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  1. Norton74

    [MOC] The Blue Cottage

    Thank you very muck for your kind remarks, very appreciated! Glad you spotted all the details and textures Thanks a bunch!!!
  2. Norton74

    [MOC] The Crumbling Bridge

    Thanks @Feuer Zug... and yes it'd be funnier
  3. Norton74

    [MOC] The Blue Cottage

    Thank you! Thanks! Glad the pictures are saved in your reference folder Hope they could inspire you! Thanks! About the interior I've planned to buil it next week, stay tuned ;)
  4. Norton74

    [MOC] The Blue Cottage

    The Blue Cottage My latest creation is a rural house that joins my series of weird houses I have built in the last two years ("Walden", Joe's Cottage, A-frame Cabin, Stilt Houses etc ..). My goal was to build a cozy country house featuring three new elements: an uncommon color scheme, a shape that I hadn't used before and an unconventional doors/windows shape. The main feature is probably the asymmetrical roof with a very sloping shape to the left. The woodshed is located under the excess roof. The uncommon blue/black color combo is simple but effective, and the yellow trees in the background match well. Last but not least the door and windows are round, a shape never seen on a cottage but quite common in Hobbit houses. The host, who is coming home from a hunting trip, has a nice off-road vehicle painted with a color scheme matching with the cottage. It was very funny building the "long sloping roof" structure and trying to add a few weird details. I also played with the light to let the scene as deep as possible. Hope you like it!
  5. Norton74

    [MOC] The Crumbling Bridge

    Thanks @Alexandrina for mentioning that little old brick, I like that detail too. And even the cleavers match well with the vehicle :)
  6. Norton74

    [MOC] The Crumbling Bridge

    Just a new close-up of the all-terrain vehicle in plain sight:
  7. Norton74

    [MOC] The Crumbling Bridge

    Thank you very much @Lucarex, glad you like the diorama About the underpinnings of the bridge, the tiles and plates rest on two black strings, and the bridge is stable enough to bear the vehicle. Thank you very much, very appreciated your support @ark0
  8. Norton74

    [MOC] Stilt Houses

    Thank you very much @Man with beard
  9. Norton74

    [MOC] The Crumbling Bridge

    thank you very much my friend, very appreciated! Thanks
  10. Norton74

    [MOC] The Crumbling Bridge

    Thanks a bunch @JintaiZ
  11. The Crumbling Bridge Last November I built a MOC in which two weird guys lived 30 feet in the air in minimal but cozy stilts. It was called Stilt Houses precisely. In the diorama there was also an off-road vehicle for which I wanted to build a small dedicated setting. Recently I came up with the idea of creating an ironic scene with some building techniques that I had never used, such as the rocks made of many dark bluish gray slopes and inverted slopes. The diorama is quite small but cute, and it manages to get a smile, in this period there is a need… It is mainly composed of three parts: two rocky blocks covered with shrubs and a crumbling bridge that joins them. In the middle the all-terrain vehicle is crossing the bridge escaping from the hungry bear to take shelter on the stilts. Hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by!
  12. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Cabin

    you're very welcome @Thedarkmaster2
  13. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Cabin

    Thank you! The pieces are simply these:{"color":3,"iconly":0} Thank you very much @jalemac34 Thank you!
  14. Norton74

    Christmas living room

    Amazing scene and details Sandro! Merry Christmas my friend