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  1. iguana

    Henri & Edmond - Four Studs

    Henri & Edmond *COULD* be back. One. Last. Time. Please join and support the 'BAD SEED' project on Ulule : https://www.ulule.com/mauvaise-graine-1/
  2. After 7 years, Henri & Edmond, the french minifigs, are back for a new adventure called 'Four Studs': https://youtu.be/WcWdgzxWiMo World pandemic of Legovid-21 virus. Henri, alone at home, has to welcome his best friend Edmond during lockdown. But is Edmond contaminated by this terrible virus? The short film is in french, but english subtitles are available! This fourth installment goes back to the roots of the saga, with a biting satire of the modern world.
  3. There's no sequel planned, but there's another short with Brickbeard (and LEGO Friends) I'm going to post very soon. =) Thanks for the positive feedback, glad you all enjoyed it!
  4. I haven't posted anything here in a while. So here's a short I created, but as the Nexo Knights brand has been canceled, the video remained unreleased for a while as well. I was eventually allowed to share it so... enjoy, and feel free to give some feedback ! There's also another episode about to be released (with a Lego Friends theme).
  5. iguana

    LEGO Black Friday - Stop Motion

    Animation is pretty smooth! But it's strange your camera seems to shake when there's a bit too much animation on screen.
  6. iguana


    As you recommended it, we did it ! Sheep has been nominated for the Hopl'awards, a french award for films. Please make sure to have a look at this link and vote ! :D http://www.hoplawards.fr/portfolio/lego-sheep-brickfilm/ (One vote per person per day... feel free to vote every day ! :D)
  7. iguana


    Well, originally I met the brick-artist Kloou, who created the sheep and was showing them on an exhibition, and I loved them! We eventually decided to work together on a project where we could combine his characters and my animation. Then came the story... I don't know about English people, but in France, we call "sheep" people who love or hate exactly all what the medias tell them to love or hate. It was funny to make something about it. Then came the sheep with a hat. It was an easy yet cool way to make him look different. He was the perfect main character. All the story evolved from these concepts. Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback! Much appreciated! (especially since I wasn't much confident about this brickfilm haha )
  8. iguana


    Hello everyone ! My latest brickfilm... A sheep finds a hat, and decides to wear it. But the herd doesn't like the original idea... A fable about trends and choices in the modern world!
  9. iguana

    Teaser Fana'Briques 2017

    What a great promo video for a fantastic exhibition! The animation is smooth and a bit silly, love it! And I love the autopilot sound and joke ! Can't wait for a new film by you, guys!
  10. iguana

    Henri & Edmond - Plastic Love

    Here's a I directed recently ! I you love LEGO stopmotion... ^^And by the way, here you can vote for me for the "Elsassian of the week" contest. Elsass is the part of France where I live, and they nominate some creative people every week ! Feel free to support ! :D Thanks in advance !
  11. iguana

    Henri & Edmond - Plastic Love

    Thanks so much JimmyJimJim ! :) ended up at the first place of the CineBrick 2015, among over 100 brickfilms !https://cinebrick.wo...eswinners-2015/ It also won the Bricksinmotion Award for best original score ! Congratulations to Quentin Billard, the composer, and the musicians of the band Rose Babylone ! http://www.bricksinm...awards-winners/ Do you know any other festival worth subscribing to ? Or any suggestion about places where to screen this "brick short movie" ?
  12. iguana

    Henri & Edmond - Plastic Love

    Thank you so much guys for your comments ! I haven't come here for a while and it's good to see Plastic Love is appreciated. Right now it already won awards for best film, best animation, best soundtrack, best cinematography and best screenplay at the french "Brickstars" organized by the members of the brick-a-brack.com website ! And it is nominated at the Bricksinmotion Awards (www.bricksinmotion.com) in almost all categories. Fingers crossed ! :) Make sure to have a look at the previous installment as well : - The New Neighbour - Copyright ;)
  13. iguana

    Henri & Edmond - Plastic Love

    If you're curious, you can have a look at this short behind-the-scene featurette : English subtitles available ! :)
  14. Here it is ! The third installment from the adventures of Henri & Edmond, PLASTIC LOVE! (english subtitles available) Enjoy, share, and feel free to give some feedback! :)
  15. iguana

    Brickflick: LEGO-TEAM (remastered)

    I appreciate that you posted both links on the same page : comparing both sums up the quality of the remastering ! You've put a lot of time and effort in re-making the film, and it shows ! From light flickers to the overall rhythm of the film... Your work adds a lot to the experience. Can't wait for your upcoming projects ! :)