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  1. AmperZand

    MOC: Classic Space Rover

    Classic Space + greebling = really cool creation! 👍
  2. Apologies if this has been asked and answered already, but do we have a confirmed US release date for TLM2 sets, specifically Benny's Space Squad (70841) and Emmet & Benny's Workshop (70821)? I know the UK release date is 26 December, but is it the same in North America?
  3. AmperZand

    Midi-Scale USS Enterprise (TOS)

    My sig fig agrees. The lack of Star Trek in LEGO is illogical. @SteampunkDoc, Nice design. Looking forwards to seeing it built out of LEGO.
  4. AmperZand

    Do kids today like Classic Space?

    As someone who had most of the Classic Space sets of the 1970s and early 1980s when they came out, I was thrilled to find out LEGO would be releasing a couple of Classic Space inspired sets as part of the forthcoming TLM 2 range (pictured below). Judging by posts online, lots of other AFOLs of a certain vintage seem to agree. But do kids these days like Classic Space? Will the sets below be hits with AFOLs only or will kids like them too? Or are they too blocky and retro to appeal to LEGO's main demographic?
  5. AmperZand

    How do you take care of the stickers?

    I mostly don't use stickers. On the rare occasions when I do use them, I apply them using a trick recommended by LEGO: wet the pieces with a bit of window cleaning solution, place and adjust the sticker, and press out any air bubbles and excess liquid. And Bob's your uncle! I also get extras of any stickers I use. They are generally pretty cheap on BrickLink.
  6. Comic book legend Stan Lee has died at the age of 95. Lee (co-)created many of the world's most popular superhero characters including Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, X-men, Thor (Marvel's version) and Ant-Man among others. Of all the characters that Lee (co-)created, which is your favourite in LEGO? Here's mine:
  7. AmperZand

    MOC: The Yellow Castle

    What a brilliant castle! Some of my favourites creations are inspired by sets of the '70s. And you have goat - cool
  8. AmperZand

    [MOC] Baba Yaga

    I like the texturing of the roof. Very cool Here's Baba Yaga, the music by Mussorgsky orchestrated by Ravel to go with the LEGO creation
  9. AmperZand

    Do you tsundoku sets?

    More than a bit OT, but of course I remember MOC D&D minifigures. They're still in my display collection! By red wizard's hat, do you mean the one on the left in this picture also from my display collection? Back on topic (sort of): in addition to tsundokuing sets, I also get spare parts I never wind up using. I literally have hundreds, possibly thousands. I have a spare of the red wizard's hat above for example. I completely empathise. While I haven't sold any of my tsundokued sets, I have been tempted. Some have surged in value and I feel badly knowing I could make a mint out of them but would feel even worse if I got rid of those sets. Ahhh, first world problems!
  10. AmperZand

    UK Sales

    Not so much a sale as a find, I got Party Banana Juice Bar (5005250) at Sainsbury's today for £4. Glad I nabbed this one as I wasn't able to get it when it was a promotional item at LEGO stores earlier this summer. Seems particularly appropriate to get a minifigure on the official birthday of the minifigure!
  11. AmperZand

    Storage in UK

    @BenderBrau, I'm not sure what the HB storage boxes are like, but have you tried Really Useful brand boxes? That's what I mostly use. They come in a variety of sizes, are stackable and robust.
  12. What, if anything, is the gift-with-purchase at UK LEGO stores in August 2018? Does the promotion start on the 1st of the month, i.e. Wednesday? What minimum spend is required to qualify? I searched online but could only find information for the US. I tried calling LEGO UK Customer Service and they didn't know the answers! Update: I just found out from a LEGO store that the August promotion does start this Wednesday (1 August). It's 40320 Plants from Plants. It's 'free' with purchases of £35+.
  13. AmperZand

    Do you tsundoku sets?

    Strictly speaking, tsundoku is the acquisition of books that pile up without being read. It's starting to be used for other things like movies and games that pile up without being watched/played. So why not LEGO sets? I have several sets I have tsundokued including 79018 Lonely Mountain, 850936 Halloween Set and 6599 Shark Attack. I bought them when they were still being sold in stores or soon after but just haven't gotten round to opening them. NB that tsundokuing is not the same thing as buying sets but not opening them because they are an investment and you intend to sell them. A tsundokued set is one you intended to build or at least planned to use for parts, but never even opened. What sets have you tsundokued?
  14. AmperZand

    Dark Red Bricks

    When I modding a set a few years ago (see picture), I was going to use some dark red cheese slopes. Almost all of them split just by being put on a stud! In the end, I came up with a better design that didn't use any cheese slopes. But I wasn't particularly impressed with LEGO's quality on that occasion. I haven't had that problem with cheese slopes in any other colour.