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  1. Blacktron is back! Hello from Italy! Tonight I share my latest build: a big, bad and totally black armoured personnel carrier. It's based on U-59 Explosive Truck from Joe 90, a 1960s British science-fiction television series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson (the same producers of U.F.O. It's called B-59 where B stands for Blacktron, in fact this six-wheel APC is the new and lethal groud vehicle of Blacktron. The little ATV on the right is based on the Amphicat, a six-wheel-drive, skid steer amphibious all-terrain vehicle manufactured in the '60s by Mobility Unlimited Inc. of Auburn Hills, Michigan. The Amphicat was also used by Moonbase Alpha personnel in the television series Space: 1999. Back view and tank entrance. The interior with many details. This time thanks - to a friend of mine who is a pro-filmmaker - I produced a presentation video of the B-59. Below on YT. I hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by! B-59 on flickr.
  2. Fill 'Er Up! A while back I presented the Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix pictured being unearthed in an elderly farmer’s barn. This time the little Bugatti is ready to be "fueled up" in a period gas station. Back in the twenties gasoline was sold in quite simple shacks, at times they were drugstores, at times they were pharmacies. What it's sure the early gas stations were very different from modernist or art déco ones. Recently Blocks magazine featured my Bugatti in haystack with step by step building instructions (below) and few days ago I uploaded the pics on my flickr photostream. So if you can't buy a classic racecar you can build it from LEGO! Thanks for stopping by!
  3. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Hot Rod Sleigh

    You're right about the trees @beverly888 but they look good in the diorama Have a great 2018! Thank you! have a happy new year! Thanks and have a great new year! Ah ah, yes Santa is very stylish Happy new year!
  4. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Hot Rod Sleigh

    Santa is a Rodder... Hard to believe but Santa is probably a Hot Rodder and this year he has changed his classic sleigh with this snow-rod in bright red and gold. I think he's having a lot of fun with his new machine I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  5. Norton74

    Gigantic Christmas Village

    Fantastic work, Love it
  6. Norton74

    Warehouse Life | forklift and pallet truck full range

    You're welcome, thanks for your kind remarks, very appreciated! Thanks Beverly! Cheers! I agree with you, I'm so happy a B2B company has finally chosen a different advertising, and they are very happy about that. As soon as I get the copy of the magazines I'll post the pictures. Thanks and merry Chrstmas! Thanks a lot man! Thank you! Grazie :) You're very kind! A lot of people, when seeing this, have said the same thing...I think it really looks like a real warehouse ;) Thank you!
  7. @Capparezza Thanks a lot for your kind words and Merry Christmas!
  8. Norton74

    [MOC] Barn find | Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix

    Thanks @RogerSmith glad you like the diorama and yes I dream about it
  9. The right forklift for every circumstance. My latest build has been commissioned by a german leading pallet truck and forklift manufacturer. I've built the entire line up of its truck range plus three different warehouse scenarios: unload/upload, storage and picking scene. Every scene is fitted with the right forklifts. The three different subjects are the advertising campaign of the company and in these days my work is featured on many logistic and transportation specialized magazines. It's been very challenging and even funny building all the pallet trucks and forklifts and the company has been really satisfied by the work. Below few photos. Unload/upload: Storage: The entire line-up in all its glory : More info and pics on my flickr. Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas to all of you Eurobrickers!
  10. Norton74

    [MOC] MOONEYES headquarters

    Very interesting point @Dutchiedoughnut, at the moment I'm not going to build a Cobra but maybe in the future...stay tuned ;)
  11. Norton74

    [MOC] Barn find | Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix

    Thanks, glad you like it @*thomas* Many thanks and thanks for stopping by @peedeejay :) Thank U @Man with a hat Thanks for your very kind remark, very appreciated @greg3
  12. Norton74

    [MOC] '23 Ford T-Bucket

    You're right about the spark plugs @Mechbuilds , infact I've tried to correct that detail in my latest models, take a look at this for example: Thanks a bunch @I_Igor
  13. Thanks @Dounut_Law @Edwin Korstanje Thanks my friend, I really appreciate your words Thank you @Leonardo da Bricki, very kind! Thanks @Lasse D Thanks @Capparezza, your nickname sounds italian, isn't it? I don't know @Mechbuilds, thanks for stopping by!
  14. Norton74

    [MOC] Barn find | Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix

    Thanks a lot for your kind word Thanks you, yes the Bugatti is in good shape Thank you for your very clever comment and kind words, very appreciated Thanks Thanks. At the moment I don't have decent photo of the Bugatti, when ready I'll post them