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  1. For the plane it is most likely to see the floating tanks from 42105 Catamaran again, making it a water plane that really floats without electronic of course.
  2. You can see pictures from "real" on my page clicking here The flags for indicating axle and liftarm lengths are manually added images in the instructions. It is still a missing feature in Stud.io
  3. Hi community, I am happy to show my latest build to complete the 2020 lineup - another Lamborghini which seems to be the alternate model of 42115 with the highest parts count used so far. Following this link to the instructions on RB. By clicking here you reach more of my content and models. This is the Lamborghini Miura Concept from 2006, completely build from set 42115. What you need to build this model? Only a copy of set 42115 Lamborghini Sian from 2020. All 3434 required parts comes from set 42115, using 93% of them. The model uses one spare part, which is also included in the Sian's inventory. Other parts are not required to build this Lamborghini Miura Concept alternate model out of the Sian. Summary of Functions & Feautures double wishbone suspension in front and back manual steering with working steering wheel openable doors with auto-locking system openable hood and rear section detachable engine cover 4-speed transmission gearbox with reverse gear 4x4 drivetrain with 2 differentials Lamborghini V12-engine with moving pistons open window in bottom to view gearbox detailed interior includes golf bag with 3 rackets (under hood) modular building detailed design with printed parts fits all Supercas in approx 1:8 scale measures (all parts closed) 53cm x 28cm x 13cm Impressions Suspension The suspension in front and back is made double wishbone, with a suspension in front very similar to Sian. The rear suspension is made different with horizontally mounted shock absorbers, because the engine is placed over the suspension. Travel, hardness and space between wheels and fenders are just great. Engine Miura Concepts detailed V12-engine with moving pistons is connected through the gearbox directly to the 4x4 drivetrain. The engine can be watched working by detaching the engine cover easily or by tilting the rear section, to reveal the engine bay. Gearbox The gearbox is a typically H-shifter in the middle console of the car. I experimented many hours with the gearbox and changed it from 6 speeds to 4 speeds due much friction in the drivetrain, but with a cool and realistic working reverse gear instead. Shifting gears is clearly noticeable in the drivetrain and can be seen by different speeds of the moving pistons of the engine. To make all the shifters working, I developed a gearbox for this model never seen before. For a full wheel spin, the engine fires 1.87 times in the first gear and 0.373 times in the fourth gear, which is only 37% of a wheel spin. Like in a real car, the reverse gear fits between the first and second gear in ratio. Following is a summary of the gear ratios, measured from wheel (input) to engine shaft (output): 1. Gear -> 1:1.87 2. Gear -> 1:1.12 3. Gear -> 1:0.625 4. Gear -> 1:0.373 Reverse -> 1:1.34R Doors Like real car design, I started developing this model by the doors and implemented a cool self-locking door mechanism. Each door stays in position when closed and can only be opened by triggering the doorhandle. When closing a door, it locks automatically. Golf bag Overnight bags are out (and maybe thats the reason why 42143 Ferrari doesn't have it anymore). Take a ride to the next golf club with this model. It includes a golf bag with 3 different rackets that all fits under the hood. Prints Luckily the 42115 Lamborghini Sian uses prints, so there is no need for custom sticker or custom prints. Using the Lamborghini prints gives this model the final touch. The real car promo Following are some promo images of the real car prototype alternately with model images: About the Miura Concept (2006) The House of the Raging Bull has unveiled the Miura Concept 2006, that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the legendary GT. The idea was to create a new concept with a retro-inspired look heralding back to one of the auto world’s most famous icons - the legendary Lamborghini Miura. This new edition features a clean style with smooth surfaces and straight cuts that define the opening body panels. The new Miura prototype from 2006 can be considered a faithful re-interpretation of the original one, even in details like the grey-lime appearance and the air-intakes who makes this concept car instantly recognizable as a Miura. A modern styling cue is represented by the rear headlights, whose design is very close to that of the latest Lamborghini models. In 2006 the new concept model was strictly a prototype with no firm date set for production launch and is still prototype in 2022. It exists a real manufactured car in the Lamborghini Museum in Italy, but having this model on shelf or desk is a much higher chance than seeing it in reality. The instructions of 42115 Sian shows a Miura at the beginning - maybe a secret hint to this model? ... Instructions The premium instructions for this model comes in 5 PDF files with a total of 766 pages of high quality images and building steps. For the first time, I splitted the instructions to multiple files due the large size and complexity of the model and made the most challenging and largest instructions released so far, to ensure a satisfying and long building experience with this model. Following are 5 example pages to show the quality of instructions: Final words Thanks to Pawel Turalski (C3technic) for his pre-release support. This model is my masterpiece in art, design and functionality. It took me countless hours to make. Have fun with it.
  4. Does anybody know what happened to the number 42142 this year? It is still missing.
  5. Yeah the tires are very welcome for that and the model is bigger than expected with just a few parts left over - the common engine parts, a few panels and system pieces
  6. Hi folks, I'm happy to present my 42141 alternate build, which seems to be the first alternate model of McLaren Formula 1 released so far. Instructions can be found as usual on rebrickable. This Crash Team Racer Fun-Kart is an alternate build of set 42141 McLaren Formula 1 from 2022. No other parts are required to build this model. The model uses 3 spare parts that are included in the set 42141, with a total parts count of 1257. Keep in mind that the set 42141 McLaren Formula 1 comes in different versions with different sticker sheets that do not affect the build of this alternate model. If you own any of the set 42141 McLaren Formula 1, you can completely build this Crash Team Racer alternate model without any restriction. What is a Crash Team Racer? This Kart is driven by the character Crash Bandicoot in the 1999 video game Crash Team Racing and Crash Nitro Kart as competitor to the very popular Mario-Kart games. In 2019, the game Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled was released as remastered version for next-gen consoles, where this Kart appears again in better quality. You'll find renderings from the video game at the end of this article. Functions & Features smooth independent suspension in front and back steering with working steering wheel piston engine driven by differential through rear axle custom built engine block detailed design with many fun to play 39cm x 29cm x 19cm Impressions Testdriver Schorch seems very happy with the finished model... The giant exhaust pipes with flames are easy removable for a more common look... Custom built engine Because the standard engine parts won't fit at the scale of this alternate model, the highlight of this build is the custom made engine block, which works pretty well with a nice sound. Instructions The premium instructions for this Crash Team Racer comes with 258 pages of high quality images and steps to ensure a challenging but satisfying building experience with many cool building solutions. Instructions can be found on rebrickable. Following are some example pages of the instructions: Racer from the video game Have fun with this Crash Team Racer alternate build.
  7. Hello friends, I'm happy to share my neweset creation and first alternate model in 2022. This Chevrolet Corvette C2 Sting Ray Coupe is an alternate build from the official set 42127 Batman Batmobile. With 1227 parts, this model uses more than 90% of the parts from the Batmobile. No other parts or spare parts are required to build this Corvette alternate model. If you own the set 42127, you can completely build this model without any restriction. Visit rebrickable for more content and building instructions. Features & Functions 1:11 scale HoG steering V8 piston engine very detailed interior openable doors on both sides realistic openable hood to reveal engine pop-up headlights controlled by lever automatic lighting of engine through openable hood lighting in the back to simulate brake light/underground light Impressions Headlights & Lighting The iconic pop-up headlights are replicated in this model and controlled by a lever inside the armature, which is easily accessible by fingers through the windshield and doors. By opening the hood, a light is triggered automatically at the highest point to lit up the engine. The light in the rear can be activated with a lever beside the HoG steering to simulate brake light or underground light. Interesting to know The Corvette C2 as the second generation was manufactured from 1962 to 1967. With this model realeased in 2022, you can celebrate the end of production 55 years ago. Only in 1963, the Corvette Coupe was manufactured with splitted rear window and nowadays this Corvette C2 Sting Ray "Split-Window" is very rare and popular. The name Sting Ray is common for the second generation, where the name Stingray was used since the successor Corvette C3. Instructions The premium PDF instructions of this Corvette Sting Ray comes with 237 pages of high quality images and building steps for a satisfying building experience. Following are some example pages of the instructions: Follow this link to get instructions. The real car manufactured in 1963 Have fun with this replica of Corvette C2 Sting Ray alternate build.
  8. Hi folks, I want to present my latest alternate build for 2021 to complete my lineup of 2021 alternates - the McLaren 600LT Spider made from 42123 McLaren Senna GTR. Instructions are available on rebrickable Follow this link for more content and other builds. Rebuild the 42123 McLaren Senna GTR into another McLaren - the McLaren 600LT Spider. As an alternate build, this McLaren 600LT Spider uses only pieces from the 42123 main set (Senna GTR). Other parts or spare parts are not required. Parts with stickers applied can be reused without any problem. The McLaren 600LT Spider uses 754 parts (more than 90%) from the set 42123 McLaren Senna GTR. Functions & Features realistic openable scissor-doors HoG-steering working V8-engine fits on the 42098 Car Transporter Impressions made for 42098 Car Transporter With 15 studs wide, this alternate model fits other mid-sized cars in the Technic-theme since 2019, like 42093 Corvette, the new 42137 Porsche or 42138 Ford Mustang Shelby GT. All these cars can be transported by the 42098 Car Transporter and this McLaren 600LT Spider fits this scale as well. If you're looking for another car to transport by 42098, this McLaren is the right joice. Instructions With 154 pages, the instructions for this McLaren 600LT Spider comes with high quality images and steps that are easy to follow for a satisfying building experience. Here are three example pages of the premium instructions: The real car The McLaren 600LT Spider is more common in lime green or orange and can be build in this color as well. Here is an example of the real car (for the american market) that fits this alternate build most: Have fun with this McLaren 600LT Spider alternate build.
  9. I used the smaller older one, it is a bit cheating but does not matter
  10. Looks like we are finally getting half pin with knob with friction. Color-coded in red. They must be with friction, otherwise the "teeths" would rotate.
  11. Hi folks, I'm happy to introduce my alternate build from the official set 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor, the Unimog (UniMOC) U1400 with Snowplow attachment. As the little brother of 8110 Unimog U400, this model in 1:17 scale uses 1264 parts of the inventory from the set 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor and 2 spare parts included in the set with a total of 1266 parts. Having the set 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor, all parts are available to build this alternate model and no other parts from other sets are required. The two spare parts from 42126 to build this Unimog U1400 alternate are: Instructions are available on rebrickable Follow this link to my page for more content Functions & Features HoG-steering independent suspension in front and back working 4-piston engine under the hood openable doors detailed interior openable hood to reveal engine attachment for Snowplow, moveable in high and tilting angle fully closed tipper bed with openable lid and lock additional snow shovel 40cm x 20cm x 18cm Impressions Sticker The model 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor uses many sticker for the lights in front and back, which are reused in this Unimog U1400. The images above shows some custom sticker, which are not part of the 42126 model and not mandatory to build this alternate Unimog U1400. Those custom sticker are optional and only used for better and more realistic look. If you have the ability to print custom sticker, feel free to do to polish up this model. Below this is how the front of the model looks like without any custom sticker, but with the original headlights of the Raptor... ...and without any sticker, for custom headlights for example. Instructions The premium instructions with high quality images as usual comes with 254 pages for a challenging but satisfying building experience. For a 18+ set, this alternate model is not more difficult to build than the Raptor. The instructions are available at Rebrickable. Here are some example pages of the instructions: Unimog U1400 in real Have fun with this replica of Unimog U1400 alternate build and feel free to build and discuss. I know this model is not 4x4 and it can't be 'cause the Raptor is not 4x4 and there are no parts in 42126 to do that.
  12. He said in interview that he has no model for 2021 but for 2022. Since 42127 is delayed to 2022, this makes most sense.
  13. Exactly. Because TLG is dumb enough to kill their own B-models, RB is a big winning platform for TLG. People buying a second or third kit only to build an alternate model, so TLG should never fuc* people building alternates as long the design goes not to a third-party seller.
  14. The 42129 Trailcat is ready for publishing next week. Thanks everyone for the genius idea with the tyres!