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Found 6 results

  1. Tjennis


    Hello every fellow builders. I am currently doing my exam project in innovation. For that i am making a new product series for lego, and i need some confirmation on something. The questions i would like you to answer is: Are you missing the creativity when you buy a Lego set? (only one finish product) Do you feel challenged when building with Lego? Why do you build with Lego? Hope you would answer these 3 questions. best regrads Tjennis
  2. TurnOffTheDark

    Hey Everyone!

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! (bonus points for getting that reference) My name is Rob and I'm an 18 year old who plays and displays Lego to partially further my learning of practical effects in film and television. I am an aspiring special effects artist and Lego helps me channel in my inner creativity, as well as my love for taking what I see on the silver screen and building it in the palms of my own hands. Stay building every one! :)
  3. Ok, so before you all fire off the stock answers, let me expand a little. I've been questioning changes in the way I build recently and I'm starting to think that my creative processes are being stifled, especially in light of the current TC12 contest. I think that my approach to building is primarily driven by the way I sort and store my collection. This, in turn, is driven by the quantity of pieces that I now own. There is no doubt that my collection would be considered large, by most peoples standards, and it has spread across a number of rooms and into the garage. Getting pieces can involve walking, unlocking doors, and not inconsiderable effort to find the relevant boxes. Guaranteed that 95% of the time I will have the piece I want but, 60% of the time I find myself wondering if I can be bothered to make the effort. In the early days I could house my collection in a couple of small (ish) boxes which allowed me to access all my available pieces with a simple arm movement. I was much more inclined to tinker with builds and as a result I believe that I was much more creative. I was certainly much more prolific with the number of things I did build, even though I probably spent less time with Lego. So, back to the question ... can you have too much Lego? I have to say that form some perspectives, you most certainly can! For all those who wish for massive collections of bricks, beware! You might find there are unforeseen consequences of your wish being granted. Thoughts?
  4. Allemov

    [MOC] Small, but agile

    I just took the box of Lego Technic, and build something. Tanks Lego Creation by Allemov, on Flickr
  5. Hi all, While building, I recently found out that my collection has diminished due to scattered, lost, broken parts and such, as well as my selection getting old, with 90% of "old" basic and semi-specialized bricks (dirty colors, plates, wedges, etc.) VS 10% of "new" bricks (fresh color, brackets, cheese slopes, tiles, etc.). Although I can still manage to find a way to build what I want, I've been facing a wall more and more while creating stuff. I often feel "part limited". Sometimes I don't have enough of a certain part (e.g. 4 light gray tap parts), sometimes it's in a limited palette (e.g. I have 1 pink brick in my entire collection), or I want the part/color and I don't have it at all. It results in sometimes mismatching colors in a MOC when I don't have enough parts of the same color. In some situations, I want to try new techniques but I don't have the parts required. In others I want to make a rock landscape but I don't have enough slopes... My vision can't be brough to life... And is it frustrating! Every so often I want to reboot my entire collection and buy 1000$ worth of bricklink parts! Did you ever see that wall? Do you feel part limited? If so, at what point (e.g. 20 white 1x1 tiles isn't enough for me anymore) and in what situation (e.g. I want to use new SNOT techniques but I don't have any brackets)? What do you do then? Do you enter a rage and punch your MOC? Do you think outside the box and find another solution? Do you empty the Bricklink stores? Do you quit LEGO? (...)
  6. TheN1K0L4Z

    I am TheN1K0L4Z. . .

    . . . And I fail at originality. Everything I try to make in LDD turns out garbage, no definite color palette, no definite design style, no idea what to do. I come to here, because I'm out of options. My parents are unsupportive of my imagination, because it's unoriginal. I keep making story crossovers with mixed media, that I end up scrapping because of writer's block. Where will I find the imagination? In a white room! Which I will never find. I'm sorry, I used to be very optimistic. Then I learned the ugly truth about the real world, and realized, no one gives a minifig! I feel very bad venting on this thread. But, I didn't sleep good last night, plus it is Friday the 13th, the one day I suffer from reversal of fortune. Maybe if people were not so critical on my work, I'll stop feeling bad about myself. Just as well, I'll post a model soon. Thanks for your support.