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  1. My entry for a recent "Build a Tatooine scene" contest. A Krayt Dragon hunt that all went horribly wrong. Krayt Day on Tatooine Krayt Day on Tatooine Krayt Day on Tatooine Krayt Day on Tatooine
  2. A MOC I've been working on simply for the Friends / Friends joke for the last month or so. Now LEGO has annoyingly announced an official set, thought I'd show the work-in-progress. I'm very happy with Ross & Rachel, Monica is close. Still work to do for the right minidoll part combos (& minifig hair) for Joey, Chandler and Phoebe.A few missing tiles and shelf bits, plus needs the wall behind TV and the window panes behind Phoebe. and some more purple walls. by jp-30, on Flickr
  3. jp-30

    [MOC] The Empire Over Jedha City

    Thanks for sharing this - fantastic scale, and the nano city / crater is beautiful. :D
  4. jp-30

    Back to the Future Delorean MOC

    New Zealand Lego Fandom facebook group.
  5. jp-30

    Back to the Future Delorean MOC

    What's the cable over the front wheel arch? We're debating it elsewhere. So far - Chewed flex tube, non-purist twisty tie, lighting wire...?
  6. jp-30

    Back to the Future Delorean MOC

    Fabulous, I ordered that grey hood piece yesterday to improve my Ideas set - looking at this has inspired me further. Love it.
  7. jp-30

    [MOC] Beaker from the Muppets (WIP)

    Thank you for the feedback! I'll update the thread with the improvements as I sort them out (and Bricklink pieces) - was really just wanting to trial the mouth, nose and eyes as the idea has been in my head for a month since I got the Boy with balloon CMF. Once I built the face, I couldn't stop there. Way too square and (Brick Headz-ish) presently. But I'm happy with what I've done, and looking forward to really knocking the rest into shape in the next little while.
  8. My first attempt at a Beaker Muppet MOC. I was inspired by the Henson Retrospectacle concert in New Zealand a few weeks ago, and by trying to use the new balloon piece as a Muppet nose. Now I know it works the next step is to make the head more cylindrical, shape the body and articulate the arms. Stay tuned...
  9. That rubber ducky shirt on the new Robin minifig is way too cool for him, so I made it a new owner. Thomas Magnum. Have tweaked the front of the Ferrari to make it sleeker (final photo)
  10. jp-30

    [MOC] Fun in Mos Eisley Park

    Thank you all for your comments, I'm glad it brought some smiles to some faces.
  11. Inspired by the new Fun in the Park Set 60134, I decided to put a classic Star Wars twist on it by creating a Skywalker-Solo family vacation back to Tatooine. chewie-ben Leia has dug out her old Tatooine bikini and is catching some rays (and showing off that post-baby flat stomach). Young Ben is showing signs of jaundice, so a dose of those twin suns should help get rid of the yellow complexion. Uncle Chewie gives Ben a feed, while Han gets lunch ready. sandchildren One of the Sandchildren enjoying making sandcastles in the park, don't get too close though, he can be pretty feisty if you stand on his creation. doiknowyou R2 strikes up a conversation with the rubbish bin, wondering if they'd met before somewhere. torture Running a hover-groomer over the sand is simply torture, EV-9D9 thinks to itself. newcouple A strangely familiar couple take a quiet stroll in the park. hotdogkids A young Talz lines up for a hot-dog from the local vendor. I wouldn't trust that Rodian kid though, always causing trouble. hero-relax A well earned sit-down and glass of wine for our hero. Off sitting by himself again, the Solos do wonder if he has some reclusive tendencies. painter Just a bit of painting maintenance work. goldengod What has 3PO done to himself this time? Luckily he has a helper (a long way from home) to push the hoverchair around. kickball Some kids in their favourite costumes have a friendly game of blueball. whee A local boy and his Jawa pal have fun on the spinning Vaparator play equipment. From each angle: angle 1 angle 2 angle 3 angle 4 Just a quick hour's MOCing, hope you enjoyed it. Would love to see other's takes on this concept (not necessarily Star Wars inspired)
  12. Entry B - 2 points Entry G - 1 point
  13. Warehouse Online Toy Sale (decent discounts, plus free shipping on orders over $100.
  14. Disney has shut down Infinities Toys-to-Life. What does this mean for LEGO Dimensions? It has just been announced that Toys To Life game Disney Infinity has been canned. http://www.nzherald....jectid=11637337 So, does this bode poorly for the other Toys to Life franchises, specifically LEGO Dimensions? Or is this an opportunity now to step into the gap in the market and get more Disney owned products that may have been Disney Infinity exclusives (DIsney classics, Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones etc) into LEGO DImensions?