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  1. jp-30

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    I have a new Ideas project just gone live, and support / sharing-of would be much appreciated. ZZ TOP & ELIMINATOR HOT ROD - 50TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE
  2. Nice read, thanks for writing and sharing.
  3. Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.
  4. Something I've been meaning to rebuild for years since the flared balloon pieces came out in red. The 50th anniversary of the band, and the untimely passing of bass player / vocalist Dusty Hill in July got my behind into gear. My all new, completely rebuilt ZZ Top's Eliminator Hot Rod, with repositionable band riser and billboard, plus section of highway to pose the builds on. This is a physical build, but with photoshopped decals and hole in the "P" (for now). My last version I made in 2015 and posted the old photos here when Dusty passed away. A few more shots available on my Flickr gallery. UPDATE: Now on Ideas, should you wish to support.
  5. Just get some Pink Elves off Bricklink.
  6. jp-30

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well, that's one possibility, and does give support to the CMF theme speculation. But there are IPs like Battlestar Galactica that they won't accept, because seen as too similar to Star Wars. Maybe the Jim Henson Muppet Show Muppets are simply seen as too similar to the Sesame Workshop Muppets by the Ideas team, despite my best efforts to convince them otherwise.
  7. jp-30

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yes, that was the point I tried to make with the Ideas team. ;)
  8. jp-30

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Jay's Brick Blog also speculating it could be The Muppets: Probably a coincidence or due to Sesame Street, but my Muppet Busts Ideas submission was rejected a few weeks back with the standard "IP conflict" form reply. It fact I received the same rejection a 2nd time when I tried to make a case for it not being a conflict with Sesame Street IP.
  9. The part number is in the screenshot above.
  10. Made a number of updates to my three Muppet busts, including new torso and arms for Beaker, new nose and torso for Gonzo, stronger arms for Animal. The earlier versions each had threads here, but hopefully these changes and the group photos are enough to warrant this new topic. Unfortunately they have been rejected by LEGO Ideas due to "IP conflict". Tried explaining Sesame Street was a completely different IP to The Muppet Show: different audience, location, characters, and even owned by separate companies. No luck, I’ll just have to wait for the Sesame Street license to expire and no longer be considered 'active' before trying again in a year or two, I guess. More on Flickr:
  11. jp-30

    Countess of Dis

    Woah, that is stunning, and horrific. Amazing work.
  12. Made this back in 2015, but never it shared here. It could do with some refinement now there are more new curved pieces released. RIP Dusty Hill. Flickr:
  13. Nicely done everyone - a real fun contest theme. May I please have the Scout Trooper? I'll message you now Josh, thank you for organising all this.
  14. I was tracking the voting, and this is where I think things landed. Note: this is not official and I take no responsibility for its accuracy.
  15. Just seems really weird to have contest builds featured on the homepage - and then deny a big proportion of Eurobricks visitors the opportunity to click through to see the actual post & the rest of the images. I'd have thought things like contests would encourage more people to sign up, but that won't happen if people can't even reach the contest forum or see the entries.