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  1. AmperZand

    WhiteFang's LEGO Studio

    That is really cool I wouldn't open the curtain though for fear of the light affecting the colour of some parts.
  2. AmperZand

    How to build a medieval priest minifg?

    I was thinking that . Voldemort's torso and gown piece from the same series would also make a good green priest. Some Church of Ireland priests wear green sacerdotal vestments today as did some orders/ranks of priests in Medieval times.
  3. Indeed. Benthalls still has loads. I was at the Shepherds Bush/White City LEGO store a couple of weeks ago and they had lots too. I suspect that the most popular ones from this series have all been sold. So what the stores still have may be the less sought after ones. That's just a suspicion though; I haven't checked.
  4. @WhiteFang: Thanks, Fangy. You're the best!
  5. I have a mint in factory sealed baggy Mountain Lion from set 60174 Mountain Police Headquarters. It's from my reserve collection so is from a pet-free, smoke-free, mould-free home. Would like to swap for a mint in factory sealed baggy Sabre Tooth Big Cat from sets 60193 Arctic Air Transport / 60196 Arctic Supply Plane from a pet-free, smoke-free, mould-free home. UK trades preferred but not essential. Interested? Please PM me.
  6. AmperZand

    Brickarms: a general discussion

    Brickmania doesn't ship small orders to the UK. It's possible that the dearth of Brickarms' historicals is a European problem and not to do with their (lack of) production.
  7. Outstanding review and pictures as always, @WhiteFang! Thank you for the effort and care you put into this and all your CMF reviews. In relation to Chan's skin tone, I think you mean 'complexion', not 'complexity'. Thanks for the picture showing minifigures with the three leg sizes: small, medium (articulated) and standard (articulated). Could you please post a picture showing plain black short, medium and standard legs side-by-side without torsos and heads? It would help to show the height difference.
  8. Emphasis added. In fairness, I did point out that I was speaking technically.
  9. Please see: History vs prehistory. Also Wikipedia: 'Human prehistory is the period between the use of the first stone tools c. 3.3 million years ago by hominins and the invention of writing systems' and 'History (from Greek ἱστορία, historia, meaning "inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation")[2]is the study of the past as it is described in written documents.' I haven't taken a history class since I was an undergrad which was a loooong time ago, but I'm pretty sure the definitions haven't changed.
  10. A bit OT, but as you asked... Sensu stricto, history is since it has been recorded (in writing). Prehistory is anything before that. So mammoths are prehistoric and historic, but sabre tooth cats are only the former. I haven't checked whether EB considers prehistory as part of history and therefore falling within 'Historic Themes'. But as 'Historic Themes' includes fantasy for EB's purposes, I think prehistory is OK here too, hence my bringing up of the latest LEGO dinosaurs earlier in this thread.
  11. I'm not a big fan of LEGO's mammoth. I saw one at a LEGO store last week and I think it's head is a funny shape and too far from its body. That said, it's definitely worthy of a mention in this thread. Mammoths are both prehistoric and historic animals. They didn't go extinct until 2000BC, well after writing was invented in roughly 3500BC. The smilodon, in contrast, is cool. I have one on order from BAP. It's not historic though: the last ones died out about 8000BC. As a fantasy creature though or in a prehistoric scene, it fits perfectly. I like @Wardancer's idea of one pulling a chariot but will probably display mine by my cavemen just as it is.
  12. AmperZand

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Has @WhiteFang reviewed the the HP/FB CMFs yet? I love Fangy's CMF reviews.
  13. AmperZand

    Brickarms: a general discussion

    Agree regarding the quality. They definitely used to do historical weapons. The pointy rapiers of my musketeers and others below are Brickarms (the rest are LEGO). So is the dadao of the bley and dark blue assassin in the picture at the bottom. I don't know if they stopped producing historicals. They're harder to find than they used to be.
  14. AmperZand

    Folding Short Legs

    The long lags between when fans call for parts that ought to exist and when LEGO actually produces them never ceases to amaze me. Shorter, articulated legs are just the latest. Minifigure scaled skirt pieces are another. I think the record though may belong to the large cats. The time between when LEGO started producing moulded animals and the release of the first large cats for System was 34 years! A kid at the top of the recommended System age when the first moulded animals appeared would have to wait until middle age for a big cat
  15. AmperZand


    It's Pledge where I am too and slightly brown when poured out, but I haven't had the problems you describe. It sounds like you applied it too thickly. The coat has to be really thin and only works for scratches that cause cloudiness, not ones that can be traced with the human eye. As for ABS parts, I whitened some yellowing second hand white parts in 2014 using Vanish Oxy Action Crystal White powder, hydrogen peroxide and sunlight. Since then, I have kept the parts in the dark at room temperature and none of them show any sign of yellowing. At the time of writing (2018), they are indistinguishable from new white parts I bought back in 2014 to which they have been assembled.