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    Technic, cranes (city, trains, technic, knuckle booms, crawlers), mocs, trailers (Semi-Truck/Lorries), Sopwith Camel.


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  1. 2ndgen

    Back to school.

    Helpful book. There are many others too. Just not sure what to get next.
  2. 2ndgen

    Back to school.

    Finally got this book, figured it was about time and worth the investment after struggling with a few, (alot), of unfinished projects. It just showed up today, and if anyone else knows of helpful books please let me know. I'm back to sponge mode.....
  3. Has anyone elses bricks and pieces say sold out to 90 percent of parts ?
  4. Holy wow, this doesn't look like Lego. This has to be one of the cleanest builds out there.
  5. Hmm I'll have to try and find some others then, how does the pump work, on this or is it just switched on and off with a separate control as needed ? It does say auto valve, but not sure what that means.
  6. This is my first encounter with electric-pneumatics, what a cool design to use that system with. Are you using the newer valves from Lego? I used to run a rubber tire skid steer by Deere doing screw piles. So this is extra cool to see.
  7. This is such a cool build, the only thing I don't like is the missing deck and man basket built on the back. (JK, JK). Love that game BTW it can burn hours away like nothing else.
  8. I really want to build this to put beside my proper 42042. Lol. Amazing Job.
  9. I love this. It looks great, and by lowering it it definitely looks alot better.
  10. Wow this is a really interesting build. Will be following along closely as 42042 is also one of my favorites and one of my longest owned technic sets after the dark ages.
  11. 2ndgen

    Blacktron TIE Defender

  12. Well I was going to try to enter this compitition, but it looks like the top positions are now filled lol ...... Another great redesign.
  13. 2ndgen

    Blacktron TIE Defender

    I love, (and miss), my Blacktron II Lego sets, this really is what started my love of Lego. This is just an awesome build, filled full of nostalgia.
  14. 2ndgen

    A place for showcasing. ?

    Yes true.....and thanks, for all the info. That will help out alot.