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  1. I was thinking the same thing . If the figure in the middle of the picture in my post above is not too difficult/expensive to obtain as a minifigure, I will add it to the fantasy thalassic zone of my display collection. The association between tridents and the sea is an ancient one. It likely stems from spear fishing as it's easier to catch fish with a multi-tined hunting weapon than a single-pronged one. After passing through ancient Greek culture, the concept of the trident-using sea warrior was firmly established by the Romans who armed retiarius gladiators - who were meant to represent fishermen - with a tridens, a kind of battle trident.
  2. @MAB, Indeed. The lower body might be this piece from Disney’s Hades CMF. Not sure if it’s a re-use of the swamp monster’s headwear mould or not. Could be. It’s hard to tell.
  3. Artwork for the forthcoming Ninjago Series 15 cartoon has been released by LEGO and the antagonists, especially the main one in the middle in the picture below, look pretty good as fantasy aquatic monsters. Of course, this is just art. But Ninjago's art tends to indicate closely what actual minifigures will look like. I hope we get dual-moulded tridents with tines coloured differently as shown in the picture.
  4. AmperZand

    Where do you see LEGO in 30-40 years?

    If you had told me in 1981 that in 2021 most adults in the advanced industrialised world would be walking around with a telephone the size of a calculator on which they could make video calls, take a near infinite number of high quality pictures, listen to music, watch films/TV programmes, access information from all over the world, and shop for things that would be delivered the same day or next, I would have laughed with incredulity. A lot can happen in tech in 40 years. I would not be so fast to assume that 3D printing won't improve in 40 years to the point where LEGO or LEGO-like parts can't be produced on demand at home or by small businesses. People have a taste for 3D printing. I don't see that going away or with people being satisfied with the status quo.
  5. AmperZand

    Where do you see LEGO in 30-40 years?

    3D printing will be such that LEGO’s business model will have changed. You will have a choice of buying the set as you do now or downloading the design and a licence to produce one copy for personal use, much like some PDF books now. You can then produce the set at home or get a specialist firm to do it for you (again, like some PDF books now). In addition to production companies, there will be a whole ecosystem of custom designers from whom you’ll be able to get compatible parts and colours LEGO doesn’t produce. With people living longer and having more free time, there will probably be ranges aimed at ‘seniors’. Never mind ‘18+’, there will likely be ‘65+’ sets though I doubt they’ll be so crudely branded. Culturally and thematically, the look and feel of LEGO sets will have shifted from Europe/North America-centric to a more balanced Europe/NA/China/India orientation. @Alexandrina, You’re correct that in 1981, FOLs failed to predict what the hobby would be like in 2021 - at least, I did. I never imagined back then that there would be SW, DC or Marvel lines, or film tie-ins for any franchise. If FOLs 40 years hence wish to laugh at my predictions from 2021, they can do in the near certainty that I won’t care because I’ll be dead by then!
  6. AmperZand

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    @Shroffy123, I’m liking what I see! More pictures, please I also count Murt from Ninjago among my orcs (though I changed mine a bit). I reckon Ninjago’s designers were thinking ‘orcs’ when they came up with the munce species of ‘green brutes’.
  7. AmperZand

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I honestly don’t mean to be provocative, but if the ladybug tiles don’t count, then why would the bee tiles? If anything, a ladybug is more nearly shaped like a (round) tile than a bee is.
  8. AmperZand

    Future Castle Sets?

    As AFOLs, we see a difference between HP and Castle, and between SW and Space. But I suspect that LEGO has done its market research and found through cluster analysis that among kids and adults buying for kids, HP/Castle is one group and SW/Space another. While AFOLs are growing in numbers, kids are still by far the dominant demographic. LEGO has to respect that. So we might see the odd Castle or Space related set now and again (e.g. the forthcoming Castle Creator 3-in-1), but full blown Castle or Space ranges seem unlikely as long as LEGO does HP and SW respectively.
  9. There isn’t a LEGO discount specialist store online or off that I’m aware of. So getting good deals will always be somewhat haphazard. You have to hunt around, be patient and allow for the possibility that a particular set may never be discounted. In the UK, the places already mentioned by @MAB are all very good suggestions of where to look. Zavvi is also worth a look (currently the Lamborghini Technic set is £100 off there). Note that there is a thread here at EB on UK deals though it isn’t always very active. One way to be aware of Amazon deals is through Brickset which has an Amazon discount tracker. It tells you what sets have the largest discounts and by how much. There is one for Amazon UK. I believe Brickset covers other countries as well.
  10. AmperZand

    How to pronounce Mammatus

    I very much doubt the name is coincidental. The character seems to use - or even be made of - lightning, a phenomenon associated with clouds (though, admittedly, not mammatus ones). On the device I’m writing this on, two of the three icons for ‘lightning’ also show a cloud, namely 🌩 and ⛈. I suspect the character’s creator looked up cloud type names and thought ‘mammatus’ sounded suitable for a lightning wielding chief. Here’s Brickset’s picture of the minifigure with his lightning staff weapon: Pretty sure the character is male despite the etymology of ‘mammatus’. Great minifigure, don’t you think?
  11. I’ve just been watching a bunch of YouTube video reviews of forthcoming Ninjago Season 14/spring 2021 sets. The main antagonist is called Chief Mammatus. All of the videos I have seen so far mispronounce his name. Mammatus is an existing word in English. It refers to a kind of pendulous, bulbous cloud formation. It’s pronounced mah-MAY-tus, not MAM-atus or mah-MAH-tus. It’s possible that the Ninjago cartoon will mispronounce it as well which would be unfortunate. Here is the minifigure as photographed by Brickset:
  12. AmperZand

    [MOD] Fantasy minifigures using recent parts

    Thanks, @zoth33. Glad you like them! Murt’s head and torso are the same colour as Medusa’s which originally went with that tail piece. So it wasn’t much of a leap from there to the naga. I also have a modded Murt as an orc barbarian. I didn’t include it in the picture - maybe next time. Thanks, @Robert8. I try to imagine what minifigures will look like before I mod them, rather than through trial and error. The hunt-master and monk turned out just as I thought which is always gratifying. Thanks, @koalayummies. Appreciated. Yes, the monk’s torso is Minecraft. Well spotted! It’s from the recently released bee farm set. When I saw the cow’s hood piece in the Year of the Ox set, I first thought of creating a minotaur. But I already have several using either the BrickWarrior’s head or LEGO’s. I’m even using a BW one as a devil’s head (below). So I went with a cervine cowl-wearing Herne minifigure instead. I have a bunch of goblinoid mods I have been thinking of picturing for a while. Will photo and post them when I can.
  13. AmperZand

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    @SerenityInFire, Cool minifigures! It looks like you gave them different faces to vary them which is a nice touch. Of the 700 or so minifigures in my display collection, no two are identical except in my platoon of Uruk-Hai. Among my Uruks, quite a few are the same. I’m not a fan of fleshies and even less so of using them among yellowies. But to each their own. One thing I would suggest is to keep your minifigures - and indeed all your LEGO - out of sunlight. Looks like you’ve got a sunny room there which is great for real people but not so great for plastic ones.
  14. Don't know if this is OT, but according to Brick Fanatics, the order of the Vidiyo minifigures in each display box is: BACK Werewolf Red Panda Discowboy Cheetah Samurapper Shark Banshee Cheerleader Genie Alien Bunny Ice Cream FRONT In the display box, there are two side-by-side columns of 12 minifigures each as laid out above, for a total of 24 minifigures per display box. It is unknown whether the order above will be consistent across markets and over time. If you have acquired a display box, please let us know. If you're after specific minifigures, this method of identifying them has the additional problem that it only works with a fresh display box.
  15. AmperZand

    How to make a black castle less boring

    Edit: Ninja’ed by @Alexandrina! You can use an accent colour or two to draw the eye to key features or edges such as merlons, doorways or quoins. A simple example can be seen in this LEGO set. I recommend dark red and/or dark bley given the subject matter. Additionally, you can add texture to your black surfaces. Lastly, if you give your structure an interesting silhouette, that can also distract from too much blackness. With an undead theme, gothic architecture is the way to go. Imagine a black version of St Pancras Station.