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Found 11 results

  1. I've just finished another Alternate Build of set 42056 and this time it's a Japanese Classic from the seventies. The 1971 Nissan/Datsun 240Z Fairlady was much lusted after in my youth and they have held their appeal ever since. Features are: Full suspension Steering connected to adjustable height driver's wheel with 2.7 turns lock to lock Right hand drive like the original HOG steering 5 speed and reverse "H" pattern shift gearbox Detailed inline 6 cyinder engine connected to the back wheels via the gearbox Opening bonnet and doors with working door latches Cabin features full leg room, window winders (but no windows) and driver's pedals 50 cm long x 22 cm wide x 16 cm high 1.85 kg 2,071 pieces all sourced from set 42056 but you will need one additional piece to enable reverse gear, the MOC still works without it. For more images, details and instructions head over to my MOC page at Rebrickable.
  2. Instructions here:
  3. I had a ton of fun on this alt build! It's a redux of the classic 1987 Stardefender 200 from the Futuron series. I used only a single copy of the new Lego Movie 2 set 70849-1: Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter. Behold the StarryFriender 200: I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I was able to keep the same overall design with a central sloping canopy, dual forward mandible guns, and detachable side pods. Obviously the name is a gag; the set has many "Friends" colors. The pods are about as small as they can be while still fitting a minifig. I don't think I had the pieces to make them any bigger! The rear is a little busy. I decided to use the colorful curvy pieces there for some visual interest. This is a Systar ship after all. I used the small cones as thrusters like the original Stardefender 200. Thanks for looking!
  4. I've recently returned to LEGO, thanks in no small part to being given the 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS set as a birthday gift by my excellent friends. It was amazing to see how Technics sets have progressed since my childhood but was very dissapointed to find that there were no B model in the instructions. In my early days B models taught me that it was OK to pull apart a build and make something new and this was more than half the fun. Well there was nothing else for it but to make my own and here it is! The Lancia Stratos was an impressive, almost otherworldy machine that loomed large through my childhood and it seemed a fine choice for the orange parts of 42056. The wheels are the right diameter but a lot wider so they take up a lot more room inboard than the real thing and have what you might call a cheeky amount of overlap on the guards but I reckon it works here. I've kept the wheel base and track to scale. Everything opens and shuts like the original and there's a working 5 speed "H" pattern shift gearbox driving the transverse V6 in the back. You can add an additional part to activate reverse gear but this is not neccesary if you want to stay within the parts list of 42056. There are instructions available and the first chapter, the gearbox, is free so that you can see if you can work with them or not. They're available here: INSTRUCTIONS You'll find some unusual choices in terms of parts and placement but remember that this is an alternate build and the bricks available are somewhat limited. Since this is a B model and all the parts are sourced from 42056 it was tricky to get the form and functions that I wanted without too many compromises but the details of the MOC are: Dimensions : Studs = 69 x 56 x 23 cm = 55 x 44.6 x 19 Weight = 2.02 kg Part count = 2197 - 5 speed "H" pattern gearbox with optional reverse - working fake transverse V6 engine - steering via HOG that moves the wheels and steering wheel - front and rear independent suspension - openable bonnet, boot and doors I hope you like it and I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time in this community, I never knew what an AFOL was until a couple of weeks ago and now it turns out I am one - it's a brave new world for me!
  5. Modular Apartment Hello! First time posting my MOCs on EB. This is my alternate build for 71006 Simpsons House. No additional parts from other sets were used. This is inspired by the reddish brown apartment in 10218 Pet Shop. If you remove the base, and use a 16 x 32 baseplate, it is a modular build with half the size. Technic pinholes were at the right place too. However, to stay true to the set, I brick built my own base. The 2 x X black bricks given were excellent for this. I just had to coat all 4 sides with tan 1 x X bricks to make the colour match the floor. Things I learnt: 1 x 3 bricks/ plates are extremely useful. There is none of that in this set. I used to hate grey bricks. Now I understand why all the modulars have them. It is to build contrast so your primary colour looks nicer. Small 1 x 1 round plates/ flower designs are extremely useful for decorating things. I used to feel cheated when I get tons of them. There are rarely any here. It's hard to use brighter colours from the set without running out of parts of the same colour. Hence I avoid them as much as possible. Wedge pieces are good to have, but if you throw a bunch of mismatched sizes it doesn't look smooth and nice at all. Time flies when you're MOCing! First night, I was supposed to sleep at 12. Ended up building until 3am. Front: Back: First floor: Here, I ran out of 2 x 2 bricks. The last 2 were used on the long sofa. The rest of it is used as fortification below the floorboard. I never buy classic buckets, I feel they give me as a town builder too many 2 x X bricks, where I use 1 x X the most. Now I find out why they did it. On to the second floor... The stairs were an afterthought. I built the empty 2nd floor before I came back. With my remaining depleting supply of tan plates, I only managed to use so many. I had the option of using 1 x 1 cones for the support, or 1 x 1 cheese slopes, but they were in bring colours hence I forgone it and used the trans round plates instead. Underneath the stairs is supposed to be a toilet (surprise, surprise) that's why there was a door. But I chose to fortify the curving part of the stairs with bricks connecting to the floor. Second floor: Small sofa, a side table and a fan. I built the small sofa with the long sofa and the TV console in the first floor. Inspired by the couch in Big Bang Theory, I attempted it without any bricks with bows as Simpsons House did not have any. Chose to use the 2/3 slope instead. Exposed stud in front can hold your wine glasses or cups! "This book looks good.." The awkward cheese slope on top is meant to be a book holder stand. Initially it was 2 layers tall, but I realised it would be an awkward fit due to ceiling height. Hence it only has 1 layer. I ran out of 1 x 4 tan plates early and refused to use the blue panels given in the original set (Lisa's bookshelf). On to the third floor. Here, my supply of tan plates were extremely depleted, only had about 5 left. It was then, I decided to switch to the precious dark orange and medium dark flesh bricks used as the chimney in the original build. Here is the rooftop garden. "Let's water my plants.." "This one looks like it's flowering" I ended up with quite a number of 1 x 4 tiles, but 1 x 2 and 1 x 1 tiles were almost depleted. 1 x 1 plate and 1 x 2 plate was also nearly depleted. I had no 1 x 4 plates left. It's because of the curved windows, I had to layer 3 full rounds of plates before I could tile it up and move on to the next floor. Overall Simpsons House gave me quite a bit of satisfaction on the main build, but this was one of the stuff I wanted to try out, seeing I now have an abundance of Tan. Only thing is, there isn't a lot of bricks with stud on sides, and no curved bows at all. Slopes were minimal and most were in dark brown. But I appreciate the wide variety of bright coloured parts used as furniture in the main build. Just that I didn't like the sharp contrast, as it reminds me too much of the main build. I never ran out of 1 x 6 or 1 x 4 bricks, and had an abundant supply of 1 x 12 bricks left after.
  6. It's been quite a while since I last created a topic here on EB, but recently started a lot of building again, and want to share some of those here :) A while ago I bought 75084 Wookiee Gunship, but I didn't really like the set itself, so I decided to built a MOC using just the parts in the set. Here is the original btw: And here is my alternate build: 75084 Wookiee Gunship Alternate Build by Lego TWP, on Flickr 75084 Wookiee Gunship Alternate Build by Lego TWP, on Flickr As far as alternate builds go, I think I've done a pretty good job. It even won't fall apart when I hold it xD 75084 Wookiee Gunship Alternate Build by Lego TWP, on Flickr Usually alternate builds feature very messy underside's, but IMO this one looks kind of okay 75084 Wookiee Gunship Alternate Build by Lego TWP, on Flickr It features opening cockpit, rotating cannons and space to place a storage crate. As you can see, I didn't apply the stickers originally supplied with the set. Wonder what it will look like with them applied, but I'd like to use the parts for future builds ;)
  7. I'm not terribly impressed by the 2017 LEGO City Police Station. The set's layout is confusing, the jail cells are oddly positioned at street level outside of the station complex, and many of the building's rooms are unrealistically designed (how are your minifigs meant to get between floors? Or from the helipad on the roof inside the station?).That's why I made an alternate build, using only the pieces that came with set 60141.My police station is more aptly described as a local branch office. Why try to do too much with the parts they gave us in the set? My modification has two floors, an internal cell that is off from the street, and a functional ladder to allow pilots access the building from the helipad.Let me know what you think - and do check out the video review of this MOC!
  8. make a model only using parts from 60043. this is what i made. show me what you came up with in the commentsection
  9. Lego 31034 - Macross Valkyrie Alternative build. Review and transformation video here : This design is based on fighter jet valkyrie from the Japanese Animation "Macross". I have try to design the transformation as accurate as possible. But with the limited parts and joints in set 31034, this is the best I can do. The playability of this model is almost none, it tends to break apart when I try move it. Well, at least it has the looks that I satisfy with. Let me know if you would like to build it :-) Build instruction video in LDD below: Thanks for Watching.
  10. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Alternate MOC 31044 Mecha

    This robot is my first MOC in 2016. It's an alternate building from the 2016 newest creator set 31044. Hope you all love it!!
  11. Monkey Wizard Wu by rolli, on Flickr He is a wise and old creature, wandering the wild lands, offering help and guidance to those in need. But don’t mistake him, if need be, his elemental powers will eradicate the enemy. Some say he’s a descendant of the old dragons that once ruled these lands with wisdom. Tonight his elemental powers will lead you the way, with a dim, green light he’s guiding you through the mist, making sure you’ll reach your destination. My friend Legopard and I both got us a 70734 Master Wu Dragon in the end of September. We both built the set - quite amazing in its own right - and then proceeded to create something new out of its contents. This creation was only built with parts from this set. Legopard created the imposing Master Wutos Zealot - and I delivered Monkey Wizard Wu. Both creations are also able to merge, creating a fused warrior: Fusion by rolli, on Flickr Anybody wanting to come up with a cool name for the fused creature? We were kinda stumped. Suggestions welcome! What do you guys think? Best Markus PS: I figured it fit best in here, being an alternate build to an awesome Ninjago set. Please move it, if you feel it doesn't fit :)