The Bat-cave Blitz! Hoping to get a video posted within the next couple months as a follow-up to my last Batman short, Cinema Crusader
  9. PublicPlaytime

    Medieval - Paying Homage to the King

    Billiam Shakesorb - The Village Laureate of BrickTamlandThe man-of-letters works at composing his next masterpiece down at the Tavern Inn.