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  1. [MOC] Thane Rori Dulgisson from Karak Zorn

    Wow! That's really cool! By giving the figure a suitable pose and adding some frightened minifigures that are running away, you could turn it into a super-cool minifigure scale giant - maybe a dwarf deity of war called upon to defeat an orc army.
  2. Hmmmm... interesting! I was in the Leicester Square LEGO store on Tuesday to get some of these CMFs. They had loads, but not in the boxes. I asked the assistant manager if they had any boxes in the store room. He said he could only sell me 20, not a whole box. I explained that I didn't want the contents of a whole box; I just wanted to feel the packets and buy a few (fewer than 20). By knowing there were exactly 3 sets per box, would save me time. For example, I was after the Shark Army General No.1. A narrow cylindrical part could either be her drink or the Sushi Chef's uncut onigiri. If I had 4 such packets from a fresh box, at least one would have to be the General. The assistant manager then changed his tune and said he wasn't allowed to bring out new boxes. There was a slight tension in his voice as if he were hiding something. From @legofrik's post, I now suspect that he knew the packets were ordered in the box and suspected I did too (I didn't at the time). That, in turn, makes me think that the contents of the boxes in the UK (which probably originated from the same factory as those in the Czech Republic) are also ordered. Can anyone confirm/deny legofrik's finding elsewhere in Europe?
  3. Sorry for being a party pooper and for appearing as a wannabe mod, but I'm struggling to see how this thread belongs on the General board and not in the Star Wars one. SW seems like its natural home to me.
  4. I don't have any particular examples to hand, but have definitely seen LEGO set reviews on YouTube with the original English soundtrack replaced by one in another language, e.g. Korean. If you're wondering how I know that the English version was the original and not the other way around, the videos sometimes include text in English with the US$ price. Also, on the original English soundtrack, there are sounds such as the noise of the set's box being opened and baggies of bricks sliding onto the table. Those sounds aren't there on the dubbed versions.
  5. Not really a prediction and possibly just a nod to the LEGO brick's 60th anniversary, but one of the costumed characters from a forthcoming CMF range will be dressed as a LEGO brick.
  6. Custom lego animals

    @Sneakguest Kre-O did a two-stud wide wolf with their orc beastmaster for their D&D line. You can see it from 44 seconds into this video . They also did a gorilla bigfig for another range. You can see it tucked in the back of this sample of MOCed minifigures from my display collection: I forgot to mention that in the same set that has the bigfig gorilla, CityVille Invasion Skyscraper Mayhem, there's also a small monkey (pictured here on the right). For scale, it's a little bigger than the LEGO penguin pictured above. Neither the monkey nor the orc beastmaster's wolf made it into my display collection; I do have them in my reserve collection (spares) though.
  7. Thank you so much for taking a picture of the Angler Sea Monster! I was just throwing an idea out there and not expecting that anyone would do it, let alone photograph it. Fangy, you're the best!
  8. @WhiteFang Thank you for another fantastic review and set of pictures! A LEGO minifigure series just isn't a LEGO minifigure series until WhiteFang has reviewed it. Please thank Mrs WhiteFang for giving you the time to do this. In response to your surprise that the shark army angler is a woman, it may be a reference to the fact that in real life some species of angler fish are extremely sexually dimorphic with females vastly larger than males. I believe there are some in which the comparatively tiny male's body permanently fuses to that of the female, becoming a symbiont. Not mentioned, but I did think it! I'm considering two possibilities (and may do both): Placing a plain black or clear minifigure head inside the angler headpiece and using the assembly as a standalone angler, and/or Using the angler headpiece on a black or sand green minifigure head attached to the CMF series 10 medusa's torso assembly and series 7 ocean king's tail.
  9. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    The street date for the movie's CMFs is definitely 1 August in the UK. I'm not sure about the sets though.
  10. CMF Parts in "Make your minfiigure"

    I picked up one of the chimps below at the BAM at the Westfield Shepherd's Bush store a while ago. It wasn't well printed though, so I ordered another on BrickLink. The skin colour is dark brown. The fur is black like the CMF chimp's. Yup, I got a spare cobra at the BAM, too . The CMF Egyptian soldier's sword wasn't a scythe piece; it was a khopesh. In my experience, LEGO stores in the same city have pretty much the same sets for sale at any point in time, but there are sometimes significant differences between what's on offer at the BAMs. I always check BAM pieces carefully before I buy them. Kids love to play with the minifigure parts in store but don't always treat them well. I've seen BAM parts scattered on the floor around the BAM station, stepped on by adults and returned to the station by the store's staff! I wash all the parts I get through BAMs. I have come across some pretty yucky things while rummaging among the BAM parts including half eaten biscuits and sweets .
  11. LEGO Errors!

    Given that both the green dragon mech and the water strider are from the same range and being released together, it wouldn't surprise me if the same person was responsible for both gaffes. I wonder what bizarre pathology this person has that they only make mistakes on left legs!
  12. LEGO Errors!

    Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I spotted an error in official images of a forthcoming set. Rather than start a new thread, I thought it best to append my observation to an existing one. In the Ninjago Movie dragon mech pictured immediately below, the 1 x 3 sand green plate on the back left leg (picture right) is a stud lower than it should be. The right leg appears to be OK. You can see the right leg - and therefore the difference - more clearly in the second picture. The error can also be seen in the box art (not shown in this thread but can be found here) which is a bit unfortunate.
  13. Hair pieces from non-Lego brands?

    Kre-O hair pieces look good and fit LEGO heads. For example, the wizard's hair in this picture:
  14. Amon Hen

    LEGO's blocky nature and limited colour palette make recreating the natural world challenging. But you have overcome those limitations in your great depiction of the trees and water. Your diorama is excellent overall but especially in your portrayal of the hardest things to create in LEGO. Nice one! Incidentally, if you're willing to go non-purist, BrickFortress do top quality articulated short legs.