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  1. diegobaca

    1980 Something Space

    I am a graphic designer so I do that sort of thing for a living. They still took quite a bit of time to get just right. Thank you for the praise!
  2. Thanks I removed the tracking from original post. Did not know Facebook added that to links - I just copy pasted from my post I shared on FB. ❤️
  3. Hi LEGO Community! Do you own an old Control Lab Interface B and wish you could easily use it to control multiple motors!? I present, Control Lab IO an application for Windows, macOS and Raspberry PIs. It allows you to use up to 4 Control Lab bricks to control 32 LEGO motors independently (direction + speed). Download it here: https//controllab.io Let me know what you think!
  4. Folks on this thread might be interested in this software I recently made: https://www.controllab.io
  5. diegobaca

    1980 Something Space

    Thank you @leafan! I do own all the Pirate sets from the late 80s and 90s also, might need to do a Pirate website next . Yes I did I photographed them using a light box using a black backdrop. I recreated them as close as I could using photoshop. I also recreated the Logos since I could not find high-res versions online.
  6. diegobaca

    1980 Something Space

    Thanks for the feedback! I do not have any space sets after 1999, but if there is enough interest I plan to expand :). Haha! Love the compliment :) Thank you!
  7. diegobaca

    1980 Something Space

    Thank you for the praise and suggestion, I will consider that for future updates! Thanks!
  8. diegobaca

    1980 Something Space

    Hi Eurobricks! I want to share a site I have been working on for the past couple years: www.1980somethingspace.com The site focuses on LEGO Space sets from 1978-1999, check it out!
  9. Hi friends, yesterday I got the new set 17101 LEGO® BOOST: Creative Toolkit. I made an unboxing video for you all to see. If you like the video please go to the LEGO Ideas site and vote for Machu Picchu. Thank you very much! https://youtu.be/J0d55WOL2RE
  10. diegobaca

    [MOC] Machu Picchu

    History: The legendary Peruvian citadel of Machu Picchu is the most familiar icon of the Inca civilization. Located in the Sacred Valley, which is 80 kilometers (50 miles) northwest of Cuzco, it was constructed around 1450 at the height of the Inca empire. Most archaeologists believe that Machu Picchu served as an estate for the Inca Emperor Pachacutec (1438-1472) and was abandoned just over 100 years later in 1572 because of the Spanish Conquest. Machu Picchu was rediscovered in 1911 by American historian and explorer Hiram Bingham. In 1983, UNESCO designated Machu Picchu as a World Heritage Site. Model Features: This microscale model of Machu Picchu showcases several key architecture features of the iconic building: Model Info: The model has 511 pieces and measures 20.8 x 19.2 x 11.5 centimeters, (8.2 x 7.6 x 4.5 inches). Instructions and part list for the model are available for download here. Motivation: As a fan of the LEGO Architecture series, I was surprised there were no official sets from South America. UNESCO described Machu Picchu as “an absolute masterpiece of architecture and a unique testimony to the Inca civilization”, making Machu Picchu the perfect landmark to build, learn, and explore. Without a doubt, the perfect candidate for a great LEGO set! I have been lucky enough to visit Machu Picchu on several occasions and my goal was to capture the beauty and splendor of this Wonder of the World. I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of this famous landmark. You can learn more about this creation on my LEGO Ideas site. Thank you for your comments and support!
  11. I also made a similar guide for strings: https://www.dropbox....de_1.0.pdf?dl=0
  12. After a lot of research (reviewing instructions, set pictures and inventories). I think I was able to summarize all the Technic rubber bands in one guide (not including DACTA and education sets). The number of rubber bands indicated are the actual amount used in the set (based on the instructions), I did not include extras. As Blakbird stated, rubber bands tend to have variations in size, I found most vary +/- 2mm on average. The guide can be found here: https://www.dropbox...._Guide.pdf?dl=0. Feedback is welcome!
  13. @darsedz: Not sure if these have different cross section dimensions. The black ones (left side) are square cross section and the ones on the right side are round cross section. @Blakbird: Thank you that is helpful, knowing that there are natural size variations within sets. Regarding the silicone bands you are right there are color variations in those sizes.
  14. Hi Forum, Wanted to get the official word out there regarding rubber band sizes. For the past year I have been purchasing parts from Bricklink (in order to build all Lego Technic Sets). One of the part types I see a lot of inconsistency buying are rubber bands (especially rubber bands for older sets). For example, I have purchased rubber band part: x264 from five different vendors and I have received inconsistent sizes. Some seem to have sent me x137 instead of x264, but I am not really sure. Now I am really confused, and want to get your guys opinion about rubber band sizes and what is considered official (to the best of people's knowledge). I have attached a picture of what I believe are all the sizes used on Lego Technic sets. Let me know if I am missing any rubber band sizes or if these are incorrect. I wonder if x264 is the same as x137 and there are natural size variations? Thank you everyone for their input!