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  1. [MOC] Barn find | Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix

    Thanks a lot for your kind word Thanks you, yes the Bugatti is in good shape Thank you for your very clever comment and kind words, very appreciated Thanks Thanks. At the moment I don't have decent photo of the Bugatti, when ready I'll post them
  2. [MOC] Art Déco Gas Station

    You're very kind, I really appreciate your comment and glad you like my work. Brick on! Many thanks Captain Dee, I'm happy you have looked at the whole diorama with attention. That drill is one of my favourite tool too Thank you, I confirm the burgers are great and the mechanic is ace
  3. [MOC] Art Déco Gas Station

    Thanks a bunch @Dazz glad you like the Bugatti Thanks @Captain Braunsfeld Thank you @StormtrooperEll, very appreciated your clever words, Brick On my friend!
  4. "Barn Find" As a petrolhead I've always dreamed about finding a classic car hidden for years in an old barn or shed. And that is what is called "Barn find". My latest build showcases two car-hunters discovering a classic Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix in a barn. Close to the blue machine you can see the old farmer with his dog showing the treasure, even if he doesn't know its real value. And the french beauty looks really in shape. The Bugatti Type 35 was the most successful of the Bugatti racing models, the famous "pur sang". Introduced at the Grand Prix of Lyon on August 3, 1924 the Type 35 was phenomenally successful, winning over 1,000 races in its time. A few days ago a 1925 model has been sold for over €1.4 million at the Artcurial auction in Paris. Thanks for stopping by. More pics and info: flickr
  5. [MOC] Art Déco Gas Station

    Thank you @Gongoro73! Thanks for your kind words @peedeejay, very appreciated :) Thanks @NewTown @BlockLogo Yes of course @Dutchiedoughnut! Your Ford will be back in shape in a few hours Thanks a lot @Chilis! Thanks a bunch @sdrnet you're always so kind. Grazie amico Thank you @Man with a hat! Many thanks @lightningtiger I'm glad you like this build too ;) Thanks a bunch for your remarks, I'm relaly glad you appreciate the details in this build. Thanks again @Redhead1982 You're welcome. Thanks to you too for your comment and for your words, very appreciated @domela And yes, I'll probably build other builds like that ;)
  6. [MOC] Art Déco Gas Station

    Fill 'er up! My latest build is a jump into the glory days of gas stations, when full service and free oil changes were the rule and the local station was a gathering place for neighbors. My brick-built gas station is inspired to the Shell one located in Tucson (Arizona) and it’s packed with every details you’d expect to find. It showcases an elegant Art Déco architecture completed with curved corners, a tower in the middle, a red outline all around the station and the inevitable Shell writing on top. The build is three in one: the diner on the left, the garage/workshop on the right and the fully-equipped store located in the middle of the building. A look at the back of the station reveals the three locations with many details and the different characters. Outside there are two period gas pump with a beautiful Lego shell on top under a curved canopy. All around you can find tanks, signs, tyres and other stuff. To complete the work I've built a red stepside pick-up truck, a tan Hot Rod and a reddish-brown roadster with some troubles (it's housed in the garage indeed). It was on my wishlist long since and finally I've found the time to built it as I had in my mind. I'm sorry for posting my gas station here with a little delay Thanks for stopping by. More pics and info: flickr
  7. [MOC] MOONEYES headquarters

    Thank you and sorry for my late reply
  8. The Takehito Yamato Coupé I saw this classic Hot Rod on Chop & Roll magazine few months ago and I was stricken by the uncommon colour (PPG 1936 Cordoba Tan) and by the smooth design of this Deuce. Plus its story was really cool: built in California and shipped to Japan where its new owner lives. Japan has a thriving hot rod scene, and many cars have been bought and shipped there. This coupe, however, is the first being built to order then making the trek across the Pacific. Takehito Yamato contacted Walden Speed Shop, based in Pomona Ca., after seeing his works in The Rodder’s Journal. Takehito wanted a traditional hot rod, and while that may be essentially what he ended up with, the details are what really sets this coupe apart. Inspired by the Takehito Yamato history I built the tan Deuce with all the details you’d expect to see in a brick-built scale model. To complete the work I built a brand-new show-room full of vintage stuff. Below the broken-down view showing the red Chevy ZZ383 with aluminium heads in all its glory. Below the Deuce with the magazine where I read about its story. More info and pictures on my flickr Thanks for stopping by.
  9. [MOC] Esso Gas Station 1953

    Thanks @JDL1967 This gas station in now at the National Automobile Museum Collection Louwman (The Netherlands) where was placed in 2004. I think there are other gas station like that in The Netherlands but I don't know where.
  10. [MOC] MOONEYES headquarters

    I'm glad you like my Speed Shop ;) Thanks for stopping by @Only Sinner Recently an italian magazine has featured a brief article about my MOONEYES speed shop and that is really cool! Below the article:
  11. [MOC] UFO | S.H.A.D.O. maintenance bay

    Many thanks @Andy D this bay didn't appear in the TV series but I think the Inteceptors needed this kind of facility... Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I've built this facility especially for the Interceptor, so I think the bay is located on the moon Thank you mate ;) Thanks icm, listen to what is my opinion is one of the greatest TV themes of all time: many thanks for your kind words Thanks, very appreciated
  12. [MOC] MOONEYES headquarters

    Thank you @AnkTales Thanks Thanks, glad you like it
  13. [MOC] MOONEYES headquarters

    Thanks a lot for your kind words @LegoMonorailFan, I'm glad you can appreciate all the details. Cheers!
  14. S.H.A.D.O. maintenance bay With a large fleet of spaceships and many ground units like the APC mobile, the S.H.A.D.O.* agency needs a modern and well equipped bay. My latest build is the S.H.A.D.O. maintenance bay where the agency's mechanics and engineers can fix and re-fit the Interceptors and possibly the ground units. The facility is full of details and it features also a service vehicle, a forklift and an hand pallet truck. Under the wing an operator is welding a support and please take a look at the sparks A little workbench and the column drill press are positioned on the right. A spare nuclear missile is ready to be loaded. Flickr gallery. Thanks for stopping by. *SHADO (an acronym for Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation) is a secret, high-technology international agency established to defend Earth and humanity against the mysterious aliens. SHADO was the main subject of UFO, the popular '70 British television science fiction series about an alien invasion of Earth.
  15. MOCs to Move

    Hello @Jim thanks for the new forum and sorry for my late reply. Below few of my topics to move: Thanks!