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  1. Been working on these for a while, but Animal is the latest project. Not quite 100% there yet, but getting ever closer. my flickr
  2. jp-30

    [MOC] Steppenwolf

    Head out on the highway!
  3. jp-30

    [MOC] THX-1138 vignette

    Scene from George Lucas first feature length movie THX-1138. My Flickr page Been thinking about this a long time, but now I've made it I feel I need to use that newish silver Ninjago head on the cops. ;)
  4. Thanks - the raft is the official one from 80024, but I removed the small sail. As for Pippin, she always wore a hat in the original theme, but did have red-brown curls down the side of her face, which was what I was going for with that hair. I'm happy with the face update, but have found a better hair/hat piece, which closer resembles her original style. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. What do you do when you love the look of a set (80024), but don't want to start a new theme? Sell the figs and re-theme it! Here are Neo-Classic Adventurers Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed, and Professor Kilroy rafting and flying in on their new Aero-Nomad balloon. The expedition is to explore the Legendary Flower Fruit Forest, but they're unaware it's the stronghold of the fearsome guardian Tygurah, and his minions. While most are just very minor MODs and minifigure swaps to 80024, there is also MOC remake of the Aero-Nomad (7415) Set. More LEGO - Neo-Classic Adventurers photos, on Flickr
  6. Something I'd been wanting to make for a long time - a Chamberlain Skeksis from The Dark Crystal MOC (and yes, all genuine LEGO parts!) More at my flickr page:
  7. Thanks for the support and the kind words! Yeah, I've been here about 15 years or so ;) Cheers for the heads-up on Ideas posts, I'll check the rules and edit accordingly when I get a moment.
  8. jp-30

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thanks to you both for supporting my Robby the Robot. Here's my discussion thread about the build, with the original version from earlier in the year. :)
  9. This build went through a couple of major revisions / rebuilds. Ended up at a place where I was happy, and added a background build based on the look of the Forbidden planet movie poster. Had received some encouragement to make instructions and/or put it on Ideas, so went with the latter - a lot easier. ;) Ended up like this, but I had to remove the Belville doll for the submission as it's out of production. The Ideas page is here:
  10. jp-30

    [MOC] Robby the Robot - version 3

    My Robby the Robot Ideas submission finally got approved (quite the ordeal). Would appreciate any support, even if it’s not something you’d end up buying. Had to remove the Belville doll as the parts no longer in production.
  11. Love this, well done, and great photography
  12. jp-30

    [MOC] Krayt Dragon hunt on Tatooine

    Thank you! I may have to update the dragon to look more like the Mando Sandworm influenced design, than the older EU references I used a couple of years back when building this (removing the dragon's legs, for starters), will stick in some villagers and more Tuskens and yep, the Mandalorian himself.
  13. jp-30

    [MOC] Back-to-the-Future DMC DeLorean

    Love it, and your explanation of the changes and issues you encountered. Given the new official large Ghostbusters car, I still hold out hope for a nice big official delorean model some day too.