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  1. I still have to research what the pybrick is, i have to learn. And Thank you. Yes the model is not so rigid as with Technic style but i decided to make that sacrafice. But please dont expect that it will lift 1kg
  2. I understand you, but i decided to make it rather than not making it at all just for this reason, after all tires are "interchangable" part of any machinery, body itself is not. i struggled with kinematics for 3 months, it was constant fight of moving each pivot point where it was perfect, this was real strugle, since every loader that i saw used cylinder that was under the arm not on top of it.
  3. if i would be building moc based on the models that matches the (only one) big agro tire that lego is producing then ill be very limited in my MOCs, thats why i cramed "bigger" wheel on the smaller body. Correct me if i am wrong, but if i took 3500 mm wheelbase and scaled everything accordingly which means wheelbase is 20,5 cm then its 1:17 right ?
  4. Dear all. Allow me to introduce my latest MOC which was in development long time now, its supposed to be scaled replica of CLAAS Torion 1914 wheel loader from CLAAS company in 1:17 Scale. The reason why i chose this moc was due to lack of other "colour" machinery in this segment and also being kind of specific wheeloader for agrocultural sphere which i love. Claas Torion 1914 is colaboration with Liebherr on joint wheelloader project, Liebherr version is L550 and up. Model is combination of technic chassis and functions with system easthetics. Over 2000 pieces and 4 motors of Control + type allows for good looks and good playability, althrought a bit limited by weaker PU motors compare to PF, i chose PU to get in new wave of tech + easier and cheaper accesibility on market as the PF functions are getting more expensive. Functions are provided by 3x L PU motor and 1x XL PU motor Driver 1x XL Steering 1x L Pneumatics #1 1x L Pneumatics #2 1x L Each L motor serves for pump and switch together by sariel pump/switch combo, but modified to suit my needs in this build. there are two 6L pumps connected to each motor without any air tank so the actions are not so snappy and responsive and it all depends on the power of motors and batteries. due to this i am seriosly considering upgrading to Buwizz 3.0 to see if it will make it perform better and faster. I don't usually know what more to type about the MOC so i will answer every question in comments section if i will be able. Enjoy the photos (video later today)
  5. There is no fake engine, i planed it but after overlaying it with real model there was simply no space left. the bonet right at the motor. XL motor i would describe as not great not terrible, but i am planing to switch to buwizz 3.0 since this one is powered by original battery box, also fort pneumatic pumps it would help to have more juice. axle is not pendular or anything, it was at early stage but due to rigidity and complexity of the model and scale limitations i had to do simple rigid chassis.
  6. There you are. this was redesigned over 5 times. entire layout. and this was the most optimal one, here is vertical photo :
  7. I will share that later at the weekend if you want. But it was really challenging to púť eversthing in there. 20 cm if i remeber correctly. I made it in 1:17 scale You should be fine if using pneumatic tank and keeping it presurised all the tíme. I am not running tank so I have slower response
  8. you didnt missed anything, i am about to release it within a week and i planed to put here full article about this in the day of release too.
  9. Great to see another one, i was kind of tired of all the yellow only wheelloaders so i builded one too. but with system exterior. see photo below. mine is also pneumatic but maybe smaller in proportions since i was barely able to fir there 3x C+ L motor 1x C+ XL motor and C+ hub. and sariel pump switch combos, i suggest to have at least 3 pumps for pneumatic circuit and strong engine to power them to get strong and responsive operation since i have only two and its a bit slow. but buwizz 3.0 may improove it.
  10. mktechniccreations

    Bricklink questions

    That makes a Lot of sense. Thank you i will give it a shot only downside is that there will be less stores with good pricing and parts availability if i will filter few out. But that is my problem after all
  11. mktechniccreations

    Bricklink questions

    So its About individual sellers, and i have to find few that are running legit busines and are able to do business like this right.
  12. mktechniccreations

    Bricklink questions

    Dear all, i neee help, i am trying to buy bricks from bricklink, but in form as “company” so i can pack the bricks and sell MOC as s kit, However its hard to get proper invoice from sellers for tax purpose. is there any way to be able to solve this issue ? Thank you .
  13. Hey everyone, its been a long time since my latest addition to the forum in form of a MOC, as ussual. This time i took a different path for the MOC and started to play around C-Model concept and targeted the new 42128 Tow truck. This model has plenty of parts, interesting features and functions which can be reworked into something new and something different. I chose concrete pump truck due to lack of them in this comunity, i never saw any exept upon googling them directly. My model has similar dimensions and number of functions to the original model, exept they are filling very different role, and mainly to complement the 42112 concrete mixer which they fit together nicely i must say. About the development of the model itself, it was difficult proces to start with, since my expertise in C-model world is nothing extraordinary and its more difficult that it may seems. and i strugled a lot with many functions that i expected to have on this truck. many features were redesigned over and over again. About the looks, i tried to match the colours as best as i could but there is a still space for improvement on my side, also the cabin is bit colourfull on my taste, but i was not able to find different solution to fit this case. about the functions you will find below list. Primary Features: Spreading support legsExtending the support legsTurning the Cement pump armLifting arm with linear acctuators for 1st arm stagePneumatic pumpPneumatic switch for 2nd arm stagePneumatic switch for 3rd arm stage Secondary Features: Lowering cement bathTiltable CabOpenable doorsWorking I6 engine More info on my FB page: Instructions: Video review from All the bricks together: Video Showcase:
  14. I took that tire size from official brochure, IDK if it was right move. and i dont know which is the "default" one. but thank you for the correction. appreciate it @1gor
  15. Nice base indeed, good luck with the MOC, as per real machine the rear set of wheel is i guess 710/60 R30 or 750/65 R26 after some math which i hope i done right you are somewhere in 1:15 scale, so i would adapt everything to this number. and you will be good. wish you manage to get "universal" scale of 1:17 to fit all his models. would look great together. anyway once again good luck, looking forward for this :)