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  1. AmperZand

    Modified the creator 3 in 1 castle

    The texturing, recolours and extra minis are cool! 31120 really lends itself to modification. You may find this article on Brickset along the same lines of interest.
  2. AmperZand

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Admittedly a different aesthetic, but there was a greyhound in the Simpsons theme.
  3. AmperZand

    Glow in the dark list

    Not sure that’s complete. The glow-in-the-dark trans light blue octopus isn’t listed.
  4. AmperZand

    You too, tell us about your dark age!

    I returned to LEGO in 1993 when I was already well into adulthood. The internet was still in its infancy and I didn’t have access to it. As far as I knew, adults didn’t collect LEGO, but being the non-conformist that I am, I started getting fantasy themed sets that appealed to me anyway. I didn’t become aware of AFOLdom until the early 2000s. I think I placed my first BrickLink order in 2006. In one sense, those who become AFOLs today have the advantage of all the resources of the internet from sites like this one to fan media, peer-to-peer selling (e.g. BrickLink, Ebay) and recognition by LEGO itself. They also experience less stigma of being “an adult who buys kids’ toys”. On the other hand, by having been an AFOL for 28 years, I didn’t miss out on many themes or minifigures of interest.
  5. AmperZand

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    @williejm, Very handy! Thanks for sharing There are a few duplications with some winged creatures listed twice: with and without wings. Also, would be cool if you could select real vs fantastic creatures and cross-select by aesthetic: System, Friends etc. Interesting nonetheless to see the increase in yearly additions from 2 when I became an AFOL to 101 in the first half of this year.
  6. AmperZand

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Cool! You could create an accurate sig-fig Very handy. Thanks for sharing. I have or am expecting from B&P most of them. The adult elephant is proving elusive though.
  7. AmperZand

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Sometimes, one just gets lucky with the CS reps. A few years ago when the big cats were new, I tried to order one online through B&P. It said it was in stock and had a price but clicking it didn’t add it to the order. So I called CS and explained the situation. While talking with me on the phone, the agent went to the page and confirmed that there was an error on the site. So she added two of the big cats to my order herself (I was only going to order one) and didn’t charge me for them. Super cool
  8. Some BrickLink sellers only sell new bricks that they part out from sets, buy from Bricks & Pieces or get from LEGO store BAMs and PABs. They will often say in their BL store’s blurb that they only sell new. If they have lots of positive feedback with few or no negatives, you can be sure they are legitimate. It would be impossible to pass off fakes to hundreds or even thousands of AFOLs.
  9. AmperZand

    [C-model] 31121 - Fantasy Characters

    The mermaid build is very clever. I especially like how her hair is done.
  10. AmperZand

    AFOL Passion Survey

    Done. If anyone is reticent for privacy reasons, the only demographic questions were country, age band, gender and whether or not you had kids.
  11. The new cape is great. I hope that LEGO does it in other colours. The candelabra is already available in the Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets set as well as through Bricks & Pieces.
  12. AmperZand

    What is the REAL cost of new molds in 2021?

    Public companies are ones listed on an exchange such as the NYSE or LSE and in which anyone can buy shares. As well as sharing certain regulatory requirements and accounting standards, public companies have some cultural commonalities, accepted ‘best practices’ and shareholder expectations. One such is to always be innovating as that is seen by markets as key to growth. Replicating old products is usually seen by investors as an admission of failure to innovate - so public companies very rarely do it. LEGO, as a privately owned company, is not bound by the same restrictions and requirements as public companies. But in practice, it’s easier for it to operate like a listed company.
  13. AmperZand

    What is the REAL cost of new molds in 2021?

    I agree. I meant in relation to exact duplicates of sets from long ago.
  14. AmperZand

    What is the REAL cost of new molds in 2021?

    LEGO is a private company but is run like a public one, and public companies very rarely revert to old products. It makes them look like they’re not innovating, that the designers of a bygone era were more capable. Companies can’t be seen to be that way or admit that. As for the sculpt development process, as recently as a few years ago, after some 2D concept art, new elements for CMFs began with hand-made, oversized sculpts. That was the process despite CAD being widely used in later stages. Likely still the case.
  15. AmperZand

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    LOL! Brilliant comment! On a more serious note, B&P's stock continues to be a source of frustration. As usual, I'm having to place orders a few pieces at a time separated by several weeks - paying P&P each time - because everything isn't in stock at once. The croc in green is a good example. I have its head and body but its tail wasn't in stock so is coming in a later order. I should be receiving the elephant's trunk soon but haven't been able to get its head or body. In an earlier order, the snake was in stock so I added it to my cart only for the site to crash. When I immediately started over, the snake had gone out of stock - literally from one minute to the next. Aaaargh!