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  1. astral brick

    [MOC][Futuron] Patrol Corvette

    Great design and npu! Perhaps Futuron is my favourite combination of colours for Space.
  2. astral brick

    Raspberry Pi hat

    Finally, very good news.
  3. astral brick

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I am rooting for Jazz Quartet.
  4. astral brick

    Removing gender bias

    Exactly. Their intent is both to increase profits - aiming at female customers - and to improve brand image. However, not only it is undeniable that promoting gender equality is admirable but the fact that an important company is involved can be very helpful to the cause. Therefore there is a moral dilemma: can a private company promote social politics without giving the impression of only caring about business? Do we need to ignore the facts for the sake of a greater good? Isn't it a primary government task to support affirmative actions? What if a company steps in achieving better results thanks to better resources? The answers reside in personal political beliefs.
  5. astral brick

    Removing gender bias The thin line between a praiseworthy idea and profits.
  6. astral brick

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    Because the builder of the set knows.
  7. astral brick

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    No, I was referring to the fact that, in my opinion, they used too many colors to build the inner skeleton, I know that it may help to follow the instructions and that it won't be visible, however it is still an eyesore, especially considering the price of the set.
  8. astral brick

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    Amazingly detailed review. About the set, considering its cost, weren't you bothered by the harlequin pattern of the internal structure?
  9. The presence of studs was the element of continuity between technic and the other themes. Same reasoning with the introduction of technic figures. I wonder what is the percentage and the age group of customers moving from system to technic nowadays in comparison to the past.
  10. What an interesting work! I wonder if the transition from bricks with holes to beams benefitted the sales. In fact we lost versatility to favour aesthetics.
  11. astral brick

    LL-928 Galaxy Explorer remake (with instructions)

    What a great model. Among advanced moccers, not only you are the first one to take the trouble of releasing the instructions of a true neoclassic Galaxy Explorer, but the fact that you redesigned your own project to make it more affordable proves the remarkable intent of democratizing your knowledge, thus improving, in a broader sense, the technical skills of the whole afols' community. What many designers don't get is that giving to others the chance of building a moc is a way to ensure that their legacy won't be forgotten, aside from some weekend exhibitions or a few moments spent admiring a flickr image, before moving to the next one. Your behaviour is examplary and it should be followed by many of your peers.
  12. astral brick

    Unsung heroes

    I think the post is self-explanatory (title, tags, content), anyway I confirm that I believe it's time to talk about the true responsible of the current disaster, i.e. us, and perhaps what could have been done but wasn't.
  13. astral brick

    Unsung heroes

    1 2 3 Bonus We can discuss about TLC being short-sighted, the cost-benefit ratio of the licenses, the designers' mistakes or their interest in (not) releasing the instructions, anyway, whatever the reasons, numbers don't lie, we aren't enough, we don't do enough. How to reverse this downward spiral is beyond me, maybe we just don't deserve these models.
  14. Because I think that we shouldn't rely on other sites' polls or articles, we should have conducted our own survey for instance and then proceed to analyse the results. This forum deserves better than commenting on other blogs' comments and I am not only talking about this specific case - which is the straw that breaks the camel's back - but I am making a general argument. This virtual square should be a trendsetter, not a follower.
  15. I give up, this is getting surreal. Relevant sites like Stonewars did their own survey, making a comparison with the official results, and the outcomes of their analys were shared and discussed here. Why not having our own survey to comment then? Why missing this boat? What is the big deal about getting these polls done? In fact the true questions here regard the identity of this forum and whether it wants to stay significant in Lego's online community or not. I am afraid that, although this forum is still a great - if not the best - resource for specialized topics, when it comes to general discussions it may be better to go to other virtual places.