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Found 8 results

  1. I recently purchased 21108 and I think it's one of the all time better sets from Lego. I really enjoyed building it, and I can tell you the endresult is awesome. Like you didn't know already huh. Still ater a while some things started to bug me, and I thought I could improve on some details and overall look. The frontend is unmistakenly 59 Cadillac, but somehow it didn't look right... Wheelwell had a wrong angle; the frontwheels were set too far back; the 'eyebrows' above the headlights stick too far out; the hood is too flat compared to the fenders; too much room between frontwheel and lights because of wrong use of snot-technique, etc... I think I have improved the original model. After I modified the exterior I came across this post by flailix, and his work inspired me to do a proper interior and engine bay. I had just one problem: My car is one stud shorter than the original. So that meant I got even less room to place all 4 minifigs... But I managed to do so... ^ seating ALL 4 minifigs! ^ detailed V8 engine bay ^ notice not one but two exposed studs behind the frontwheel. Somehow it doesn't feel like Lego has forgotten something anymore It now looks like the car has a doorline. ^ I replaced the inverted slope which just had the wrong angle and made the bodywork between frontlights and wheel too large with a cheeseslope. By using other snot-parts I managed to shrink it a bit further and clean up the bumperside by separating it from the headlights. ^ Major modification was shortening the cab by a stud. It forced me to create open windows which I love. The windshield is set back to create more bodywork between frontwheel and windshield. The roofrack needed to be set back a stud creating less room at the back of the roof. Just like the real thing. The blue hoses are now compact together compared to the original set. I used an extra slope next to the hoses to let the body have a better flow. ^ now that the ladder is set back one stud I could attach it by clicking it into a red 1x1 clip I placed in the fin. On this side also more slope pieces above the rear wheel for better flow ^ I used a plate to give the bumper more mass. ^ the round studs don't bother me as much as they do on the original. It's much more a 'one piece' frontfender. It even suggested me to use round studs in the hoodcorners. It really helps rounding off the hoodcorners. The hood got raised because I thought it sat too low between the fenders. ^ now this was the most difficult task: Creating enough room for a decent interior that can seat all 4 minifigs. I'ts not able to hold all 4 backpacks but it does have room for a trap ^ sure it's kinda cosy but hey, it fits!
  2. I've added new foto's of my Ghostbusters headquarters addition! (11-3-2014) I've made some alterations to the hearse. Mostly on the tailfin area. The red from the fins isn't touching the rearlights anymore. Also the equipment on the roof is slightly different. It sort of 'belongs' ther now as opposed to be just an 'add-on' like before. I've also made it structurally better. (see post #2)
  3. Kinda disappointed by the non-compatibility of the two Monsterfighters sets 'vampyre hearse' and 'haunted house', I build the house a bit larger and now the hearse a bit smaller. The hearse had allready been modded to my own taste, but now was the time to build a smaller version for my house. First time I ever tried and build a 7-stud wide car. And man, that comes with problems... It took me quite a while but I think I did okay. I used snot techniques, for instance the front-end and the windscreen. Most of the rest is a basic traditional Lego build. Oh, and it is still minifig-friendly. It contains a zombie-chaufeur and a vampyre-filled coffin! ^ Figuring out how to narrow the wheelspacing was quite a challenge. It is now hold on by a single row of 4 studs and two 2x2 jumperplates. ^ As compared to my 'original' hearse... ^ The new version has the coffin sticking out a bit in the back, for a more grotesque view Well, it does add a little bit of drama ofcourse... ^ 7-studs vs 8-studs ^ The reason for schrinking the hearse: My Modified Haunted House. Both look way better together as well as on their own.
  4. 7 stud wide Icecream Truck. Based upon a 7 stud version of my modified Vampyre Hearse. As you can see I've used the icecream-decoration from the new Lego Movie Flying icecream machine. That is a great set to get some of the icecream decorations I needed for my hotrod icecreamtruck I wanted to build right after I finished my hearse. I took me a while to collect all the parts I needed for the truck. Hope you like it. And yes, it's got enough groundclearance to roll on a flat smooth surface... ^ Lovely Icecream ornamentation comes from the Lego Movie Icecreammachine set. As are the roofspeakers. ^ Thought it would be cool to pimp the truck with a gold capped tooth in the grille... No question about it this icecreamman comes from the wrong side of town... (A ring from a Lord of the Rings set) ^ The before and after-shot... ^ Garage scene. The old hearse getting it's makeover icecreamtruck-camouflage... So... Would you buy an icecreamcone from this guy...?
  5. DSCF0316 by Only Sinner, on Flickr This is my 9464 MOD, the car is not a perfect MOC as I wanted to make it an alternate build, so I only used pieces from the set. I liked the set a whole lot, but It really needed some better design. DSCF0314 by Only Sinner, on Flickr The car rode too high as is, so I proceeded to lower it. On real vehicles, this is called channeling. DSCF0313 by Only Sinner, on Flickr The top was lowered way down to create a more appealing roofline. This is the basic chop top. DSCF0317 by Only Sinner, on Flickr As you can see, it sits low and very agressive. DSCF0318 by Only Sinner, on Flickr The set came with the GITD sticker, but it would have clashed with the intended aesthetic. DSCF0315 by Only Sinner, on Flickr Hope you enjoyed my simple MOD.
  6. I do love #9464 Vampyre Hearse, and always use it in my Halloween setup. I got to wondering - how about an old-school hearse carriage? Should have taken a picture of them side-by-side... maybe next week!
  7. ^ Here's my version of the Monster Fighters Vampyre Hearse... Although I find the original set extremely cool (It IS the one set that got me into lego again since 25 years) but felt it was a bit too grotesk for me. It now has a lot of modifications like: A bigger but more subtle engine; It's lower; The body is given more mass; a different frontend; a longer wheelbase; exaust in the back (one bad thing about the original car was a poorly connected sidepipe); Chopped top; etc. You'll have to set it next to an original set to really appreciate the modifications. Only bad thing is, It's still too big for my haunted house and the other modular or town buildings...
  8. This is a bit of an older MOC I did last Halloween - (it's long scrapped now) but I thought I'd share this here as well - especially for those with a small taste of the macabre. Just after building Lego's Vampyre Hearse, a new, slightly-morbid-yet-cool idea spawned in my mind; what if I build a bigger, RC version of this? At first, I wasn't quite sure what it'll end up looking like, since I couldn't figure out what to model it after - a Cadillac? a Rolls-Royce? a Lincoln? - so, I went with all three - sort of, lol. Hearse Front by Octav_spot, on Flickr What's interesting is that the headlamps are actually yellow elements, but mixed together with the blue from the LED's, it came out green. I liked the look so much, I kept it as is. Hearse Rear by Octav_spot, on Flickr The side-lamps idea came to me in the last moment - I wish I'd of made them look closer to actual lanterns (since that's what original hearse carriages had.) To my surprise, the light came out looking almost purple, which seemed strikingly accurate. Hearse Profile by Octav_spot, on Flickr Two Hearses by Octav_spot, on Flickr Just the V8 engine itself was literally half the Vampyre Hearse. I laughed. Hearse Speed by Octav_spot, on Flickr To see it in motion, here's the video. I thought the reaction from my cat was pretty funny, so I kept it in the clip Currently working on an actual Rolls Royce... just haven't decided what model year yet... In any case, enjoy!