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  1. AmperZand

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    The modifications in the Brickset article include exactly that change: replacing the Technic parts at the front with 3839a (plate with two bars).
  2. AmperZand

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    There's an article on Brickset with suggested mods to this set to make it look a bit more retro. With the mods, it looks like the love-child of the old and new Galaxy Explorers. @CP5670 A couple of the changes described in that article are parts (one yellow, another black) beneath the surface layer that you can catch glimpses of. They are replaced with light bluish grey parts.
  3. AmperZand

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Agreed. The only reason I’m not copying Norway Bricks’ design or MOCing my own is I don’t have room for it in my display collection. The new Galaxy Explorer by itself takes up a large footprint.
  4. AmperZand

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Or maybe the pink one was a red one and a white one that got merged in a transporter accident like Tuvix in Star Trek: Voyager.
  5. AmperZand

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Completely agree. I replaced it with a light bley piece. That’s just one of a number of tweaks I’ve made.
  6. AmperZand

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    I also bought the set today from a LEGO store. Looking forwards to assembling/modding it in the next few day.
  7. I would vote for yours if I could but unfortunately LEGO won’t let me. I can’t participate in Ideas in any way. I could create a separate Ideas account with a new e-mail address, but that would be more trouble than it’s worth. More importantly, it feels like I would be acquiescing to LEGO’s unfair treatment of me and I’m unwilling to compromise as a matter of principle.
  8. The classic helmet in blue without the simulated damage has been available for a while. It was re-issued in the Ninjago Gamer’s Market set and has been available through PAB (when it was called Bricks & Pieces) though I don’t know if it still is.
  9. AmperZand

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    @R0Sch, By convention, threads that cover the same topic are combined. Otherwise, the discussion becomes messy, duplicated and hard to follow. An alternative would be to have the discussion here, but not in the other thread. I wouldn’t have a problem with that as long as there isn’t more than one thread about 10497.
  10. AmperZand

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    I don’t mean to be a backseat mod, but there’s already a Eurobricks discussion of the new Galaxy Explorer here. Can a friendly mod please merge the two? By the way, it’s worth getting out a tape measure as I did this evening to get a firm idea of what 52 x 32cm really means. It’s huge, dwarfing the original!
  11. I’m at once thrilled by and anxious at this news. 497 was the cornerstone of my extensive CS collection back in the day. Sadly, its parts went to charity decades ago. I’m worried that 10497 is too modernised with rounded edges, overly greebled surfaces and excessive SNOTwork. The version in the pic posted by @TheKingPorg above doesn’t thrill me. To my mind, it lacks charm. I very much hope 10497 captures the spirit of the original. I realise not everyone will agree.
  12. AmperZand

    LEGO Dungeons & Dragons - one step closer?

    It's partly a matter of whether there is sufficient demand and partly a matter of whether LEGO's market research shows that a generic or branded/licensed fantasy theme wouldn't cannibalise sales of other lines (e.g. HP, Ninjago). It may even be that a generic fantasy set or line would cannibalise, but a branded/licensed theme would not. If that's true, that increases the odds of a D&D line or set and would explain why we haven't had much of a generic fantasy offering such as Fantasy Era for a long time. That said, it seems like Classic Space fans are to get a neo-CS Galaxy Explorer/Space Cruiser & Moonbase later this year. So maybe there's hope for generic fantasy after all.
  13. AmperZand

    Help with base for large MOC

    @Toastie, At Legoland Billund, the bricks in the models are glued together. There are good reasons why they are, but just because LEGO does something doesn’t mean we should too!
  14. AmperZand

    [MOC] Space Corridor ‘79-87

    Very nice! I’m not a big fan of the newer style of helmets for the green, light bley and purple spacemen or the black tanks for the purple astronaut but realise that the ‘right’ parts aren’t available in those colours. I hope that LEGO does an Everyone is Awesome set someday but with classic spacemen with yellow smiley heads and little CS builds. That would be fantastic.
  15. AmperZand

    LEGO Dungeons & Dragons - one step closer?

    @Alexandrina, While I would prefer a series of D&D LEGO sets (possibly including gameplay features), more realistically I see this as a one-off set that can be a display piece for the 18+ segment and a play set for kids. I imagine a scene with a D&D-style red dragon, various iconic D&D monsters (mind flayer, kobold, umber hulk, drow/drider), a party of adventurers (human barbarian, elf wizard with magical effects, dwarf fighter, halfling rogue with a treasure map), and a cavern setting with appropriate terrain (stream of lava, stalagmites, trap, hidden chamber with treasure) designed in such a way that the monsters and characters can be placed in many different configurations. Does an assembly of a dragon, mind flayer and drow/drider make sense? No, but that never stopped D&D and is arguably in keeping with the lack of plausibility of D&D's genre of fantasy. I disagree that D&D doesn't have brand recognition by itself, i.e. without named characters or specific scenes. In the Big Bang Theory, for example, the writers felt it necessary to explain to the audience what bitcoin was but not D&D. Admittedly, the BBT audience is predisposed to knowing what D&D is, but even so - you could say the same of bitcoin. Another example is Stranger Things. I haven't seen it but apparently D&D is featured in that too. D&D has become ubiquitous in pop culture thanks in no small part to the internet (including streams). Unfortunately, I don't have any data to support my position and suspect you don't have any to support yours, so we're unlikely to resolve the question of D&D's brand value. All we can do is speculate. Hasbro and LEGO, on the other hand, could determine the degree of recognition of D&D's brand. It may come down to their market research whether we ever see D&D LEGO.