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Found 12 results

  1. Sharing here my latest MOC of WALL-E powered by LEGO Control+ hubs and motors and controlled by LEGO Powered Up app. This is actually a recolor mod of my original b-model MOC for set 42100. All play features remain the same as seen in this demo: Full details, build instructions, and programming guide available on Rebrickable. WALL-E - WALL-L (Liebherr-Class) - Let me know if you have any questions or any feedback. Appreciate it, thanks!
  2. Pattspatt

    Transforming Lego Wall-E

    Hi all - I'm a big fan of the 21303 Wall-E set, but I always wished that he'd be able to fold into a box like he did in the film. After a lot of tinkering, now he can! Peeking out: Fully unfolded: Almost all of the range of poses in the film are now possible, including poses in-between transformation. Here are a few examples: I also made a gif of the transformation (stop-motion): And there's also a gif of the improved range of arm motion, that almost matches the range in the movie: If you'd like to see more pictures, there are some at If you'd like tips on how to build this guy, I've compiled an album at Thanks for looking!
  3. After my Rainbow Wave it was time for something different. Inspired by the Paternoster in the Wall-E movie I wanted to create something like that as a LEGO GBC. I kept the in box as low as possible for reasons I will reveal later. As a result of that the ball pickup after the ball release from the buckets is just 1 brick high. Hope you like it:
  4. The mid size series would not be complete without BB8 BB8 by Daniel Stoeffler, onFlickr First day, the newbie BB8+Wall-e_Eve by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr R2-D2 shows him the right direction BB8+R2-D2 by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr The 3 droids stars of SW7 BB8+R2-D2_C-3PO by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr They are on Ideas ( ) and are waiting for your support. The complete mid-size series five_droids by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr Enjoy
  5. leag

    [MOC] LeaG Bat-Wall-e

    My Wall-e become a fan of Batman !!!!!
  6. citizen

    [MOC] Mid-size Wall-E

    Guys I am back! Probably no one remember me after my long gone from my last, which is also my first post around It's me who built the Stark Tower last year: http://www.eurobrick...opic=112042&hl= First off I would like to thank everyone who enjoyed my last post and all the nice words, I should have given more response on that post, but I don't wanna feel like "pushing my own post up" after a year... Anyway, I finally got time now, so I would probably be more active in posting MOCs, both new ones and those I have not shared before. This time, I have chosen one that is relatively new, built from last year, during the release of the amazing 21303 official set. I love the official set VERY VERY MUCH, but after all the budget taken by the two Super Heroes lines, there wasn't any left for me to get this adorable pal. Of course, one of the best thing about LEGO, is that you can build whatever you want, so like all the other AFOL would say: Let's build one ourselves! This is probably one of my favourite MOCs of all times, I am not sure what do you guys think yet, but personally i LOVE the result. My favourite part of the official set, was those realistic eyes of Wall-E, that really give the model a spirit, so that's also where I started. Then I thought, it wouldn't be as fun if it's just a small rendition of Wall-E that does nothing, after all, this character has been popular among the AFOLs for the past few years and there were already a lot marvelous takes on the characters, in all sort of sizes. Therefore, I decided that the belly must be able to be opened like the big one. And if it can open the belly, why not also do the sliding and ball-joint arms, with movable fingers? Of course, I would left the back of it without any detail as well, I mean, how can I? With a single night of hard work, I made this satisfying MOC, the only thing I wished I could have improved, is to include the treads, but I simply don't have the pieces. What do you guys think about it? Comments & Criticism are welcome as usual!
  8. DanSto

    [MOC] Wall-e mid-size

    Usually, my preference goes to Star Wars droids but this time, I focussed on a more terrestrial one : Wall-e at a mid-size. This MOC has been done startinf from an original design by Professor and the fully operating tracks system has been designed by oeuf_en_gelee from the lego topic of the HFR forum. Wall-e mid-size : Hello by Daniel Stoeffler, sur Flickr Wall-e mid-size : Duo by Daniel Stoeffler, sur Flickr Wall-e mid-size 4 views by Daniel Stoeffler, sur Flickr Wall-e mid-size by Daniel Stoeffler, sur Flickr Instructions are available : The parts list to upload into bricklink : Hope you enjoy it
  9. Hello, yesterday, I build the LEGO Ideas set WALL-E. What a great set! Fresh colours, a fine build-experience and many functions. I have - by the way - no big problems with the head. Of course, he can't look in any direction. But everything is stable. My review (in German, this time). But if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. Best wishes Andres
  10. Here's my work in progress for the Sbrick contest. The plan to build this was actually before the contest was announced, but I didn't actually start building until januari, just had a rough draft in my head until then. I usuallly don't post WIP stuff, but since I solved the problems I had with this build (and there were many, but more on that later), I feel confident enough to post a little about it. It has the following functions: 2x L motor for drive (and steering obviously ) 2x M motor for the arms The M motors will also fulfill another role, but I am keeping that as a surprise for now. I tried to "hide" the 2 IR recievers in Wall-E's front. He has a display there too where the black tops of the recievers pop, though it isn't as wide as this and the battery meter suffered a little because of it. Of course with an Sbrick you can make a proper display, but I think this works pretty well for a purist As you can see I still need to make a neck and a head, but the groundwork inside is ready to build that so I don't expect much problems with it (yes, I totally jinxed myself). Also, the white wheels in the tracks are temporary. I ordered grey ones from BL, which already shipped and I hope to recieve them some time next week. A little glimpse of the insides: You can also see Jeroen Ottens' awesome little microphones. Why did I used those? The regular ball pins or balls with axle would touch and block each other if both M motors run, these do not. Besides cramming in 1 batterybox, 2 IR recievers, 2 L motors and 2 M Motors I also used a gearbox based on this principle: I found this type of gearbox while looking around on the web trying to figure out what would be cool (and compact) to use in my model. No need for me to come up with my own gearbox when there are so many good ones online after all I chose this one because it meant I could always control 5-6 functions without knowing which gear was selected in the gearbox, which adds to the playability imo. I am aware there alot of Lego Wall-E's out there, ALOT. I know, I saw most of them when looking around And of course the Lego Ideas Wall-E that is incoming. Though that guy needs to explain to me how 5L tracks fit in a 10L wide body when Wall-E wants to transform into a box. I do think however I made a Wall-E that's different than most, for the simple reason it is build 90-95% from studless Technic. All others either have Technic bricks combined with Sytem bricks or are build from System bricks. It wasn't a goal to design a studless Wall-E though, it just came to be during the build and I tried to solve stuff as much as possible with studless Technic since then while still looking clean. Though I am unsure if this studless approach works for the hands, perhaps I should make them from System bricks. The hands do function like Wall-E's real hands though and can be set in fixed positions thanks to friction pins and 3L axles with stop. For the top cover I didn't want to add another layer of liftarms since it felt "too high" for the scale of the model, but I couldn't used thin liftarms either unless I wanted a swiss cheese look for the top, so I went with Syetem tiles to provide a clean smooth top. I actually wanted to make a transforming Wall-E but still have drive and moveable arms and whatnot, but I simply can't build that at this scale (*looks at all that PF blocking the places where the tracks and head would need to go in to be a Wall-E box*). Speaking of scale, I took a little bit of liberty with that. Simple example: 5L tracks, 13L wide body. Which makes technical sense to me when looking at his transformation in the movie (I watched it again for "research" before I actually started this build ). 13L wide body means 1L for the sides and 1L for inbetween the 5L tracks, those spaces are there in the movie so they are there in my model. I also wanted the rear wheels in the tracks to be a little bigger. I even considered Unimog rims, but those don't play nice with tracks. I am open for suggestions for bigger rims that play nice with tracks, though I do consider these to be ok (hence why I ordered them in grey ). Fun fact: every (and I mean EVERY!) part has been at least rebuild two times. I think I even took the rear cover apart about 8 times, the centre 3 times, arm mechanisms 4 times, tracks have been rebuild 4 times. Though the last track revision was simply to scale it up with bigger rear rims, since I had smaller ones in there first which looked too small with the rest of the model. All other revisions were basically reinforcing the structure to prevent any gear slips. I solved the last of those gear slips today and the model is very rigid now and works perfectly. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, it's dark outside Hope you guys like it so far. More to come.
  11. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] EVE

    WALL-E is one of my favourite animation movies, so I always want to create WALL-E and EVE by Lego bricks. I found out that I have some wedge parts so I built the body first and then the head and finally finished this micro scale EVE. I only used around thirty something parts and it can be transformed into standby mode. Hope you all like it.
  12. LEGO Ink

    Micro WALL-E and EVE

    While playing around with the new Minifig series, I saw lots of potential for the new skate accessory. My wife & I absolutely love how much this movie resembles us, and among other uses, I found this to be quite appropriate. The wheels aren't an exact match, but I think the personality they bring more than makes up for it. Stay tuned for more Skate uses!