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  1. ST. 4c656f6e69646173

    //->[begin transmission]: .................. 535041524B5954524F4E 43455A49554D 5448452043484F53454E204F4E45 4649525354205245445645525345 5345434F4E44205245445645525345 5052494D5553 .................. //->[end transmission 1]
  2. BKKKN

    These goatlike Rahi live on top of the mountains, so few Rahi can reach them. BKKKN eats mostly plants. They are not agressive at all, though in dangerous situations their horns can be serious treat. Matorans tried to tame these creations, but being captive these Rahi don't eat and die. Their strange name was given because of the sound they rarely made (it similiar to "B-k-k-k-k-k-n").
  3. Son of Makuta - Hunger

    Son of Makuta - Hunger. P.S. Check the other ones: Anger, Shattering, Heat vision, Vacuum, Poison, Electricity.
  4. Methael the Demon lord

    Methael the Demon lord.
  5. Cradle

    Sleep, little child, go to sleep, Mother is here by thy bed, Sleep, little child, go to sleep, Rest on thy pillow thy head, The world is silent and still, The moon shines bright on the hill, And creeps past thy window sill… Sleep, little child, go to sleep, Oh sleep, go to sleep.
  6. College boy

  7. Meet Leonid

    Me as a cartoonish/anime Lego dude. Skinny, shaggy, brick-addicted.
  8. World Chess Championship 1984, legendary match between challenger Garry Kasparov and defending champion Anatoly Karpov. (pics, vid, alternative photoset without names)
  9. Dinoponera gigantea

    Thanks! I used minifig hands. Thank you! Nice to hear it, because taking picture is always a painfull process for me. Thanks! Wew, many thanks!
  10. Dinoponera gigantea

    Dinoponera gigantea (pics). (alternative failed photoset)
  11. Krucyfiks

    Hello. Inspired by Zdzisław Beksiński arts (mostly these ones). Any comments are welcome.
  12. Tony the Talking Clock

    Thank you, I am glad, you like it!
  13. Tony the Talking Clock

    But eventually everyone runs out of time. [more=Pictures] [/more]
  14. Tatepon the Patapon

    Hello, folks! Finally I built the character from one of my most favorite game — Patapon. Addition info can be found in picture description on Flickr (it's clickable, as always). Hope you enjoyed, any comments are welcome!
  15. Makuta the corrupted maskmaker

    Thanks you, that's how I wanted him to look like in some sense. Many thanks!