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  1. @Aurore, Great picture - a work of art in its own right! I already have a sheep and anglerfish. I’ll look into getting some of the other parts. Don’t know what I’ll do with them but they’ll probably find a use eventually.
  2. It could be Artemis or a dark elf. Another possibility is an Arabian knight/desert warrior. The crescent moon is a symbol commonly but not exclusively used in Islam, so could be a nod to Arabic culture without transgressing LEGO’s rule against overtly religious symbolism. Very much looking forwards to this minifigure, the snow warrior, sylvan pixie and bard. The foal sounds cool too.
  3. AmperZand

    EB Tech Help

    Thanks, Darkdragon . It seems to be OK now.
  4. AmperZand

    EB Tech Help

    Haven't been able to access EB on my mobile/Safari device today. Keep getting a 'server stopped responding' message. Laptop/Chrome device works fine - which is how I'm posting this. The failure of the former vs the success of the latter makes me thinks something's wrong with EB. Please help.
  5. Here are my latest MOC minifigures. They each use at least one part from the Disney+ CMFs or from the Vidiyo line. I don't know much about the Disney+ source material (I haven't seen the programmes yet - no spoilers please). Sylvie, though, looks like she has Japanese style armour so I turned her into Sylvie Samurai. Arguably, Captain Britain belongs more to the superhero genre than fantasy, though there is crossover between those domains especially in the comic book version of Capt Britain. Her sword is meant to be the Sword of Power, not the HP sword. The fairy isn't really modded - I just gave her an old style wand. Apologies for the inclusion of Zombenny. He's obviously sci-fi/horror. He wasn't meant to be in the picture: he photobombed me just as I was taking the shot. I hate space zombies!
  6. AmperZand

    [MOC] Frontier Scouts, 3rd Cavalry

    Very nicely done! I especially like how the stream spills through the base - a kind of fourth wall break.
  7. AmperZand

    minifig corn cobs?

    @sixf00t4, I’m sure that the corn piece in the pictures you linked to doesn’t currently exist as a LEGO part. That’s not to say it isn’t in the works (it could be), but it isn’t a piece at the time of writing. Thanks for the pictures by the way
  8. AmperZand

    Part 47458 has zero clutch power

    Or use a small bead of Blu Tack.
  9. AmperZand

    Part 47458 has zero clutch power

    @MelonHeadSeb, You may not like this solution, but it works: Give the area a thin coating of Humbrol Satin Cote and allow it to dry thoroughly (24 hours). If the clutch is still loose, add another thin layer and allow that to dry thoroughly. Repeat the process as necessary. You’ll probably find that one or two layers will do the trick. Satin Cote is transparent and matches the lustre of LEGO making it tricky to apply (you can’t see what you’re doing) but also results in an invisible correction.
  10. AmperZand

    [MOC] Mage Tower

    Not familiar with the source material but the wizard’s chamber is very well done. Thanks for sharing
  11. AmperZand

    When do you consider a MOC "complete"?

    @MAB, Interesting point. Does that mean that a MOC can have multiple finishes? Is ‘a MOC’ even meaningful if so or is it a different MOC? How much needs to change for it to be a new MOC? It’s an ontological conundrum!
  12. AmperZand

    When do you consider a MOC "complete"?

    I do more modding of LEGO’s builds than MOCing. But either way, my baseline is if it’s as least as good as LEGO’s own design standard. That doesn’t tell me when to end though. So what’s my top line? I usually start with a concept or a particular improvement to one of LEGO’s design and consider it done when I reach that point. Sadly, cost is sometimes a limiting factor - my LEGO budget isn’t nearly as big as I would like!
  13. @williejm Please see the PM I sent you. I don't think EB is showing mail as having been received unless you click on the envelope icon. Also, if you have EB messages copied to your e-mail, they sometimes wind up in your junk folder. Please check!
  14. UPDATE: Sorry, the parts have been claimed. I have 6 LEGO fleshy heads and 4 LEGO fleshy hands for which, as a yellowist, I have no use (see picture below). All the parts are brand new. I'm giving them away. If you have a UK postal address and would like them, please PM me. What do I want in return? Any new LEGO except: more fleshy parts damaged/scratched parts (yes, new parts can be damaged) dirty, mouldy or smelly parts, e.g. from smoking/vaping non-LEGO parts I'll leave it to you to decide what those parts are. Just want to send me a single 1 x 1 plate? That's fine! I have no expectations There will be no need to send me anything until you have received the heads and hands below.
  15. AmperZand

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    That’s baaaaad! Reminds me of the scene from Notting Hill when Hugh Grant’s character asks Julia Roberts’ if there should have been more horses in a film she has just released (she plays a movie star) and she replies that that would have been difficult as the film is set in space!