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  1. Lego Animals

    It is, of course, your thread, but I reckon that as the chimp with brown skin is a LEGO animal, it should be included, even if it was only available from LEGO brand stores and not in a set. By the same token, if LEGO ever did an animal as an SDCC or other con exclusive, that would also qualify IMHO. By the way, of forthcoming animals, I don't think anyone has mentioned the thestral from this FB set (75951):
  2. Lego Animals

    Absolutely great topic. I think this will be extremely useful in all sorts of ways. I'm looking forwards to posts pointing out new moulds added to Bricks and Pieces. Regarding the compilation so far: - The crouching cat exists in black - I know as I have at least two! - The black chimpanzee comes in two skin colours: the one already shown and one with brown face/ears ( ) - Eruptorr is missing ({"iconly":0} )
  3. UK Sales

    Hamleys is offering 20% off LEGO 4 - 7 May. The 20% off excludes the London Bus and Royal Guard minifigure. There's also a 'free' helicopter with purchases of £40+. I'm guessing that Hamleys' prices are not very competitive and you can probably do better elsewhere, especially online. But if you happen to be nearby - e.g. visiting the LEGO store on Leicester Square - it might be worth it.
  4. Do you mean only LEGO parts or do you mean third party pieces as well? If you're including non-LEGO parts, Crazy Bricks did (still does?) minifigure compatible arms angled differently than LEGO's arms: See also the elf archer on the right of this picture:
  5. [MOC] Roman army going to war

    Really cool. I especially like the temple. The roof of the building on the side is also very well done.
  6. Do you dream of new LEGO parts?

    I second your suggestion of more moulded animals. It's crazy that it took 33 years for LEGO to get from a moulded horse to a moulded big cat (panther/cougar). Sheep! Sheep!! Incredible that LEGO doesn't do a moulded sheep. Other parts I would like to see include a slender scimitar like the one on the left in this picture. It's a third party piece but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be produced anymore: Another very long overdue part (assembly really) is a system compatible moulded large minifigure. Would be great for giants and oversized super heroes of all kinds. I don't mean a bigfig; I mean a large minifigure like this one I created from a converted keyring/torch: Related to both the giant minifigure and the moulded animals, I wish there were more moulded mythical creatures such as a unicorn, hydra and sphinx. Lastly, a transparent stand to hold minifigures so they appear to be flying either vertically or horizontally would be great. You can brick build it already - and I do - but it would be cool to have a single part for that.
  7. In fairness to LEGO, Playmobil also does blind-bagged single figures. It isn't a LEGO plot to drive AFOLs mad! But I do agree with you. If LEGO reverted to having identifying bar-codes on the packets, it would allow those who wanted to to quickly select the ones they were after while still retaining the mystery for those who preferred the element of surprise. Very cool!
  8. LOL! No, but that would be... interesting. No, just LEGO, but I had to do some customising work. I prefer not to, but there's no other way of doing a moulded minifigure-scale unicorn without a shaffron (I already have an armoured unicorn in my display collection). It was a boring bit of customisation ('boring', get it? ), but it turned out pretty well. It even has some clutch power - almost as much as a normal connection would. I removed the bridle print using Brasso. The reason I used one of the older style horses, not the newer kind with the articulated hind legs, is that I got loads of extras of the older ones as part of a gift-with-purchase promotion at a LEGO store when the new horses came out and TLG was trying to get rid of overstock of the obsolete ones. I don't have many extras of the newer kind.
  9. @koalayummies Those additional ones are great! I hate to admit it, but the lavatorial one made me laugh for real .
  10. Great use of the S18 heads! I'm looking forwards to LEGO's official drugs bust set complete with minifigures of pushers and junkies.
  11. Thanks, Robert. It's kind of you to say so. The tree stump one turned out even better than I imagined it would. The rest are pretty much as I thought they would be. I tried the tree stump's/dragon-man's head on the flower one on the right, but it didn't look right. The upper set of teeth start too low giving it oversized gums.
  12. No, I didn't! They're very cool. I especially like the first one. I had the same idea but for the dragon suit guy. Here he is along with a few other MOCed minifigures from this series, some re-used S18 parts and a few related minifigures:
  13. @fastlindyrick Thanks The peasant mother's top and skirt are by BrickTW (scroll down the page). The toy sword is by BrickForge but I don't think they do that colour anymore. I got it years ago. They still do it in other colours though.