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  1. Because I think that we shouldn't rely on other sites' polls or articles, we should have conducted our own survey for instance and then proceed to analyse the results. This forum deserves better than commenting on other blogs' comments and I am not only talking about this specific case - which is the straw that breaks the camel's back - but I am making a general argument. This virtual square should be a trendsetter, not a follower.
  2. I give up, this is getting surreal. Relevant sites like Stonewars did their own survey, making a comparison with the official results, and the outcomes of their analys were shared and discussed here. Why not having our own survey to comment then? Why missing this boat? What is the big deal about getting these polls done? In fact the true questions here regard the identity of this forum and whether it wants to stay significant in Lego's online community or not. I am afraid that, although this forum is still a great - if not the best - resource for specialized topics, when it comes to general discussions it may be better to go to other virtual places.
  3. Yes, I think a new topic should be started. Can moderators please help with this problem? ? The purpose of this initiative is exactly to check to what degree the results would differ from the official ones (starting with the first poll). I think it would be very interesting and I don't understand why haven't mods stepped in already or why it was necessary to open this thread to suggest something obvious. The polls should have been organised days ago, and properly advertised on the front page. It is not too late anyway, given that some mod cares about it.
  4. Thank you, anyway where are the other 27 themes? And why didn't you create a poll here since you can do it? Speculations.
  5. Polls for whatsoever but somehow nobody - with more than 500 messages - cares about this one. Sad.
  6. I think the poll will be food for thought, the whole point of a forum. Precisely, it would be a useful way to check in what measure the forum is self-referential.
  7. The point is to know to what extent the results would differ from the official ones. The purpose is to determine if this forum is a representative sample.
  8. Polls anyone please? Moderators maybe? Aren't you curious?
  9. May someone with the appropriate "rank" please consider to create a poll with the same features of the official one? The timeframe should be the same, i.e. eight days, so if starting from today the deadline should be February 1st. Besides, if technically feasible, in order to avoid doubts about the results, I would suggest that: 1 The participants have to declare their votes in the comments section (so the number of comments should match the number of votes: no other commentaries allowed) 2 Only the accounts created until January 23th should be able to vote (regardless of their ranks) 3 If present, disable the function "view results without voting" After the end of the poll the vote count should be published and a new thread can be open to comment the results (and not before, i.e. while the voting or the counting are still under way). On February 10th another poll should be open (until February 17th) to vote one of the three top themes, allowing only the participants of the first poll to vote and following the aforementioned rules 1 and 3.
  10. astral brick

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    IT question: how were they able to count the votes and the new users? How does it work?
  11. astral brick

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Free market survey. Give voice to all (and free market survey) Maybe they will
  12. astral brick

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    You were not the only one, in fact the white and trans-blue color scheme was already used in Classic Space models. I thought the same, I can't find any other explanation. Anyway I noted with sadness an unpleasant attitude towards Space in (too) many comments both on Brickset and on this forum. Totally unexpected. Although I have appreciated the mention of so many Space sub-themes, the risk of scattering the votes is real.
  13. astral brick

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I don't get why some posters feel the urge to comment on other people's personal preferences. Terribly disrespectful.
  14. astral brick

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Let's hope this is the right time for Classic Space. Did anybody else get an Awaiting Approval?
  15. astral brick

    [MOC] Classic Space Excavation Site

    Who said that there aren't great Space models on Ideas?