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  1. mktechniccreations

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    Claas Torion, and same configuration of pneumatic cylinders. also mine placement of XL and pumps motors are the same, not intentional of course.
  2. mktechniccreations

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    Beautiful work man :) i seen it few days back and was amazed by it. funny that i am building something functionaly simmilar but with PU motors, glad to see that pneu can handle big showel
  3. mktechniccreations

    How do you start your big MOCs?.

    If we talk about technic, then it has to have some functions, so ill tell myself, OK drive with diffs, what kind of/how many axles, which hub, then wheelbase is set, and on top of it i am figuring out placement of motors and batteries, and then detail on top of a detail. so i am always starting with chassis, Axles and carrying frame.
  4. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    Moded, this thing is going nowhere, but my fingers are dead after those axle pusning manuevers.
  5. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    i cant, if you seen photo from bottom, they are aranged in tiangular shape, so there is no sideways movement of the axle, three point of contact, thats why there can be just links and it will not slide to the side freely, there is a bit tension but it holds up nice. Or might be genius
  6. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    glad you pointed out these 3 things, first thing is good to know, but i dont know how to cover them from underside, since the links are the lowest point of vehicle pointing downwards, second thing is also good point, and i will take a look at it, i already tried to put there OX technic connector to make 2x lenght so more friction is there, but then the absorber cant twist, so ill figure something else, and third, i thing i will run out of buwizz battery sooner than motor starts to heat up.
  7. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    there should be almost no stress, since joints are handling RPMs not high Torque
  8. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    I solved it kind of, made same technique as in the previous rock bouncer, just changed angles etc, it may not have insane twist angles like other rock crawlers, but it will do, any it has other strong sides.
  9. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    I will not do it, i rather work with parts that i already have and are original, these absorbers are rare and i dont want to destroy them, but i may found solution. Yes i saw it on zerobricks models first, and i had to try it, it prevent ball joints from popping from pin holes, but there are 3 types i found, 1st is exo-force robot arm, this is the weakest of the bunch, then its 3L tiny bar with end pin or i dont know how to call it, it is quite secure but large, and i thing the most tight fir is the bar with small ball at the end. And about this, yes but i am worrying about torque that it will twist the entire model, or model will not handle any hits, with those ball/9L link connections.
  10. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    I was expecting your response, hmm so swap few of those 9L links with liftarm with sockets and place Shock absorbers somewhere in the middle ?
  11. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Rock-Bouncer RC

    Some time ago there was a thread about not so many MOCs, so i decided to share my side project from scale modeling. And its more sophisticated version of my previous model which i called rock-bouncer 2L or 3L depending on the numbers of motors, now i made it larger and RC motor driven, but i dont know how to make suspension travell so long with only 9.5L absorbers, since there is potential for much more travel. I would love to see some recomendations. Original Thread :
  12. mktechniccreations

    Alternative to Rigid Hose 3mm

    Well i am asking, ill modify the title of topic then ..sorry
  13. mktechniccreations

    Alternative to Rigid Hose 3mm

    Hello, hope i am not only one, who think that 3mm rigid hose prices on bricklink are something out of this world, i wonder if anyone ever came to see some alternative to this part, since its no a "classic" lego piece that would need to match certain dimensions and specifications, exept diameter, and if there is a way to buy some large amount in a quite cheap way in multiple colours and right amount of ...bending properties. Hope it isn't offensive to lego itself, but paying quite a bit of money for few cm or so hoses is ridiculous
  14. mktechniccreations

    [WIP] Case Quadtrac 620

    Been long time since you last posted, good looking anyway. and yes bonet is pain to replicate