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  1. Small fairy dragon with magic wand of Love. I build this MOC in one night, highly inspired by Elves set I got.
  2. The Chosen One

    Glaurung the Fierce

    Wingless dragon, known for its cruelty and ferocity. My entry for Jayfa's dragon contest, BWTB non-humanoid MOC contest and Brickset character building competition.
  3. The Chosen One

    Cossy the Blue Warrior

    Remake of this MOC for 2018 Secret Santa challenge.
  4. The Chosen One

    Christmas tree ornament

    Christmas tree ornament.
  5. The Chosen One

    Bounty hunter pursuit

    My entry for GRID WARS contest.
  6. The Chosen One


    Coordinates obtained, target locked, taking measures.
  7. The Chosen One

    Mr. Jack O’Lantern

    A welcome guest at any party.
  8. The Chosen One

    Arachnid cyberslamus

    My entry for BBC contest №76.
  9. The Chosen One


    Absoulte unit.
  10. The Chosen One

    Son of Makuta - Rahi Control

    "Go, my sons. Use the shadows, and keep my brother asleep."
  11. The Chosen One


    ██ FORTIS. ███ SANAT. ███ LVMINA. ███ INTERCEDAT. EGO SVM ███.
  12. The Chosen One


  13. The Chosen One


    Information received, data processed, task assigned.
  14. The Chosen One


    Case established, suspects identified, investigation in progress.