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  1. astral brick

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest - Voting thread

    27 Futuron Astro Warden - soccerkid6 23 Solar Surveyor - The Librarian 41 Blacktr´╗┐on Dark Terminator - jansued´╗┐
  2. astral brick

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    - Collecting minifigures, which has become an obsession for too many customers and also an easy alibi for pricing a set. Even reviewers are giving minifigures an excessive relevance while analyzing a set. Minifigures were born as a nice bonus and they should have stay that way. - Moccers should release for free the instructions that are no longer sold for some reasons (improved versions of the moc, parts no more available or too rare, minor flaws). I think the whole community could benefit from these acts of generosity, not to mention designers' reputation. - Plant-based parts, too many concerns about durability and, in a certain way, heritability, both elements that have always been among the strongest Lego pros. Ecology claims are a fig leaf to justify the fact that the consequence of lower durability is to discard old parts in order to buy new ones, finally leading to a profits' increase. Let's not demonize plastic itself but the incorrect use of it (especially its disposal).
  3. Beautiful model, hopefully the beginning of a reboot line, however I can't help thinking there is at least a one hundred in excess to the price.
  4. Why Lego never bothered to release a gbc loop or at least a marble run it's beyond me. Some models are astonishing examples of exquisite engineering.
  5. astral brick

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    A Galaxy Commander remake? Or some other flagship model from Blacktron, Space Police etc? The possibilities are endless. I wouldn't be so pessimistic, companies' policies are based on sales, every choice and its opposite are on the table, always. Resistance is futile :-) Jokes aside I understand your point of view but think of film market, nowadays an infinite series of sequels, prequels, requels of the same franchises. Are they running out of inew deas or afraid of them? Perhaps, however, depending on the skills of the producers, writers and directors, we are watching new movies instead of the same ones repeated over and over. The goal is to lure old customers and new ones, the latter ones are going to enjoying the reboots because for them is new material, the original viewers are having a revival moment of something they appreciated in the past, when they were younger. A win-win case for film companies. The concept is valid in many other markets and that's why it is so successful. Or the 80s or the 90s... please see previous point. Huge investment so give it time, it the classics work then they may consider it. I still hope he is going to release the instructions eventually. In the meantime I think I am going to build a Galaxy Explorer moc from another designer who sells the instructions, I want to have both the moc and the 10497 on display. Actually I wonder if buying two official sets could be useful for saving some money on moc's parts. OT I wonder if sooner or later someone could create the instructions for a proper (modern) version of a transformable Macross Valkyrie (or at least Starscream).
  6. astral brick

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    The Return of the King.
  7. astral brick

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Your post deserves to be pinned in the Space sub-forum. "Capiche?" is out of line, hopefully you are going to edit it.
  8. It's time for a partnership with Bandai, a Super Robots theme, Soul of Chogokin designs but made of bricks. Let me dream.
  9. In fact I begin to think that licensed sets have better profit margins. In the equation let's not forget the costs of designing from scratch new models, not to mention a new theme. Then there are the marketing costs. Copying Star Wars ships and selling them to the fanbase, with the help of constant releases of new movies, tv series or cartoons, it's easier, faster and cheaper than refreshing the Space theme, hoping that there will be enough customers willing to open their wallets. Same reasoning in relation to Harry Potter, Marvel/Dc superheroes, Technic cars and bikes. Sad but true.
  10. astral brick

    Enough is enough

    "I want to believe"
  11. astral brick

    Enough is enough

    OT both in relation to the post and the sub-forum.
  12. astral brick

    [MOC] Blacktron Betrayer (Renegade Remake)

    What an interesting moc! About Blacktron, it is so sad to think that Lego had its in-house version of the Empire before Sw license was a thing. I wish they had bought Transformers' license instead.
  13. astral brick

    Enough is enough

    I generally vote for the modulars I like even if I am not interested in the theme. I am doing it because I want to reward the time and effort of the designers and the fact that they never give up. I am rewarding technique, aestethic and perseverance by helping what I consider a good Idea to reach the final stage of the review. I couldn't care less if a modular - or whatever model from other themes - has few or zero chances to be chosen at the end, actually knowing that make me want to support these projects even more.
  14. astral brick

    Enough is enough

    You are not the only one, thank you for your answer. I hope that you will receive the support that you deserve. Because I think afols should support well done models even if they are not interested in the themes to which they belong.