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  1. Just seems really weird to have contest builds featured on the homepage - and then deny a big proportion of Eurobricks visitors the opportunity to click through to see the actual post & the rest of the images. I'd have thought things like contests would encourage more people to sign up, but that won't happen if people can't even reach the contest forum or see the entries.
  2. Hi, I was surprised to see the 2 subforums on the Star Wars forum (Watto's junkyard, Factions) are not visible or accessible to logged out users. ______________ Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1 ______________ Wondering if this is a mistake, and if not, what's the rationale behind the decision? Visitors are unable to view the latest contest entries the way things are currently set up.
  3. The chin is straight from the Hermione instructions. Vader's helmet is from set 75227.
  4. Had to do something with the Hermione pieces... my 2nd Star Wars MOD / MOC based on the Potter Maxifig set 76393. (Banana for scale) More on Flickr
  5. The new one is about 25 - 30% bigger, but some techniques may ne able to be utilised for better helmet all round at this scale.
  6. Today's fun.... my MOD / MOC / Mashup using sets Harry & Hermione (76393) and the original convention / Target exclusive Darth Vader Bust (75227). Mashed them together, made a brick built belt, chest control box and lightsaber. A little hard to photograph at this time of night. Will reshoot tomorrow in better light, here's a teaser though. [/url] [/url] More on my flickr.
  7. *cough* Is this thing on? Been a bit quiet here for the last few years! Here's a new MOC that I finished last weekend - based on Ralph McQuarrie's concept art for Star Wars' Docking Bay 94. Built for the "Star Wars Concept Art" contest here. Reference image - Ralph McQuarrieBuild Voting thread is now live. Two votes per person to determine top 3 places (among just 8 entries in total), so long as your Eurobricks account was created before May 4 2021. Here's the vote link if you're interested in seeing all the entries...
  8. Thank you! It's the new-ish cloud part from the big Monkie Kid Flower Mountain set, I used that set as a basis for a theme switch to Adventurers.
  9. The latest of my Classic Adventurers modern remake MOCs. This one inspired by 7410 Jungle River. Initially part of the Orient Expedition theme, I relocated it to the Amazon. Original set See also: Aero Nomad remake (7415) More / other MOCs at my flickr page.
  10. Inspired topic, and superb execution - brought a smile to my face, well done!
  11. Ha, thanks, I'll try to get his eyes in a better angle and position to match the Muppet, and maybe his nose needs to curl more. The black dot pupils are from official LEGO sticker sheets, the bit left behind when you use a round sticker with axle hole, like on the Scooby Doo Airplane engine sticker. ( ) The 1/2 Sphere pieces are in lots of sets, most recently maybe the SW Y-Wing engine fronts.
  12. It really makes me happy to introduce to you... the latest in my LEGO Muppet Bust designs - Gonzo the Great! My photos on flickr Others in the series so far: Animal Beaker
  13. jp-30

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion RE: Recent discussion.
  14. Updated and finished (I think), hands, drumsticks, and a strengthening of the arms. more, on Flickr
  15. Update 22 May 2021: Finished (I think), hands, drumsticks, and a strengthening of the arms. more, on Flickr -------------------------------------------------- Earlier post: Been working on these for a while, but Animal is the latest project. Not quite 100% there yet, but getting ever closer. my flickr