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  1. I was thinking the same thing. LEGO has already done it, albeit to a limited degree and only for a few sets. For example, this set from 1986: ...became this set in 2016: I would like LEGO to take that even further with new Castle and Space sets that make use of currently available pieces and the latest building techniques (plus maybe innovative pieces/techniques) but true to the flavour of the Classic ranges. In other words, sets that appeal at once to nostalgic AFOLs like me as well as to kids. Commercially, it makes sense: a parent/grandparent will be more inclined to buy a set - or a more expensive set - that kid/grandkid wants if the set also appeals to the grown-up's sense of reminiscence. The question then becomes whether there is sufficient overlap between the tastes of the two demographic segments (older and younger generations) to make it worth LEGO's while. ( @LegoMonorailFan my icon picture finds yours intriguing. It's only logical.)
  2. Indeed: Since I took that picture, I have updated the cane to an official question mark topper and a different colour and style shaft. So do I! Apologies for the digression from the main topic of this thread.
  3. I was thinking the reverse: creating a more impressive Atlantis by modding structures from the Lonely Mountain. I posted about it in July in the comments under BrickSet's review of the Battle of Atlantis:
  4. Wow! There is such a thing as coincidence and as humans, we're not very good at reconciling ourselves to it. But even so, I find it hard to believe that LEGO's Rocket Boy wasn't based on Lemonone's Rocket Man. If LEGO has been 'inspired' by at least one of Lemonone's ideas, perhaps some of his other designs will see their way into production. As an aside and not in the area of design or in relation to LEGO, I've had job interviews where I gave the interviewer(s) ideas, they have said they hadn't thought of them and I didn't get the job but later found out that my ideas had been implemented by the organisation(s) I had applied to (presumably by the people who did get the job). It's stomach churning. If that is what LEGO has done, what little respect I had for them after they needlessly fired 1,400 people has dwindled even further.
  5. Did they offer Lemonone the job? If not and they used his ideas, did they at least pay him fairly for them? If they did offer him the job and he took it, it would make these ideas more likely as CMFs that will actually be made. Alexandre Boudon was hired by LEGO on the strength of his CMF designs and many of them became actual minifigures.
  6. Apologies if this has already been discussed and I missed it, but some of the costumed minifigures in this picture could be S18s except rocket boy who already exists. Of the rest, the one I'm most sceptical about is Rudolf because Christmas will be behind us (or too far ahead depending on your point of view). The others seem plausible.
  7. You'll probably need a variety of colours to capture the look of the Falklands. Kalais uses lime green for the water in this creation. That with tan could be a good foundation colour. As for texturing, I recommend having a lime green and tan raised floor with holes through which olive and lime green flower stems protrude, i.e. the base of the stems set in holes. You can add to the texture with 6 x 5 or 4 x 3 plant leaves across the surface. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to illustrate what I mean.
  8. Apply Stickers with Window cleaner?

    I used Windolene to help place the street sign stickers in the mod below and it did make it quite easy. I'm not sure I concur with LEGO's advice to spray the part. I went with just enough to wet the surface of the part, applying the Windolene with a cotton bud. The parts I used it on were ABS (opaque LEGO parts), not polycarbonate (transparent LEGO parts). More than a year on, the LEGO parts and stickers are just fine; no signs of damage. I suspect transparent parts would be OK too.
  9. Lioness? Mysterious moulded animal

    Thanks . About £9 (= roughly nk97) including P&P, Paypal fees etc.
  10. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here's a thread about and picture of my 2018 puma/mountain lion. At least, that's what I've been told I have by EBers in the know. I haven't posted the picture here because I'm not sure if posting the same picture in two threads is allowed according to EB rules. If it's confirmed to be OK, I'll re-post the picture.
  11. Lioness? Mysterious moulded animal

    My camera is really rubbish. This is the best I could do: It looks sort of tan in my picture, but that's a trick of the light. In real life, it's dark tan.
  12. I have one of the minifigure-scale moulded leopards (pictured below) and wanted to get another one on the secondary market. So I ordered one from a reputable seller and got what looks like a minifigure-scale lioness, not a leopard. It's the same mould, but a different colour and doesn't have the same printing. Its face printing consists of blue eyes, a pink nose and a white muzzle. It has no body print. Also, it is dark tan, not tan like the leopard. It's definitely LEGO, not a clone or bootleg: it has the LEGO mark moulded inside the recess of the studs on its back and a printed code inside its front right paw just like the leopard's. I haven't been able to find a lioness in any of the sets, so I'm wondering what I have. I quite like it so will probably hang onto it. But can anyone shed light on this mysterious beast?
  13. Classic Space Lego pile comes back to life

    Same here Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), my mother donated all my LEGO including an extensive collection of Classic Space sets from the '70s and early '80s to charity when I entered my DA. In 2014, out of nostalgia, I recreated 6927 All-Terrain Vehicle from parts I had as an AFOL and through the secondary market: @sed6 Apologies for the threadjack.
  14. Spock hair

    I didn't have a picture of my Spock, but now I do...
  15. Black Falcons CMF

    @Hammerstein NWC Cool minifigures - very creative! From the thread's title, I was expecting quite a lot of sameness, but in fact there is plenty of variety with each minifigure having a unique identity. I realise that these aren't purist which is cool. I use lots of BrickWarriors and other third party parts myself. Where did you get the tall legs for the Half-Ogre Ramhead? They look like LEGO's Toy Story Woody legs but with different print.