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  1. Thanks @Feuer Zug glad you like details and...Fabuland car chassis
  2. Haunted A-Frame Cabin While I'm looking forward to the see my A-Frame Cabin on the shelves of the LEGO stores worldwide as it has been chosen as one of the next LEGO IDEAS sets (I still can't believe it...), I built a spooky variation of the rustic house based on the 2012 LEGO Monster Fighters series. It is a kind of tribute to the MF Haunted House released in 2012 by TLG. Size and shape are basically the same as the A-Frame Cabin, colors, details, setting and Minifigures are completely different. If you take a deeper look, you can spot many references and Easter eggs directly related to the LEGO horror theme. The gramophone, the trunk with the top hat, the glass dome with a bone inside are all objects from the MF set. The gate is also a clear tribute to the Haunted House. And take a look at the zombie heads above the gate columns, do you remember where they were in the MF set? Last but not least don't miss the magic Bat Moonstone of Lord Vampyre, the villain of the series. Enjoy and happy Hall🎃ween!
  3. Thank you very much, glad you like the house between the cliffs
  4. @Feuer Zug thank you very much! So glad you appreciate all the little details! Thanks a bunch Lasse!
  5. Hungry like the wolf Hi there! Happy to share my latest creation that it's loosely inspired both by the story of the writer Xavier Liras, creator of the Spiral Universe, and by the illustration of the artist Alexander Shatohin. Below you can read a very brief summary of Xavier's story that describes my creation well. "The story goes that the Guardian of the abyss lives right on the edge of the abyss. His job for generations has been to explore the Abyss and its mists and gain insight into what is happening in the world. The Abyss has many levels, it is the manifestation of the psyche of humanity. There is a terrible war going on in this world now that could plunge us into extinction. The Guardian must lure Wolf Fenrir to the surface and be devoured. But the wolf will not be able to kill him completely and, back in the abyss, he will be forced to spit it out. Only then will the initiation of the Guardian into the deepest Abyss begin." Enjoy and beware the wolf!
  6. Norton74

    [MOC] Crazy Bus

    Thanks🙏👍😊 @JaBaCaDaBra It was my big big pleasure meeting you in person at Lecco @LEGO Train 12 Volts , so happy to spot the person behind the nickname😊 Thanks for stopping by, Best👍 Thank you very much @Johnny1360 so glad you like this kind of stuff. And yes it was very fun to build. Have a great day!
  7. Norton74

    [MOC] Crazy Bus

    Thanks, glad you appreciate the Crazy/Bus Thanks @Guyinaplaguemask very appreciated
  8. Norton74

    [MOC] Crazy Bus

    Crazy Bus The Crazy Bus is the funniest, weirdest, and strangest bus out there. I built the Bus these days when I was forced to stay at home alone (!) and the thermometer touched 40 degrees, I felt like I was in hell! I was probably a little "dazed and confused" when I thought about it, however here it is. It is a sort of post apocalyptic refuge where two survivors, after yet another environmental disaster caused by human beings, find shelter to spend their days waiting for a new era. The front and the back of the bus can be connected with two simple technic pins thus forming a mini bus. It's even more bizarre this way! There are a lot of tools, objects and weird parts, check them out and have fun spotting them all. Enjoy!
  9. Norton74

    [MOC] Crystal Mill (Colorado)

    Thank you very much 🙏👍😊 Thanks, glad you like it 😊👍🙏 Thanks buddy😊 Thank you very much buddy 🙏😊🤠
  10. The Crystal Mill, or the Old Mill is an 1892 wooden powerhouse located on an outcrop above the Crystal River in Crystal, Colorado, United States. Although called a Watermill, it is more correctly denoted as a compressor station, which used a water turbine to drive an air compressor, and was originally built with a horizontal wheel. The compressed air was then used to power other machinery or tools. The building is built on a mining claim named "Lost Horse", it fell into disuse in 1917 when the Sheep Mountain Tunnel mine closed. I spotted the Crystal Mill while browsing in search of new rural houses to build and it caught my eye. For the first time, I built two blocks of rocks and a waterfall made from hundreds of 1x2 trans-clear plates. Many other builders have tried their hand at this type of build so thanks for inspiring me. The story goes that an old gold digger* accidentally discovered the now disused Crystal Mill, and immediately decided to live there isolated from the rest of the world. One day an explorer** on a small boat while sailing on the Crystall River came across the old shack...What will happen when the explorer and the gold digger meet? *Mainly based on the CMF Prospector (Series 12), without a doubt one of my favorite Minifigs. **Probably the explorer was part of Jhonny Thunder's Adventures team ;)
  11. Thank you very much! So glad to hear that word: poetry
  12. Thank you very much for your kind words and your remarks, very appreciated ;) Grazie!
  13. Thanks @SirBlake Actually the railing and other details should have been dark green, as you can see in the last photo I posted, but sadly I didn't have those bricks of that color. But it works the same
  14. Thank you! Thanks! Glad you like the 2CV and the rest of the MOC! Have a great day buddy!