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Found 24 results

  1. I noticed the new Jurrasic world (and the old) having a nice sphere that could make a cool MOC of the CW's Reverse Flash his Timesphere. Has anyone done this before? Because it would be better if the sphere could be turned 90 degrees to match it in the series, but i doubt a minifigure and chair would fit. (Is this brainfart supposed to be posted here? Or is there another subforum i needed to put this in? I'm new)
  2. So I've been working on a custom Savitar based on the design in "the Flash". I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions, particularly regarding the head.
  3. thebluecrusader


    The Joker (Lego Batman Movie Version) and his super villain squad invade Batman's Batcave. Batman must form his own super hero squad from members of the Justice League to help ward off the threat! The trailer for an upcoming stopmotion animation I've been working on for the past two and a half weeks. I finished the final cut at around 7-8 yesterday and whipped up this small preview. I will be releasing this on my studio's YouTube channel (the same one you are watching the trailer on) on the 18th (Tuesday) so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it! Thanks for watching!
  4. Hello guys! I've got a new stopmotion for you! Tough superheroes survival racing championship! Check it out! :) In case you like it don't forget to thumb up!
  5. Hulk_Smash

    (MOC) Gorilla Prison

    Here is something I knocked up after making a rough version of The Pipeline from The Flash and realised Grodd had no prison. Also Batman has a rough Kryptonite spear.
  6. Hulk_Smash

    (MOC) STAR Labs costume room.

    Yesterday at work I decided I would make STAR Labs from the Flash to show,but when I got home I realised I didn't have nearly enough pieces to do that, so I decided I would make the chair that the suit was kept on as something to put the spare I'll be getting soon on, and then it grew to the room said chair is kept in (can't remember what/if they call it). Also added a few geeky things Cisco would keep in here (and he is on my list of figs to make). It's unfinished, and I will be adding to it when I can, so without further ado here it is, tell me what you guys think.
  7. Ashnflash

    Worst LEGO Experience...

    So I went a few weeks back the LEGO Store and bought all the Civil War sets and a few Micro Racers sets. And well you know those horrible stories you hear about it LEGO mishaps in production. For example that one time Louis Lane's face was printed onto the wrong head. Anyways I think my experience was a nightmare. I open up the Micro Racers: The Flash vs. Captain Cold set I was astonished to find that the set had a lot of problems. As you can see the list of problems with the set. For the Flash: No head or helmet... And the Powerboltz can didn't have any printing.: For Captain Cold: This is much worse... No head or parka... They sent the wrong color legs. And the freeze gun... Much worse the blaster is a piece I've never seen before and does not exist in any set. But the most disappointing I think is they sent me a fire piece, HE'S CAPTAIN COLD!!! So I had to contact the Shop online and ordered the parts but they won't be coming for a long time because they don't have spare parts in stock... Ya so I just thought I'd share my experience with all you guys! (And if someone could help me post the images that would help a lot, thanks!)
  8. Hulk_Smash

    (MOD) 76026 Batmech Mod

    As much as I like the Gorilla Buster, I didn't like the open top aspect of it, so decided to modify it and add a canopy. I also didn't like the cannons on the front so I removed them (and turned them into ears)
  9. "Tell me... Do you bleed plastic? You will." I just finished remaking the new Batman vs Superman trailer in LEGO. Thanks for watching!
  10. Here is a recent project I did with my spare time and acrylic paint, I hope you like it. Lego DC Superheroes Acryllic Painting by Kez., on Flickr Also here is some sketches that I did to create the proportions for the painting. Lego superhero drawing-Flash by Kez., on Flickr Lego superhero drawing-Batman by Kez., on Flickr Lego superhero drawing-Robin by Kez., on Flickr Lego superhero drawing-Joker by Kez., on Flickr Lego superhero drawing-Bane by Kez., on Flickr As always, comments and criticisms are always appreciated, thanks for taking your time to look.
  11. Hey EuroBricks! Has there ever been a time where you wanted The LEGO Group to make a certain minifig, but they just won't, or can't do it good enough? Well then, you've come to the right place! Lots of advert banter... Removed.
  12. Beware the Batman was the latest animated TV show featuring the Dark Knight and the first one to be completely CG-animated. Set during Bruce Wayne's early years as Batman, it replaced Robin with Katana as Batman's sidekick and focused on his lesser known villains, completely leaving out A-listers such as the Joker. It seemed like an interesting premise at first, but ultimately turned out to be the series' downfall as it was so unpopular that it got cancelled before it even got halfway through the first season. Clearly The Lego Group did not know how short-lived it would be when they decided to (very loosely) base a set on it. So, is the set any good despite being based on something so unpopular? Or does it crash and burn like the cartoon that it drew inspiration from? Let's solve this riddle in this special review celebrating both the 6th anniversary of the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy as well as the 75th anniversary of Batman! Set Number: 76012 Name: Batman: The Riddler Chase Theme: DC Comics Super Heroes Subtheme: Batman Year of Release: 2014 Pieces: 304 Minifigs: 3 Price: £29.99 / US$29.99 / €34.99 S@H description: S@H Bricklink Brickset The Box The box features the the new design with blue comic strips in the background and for some reason they changed the "DC Universe" logo to a rather generic-looking "DC Comic" logo. It also has the new type of minifigure lineup box that has a green background and only shows the minifigs from the waist up in a three-quarter view. I don't like it very much since I liked it better when you could clearly see if the minifigs have leg printing or not. The back features the usual silly comic book sound effects and pictures showcasing the play features of the set. The green background goes well with the Riddler theme. The Contents Inside the box you will find two instruction booklets, a comic, a small sticker sheet, and three numbered bags. As usual, the comic is nothing more than an advertisement for the current wave of Super Heroes sets, so I wont get much more into it here. The instructions also have the new light green background which gives a nice contrast to the build, especially the dark Batmobile. There is usually only one building step per page, which works for the parts where it shows the full vehicle, but when it is showing only a small part of the build such as the spoiler as shown below, it feels like there is a lot of wasted space on the page. Also, the shade of green of the background is a bit inconsistent as some pages have a lighter shade than others. Things like the part call-outs are pretty clear, though, so the build is easy to follow. As is tradition, some of the odd-numbered pages have a ghostly image of three minifigs in the top right corner. In these instructions, the minifigs are Batman, the Flash, and... Man-Bat for some reason. How TLG's decides which minifigures to depict in instructions still remains a riddle to me. There are some rare pieces in this set. One of them is a pearl-gold crowbar which stands in for the Riddler's question mark cane and appears for the first time in this color. I'm sure most people would have preferred a new mold, but it's close enough I guess. At least it's better than the red crowbar that he had in the Funhouse set. There is also a few of the curved 2x1 slope pieces which were introduced this year and only appear in four other sets in green. That radar/snowplow piece appears in dark bluish gray for the fourth time as well, and the 10x6x2 curved windscreen makes its first appearance in trans-orange since the Mars Mission sets in 2007. The Minifigures There are three minifigures in this set, but only one of them is a new character and probably the main reason for most people to buy this set: the Flash. He is one of the main Justice League members and was kind of overdue. As I've already joked about in a previous review it's odd how we got Aquaman before Flash, considering how much more popular the Scarlet Speedster is. But better late than never, and I think the wait paid off. He looks great overall, especially his head. I was not a big fan of that bucket-like helpet that he had in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and I don't think giving him no headgear at all like Captain America would have quite worked either, so I'm very happy that they found a good middle-ground between headgear and no-headgear by giving him a mask that only covers half of his head like they did with the Swamp Creature from Monster Fighters. This allows him to have his signature lightning bolts on the side of his head without making his head look too bulky. The Batman minifig in this set comes with a new suit based on the one he wears in Beware the Batman which comes as a welcome deviation from the other two variants that we keep getting in most of the DC Universe Comics sets. However, aside from the torso printing and the dark gray hands, it's pretty much the same as the TDKR Batman, so it doesn't feel all that new. The third minifig in the lineup is the Riddler in a racing suit. Apparently he has given up riddles and complicated schemes and is just cruising around Gotham robbing banks now. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? It's so out of character and he doesn't even appear in Beware the Batman, so this just seems like a wasted opportunity to get one of Batman's lesser known villains or any new villain for that matter. How cool would it have been to get Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad in their oldtimer instead? On the bright side, we finally get his bowler hat in green and he comes with a new gleeful expression. The Flash is based on his New 52 costume and is pretty accurate for the most part. The only thing that's a bit off on this fig is the lack of yellow boots which are a prominent part of the Flash's costume, but since hardly any Super Heroes figs ever get leg printing for some reason, it's hard to get mad at it. Still, why TLG is being so skimpy with leg prints in this particular theme remains a riddle to me. Batman also looks pretty close to his design in Beware the Batman, except his suit is (very, very) dark gray instead of all-black. Maybe they thought it would look too boring in black or maybe they based it on that misleading teaser image where Batman's suit did look more gray than black. Since the Riddler never wore a racing suit, I don't have a suitable reference image for his minifig, so here is an illustration of his most recent depiction in the Arkham games instead. At least the bowler hat is accurate... All three minifigs have back prints. I like how they gave Flash different shoulder blades than Batman. Riddler isn't exactly the muscular type, so instead of a defined body, he gets a scarf. I guess if you're going to drive a dragster through the city, you might as well look fabulous while doing it. Another advantage of Flash having a molded mask is that it allows him to have a double-sided head. His second face has an angry expression. Batman also has an alternate face, but it's the same stupid grin as always which I'm really starting to get tired of. He's getting a new face in one of the upcoming Lego Movie sets, so hopefully we'll see more variety in the Super Heroes theme soon as well. The Build The first bag contains the Riddler and the parts for his dragster as well as the Flash. Flash's mask is inside its own little baggie. Even though the entire first instruction booklet is dedicated to the dragster, there is really not much to it, so it's a fairly quick build. And no, I have no idea what that red 2x2 round plate underneath the front is for either. The second bag contains Batman and the chassis and driver's cabin of the Batmobile. At the end of this bag, this is what the Batmobile looks like. It looks a lot like a Batman version of the vehicle from Blade Runner, doesn't it? To the Bat-Spinner!! Bag number three has all the parts for finishing the rest of the Batmobile. When finished, the Batmobile looks quite good. It has a lot more of a racecar look than previous Batmobiles. It's not a perfect recreation of the vehicle from the cartoon. The windshield is far too big, the wheel covers at the front are missing, and some parts are too blocky, but the general shape is there. This is the third Batmobile Lego has released (not counting the Tumbler and UCS version) and I think it's my favorite. It just looks like a realistic, fast and powerful car whereas the previous two looked a bit silly with those oversized bat wings in the back. It has a very sleek, aerodynamic shape, especially when you look at it from the side, and the golden wheels and trans-orange windscreen compliment the black well. It looks quite intimidating from the front. If you're a criminal, you wouldn't want to see this coming at you. On the back, it has two trans-red radar dishes to represent the rocket engines as well as some pearl-gold cones and a gray Technic piece. We will see what these are for in a moment. Complete Set & Play Features With both vehicles finished we're ready for the big chase! Who will win? My bet is that if Flash can't catch up to Riddler's dragster, the Batmobile certainly can. The dragster doesn't look that great on its own and it looks even more pathetic next to the beefy Batmobile. It really makes no sense for the Riddler to be driving a dragster anyway, not just because it's out of character, but also because it's completely impractical to drive a vehicle that can't turn inside of a city, even in the inexplicably deserted streets of the Gotham City depicted in Beware the Batman. Any other vehicle would have made more sense. Heck, even that weird jetpack that he had in the Bat-Tank set from 2007 makes more sense than this. But enough ranting, let's get to the fun part of the set, the play features. Aside from zooming the vehicles around the room, there are a couple of other things you can do with them. The Batmobile has some hidden flick-fire missiles which you can reveal by pushing down the pearl-gold cones in the back and launch by pressing the gray Technic piece. Hidden flick-missiles are my favorite kind of flick-missiles, and the mechanism works reasonably well. In order to seat Batman inside, you have to take the windshield off completely. I would have preferred if they would have built it on a hinge or made it somehow so that it would slide open like in the cartoon, but it's not a huge flaw. The dragster also has some weapons. There is a little black ball with a trans-orange stud that is meant to represent a lit cartoon bomb attached to the back of the dragster. It pops off when you push down the spoiler and make the dragster rear up. This is a neat idea, but it ultimately fails because the spoiler is attached so loosely to the vehicle that it tends to just get bent down. In fact, it's impossible to move the dragster at all without the spoiler spinning around, getting crooked, or even fall off completely since it is built onto two hinges and stuck on pole on which it can freely rotate. It's the worst spoiler design I've ever seen. There are also studs for attaching the bags of money and the set includes a banana for the Riddler to throw in the Flash's path to make him slip. Between this and the cartoon bomb, I think the Riddler has been watching too many cartoons. Then again, a bomb can be a very effective weapon because some days you just can't get rid of a bomb. Ratings Design: 3/5 - The design of this set leaves a lot to be desired. The dragster looks weak, despite the ridiculously large engine, and the loose spoiler is terrible. The Batmobile on the other hand is quite decent. While it could be more accurate to the source material, it looks cool and more realistic than previous Batmobiles. Build: 4/5 - Nothing too challenging, but there is enough SNOT and Technic going on that it keeps the build interesting. Minifigs: 3/5 - The Flash was a highly anticipated minifig and he looks very good, except for the lack of boots. Batman is basically just another Batman, but the new torso print is appreciated. As for the Riddler, if you can get passed the fact that he's wearing a racing suit, he looks pretty good, and it's nice to finally get his hat in the right color. However, this outfit doesn't make him very versatile and I would have much preferred to get him in his iconic suit. Playability: 3/5 - The Batmobile is very swooshable, the dragster not so much. Each vehicle has one weapon play feature, which makes for a decent amount of playability. Parts: 4/5 - Nothing too out of the ordinary, but there are some rarities among them, and they're all very reusable, so overall pretty good. Price: 4/5 - At 11.510 cents per piece, this is has a fairly good value. Overall: 3/5 - I really wanted to like this set, but the designs of the vehicles and minifigs were just too lackluster to rate it any higher than average. I'm glad we finally got the Flash and I'm sure that if TLG wouldn't have been so clever to throw him into the set, not many would have bought it. The Batmobile has a cool new design, but it's not the most iconic nor the most accurate Batmobile. And the dragster is just awful and makes no sense in the context of the set, although I guess if you don't mind the racing suit, this gives you a cheaper way to get the Riddler. So unless you're a completist, my recommendation is don't buy it and wait for better versions of these minifigs to come out. There are rumors of a 2015 set with the Flash, Gorilla Grodd, and a Bat-Mech, which already sounds way better than this set, so you might not have to wait very long. I hope you enjoyed this anniversary review. If you would like to learn how to make high-quality reviews like this, you can join the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy here. To end this review, here is a visualization of what the Batman from Beware the Batman would probably say if he was actually pitted against an A-List villain: Beware the Hipster Batman by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr
  13. Starling City's hero, Green Arrow, must put himself to the task of overcoming multiple obstacles along the way to reach club Verdant before it's too late. Will our hero succeed or will he fall to the clutches of Count Vertigo, Brother Blood, or Deathstroke? Watch to find out the reasoning behind his epic journey! Directed, Animated, and Written by Tristan Kilmer Completed in 3 weeks. 2nd video to run at 59 fps. I'm also expanding further effort into 3D modeling starting with this video. Thanks
  14. For some time I've been missing flashing PF lights. Yes, you can achieve flashing PF lights with motors, but there has to be a better way, also to allow more dynamic flashing options. A suggestion for this is shown below. It's also on Cuusoo - support and share if you like it. Flash element allows you to create flashing PF lights by setting the duration of the light/flash and delay (time between light/flash) plus an A and B version for more exciting flash combinations for your creations. Flash element must always be on top of connections to other elements to avoid interfering with their power supply (flash will only affect elements added to the top of the flash element). If you need more flash elements on the same battery box: simply add an extension wire and then the flash element. The unit will always flash, no matter the direction of the current. Old 9V bulbs would change state from flashing to fixed if current was reversed. PF flash element will always flash.
  15. Captain Nemo

    MOC: 2nd Annual Superman vs. Flash

    Well hello again! It's almost time for Brickworld (You could count the hours!) but that also means it's time for another epic Superman and Flash race! (Because the two events are related?). So hold onto your hats, because here they co...oh wait...missed them...wait here they come Well just watch for yourself! 2nd Annual Superman vs. Flash Special Brickworld 2014 Edition Based off the first Superman vs. Flash creation, this 2nd Annual Brickworld version features three main sections divided across three vignettes. The 2nd Annual Race: Starting furthest from the finish line, section one features the tail end of the race, where Gorilla Grodd attempts to slip up the Flash. Section two features the mid-race, where Lex Luthor and Bizarro attempt to squash Superman once and for all; while the third and more familiar section features the finish line of the race. Before we look at the sections themselves however, I'll bring up some info on the creation overall. It's based on my 2013 creation Superman vs. Flash, and holds many similarities to its inspiration; such as having some of the same characters, like Lois and Jimmy; as well as having some of the same visuals like the flowing flags and the flying newspapers. From Left, Back row: Upset Aquaman, Jimmy Olsen, Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, Bizarro (Onlinesailin Custom Minifigure), the Gingerbread Man, Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold (Custom made by myself), Heat Wave. From Left, Front row: Martian Manhunter, Superman, Flash (Christo Custom Minifigure), Batman, Wonder Woman, Perry White, Bad Hair-Day Lois, Crowbar Joker, Robin. The most obvious difference between the two is the new much larger size and the updated speed lines, which are based on those seen in my creation Flash vs. the Rogues. There has also been a significant color swap from black and grey to dark tan and grey, which significantly changes the look and feel of the creation. The build has now been expanded to show more of the surrounding Metropolis area. To get a better feel of this, I constructed a Daily Planet fountain, with a large globe--this may acutally be my favorite part of the creation. I also added a Daily Planet Newspaper stand to give a better location to have flying newspapers come from. Another significant addition was the two palm trees. When building this creation, I was inspired by another builder’s depiction of Metropolis; Xenomurphy’s epic 2011 creation Superman & Young Justice vs. Brainiac; which features the Daily Planet in a more tropical Miami styled Metropolis. The palm trees fit with the atmosphere I created, plus they look spectacular in the wind! Section 1; the Banana Affair: The first section of the race is the farthest from the finish line, and also the smallest—but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t back a punch. Gorilla Grodd has laid a slippery trap for the Flash; using a well-placed banana (Which he does not like! Does not like!) to take down the scarlet speedster. But, just as foolish of a plan as it was last time, and as ridiculous as a plan as it was for the Riddler; we know by now that Flash is immune to comic takedowns by bananas—next time try the yellow banana thing on GL Grodd! Section 2; the Kryptonite Drop: The second set shows more trouble faced by our racing duo, although this time directed at Superman. Notable bald-baddy Lex Luthor has teamed up with Bizarro (A great custom minifigure by Onlinesailin, based off his expensive SDCC appearance), have gathered up a large collection of Kryptonite in a sack and are ready to drop it on Superman—if only they could have agreed in time who would pull the drop-cord! We also see a rather hilarious addition in this section—a third racer, the Gingerbread Man! Oh run as fast as you can Gingy, but not this year…not this year. Section 3, The Finish Line: The third section is the largest and most familiar to those who view my creations. It is the finish line where Superman and Flash race by the spectators to the victory line—causing huge commotion to ensue because of the supersonic winds that follow them! It’s because of the wind that we get some more commotion in this section. Lois’s hair is still messed up like last time, but we also get another spectator’s hat blowing in the wind, and another poor fellow is about to be drenched at the worst of times! There’s an old lady being mugged (Ironically, what with all the Superheroes around), and we also find Aquaman pouting at his now lack of water, and members of Flash’s Rogues; Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold (A custom figure I made in early 2013), and Heat Wave; coming late to the party to spoil what’s left of it (The after party?)! Enjoy, and see you at Brickworld Chicago 2014! ~Nemo
  16. Green

    Flash Blur

    Hey everyone, this is my first MOC (I guess) on Eurobricks. Basically, it's the Flash's blur. Any comments or feedback would be great.
  17. All items removed due to lack of interest. If you saw any items you were interested in visit my store (Go-Pokes) on Thanks!
  18. Rinzler


    Working on a Lego comic which takes Spider-Man and The Flash on a whirlwind adventure. The plot is that Flash's Rogues have had enough of him and are trying crime somewhere else, New York to be exact. They run into Spider-Man and nearly defeat him but fail. The Sinister Six see this and form a partnership with them, forcing Spidey to do the same with The Flash. Characters: Spider-Man Flash (Barry Allen) Flash (Jay Garrick) Captain Cold Weather Wizard Trickster Heatwave Mirror Master Doc Ock Mysterio Electro Kraven the Hunter Vulture Sandman Iris West Mary Jane Watson I'm looking for ideas to further enhance the story, I welcome ay suggestions
  19. I saw one of these kind of pages for Batman so I figured why not do one for Flash. I'm looking for ways to make Flash's villains to go along with a MOC - Flash Museum. Any ideas are welcome and do not have to be purists.
  20. So this has been through development in almost 3 years! I consider it to be a new start up for future projects and plan to make more movies related to both DC and Marvel comics in the future. It's been a real journey learning the process of the Cinema view in movies and the post production development. Enjoy the movie and stay for the credits. When the rogue God of Apokolips invades Earth, The Worlds Mightiest Heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter) must unite to face this unprecedented threat no matter the outcome. Starring JOEL MORALES as SUPERMAN JOSHUA SIMS as BATMAN BRICK7 as WONDER WOMAN COULTER RAIL as THE FLASH BILL KARALIUS as GREEN LANTERN COULTER RAIL as AQUAMAN REY RIVERA as MARTIAN MANHUNTER COULTER RAIL as DARKSEID SEAN POLITE as ORION CDwaver as JOR-EL BRICK7 as LOIS LANE REY RIVERA as JIMMY OLSEN CDwaver as PERRY WHITE SEAN POLITE as DR. EMILL HAMILITON SEAN POLITE as PA KENT LUCASETAK as YOUNG CLARK SEAN POLITE as KALIBAK CDwaver as VANDAL SAVAGE SUDSPEN as KELEX Follow the official Facebook page for new updates on the future of the Justice League Please feel free to ask questions on the movie. Feedback is always welcomed and I plan to improve as much as possible in the future.
  21. Captain Nemo

    [MOC]: Superman vs. Flash

    Superman vs. Flash Who’s the fastest? The Man of Steel or the Scarlet Speedster?! Will Lois ever be able to fix her hair after this?! Well it’s time to find out! Ready...set...go! Featuring Custom Flash minifigure by Christo. Enjoy! ~Nemo
  22. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Flash vs. The Rogues

    Flash vs. The Rogues The Scarlet Speedster battles the devious group of super-villains called the Rogues: Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, and Heat Wave. Features a custom Flash minifigure by Christo as well as my own custom made Captain Cold. This is my third Flash build, and also my third version of the "speed-line" that follows the hero. My first Flash build; Flash vs. Grodd, features my first attempt at the speed-line, and looking at it now it is only somewhat successful. My second Flash build, Superman vs. Flash, which is far more recent, is based off the first speed-line, although it is more streamlined and effective. Of all the versions thus far, I feel this third one, of solid color, is the most successful in appearance. Enjoy! ~Nemo
  23. The Official LEGO Justice League Trailer is now out. When a rogue God invades Earth, the worlds mightiest heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter) must unite to face this unprecedented threat. Coming to your screen in Early 2014. Available to watch in HD and 3D.
  24. While not a cultural absolute (if you haven't read this article by David Morgan-Mar already, go read it; I'll wait), DC comics character Flash is one of those comic book heroes almost everybody have had a glimpse of in one media or another. I must admit I'm a lot less acquainted with Black Flash. Anyway, we're not here to discuss the respective merits of the two characters' PR agents, so let's start with the review of their minifig forms custom produced by Theme: Super Heroes Type: Custom printed minifigures Figs names: Flash and Black Flash Price: 20-25 $ Pieces: 3 each (head, torso and legs) Year of release: 2013 The Box Front The Flash's costume seems to have remained more or less the same since the 1950s, save for minor details, mainly in the boots. Quality Custom Bricks designers really captured its style and feel really well, with the big flash on the white disk on the chest and the smaller flash-motives on the belt and legs. Black Flash, also is spot on, and we can clearly see how his costume is a copy/mockery of the original Flash's one. The zombie-like 'grin' is very accurate to the original character, and somewhat reminds me of the original LEGO Venom minifigure. The figures are digitally printed and, I'm assured by TonysBrickVault, they are just as durable as factory LEGO print. The only difference is this printing looks and feels like a bas relief on the figure, but not so much so that it can get off easily with use. Back The back side is equally detailed in both figs, with the 'belts' and boot lines, as well as some backbone and shoulder-bone design to enrich it. The lighter and thinner lines are, of course, more visible on the Black Flash fig, as they are highlighted by the darker background colour. Moreover, both figs have printing inside their legs, or better, inside the lower hole of the legs. You can more or less see it in this picture (believe me, it's quite tricky to photograph) that the two of them share a lighting motive in there, which completes the lining of the boots. Great job with detailing, Quality Custom Bricks! Sides In this side view we can have a better look at the boot and mask detailing. Flash sports his trademark wing-like design, much like a modern Hermes. Black Flash keeps mocking our hero, with somewhat super-sized and more complicated mask 'wings' and lighting-like stripes on the boots. Bonus The Flash minifigure is a great addition to any DC fan's collection, as LEGO is not producing his fig yet. So, Justice League of America... Assemble!? Final comments Overall, these two figs are excellent, in both design and printing. They are very faithful to the original comic design, and the custom job looks durable enough. I do recommend them to any DC or general Super Heroes and comics' fan, as they fill a gap in the current LEGO production with compatible quality and detailing. And for the Marvel fans, don't forget the latest addition to the collection: Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers Iron Patriot minifigure! As always, questions, comments, and pic requests welcome!