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  1. jp-30

    [MOC] THX-1138 vs Police

    Thank you! Here's my latest one.
  2. LEGO MOC - THX-1138 diorama #2. The finale scene when THX-1138 escapes through the expressway in a stolen police car (a modified Lola T70 Mark III), pursued by 2 motorcycle officers. Flickr Prior TXH-1138 MOC.
  3. jp-30

    [MOC] THX-1138 vs Police

    LEGO MOC - THX-1138 diorama. The scene after the trial when 3 Police Officers punish THX-1138 in a large white void. flickr
  4. jp-30

    [MOC] Brix Headroom

    That looks great! And definitely on brief for the contest. Best of luck! Glad I gave you a bit of a nudge.
  5. Got approved on Ideas overnight:
  6. Rejected as appropriate for a 1980s TV themed contest. MTV not "TV show" enough apparently... will put in the general Ideas pool instead.
  7. The mini figure with the earring and the make-up Yeah buddy, that's plastic hair That mini figure got a brick built airplane That mini figure he's a LEGO heir Retcon!
  8. What's more iconic in the 1980s than MTV? Music videos became the new mini TV programs, often epic in budget and scope. Dire Straits' video for Money For Nothing (1985) incorporated some of the first CGI ever seen by mainstream television audiences. This is my take on the main animated characters from the video. The two deliverymen (short guy and tall guy), the dog, and of course a TV featuring Mark Knopfler's legendary guitar playing (if you look hard enough). The short guy has poseable arms and legs, and a rotating head, the tall porter has poseable arms and head, and the dog's head turns, his jaw opens and there are closed or open eyes.. That's the way you do it, get your Money for Nothing and your bricks for free! Submitted as part of the '1980s' Ideas themed challenge. Awaiting approval, will see how we go with that cigar...
  9. jp-30

    Super Mario 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Tried to work out the scale of the Mario Kart LEGO set teased on Instagram on March 10. By my reckoning it's too small to fit the current Mario figure (even though he's in the teaser). A brick-built version may be coming to drive the kart. Probably too big for minifigs, despite the above discussion. . Flickr
  10. LEGO are missing a trick here. The Disney Princess that most deserves a minidoll... Flickr
  11. Japanese art embodies elegance and simplicity. The traditional paper crane is the most famous of all origami models. An ancient Japanese legend says if you make 1,000 of these you will be granted a wish from the gods. 999 more to go, and maybe my wish will come true. Created for a LEGO Ideas challenge, but missed the deadline. flickr
  12. jp-30

    M4-23 Winners!

    Congrats to the winners. Great builds!
  13. jp-30

    [M4-23 - Imperial Ship] - Nimbus II

    Gorgeous, and I love the rotating wing feature!
  14. Thanks for the kind words, and welcome! Glad you were encouraged to take the plunge and join the forum.
  15. Thank you, those unprinted Speed Champion windows were in the local PAB wall, so grabbed a couple, glad I found a use. After making the X-Wing Alliance Star Wing, I was on a kick for the game. Glad to have found a helmet to match Ace's from the game.