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  1. mktechniccreations

    [MOC][WIP] John Deere 8RX model in 1:17 scale

    I was curious becouse friend of mine is doing same thing. and he posted same bonet week or soo earlier but i will use analogy for now that some bricks must be connected this way to make this shape. and similarity is to be expected. Good luck.
  2. mktechniccreations

    [MOC][WIP] John Deere 8RX model in 1:17 scale

    I saw similar bonet design somewhere...
  3. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] John Deere 8RT 410 tractor

    Why so big tho ? isnt that overkill ?
  4. Hello guys, few days ago i finished and released my latest MOC. And here i want to share it with you and it a bit more technical aspect of it. if you are interested. (My english may have few errors) Main one is the tractor, as you can see its Case QuadTrac 620 articulated tractor, aimed for 1:17 to match with trucks and other farm machinery, mainly ericĀ“s if there is collector who appreciate that. but this scale is also big enought to pack everything needed and look good, and small enough for not needing large uniform boring surfaces. On the outside it may look like pure system thing, but on the inside its packs 6 PF motors. two of which are L motors for drive, 3x M motors, two for pneu/switch combo (two independend systems) and third is in the rear of the body for PTO output. and last is standard servo which uses opposide steering rack system for quick response in oposite of standard linear acctuators, this system is in my opinion even more compact, reliable and more enjoyable to play with. However if exposed to very large resistance it may throw timing off. (i dont recomend steering while stationary on carpet or floor). Secondary features are : Connected steering wheel to the servo system while the cabin itself has suspension. Driver seat is rotatable to the right side as the original. left staircase swings away from the path of tracks while being steered to the left. and full suspension on all 4 tracks and also rotating rear section for compenstate for uneaven surfaces. Everything is powered by 2x buwizz 2.0 bricks. It may seems like an overkill for instructions but i chose to not make too much compromises. i wante model that can do it all, exept it cant lift things because its lack of three point hitch. About the trailer. Its mostly System bricks and creator style creation with minimum of technic features so i will not talk much about it, but it has three functions. first is PTO input which powers conveyor on the floor of the bin and it also diverts into auger conveyor to spin worm gear at the end to look like there is actual function to it. However it cant move real stuff. Second function is pneumatic support leg at the bottom, so after attaching it to the tractor with pin and connecting all the hoses. you can remotely operate entire trailer. Third feature is extending auger conveyor to simulate real operation of this kind of machine. I am aware of few off-scale bug on this model. main one is taller track system due to including suspension. and shorter trailer bin. If you are interested in instructions they are on my RB profile: There is one independent video review and one video of my own. i hope you will appriciate and enjoy both of them.
  5. mktechniccreations

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    Claas Torion, and same configuration of pneumatic cylinders. also mine placement of XL and pumps motors are the same, not intentional of course.
  6. mktechniccreations

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    Beautiful work man :) i seen it few days back and was amazed by it. funny that i am building something functionaly simmilar but with PU motors, glad to see that pneu can handle big showel
  7. mktechniccreations

    How do you start your big MOCs?.

    If we talk about technic, then it has to have some functions, so ill tell myself, OK drive with diffs, what kind of/how many axles, which hub, then wheelbase is set, and on top of it i am figuring out placement of motors and batteries, and then detail on top of a detail. so i am always starting with chassis, Axles and carrying frame.
  8. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    Moded, this thing is going nowhere, but my fingers are dead after those axle pusning manuevers.
  9. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    i cant, if you seen photo from bottom, they are aranged in tiangular shape, so there is no sideways movement of the axle, three point of contact, thats why there can be just links and it will not slide to the side freely, there is a bit tension but it holds up nice. Or might be genius
  10. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    glad you pointed out these 3 things, first thing is good to know, but i dont know how to cover them from underside, since the links are the lowest point of vehicle pointing downwards, second thing is also good point, and i will take a look at it, i already tried to put there OX technic connector to make 2x lenght so more friction is there, but then the absorber cant twist, so ill figure something else, and third, i thing i will run out of buwizz battery sooner than motor starts to heat up.
  11. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    there should be almost no stress, since joints are handling RPMs not high Torque
  12. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    I solved it kind of, made same technique as in the previous rock bouncer, just changed angles etc, it may not have insane twist angles like other rock crawlers, but it will do, any it has other strong sides.
  13. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    I will not do it, i rather work with parts that i already have and are original, these absorbers are rare and i dont want to destroy them, but i may found solution. Yes i saw it on zerobricks models first, and i had to try it, it prevent ball joints from popping from pin holes, but there are 3 types i found, 1st is exo-force robot arm, this is the weakest of the bunch, then its 3L tiny bar with end pin or i dont know how to call it, it is quite secure but large, and i thing the most tight fir is the bar with small ball at the end. And about this, yes but i am worrying about torque that it will twist the entire model, or model will not handle any hits, with those ball/9L link connections.
  14. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    I was expecting your response, hmm so swap few of those 9L links with liftarm with sockets and place Shock absorbers somewhere in the middle ?