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  1. astral brick

    Quantity over quality?

    Mylenium, I was being sarcastic.
  2. astral brick

    Quantity over quality?

    Customers are the cheapest testers, and they are so competent, fast and resourceful, judging by the amount of suggestions for fixing flawed models. I can understand - to a certain extent - issues with technic sets, but I can't accept problems with colour shades or printed parts' alignments.
  3. astral brick

    Quantity over quality?

    As it happens with software and hardware, nowadays even Lego seems to have forgotten the importance of a proper beta-testing phase, and the recent, tragicomic, developments related to the set 42113 are another demonstration of it. The bigger the company, the less the chances of taking a step backwards, in spite of self-inflicted reputational damages. Saving time and costs in order to increase the release of new products, a frenzied race in search of profits.
  4. astral brick

    Are "Big Bang Themes" a Bad Strategy?

    Certainly it is much more easy to copy than to create, and this basic reasoning can be applied to every licensed theme. But I am confident that the same builders forced to reproduce other designers' works 9 to 5, have so many ideas in their drawers which are waiting to get an opportunity.
  5. astral brick

    Are "Big Bang Themes" a Bad Strategy?

    So true. Apparently people even need to be told what to imagine nowadays.
  6. astral brick

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Why can't I stop thinking of
  7. astral brick

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I am always perplexed when a toy that reproduces a musical instrument costs more than the entry level version of the true instrument (I can also think of the various guitar hero controllers).
  8. astral brick

    Are "Big Bang Themes" a Bad Strategy?

    I miss them too, but apparently there is no coming back from transmediality. Nowadays tv series, movies and videogames are not marketing's elements whose purpose is to promote a product (Lego) but they are themselves a product, perhaps the product which is making the higher profits. The same happened with comic books.
  9. astral brick

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    What if this is the true key point of the whole story?
  10. astral brick

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Considering what the Empire represents in Star Wars, I always found extremely frightening that so many children want to dress as Darth Vader, a homicidal leader of a warmonger dictatorship. But I guess Vader is a cool guy after all, as long as its merchandising sells. Certainly it is ok for Lego, they are actually celebrating him by selling his mosaic. So educative, right?
  11. astral brick

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    I was about to write the same thing. I totally agree with you. Perfectly said.
  12. astral brick

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    8 - 3 points.
  13. astral brick

    Missed opportunities

    Exactly, a gift-with-purchase should be good, but not too good or they will suffer a loss of revenue for not selling it. These are other examples Eventually these marketing strategies create the deleterious phenomenon of secondary markets' speculations, which are harmful both to collectors and to Lego itself.
  14. astral brick

    LEGO Art - Rumours and Discussion

    Stroke of genius from Lego's marketing, from the name of the theme to the reasons of buying the same set more than once. Perhaps the first true set to promote the adult-targeted line, not a coincidence that the promotional pictures show a (presumably wealthy) man browsing his vinyl collection or a woman in the act of building. The message is clear: adults, give us your money, it is ok to buy Lego now, it is not only for kids anymore (oh really?). Anyway a very interesting corollary is that Lego has officially subsumed what is considered a classic conventions' exercise. Therefore I would even dare to think that maybe there is hope for other afols' peculiarities such as gbc or Neo Classic Space.
  15. astral brick

    Missed opportunities

    So true. I was astonished by the number of alternative models that I saw in a review. Exactly, you caught the spirit of the thread.