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Found 11 results

  1. LegoCharliesAngels

    Charlie's Angels (1976 TV Series) [MOC]

    Once upon a time, there were three "Lego" girls who went to the police academy... This MOC depicts Townsend Agency from the hit 1970s television series, Charlie's Angels (specifically season 1). The Angels' 3 iconic Ford cars — the Mustang II Cobra II, Mustang II Ghia and Pinto Runabout — are parked outside the building. Also included are 4 minifigures, one for each Angel (Sabrina, Jill & Kelly) and their trusty co-worker, Bosley. The Townsend Agency building can be either displayed as a brick façade or folded in to form the office interior. There are numerous little details, such as the speakerphone from which the unseen Charlie's voice emanates. Additionally, the office space is scattered with objects pertaining to many season 1 episodes. If you like it, please support it on Lego Ideas so it might become an official Lego set. Hope you enjoy! Support on LEGO Ideas
  2. Hi all. I’m hoping to find out about any groups or events in the UK that are particularly interested in Technic Mocs, mods etc. Or at least include some in their collection. I see lots of videos and photos of gatherings on YouTube or Flickr in the US and Europe. I am aware of adult Lego groups in the uk however they are not really interested in Technic. I know that the Technic side of the community will always be smaller and I think that by nature we are more solitary creatures. I do wander why it is so hard to find this kind of thing over here though, I know there are many talented builders In this country. Are we just a miserable lot? Do I really have to get on an airplane and cross the channel to see some of these custom creations in the flesh? Many thanks Troy
  3. Discuss the past, present, and future of DC Animation here, whether it be theatrically released feature films, direct-to-home media, TV shows, and everything else in between.
  4. The Kent & East Sussex steam railway is pleased to announce its first LEGO® show. This exhibition of stunning models, created solely from LEGO® bricks, charts the history of Britain from the Neolithic Stonehenge through to the supersonic age of Concorde. Featuring over 30 models created by Bright Bricks (as featured in Channel 4’s Inside Lego at Christmas) and using hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks, Bricks Britannia opens on April 1st at Tenterden Town Station. The centrepiece of this amazing exhibition is an eight metre long model of Flying Scotsman, the world’s most famous steam locomotive, and three Pullman carriages! There's also an opportunity to join our workshops where both young, and young at heart, can build their very own LEGO steam locomotive and Pullman carriage. These are exclusive to the K&ESR and available at the special price of just £10 when booking online. This exhibition is FREE to K&ESR ticket holders - SELECT YOUR DATE TO BOOK ONLINE BELOW & SAVE 10%!
  5. MinifigureHQ


    With the success of Brick 2014 (we launched there) we're really excited by the brick show this year. With details of Brick2015 soon to be released, who's going and what do you hope to see/exhibit?
  6. I've been attending the BrickCon Public Expo in Seattle for years, but had never displayed my models before or participated in the longer 4-day Private Convention. I just completed an in-depth write-up that goes "behind the scenes" at one of the largest and oldest LEGO conventions for AFOL's. Some of my highlights: Seeing large LEGO models get re-assembled was really interesting. I loved playing the LEGO games like the "Blind Build" shown here. Displaying my models for the first time to the Public was really cool. As always, there were impressive new models on display at the Public Exhibition. LINK TO LONGER ARTICLE AND MORE PHOTOS: I hope you find this behind the scenes look at BrickCon to be interesting. If you got to attend too, what was your highlight from the show? Sincerely, ---tom
  7. When I watch the Ninjago of Chima shows, I see lots of vehicles/locations that I think would be awesome as a set, but it hasn't been done. So, what would your suggestions be? I'll start us off: Borg Tower: set includes the Borg Tower in a similar style to the Tower of Orthanc. Has a robot assembly line, a working lift, Cyrus' Office with a hologram, and lobby with a love scanner showing Cole's face. Minifigures include: all four ninja in formal dressing, Sensei Wu, Nya, Pixal, Cyrus Borg, and three students of Sensei Wu's Academy. Now it's your turn!
  8. Hey! Do you have a favorite TV show, series and/or documentary program about trains? I've started to get interested in trains again after a long hiatus and am not so familiar with what's been put out recently. Personally, I've always enjoyed Michael Palin's travel documentaries such as; 'Around the World in Eighty Days' and 'Pole to Pole', although they're not strictly about trains. He's also done a show in the 'Great Railway Journeys' series from the BBC, hasn't he? There are a couple of railway-related series that I have been watching lately: > 'Rail Away' - the English version is a documentary series of twenty-five programs in which they go to a different European country each show. > 'Extreme Trains' - an American show of eight episodes with a different focus each time, i.e.; freight train, steam train, etc. Kid-related shows are, of course, Thomas and the 'Choo Choo Bob Show'. There's also a show called 'Chuffington' or something like that, isn't there? What have I missed? Thanks, Joe
  9. Aussie BJ

    Kentucky Brick Expo 2013

    Hi All I just followed a link from Facebook to a great photo album of someones visit (or organizers) of the Kentucky Brick Expo. Follow the link for lots more eye candy. Kentucky Brick Show 2013 (MOD's please move this to appropriate Theme if this one is incorrect and/or remove this text, Cheers)
  10. Hey all, One of these years I'd like to fly over the pond and visit one of the LEGO conventions in Europe. Which one of the European Conventions has the most Technic creations on display? I was just looking through pictures of the FanWelt Convention, and noticed pictures of Bricksonwheels's fantastic trucks, as well as Jennifer Clark's excavator. There were also a handful of Technic creations in the photo album I was looking at. Does FanWelt usually offer this level of Technic models, or should I try to attend some other convention? I just wanted to get you all's opinion. One of these years I'll make it over to meet all you fine European Technic builders. Thanks, Daniel