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  1. Ya it took me a few years to get around to change a few things too. I wish I would have bought two of them, the extra track is pretty expensive. There's some pretty cool examples of it on the internet, just need more blue beams. Thanks for the comment.
  2. I'm sure there's hundreds of these things modded up, and here is another take on the blue crawler. Added a couple sections, strengthened a few attachment points, added a few little details, took out clutch so it can pull pretty good now. Next job will be figuring out how to get a subtracter underneath this. (Any suggestions) Well there it is, simple mod but I like the look of it, a few things could probably be refined, and as always any pointers or wrong doings, I'd love to here it. https://bricksafe.com/pages/2ndgenguy/raptor/42042-crane-mod.-moc (Credit to silvio.tristram on rebrickable for the hook)
  3. Got the file up, thanks so much. Wow this thing is detailed. I don't really know how to use studio, but managed to figure it out enough to isolate the front section like you said. This should work perfectly, thanks again so much, I'll make sure you see your axle on this tow truck lol.
  4. I really really love this truck, I haven't seen to many that look this good, even the underside looks clean and well designed. That front axle is something else too. I need to up my game and figure that thing out......
  5. I wish I had something more intelligent to say..... Outstanding moc........just wow.
  6. This is such a cool little truck, it looks roughly the same scale as the Jeep Lego put out. Great match.
  7. I love that it has suspension, I think it really adds to the model, and yes I read about the hours you have into those fenders they look amazing. As does the whole truck. I'm trying to rebuild 8285 to have suspension, and it's just been a fight to get the stance right, and front axle figured out. I just love how low you managed to keep the truck with your design, looking forward to the competed model, and hopefully video of it doing its thing.
  8. Wow this looks, great. Would love to see how you worked the front suspension in while keeping it so low.
  9. Oh yes, colour change to white red and black. Maybe just white and black, hopefully add full sprung suspension too. Ya 8285 8285.
  10. Months of collecting pieces is finally showing a bit, on the 8285 tow truck. Changing this set, as much as I can, to a white model, with black or red, thought it would be fun...... Next task, how to suspend it without it looking to high and staying with a solid front axle, struggling with this alot. Suspension is a bit of a mess, but working on it. I have kept all the original pieces seperate, I'm not sure why but my brain said I had better lol.
  11. Yes that should take you to the colour change section, I'm really new at adding things to the internet, so i may have added it to a seperate folder too. But I only have 3 folders. Sorry for that.
  12. Best piece placement I have seen for that element as well, thanks for pointing that out. Good eye.
  13. Okay I have a new file up with much better pictures of the black roof and hood. Should be a straight swap with the white for a piece count.
  14. 2ndgen

    Huge Collection for Sale

    I'm not sure if I am allowed to buy from here yet, if anything is left of course, I will ask admin.
  15. Should be under 42110 flat deck I think