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Found 23 results

  1. TheHarrower

    Custom Venator MOC

    Aloha! Im new here. The end. Just kidding. If you're willing, I'm in need of some help. So I'm attempting to build a custom made Venator Star Destroyer using 2x4 wedge plates instead of 2x3 wedge plates. Ive built part of the frame, however, I noticed when the plates are aligned with the central beam, the frame and plates do not align perfectly on the sides. They are off by a few millimeters, probably 1° or less. Is there a method, pattern or dimensions that would create a more accurate alignment between the 2x4 wedge plate and the frame that I have? Or would it be wise to scrap this and go with 2x3 plates instead? Note: the plates will have a slope when its near completion. p.s. eurobricks wouldnt allow me to submit a photo bigger than 102.4 KB. so i cant show the frame that ive built. Link to show the bow of the frame.
  2. Hey all, Thought I'd create a topic where we can share our wish lists for LEGO Dimensions, rather than posting them on the main thread. Here's a few things I want to see to start: Adventurers Level Pack: Comes with Johnny Thunder, Hot Air Balloon, and Jeep Marvel Super Heroes Level Pack: Comes with Iron Man, DUM-E, and Hulk Buster Team Pack: Comes with Black Widow, Captain America, Quinjet, and Bike Thor Fun Pack: Comes with Thor and Cosmic Cube Hawkeye Fun Pack: Comes with Hawkeye and SHIELD Truck Spider-Man Fun Pack: Comes with Spidey and the Spider-Trike Indiana Jones Level Pack: Comes with Indy, Fighter Plane, and the Golden Idol What would you guys like to see?
  3. One of the things I love about Lego Dimensions is the characters interacting with each other. There are some good ones there and some include some very good easter eggs. I've just seen these YouTube videos. Question for you guys is which characters would these guys interact with? What good easter eggs would they reference? I can see Raphael also including the other Turtles like the Ghostbusters and the A Team are and Same with Scott Tracey. I can see Flash interacting with Sonic. Not sure about anyone else. You're thoughts guys?
  4. So I thought I'd start this thread to start a discussion about the potential upcoming game TT Games is supposedly developing. And I just wanted to give my predictions and see what you guys think as well. So I've been watching the prominent LEGO Dimensions Youtubers videos about Dimensions cancellation and I believe I was watching Jayshocksblast's video. Anyways he said that Dan (Bricks to life) had been updating him on what was happening with TT Games and their planned projects. He said that there will be two full games released in the next year and one of which will be based on an upcoming LEGO Movie and the other is a property that they would be returning to. Jay says that I really hope that this time they include "him" in the game this time. Now some people think that he's referring to Marvel or something else, but I am almost 99% certain he is referring to Luke from the TFA game. So I think the two games will be a Ninjago Movie game as well as a Last Jedi game which of course this time around the game will have to feature him since the name of the title is about him Anyways what do you guys think? Something else perhaps like POTC5 or FB2? And mods feel free to lock this thread if you don't think it's relevant..
  5. Hello all you happy lego people! I know I've been away for ages and I do hope I am remembering all the proper rules here so let me know if I screw up and I'll fix it or get rid of it. Sorry to inconvenience anyone just throwing that out. Anyway I have been in the process of casting new custom pieces such as weapons, accessorys, Kits you get it and not gonna lie I do intend to bricklink I know advertisement is a absolute no no on this forum. I am not wanting to break that rule so while I indeed have plans nothing apart from certain projects will be mentioned here not even the name of what I speak of will be on this or any other thread I make. By the nature of this project being mentioned it tiptoes that fine line as is so please do not think I intend to advertise I will do that where it is appropriate I swear. Ok a couple of my projects for this is to have a fellow create some new parts to actually bring some my kits to life. I am makijg rough design sketches for him but I need to know a few parameters of blocks already out there. First up is Pins and their brick plugs. I know that to ensure the pins like on the Astromech body the holes have a slightly thinner inside that opens up to a little larger section to allow the pin to lock in place till you pull them out. My first question is a common one I'm sure but what is the diameter of the two sections of the socket the pin goes into. Next up deals again with the pegs and socket parts but this time in a lateral setup. How close together can a double pin tube like the one on the astromech for it's legs to peg in be with out interference on the pin next to it? Well that covers the most pressing things I need for a sketch. I'll likely have much more soon. Can anyone direct me to a handy place to find the dimensions of bricks, Pins and such? I have some calipers but I trust them mostly with finding diameter of objects I think can fit into a Lego claw. So that's about it for the moment. I do hope this isn't against the rules I mean I have seen custom brick and weapon threads before but I'm not 100% if this falls into that category as these are for 3D printed prototypes That I'll touch up and use resin for. Like I said if I made a mess let me know I'll clean it up ASAP. On the fact Everything is Awesome I do not post anything breaking the rules of the forum. It's against the instructions but we all slip once in a while. Thank you for the time and hope to hear some good feedback if this is indeed the right way to ask. All of you take care and build tomorrow's masterpieces, Plokman
  6. Hi! My name is Rodrigo and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I grew up watching the Back to the Future trilogy, and I believe it’s just a perfect set of films. The moment I heard there was going to be a LEGO set with the DeLorean featuring Marty and Doc, it was like a dream come true. It was a must buy, no questions asked. The minifigures were absolutely fantastic, even though the Cuusoo time machine wasn’t my favorite build. No windscreen? Why?? Nevermind. LEGO and BTTF together, can’t complain. A couple of years later, we got a couple of LEGO Dimensions sets. This time, very little to build, a new hair piece for Doc Brown (much more accurate btw), and a brand new hoverboard for Marty, which is fantastic. The thing is Marty and Doc had the same torso and legs design from the Cuusoo set . Couldn’t they try another designs? Never mind. Good to know LEGO still considers BTTF within their licenses and products. That’s great. A few weeks, LEGO announced that Marty and Doc will be in the new series of Brickheadz. Fantastic! Brand new line, seems to be doing great, good for Marty and Doc. The problem? Like Cuusoo and Dimensions, Marty is wearing the same shirt, the red vest, the clear jeans… And Doc with his all white nuclear radiaton suit. This is the moment when two of my biggest passions clash. Is it possible for LEGO to consider even making different minifig designs for Marty and Doc? I understand they won’t choose other characters, but Marty and Doc are constantly changing outfits during the trilogy… Is it too hard to design a Western Marty? Or a 1955 Doc Brown? Why does Ghostbusters get the Firehouse and BTTF can’t get the Clock Tower? Once the BTTF Hardcore fan shuts up, the LEGO AFOL comes around and says that this may be truth, but LEGO may not be that interested in investing time and resources in a franchise that doesn’t pay off as much as others. That maybe, I should be grateful that LEGO is still making BTTF sets. Sorry for the length, but I really wanted to share this slight disappointment regarding the way LEGO worked the BTTF license. It’s kind of a weird feeling, but I can’t help thinking how much good LEGO can do with so little, an do justice to a fantastic franchise such as Back to the Future.
  7. Nothing too ambitious here, but I wanted Beetlejuice to be able to ride his sandworm from the new Dimensions pack, so I whipped up a few mods. Essentially, I added a connection point for a figure, extended the sandworm body so that the figure could be positioned at a good angle, added a fin to the body, and placed it all atop a sturdy base. Oh, and I gave Beetlejuice his cowboy hat to brandish -- because he's all about the showmanship!
  8. PrisonBrick

    [MOC] Knight Rider - K.I.T.T.

    This is my project of K.I.T.T.: 250 pieces, 2 minifigures can sit inside, De Lorean (CUUSO/Ideas) scale. Now I must place the orders of pieces to build it :) UPDATE: This is the real MOC :) Full album:
  9. (Picture links to Flickr) A concept for a Nexo Knights pack for Lego Dimensions. It includes Clay Moorington and a Rumble Blade that can be rebuilt into two other vehicles. I've done a fair number of Dimensions concepts largely because I adore the little microscale builds, but I'm still learning! This is the first model I've successfully designed two alt-builds for, and a big part of that was figuring out what sorts of parts are conducive to that. In this case, lots of SNOT parts were a must, 3x1 plates were preferred over even-numbered lengths due to the odd-numbered width of all three models, and I ended up using the CMF weightlifter's weights as wheels due to needing them to be bounded on both sides (for the bikes) and wanting to be able to use them as building elements themselves. I wasn't really conceptualizing this from a gameplay perspective. Presumably, the first two would be ground-based vehicles (possibly with flight capabilities as well) while the third would be purely a flying vehicle. The second vehicle could probably use tow bars as well. Beyond that, I'm not sure how their capabilities would differ specifically. Clay, for his part, could probably reflect lasers with his sword and maybe could have some tech-related skills as well (such as using techno-panels like Benny or maybe even using his Squirebot as a drone like Doc Brown or Cybermen). In future models, it might be worth my while to consider adding parts to the base which can be used for elemental effects, like the 1x1 "electric" studs in the Delorean model from the Back to the Future level pack. As I said earlier, I'm still learning! Obviously, there are some parts that could not be placed due to the limitations of LDD. The minifigure is almost entirely bare, but would include Clay's normal helmet, armor, sword, and shield in an actual product. I'm not actually sure what Nexo Power the shield would have—maybe a blue one with Clay's falcon emblem (possibly functional in the app, possibly just ornamental). If all the parts were included, the pack as a whole would be 47 parts, which is a fairly typical piece count for a Dimensions pack. Comments? Questions? Feedback is much appreciated!
  10. So months back I made a fan concept of Nexo Knights, because after seeing that LEGO Dimensions have like 20 licensed theme, while there are only 4 of LEGO's original theme. My idea with Nexo Knight Exclusive ability would be an updated version of the Chi ability (the ability can be used on Chima's altar sense the Knights would be having the same thing). But the update part is depending on the Nexo Knight you have, will unlock 1 out of *insert number of how many packs of NK would have here* Nexo Power from either taking out a large group of enemies, invulnerability, turning the enemies into chickens, etc. Besides just the super strength ability. The concept isn't fully done, I'm trying to think of how Axl would fit in, because his big torso doesn't make it easy. For Clay I don't know if he would be in a level, fun or team pack with Jestro. But here what I have so far: Nexo Dimensions Gateway I wanted the gateway to have 5 of the Knights shield, along with ministatue Merlok next to one of the shield. I was thinking of having all 5 of the knights weapons as well, but I decided to go with the two swords on the side. Maybe there would be a few books and weapons next to the gateway like with the stuff on The A-Team and Gremlins Gateway. Robin Fun Pack The minifigure for the first pack was a choice between Robin, Ava, some random bot, or King Halbert. For giving the pack more ability, I went with Robin of having the ability to transform into Ultimate mode of having target and blowing up silver bricks. As for the model, I thought Merlok having a robotic body rather then a minifigure would be a good idea and fitting. Obviously the first model would be a playable character, with using the Nexo Power and could be the 3nd character to have the Relic Detector (along with that he would act the same as with the books from the TV show). With the 2nd model I though of instead of just the Nexo Power being solely to Nexo Knight characters, the 2nd model could have the ability to give none-Nexo Knights character a sword and shield for the Nexo Power ability. As for the 3rd model I didn't know what it could be, besides from it being a flying vehicle, sadly it isn't the best. I'm mostly disappointed with the front that look like a face. Robin Ability - Fix-It, Mini Access, Transformer (into Ultimate), Blowup Silver Bricks (in his Ultimate), Target (in his Ultimate) Merlok's Robot (treated as a character) - Laser Deflector, Relic Detector, X-Ray Vision, Nexo Power. Weapons Storage (gadget) - Nexo Power (give none Nexo Character the ability to use Nexo Power) Robin's Drone - Flight, Cargo Hook, Flight Dock, Laser Lace Fun Pack I pretty much threw Lance into a fun pack, thinking of having Clay and Axle into different packs, I picked Illumination as the ability that he has from the other Knights, with using his phone of pretty much taking selfies to light the place up. For the models were a pain after making the 1st model that is based off Excalibur Batman's model, Bionic Steed. Lance Ability - Acrobat, Laser Deflector, Illumination (using his phone) Mecha House - Super Jump, Special Attack (Model 2 not named yet) - Flight, Cargo Hook, Flight Dock, Tow Bar The Handsome Man Flying Thing - Flight, Cargo Hook, Flight Dock, Laser Macy and Arron Team Pack I just thought that Macy and Aaron fits together in a team pack out of the other knights. But for the models, I am happy with Arron models with trying my best to have the 2nd model somewhat like the 2017 Arron's Rock Climber while the 1st model is based on the Aero Striker. However beside from the 1st model, I am not happy with the chains, that are just very odd looking. As for Macy model, only the first model is based on the set, Thunder Mace. While the other 2 models aren't my best and I may make a new version of these three models. Macy Ability - Acrobat, Laser Deflector, (maybe Stealth with wearing a dress) Aaron Ability - Flight, Laser Deflector, Target, Grind Rails Thunder Mace - Speed, Laser. Mace Assault - Tow Bar, Laser Macy's Jet - Flight, Cargo Hook, Flight Dock, Speed Aero Striker - Flight, Target Rock Climber - Tow Bar Flying Pod- Flight, Cargo Hook, Flight Dock
  11. kungfulegolover

    LEGO Dimensions Year 3 Discussion

    I am wanting the following licenses for Year 3: Ben 10, The LEGO Ninjago Movie, Nexo Knights, Minecraft, Unikitty, and Mariokart. For Ben 10, we might get a fun pack with Ben himself. There would be two packs for the LEGO Ninjago Movie: a story pack and a fun pack (same thing happened with Ghostbusters, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The LEGO Batman Movie). The story pack is probably likely to have Lloyd and Sensei Wu, Lloyd's Dragon Mech as the vehicle, and Entrance to Ninjago City as the gateway. The fun pack is probably gonna have Garmadon and his Shark Mech as the vehicle. From Nexo Knights, I would totally like to see a team pack with Clay and Jestro with the two builds being the Fortrex and Infernox, as well as a fun pack with Lance and his Mecha Horse. From Minecraft, I'm expecting to see a team pack with Steve and Alex with the two builds being a horse and the Iron Golem. From the Unikitty show, there will probably be two packs, one a fun pack with Unipuppy and, for the build, Unibirdie, and the second a team pack with Lab Kitty and the box, with the two builds yet unknown. From Super Mario, I expect a team pack with Mario and Luigi and their go-karts, and a fun pack with Bowser and his go-kart. After Year 3, Dimensions is done! What would you like to see for Year 3 of Dimensions before the theme ends?
  12. The Wicked Witch of the West is the latest victim of dark and gritty reboots, and she ain't happy about it. -Cast- Wicked Witch - Jack Rizzo Saruman - Isaac Smith Flying monkey - Aaron Good Doctor Strange - Jack Rizzo Creator's Comments: So I actively enjoy a lot of very dark films and shows (Blade Runner, Dark City, The Magicians, a lot of classical horror too) but I'm getting tired of seeing stories that work because of their whimsical nature being turned into, well, the exact opposite. Not that the Oz books didn't have a darker edge to them, but a show like Emerald City is just alienating, and misses the point of the original. I feel like I could have been a LOT more harsh in parodying it, but I also wanted to make use of the LEGO Dimensions pack XD Seriously guys, who thought we'd get official LEGO Wizard of Oz minifigures? It's awesome! Consider supporting me on Patreon? Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  13. Hey all. I'm looking for the Gingerbread Man (Sealed in it's box) that was given out last year over the holidays. I have for trade Lego Dimensions (Sealed): Wave 1 Fun Packs: Bart #71211 Emmet #71212 Bad Cop #71213 Benny #71214 Nya #71216 Zane #71217 Gollum #71218 Legolas #71219 Gimli #71220 Wicked Witch #71221 Laval #71222 Crager #71223 Krusty #71227 Unikitty #71231 Eris #71232 Sensei Wu #71234 US trades only to keep shipping costs down.
  14. I feel like being able to build a level or world would be interesting. It could only be used if you have a certain character, and while making the world you could select what characters you could use in a character select screen-like from a fighting game. Create a Crisis City out of Bricksburg and L.o.T.R pieces? Let it be accessed by Sonic! An Arkham City Map? Use the Dark Knight (Or any version of him)! Heck, even Boss Battles! And don't make it so that you need The Doctor to use Doctor Who pieces, if you get my meaning. Boss Battles would work like this: Either a good old fashion fight (like the Death Egg Robot Fight), a Keystone Based fight (Like the various battles in the main campaign), a puzzle (where you place a box or something to serve as parts, and make the build in some kind of build menu), or a flight battle (Like that bit with the Tornado in the Sonic Level Pack)!
  15. Hey guys, I just finished up my GBHQ portal for the game Lego Dimensions. It comfortably fits all the Ghostbusters content released thus far, and fits nicely on the Toy Pad. The .lxf for the firehouse and the in-game Ecto-1 model can be found here: The .lxf is only missing the exclusive 12x24 Dimensions baseplate (as it is not in LDD) but it should be fairly obvious where it goes. These are available on B&P for roughly $4. Comments welcome, and please share pictures if you build it!
  16. Soul Killer

    Lego Brick Dimensions

    Hello, here I leave a video that I've done, where I show the size of a lego brick I think I'll do some more video of some piece I hope you like it
  17. I made the Cyberking from LEGO Dimensions. Check it out on flickr. Cheers! *Doctor Who, TARDIS and all related names, images, etc. are property of the British Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.* *Cybermen created by Dr. Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis.
  18. Hi I am not sure if this has been done before in MOC's but was wondering if there are any MOC, or official set examples of having gears meshed on different planes. This generally applies to bevel/crown/worm gears, maybe gear knobs. Here is an example of what I mean, the offset is an entire 1L, however a 0.5L offset works better with smaller bevel gears. It reduces space significantly. I was also wondering if offsetting one of the gears effects the speed and/or torque. This idea works with the 3L wide differential too!. Regards. Snipe
  19. If or When Lego Dimensions ends I'd like the final set to be Lord Vortech. Lord Vortech would come in a pack like the Portal Pack and have 2 mini builds. Lord Vortech and the builds would be capable of using every ability in the game except for Doctor Regenerate Lord Vortech comes with his staff and he can perform the following abilities Boomerang Grapple Illumination Magic Magic Shield Levitate Objects Acrobatics Master Builder Relic Detector Flying Laser Big Transform Dive Target Tracking Super Strength (Aka Cracked) Mind Control Fix-It Hacking Spinjitsu (Only on Spinjitsu switches) X-Ray Vision Mini Access Pole Vault Chi Technology Stealth Drone (Summons X-PO) Invulnerability Vine Cut Rainbow Atlantis Deflection Access Tardis Interior (Interior is 10th doctor version) The first mini Build a vehicle build that can be made into a terrain vehicle, a water vehicle and a aerial vehicle. Build one is the driving one and can perform the following abilities Shoot Tow Bar Accelerator Switch Time Travel (BTTF version) Silver Lego Blowup Hazard Protection Dig Drill Speed Build 2 is the sailing one and can perform the following abilities Float on water Shoot Dive Growth Hazard Cleaner Hazard Protection Ice Breath Build 3 is the flying one and can perform the following abilities Shoot Shoot fire Flight Stealth Flight Docks/Cargo The second model is a giant Cosmic Brick Build one can perform the following abilities Weight Switch Tardis Gyrosphere Switch Stealth Build two can perform the following abilities Arcade Stations Laser deflection Electricity Taunt enemies Build three can perform the following abilities Portal Gun Sonar Smash Suspend Ghosts Trap Ghosts This will change as more Lego Dimensions packs and updates are released. Please let me know if I've missed any abilities or if any abilities are redundant.
  20. Ok I have been looking everywhere on the excellent http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=12324 and I may have missed it if it's not already posted somewhere but I'm in need of some numbers. Specifically the HxW dimensions of certain decalable pieces. So far I have only the Torso measurements. The measurements I am looking for are for the minifigure head, minfig arms, Minfig Waists, Minfig legs, 2x2 tile, 1x2 tile, 2x4 tile, 2x2 round tile (not just for Pizzas and Waffles ), 1x1tile both square and round and a 8x16 tile. Geh thats all I can remember for sure tonight. I'll post more tomorrow if Lux or anyone else nasn't pointed me to a proper index. Anyway Take care everyone. If your going to Brick 2015 have a great time and get as many customs as you can. Never know when a idea may strike and you may not want to wait for the post.
  21. (Yes, I just made a reference to the Wizard of Oz with Doctor Who characters. Mind blown yet?) Anyway, I created this topic to list out some creations inspired by the Doctor WHO Dimensions sets. I was inspired by EuroBricks user Deskp (also known as deskp1990 on Flickr) to re-create his Daleks and add some of my own touches, such as making them build-able right now, without waiting for the Doctor Who TARDIS set or it's LEGO Dimensions counterpart to arrive. Generic Dalek This Dalek takes his orders from the Supreme Dalek, who then gets commands from Davros. Supreme Dalek The Supreme Dalek wishes to EXTERMINATE(!) all other forms of life, as does every other Dalek... except for a few notable exceptions, of course. Davros, creator of the Daleks Davros, evil creator of the Daleks, in all his infamy. He is missing one part, and that is the printed torso. I will use this one when I build him: http://alpha.brickli...Buttons Pattern I haven't decided what head to use yet, though.... maybe the original Emperor Palpatine from the yellow-skin era? LDD file for Davros, the Dalek and the Supreme Dalek: http://www.mocpages....1445474385m.lxf K-9 K-9 is from Dimensions LEGO set 71204, which was recreated in LDD by Facebook user Mike MacMillian. I'm going to use printed black 1 x 1 tiles to say "K9" instead of buying the LEGO Dimensions level pack and using the parts there. The 10th Doctor (11th in you count the War Doctor) Here we see him with his Sonic screwdriver.... so much better than sunglasses! As a side note, the Doctor should be wearing this dark blue suit: http://alpha.brickli...b0899c01#T=S&O= LDD file for the Doctor and K-9: http://www.mocpages....1443557576m.lxf Also of note: I have designed a 10th Doctor TARDIS Console. It can even hook into the TARDIS just like the IDEAS set, though you will have to change out the two fold-out walls to match the tan and grays color scheme of Ten's TARDIS. (The outside portion was recreated by user CM4Sci and posted to the Dr. Who "Ideas" thread on Eurobricks.) This console has a big flip-able switch, a bunch of printed slopes and tiles, and even a Sonic Screwdriver holder, just in case they ever release an official sonic for the 10th Doctor. But for now I'll settle with my "gem and a light saber holder" screwdriver design. I am also including the Doctor in yellow skin form and K-9 (same design as the LEGO Dimensions one) By the way: The doctor's suit seen here is a stand-in for this dark blue one from Alien Conquest: http://alpha.brickli...b0899c01#T=S&O= The console features two staircases to access the floor of the TARDIS, and four chairs in corners spots. Here you can see how the console attaches to the exterior: a 1x4 Technic axle slides into a receiver on the TARDIS wall / front door. Here is the exterior of the TARDIS from Lego set 21304 (called Doctor Who), as reconstructed by Eurobricks user CM4Sci. When I get the set i'm going to remove one of the panels (the one with the St. Johns Ambulance cross) and replace it with a plain dark blue panel, as 10 didn't have that on his TARDIS. LDD file for K-9, the Doctor and the complete TARDIS and console: http://www.mocpages....1444163432m.lxf EDIT: added 10th doctor's TARDIS console and updated Dalek / Davros design.
  22. Transparency for Effect

    Where's the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set?

    Though we've seen him in Dimensions by now, where is the Ideas set we were promised? Are they holding it off until after Dimensions or something?
  23. Just messin' around with some ideas... ;-) These are the parts I used: