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Found 35 results

  1. Years ago, while designing a Minecraft mine whose rail system can be reconfigured, I came up with a great idea: a castle that can be folded into other layouts within a few seconds using hinges. Now the time has finally come: I can proudly present you my Transforming Modular Castle. Built from a single LEGO set, the Lion Knight's Castle (10305), this design not only showcases versatility but also offers endless play possibilities. Concept and Design Drawing inspiration from traditional and fantasy castles, I designed this model to be more than just a static display. It features a groundbreaking modular design with six transformative hinges, allowing for a dynamic play experience. Flexibility in Layouts From a classic castle outline to a much larger layout with an extensive inner courtyard, this model can be twisted and turned into various configurations, showcasing the potential of a truly modular build. Multiple Configurations The castle boasts six possible layouts just by twisting the sections. If you split them, you can achieve even more different layouts, such as two independent castles. Access and Interactivity Fully open the castle to delve into the extensive interior filled with hidden details like trap doors, a crypt, and even a wizard's alchemy lab. It’s perfect for imaginative play or a striking display piece. Further Information Detailed instructions are available on Rebrickable You also find a video showing the transformation and the interior there. My Question to You How should I name this modular concept? Since I will use this transforming modular layout for other models in the future, I want to find a name for it that makes it easy to talk about it. What do you think?
  2. Hello Eurobrickers, let me allow to share a new creation with some insights made from LEGO Technic set 42154 Ford GT as an alternate build. The idea behind When the 42154 Ford GT came out with its inventory in March 2023, I was impressed by the earth blue colour and had immediately a Lamborghini Lanzador in mind to build with this pieces. I was sure that this model is doable with the given parts, but unfortunately this vehicle is an upcoming electronic car with no engine. Skip the engine and functionality only for design? Nope, not this time so I decided not to make this model and was working on some sketches for a Koenigsegg Gemera instead but that car did not convinced me at all so I decided to finally skip (pause) 42154. To be honest, I found the inventory of the set very special with many odd part numbers, but was impressed by the large amount of connectors used and blue axle pins and also red 2L axles. In February 2024, I stumbled over pictures of the Dodge Viper GTS in second generation, manufactured since 1996 and directly felt in love with this car. To reuse the headlight parts and white parts for stripes seems to be a good option and I finally got keen with the inventory of the 42154 set to make first sketches. In the beginning of March 2024, the project for the Dodge Viper was official born and the finished model ends up with impressive 1430 parts used only from the set 42154 Ford GT. Model features 1:11 scale HoG linkage-steering suspension in front and back engine with moving pistons openable doors on both sides realistic openable hood with lock detailed interior measures 41cm x 18cm x 11.5cm Model impressions Model details Both doors of the model can be opened to see the interior. Pedals are made for the driver with existing parts. The car is controlled from the back with a knob that is responsible for steering the front wheels with a linkage system. The hood opens up to 60 degrees and can be locked to safely stay in position while playing and displaying the model... ...and easily unlocked to close. Opening the hood reveals the engine that is driven directly by the rear wheels through differential. As common for B-model compromises and limited parts, this Dodge Viper uses (only) a V6-engine under the hood instead a V10 - sorry folks. It was very hard to fit all the functionality (engine + steering + suspension) under the hood in tiny space, but everything works well as suspected. Made with DieCast For the first time I used a Diecast-model and also many pictures from it. Here are some pictures for comparison: If you like what you see, feel free to support my work and to build your own Dodge Viper from your 42154 donor set. Instructions and more info can be found here Happy building!
  3. 60431 alternate build: HARVEX Rover with Hand of God Steering and rotating Camera Module using only the parts from set 60431 When I saw the parts selection of set 60431: Space Rover Explorer and Alien, I immediately thought of my old Technic sets. The many Technic bricks and plates make it easy to get started with realizing functions and thanks to the six gears in the set, which are only used as spacers, the possibilities are endless! It's still a space rover, but now it looks completely different! Inspired by combine harvesters, the cockpit windshield is now vertical and the wide front axle makes the rover look cool. I have provided two additional front wheels as an option. Functions First of all, of course, a Rover needs steering! It wasn't easy, but I managed to create a rear-axle steering system that works very reliably. Despite the steering, the axle is pivoted so that it adapts to the ground. But that's not all! The camera module rotates continuously while driving, driven by the front axle. You can see it in action here: If you want to build the rover yourself, you find the instructions over on rebrickable: The next space set I want to rebuild is 60430: Interstellar Spaceship. Let me know what you think of my model and what features you'd like to see int the spaceship! ~Sebbl IG: @balancedbricks
  4. Hello Community, I want to share a cool idea and model I came up with - using relative new 28T gears as sprockets for a tracked vehicle. When I first saw the inventory for the new 42168 John Deere 9700 Forage Harvester, I was impressed on how many gears are packed inside this small model so I decided to use as much as possible of them for a tracked Tractor. But can all that gears are used as sprockets for driving small tracks? Lets find it out. The new 28T gear fits literally perfect as sprocket and thanks to the soft tooths of that bevel gear, tracks are running surprisingly smooth. Every second tooth fits inside the gaps of the track links, where the other tooths fits inside the gaps of the track part itself and so on. With such a setup it might be possible to build a tracked vehicle and I tested alot on the tracks and the sprocket setup. Available gears from the 42168 Forage Harvester are not enough, so I decided to use the yellow gears only for the visible side of the model and to use other parts provided with the set to prevent the additional tracks from slipping... The model I ended up is a John Deere 8RX Tractor as alternate build for the 42168 John Deere Forage Harvester that requires 124 additional widely used track links (part 3873). Something odd, a model that requires additional tracks and let you the tires left over for some other cool stuff. The Tractor comes with steering and a working piston engine. Only parts from donor set 42168 are needed and all functions are working even without the additional track pieces. Lets take a look how smooth the tracks are running. The model is steered with wheel from the back (shown in blue) while the rear tracks are running the piston engine (shown in green) by driving the model smoothly over rough ground. Let the piston engine run by driving the tracks or by rotating the rear sprocket manually. Some impressions: If you like what you see and want to build your own John Deere 8RX Tractor Unit, feel free to support me on rebrickable. Happy Building.
  5. Finally done putting together two to the best Ninjago Mechs INSTRUCTIONS:
  6. After a failed experiment, Majisto had to rebuild his workshop. On this occasion, he made many improvements. Today I want to share with you my first alternate build for set 40601: Majisto's Alchemy Workshop! I wanted to create a home that is appropriate for Majisto, the master of magic and started with the interieur details. It should include a desk, an alchemy table, a bed and an armor stand, as well as a teasure chest that actually contains a treasure! At first, I tested different designs for the alchemy table: it needed to fit into the limited space but also look interesting. I noticed that I could create a full process of making a potion: Green ingredients are heated in a pot over a flame. A duct above the pot is connected to a pipe that emmits blue vapors. At the end of the pipe, there is a tap that can be lifted to fit a glass below. Since the blue components have evaporated, the resulting potion is yellow! As you can see in the image, the fire place is no longer split when hinging the house open. Since I'm not a big fan of the shoulder armor and the silver color does not do the Dragon Knights justice, I created a armor display stand. The idea is that Majisto uses his magic to make the armor more resistant. Wielded by the right knight, the double bladed battle axe is a powerful weapon. You probably already spotted the working door. Even with his hat on, Majisto can enter his lovely home. But what does the treasure chest contain? It is a yellow crystal, full of magic energy. Just in case you where wondering: the black flag ontop of the tower is a sign of grief over the lost raven, a loyal friend of Majisto. Climbing up the ladder that connects the three floors of the house, we find a bed for the wizard. My daughter convinced me that the pillow shouldn't be black, and I think she was right. The only place that is still missing is the study room in the tower. It contains a desk with a magic formula, a feather and ink. The window can be opened to let light inside and two spears decorate the walls. Just for the sake of completeness, here's a picture showing all the interieur at once. But of course, I also wanted to have a great exterieur. In this case, the pictures certainly speak for themselves. I'm very happy with how finished it looks. Especially with the way I was able to complete the tower using SNOT technique. I also think that the roof with the romantic window is a highlight. Finally, the small conifer must not go unmentioned. What do you think of my version of Majisto's workshop? If you have set 40601 you can build it yourself using my instructions on rebrickable. You don't need any extra pieces for this 😊
  7. Hello everyone, I want to share a new creation. This time it is an alternate build (B-model) for the Liebherr LR 13000 Crawler Crane set #42146. You can find instructions here to build the model by yourself. 100% made out from parts of donor set 42146 with no additional parts needed. 100% controllable with official Control+ Application. In order to all functions of that Liebherr HS 8300 Dragline Excavator, you get a complete overview in the following article on how to build, control and calibrate this alternate model. Summary of Functions & Features remote controlled tracks and 360° superstructure rotation remote controlled boom remote controlled independently hoist-rope and drag-rope controllable with official Control+ App for Smart Device using 6 motors and 2 hubs spinning radiator fans detailed cabin playful details like fire extinguisher, ladder, railings and exhaust pipes brick-built bucket 133 cm / 52 inch long 100 cm / 39 inch high high-quality premium PDF instructions includes guide how to calibrate the model Impressions Main control The Liebherr HS 8300 Dragline Excavator is designed to work 100% with official Control+ Application using the already known interface from its main set. Driving tracks and rotating the superstructure works exactly like the LR 13000 does with the original designed buttons on the app interface. Boom control The giant boom of this alternate model is controlled with the right app lever. It drives the longest rope (shown in blue) through pulley mechanism to raise and lower the boom. The highest and lowest position of the boom depends on the limitations of the app after proper calibration of the model. The boom stops automatically in the lowest position to always ensure a 360° rotation of the superstructure without colliding with the tracks. A linkage mechanism slightly moves the nose who is helding the drag-rope and ensures that the app can detect the highest boom position during calibration. As a nice addition, a spinning radiator fan is connected to the same motor that drives the rope for boom. The second fan spins freely. Hoist-Rope & Drag-Rope Controlling the bucket works like the real machine with an independently hoist-rope (shown in green) and drag-rope (shown in red). The hoist-rope is controlled either up or down with the left joysticks vertical movement. By horizontal movement with the same stick, the drag-rope goes in and out. Since this two ropes are controlled by just one joystick, combinations with both ropes are possible and also needed for proper playing. This requires a bit practice though, but makes it possible to control the bucket and two ropes together with just one (steady) finger. The length of the hoist-rope depends on the app limitations for that joystick movement, meaning that the hoist-rope can't go too long before the app stops the motor. On the highest position of the boom, the bucket can reach the ground with fully extended hoist-rope where boom and hoist-rope are in limited positions controlled by the app. During calibration the app also detects the most inner position of the drag-rope. Working under ground With lowered boom and extended hoist-rope, it is actually possible to dig something below the model. This makes fun by placing the model on a table for example. Calibration For a correct calibration by the Control+ app, it is required to separate the hoist-rope from the drag-rope. In the instructions there is a full guide included how to calibrate the model during building. Additionally there is an extra PDF guide included that explains how to calibrate the model at any time. Please make sure you have completed the calibration to ensure the best playing experience with this model. How to build Building the Dragline Excavator starts with the base from the LR 13000 main set. Make sure you build the undercarriage with book 1 until step 343 is completed. Before you continue building, check the tracks und turntable function. After the correct calibration with Control+ app, the instructions for the HS 8300 takes over to complete the alternate model. The premium instructions for this model comes with 338 pages of high-quality images and building steps to ensure a satisfying and slightly challenging building experience for a 18+ set. Make sure to test all functions and alignments of ropes through the building process. Happy people with sealed parts can open bags 3 to 5 to complete the build. Connecting ropes with spools and making nodes can be an annoying thing even for the main model. If you already have built the LR 13000 main set, you can let the spools with ropes connected. The alternate model starts with wound up spools during the building process. Controlling quick guide To become a real Dragline expert under the sun, here are some quick tips for controlling the model: 1) Place the model from the left to the right At the beginning, place your model driving from the left to the right to match the joystick interface for the Control+ app. 2) Sliding bucket over ground This is some basic control for Dragline Excavators. Slide the bucket over smooth surface by controlling the drag-rope winding inside simultanously with the hoist-rope slightly going down. 3) Moving bucket along the boom As advanced controlling, this requires a bit practice but also avoids loosing cargo when the bucket moves along the boom. The drag-rope should go out simultanously with the hoist-rope going up with a bit tension on both ropes. 4) Unload the bucket On a loose drag-rope, the bucket always hangs in the air on the hoist-rope. Simply give some length on the drag-rope to tilt and unload the bucket. 5) Keep watching the drag-rope The app itself cannot detect outer limitation for the drag-rope. In case the drag-rope goes out too far, it is possible that the rope slips over the spool. Treat the drag-rope always with a bit tension. 6) Avoid tension on same direction This case is also not detectable by the app. When the drag-rope goes in simultanously with the hoist-rope going up, there is too much tension at any point. As a result, the parts holding the bucket are going apart at the weakest pin connection. Giving some length on both ropes and connecting them together solves this. Final note Goal with this alternate model was to create something else from the hard discussed Liebherr LR 13000 Crawler Crane. Rebuild, re-calibrate and having fun is exactly the way how this model works. The app goes hand in hand with the design with a large learning curve on controlling the model. Let's find it out by yourself. Think out of the 42146 box and have fun with this replica of Liebherr HS 8300 Dragline Excavator. If you like the design and you even own the 42146 LR 13000, go for it on rebrickable and build your own.
  8. Hey everyone, I just released one of my newest alternate builds on rebrickable. However, I'd like to know your thoughts on the model itself. Please keep in mind the following limitations of the build. I redesigned the Ford GT from the set 42154 into a classic Caterham 7! This surprisingly was a tough build that I wasn't anticipating. Here are the instruction links - The Ford GT doesn't come with many beams or long-ish panels that can be used to fill out the outer body -It doesn't come with clear lights -Just limitations all around colour as the Ford GT had a lot of gaps this was a factor in the model. As with any alternate builds these issues are not uncommon, so please also see the features that I have tried to implement in the model: Realistic opening hood Fenders move with Steering Steering Working Steering wheel Working Inline 4-piston engine Independent Front Suspension Independent Rear Suspension Detailed interior Realistic Caterham 7 looks Please take a moment to watch the video and tell me what you think of the model!
  9. Hi Folks, let me allow to share a new creation. This replica of famous Volvo Iron Knight Race-Truck is completely built with parts only from set 42156 Peugeot 9x8 Hypercar as an alternate model (B-model). Only a copy of donor set 42156 is needed to build this iconic truck. You can buy the instructions for this model here if you're interested in building. Features & Functions openable doors on both sides HoG-steering with removable knob independent push rod suspension in front and back V6-engine with moving pistons connected to rear differential openable lid in back to see suspension working Volvo brand with no sticker detailed design and interior lights that are glowing in the dark modular building with splitted premium PDF-instructions measures 44cm x 20cm x 18cm Impressions Headlights Lights in front are made with fluorescent bars from donor set to represent instantly recognizable headlights. A Lego addicted heart beats higher for the first time when the iconic V-shaped lights are glowing in the dark. No custom sticker Thanks to the inventory I'm happy to share my first model with a completely brick built front to recognize Volvo's brand only with pieces from 42156 and without any need for custom sticker. Suspension The model uses a soft push rod suspension in front and back. Due the fact that this truck is two studs shorter in wide than its base model, the suspension design is not only a simple copy, but an own approach with a way different building instead. Through an openable lid in the back, the suspension can be watched working. Steering Driving and steering the truck works directly with a steering knob on top of the cabin. This steering knob is removable and can be easily pulled out for better displaying the model. Engine The real Iron Knight uses a straight 6 piston engine instead of V6. Due limited inventory and missing crankshaft parts, it was not possible to form a straight working engine out of V6. Some compromises are made here and as a result, this alternate model uses a working V6-engine with moving pistons. Instructions & building process Premium instructions for this model comes in two separate PDF-files with high quality images and building steps very close to the original Lego Technic ones to ensure a satisfying building experience. Building this Iron Knight alternate model starts with the 249 pages long main PDF to finish the rear end first with differential and suspension included. The second instruction file takes over to assemble the entire front section together with a suspension and steering system you never built before. After 132 pages the front section becomes married with the rear end. Frames and structural elements are added to make the model solid. The working V6-engine becomes attached and connected to the rear differential through drivetrain. More parts are added to form characteristic lines and shapes, getting closer to a real looking Volvo Iron Knight. Some parts of the cabin are attached and the drivers seat and doors take place at their final spot of the model. After 381 pages of joyful building in total, this Volvo Iron Knight alternate model is finished in all glory and ready to drive on your shelf or desk. Grab instructions here Crafted in Sweden. Rebricked with passion in germany. Have fun with this 42156 Volvo Iron Knight alternate build. Follow me on Instagram
  10. Hey everyone, CrazyKreations here. We are proud to present to you all our new alternate builds using the Lego set 42126, the Ford F-150 Raptor. This would be the 5th alternate build model that we have designed from the Ford Raptor! As always this model has a variety of features and detailed instructions on how to build this model. This model is a 1970 Dodge Charger and was inspired by Dom's Offroad Charger from the Fast and Furious 7 movie. The movie car featured an offroad modification of the traditional Dodge Charger for an offroad scene in the movie. We were inspired by this car and decided to remodel it using only the 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor's parts. Some Photos of the model: Features: Although this model is intended for display, it features some sturdy features that increase playability. This model has the following features: Front and Rear Suspension Independent and Solid axle suspension Steering via HOG Detailed + Working Flat 6 Engine Detailed Interior 2x Spare wheels (I used different spare wheels in the video as the Raptor only comes with 4 wheels) This model was intended to be modelled after Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger from Fast and Furious 7. If anyone has any concerns about the model please feel free to send us a message on rebrickable via Private Messaging or contact us on our website using this
  11. Just like many others, I would have preferred a full castle wave over a single monolithic 10305: Lion Knight's Castle. While there are other options avaiilable right now, but they contain very few castle-related minifigures. This is why I decided to split each of the two castle sections from 10305 into a whole medieval world. Now, I finally completed that project! You can build all 10 models at once from a single set 10305, using 94% of the pieces included and no spare parts. Read on if you're interested :) Part 1: from bags 14-26 Part 2: from bags 1-13 Review - Part 1 Here it is: my alternate build for the second half of 10305. Considering that this only uses roughly half of the bricks from the set, I think that it shows pretty well, just how much you get for your money with set 10305. From left to right, you see a forest treehouse, a much smaller lion knight's castle, a tournament that is hosted by the queen, a fortress for the black falcons and Majistos magic hut. Let's take a look at the details, starting with my favorite amonst the models: Majisto's magic hut - Tensegrity included! This model is based on the many tensegrity sculptures you find in the internet. A single leaf element is bearing most of the weight of the model while two chains are used to balance it. You can see the wobble effect of it in my (german) video on youtube. Stairs lead from the water level to the entrance of the hut, passing a frog and the sword excalibur that is stuck in a rock. Using a ladder, Majisto can enter his home. If you happen to have a spare door, you can simply add it. To get a better look, you can remove the roof that rests on top loosely yet secured in place. Inside, there is a bed and a fire place with a golden chalice. Furthermore, you find a table with some potions. I also improved on Majisto's staff a bit: instead of the gem, it now features a more organic looking end. Perhaps, a similar design could have been used in the LotR Rivendell set for Gandalf's staff. What I like most about this model is the "floating" immersion, created by the tensegrety concept. If you poke it gently, it starts to wobbles for a while which is very satisfying to watch. Let's continue with the fortress of the black falcon knights. Black Falcon's Fortress The black falcon knights from set 10305 appear a bit lost without an own fortress. Luckily, the set includes more than sufficient parts to fix that. Using the portcullis from the back gate, the entrance of their home is protected from enemies. To enter, you have to pass an additional wooden door, that can also be used to close Majisto's hut. Next to the entrance, a stable provides just enough space for two horses. The 2nd floor houses the portcullis mechanism while the 3rd floor has some simple furniture. Furthermore, you get a small prison cell, currently occupied by a skeleton. However, if you take a closer look at the first picture, you'll find that there is a break-out function for the imprisoned to be rescued. On the top of the tower, there is a catapult, used for launching projectiles at any attackers. As you can see, the fortress can be also be closed. It seems like the leader of the black falcons is currently not at home. Let's find out where he went. The Queen's Tournament The queen is hosting a tournament where her best knight is challenged by the leader of the black knights. From her podium, she can watch the joust whilst enjoying a drink. Once there's a winner, she would ring the bell. Her guard is at her side, playing the drums or the fanfare to get the attention of the crowd. The weapon rack provides two swords so the two knights can also prove their skill in close combat. The forest guardians did not show up, due to the lack of an archer contest. Forest Treehouse Deep in the dark forest, the forest guardians built a small treehouse next to a small stream. The forest woman made a campfire to stay warm and to cook. For safety, a water bucket is always nearby. Using a ladder, she can enter her modest home that features round windows and a round door. Inside, there is a bed and a barrel with her sword, as well as a table. Her bow hangs on the wall. Below the treehouse, you can find a beehive that provides the residents with honey. But back to the civilized world of the knights! Lion Knight's Castle The last model is the castle of the lion knights that has lost a lot of its size. Nevertheless, it still includes a working drawbridge and portcullis! Similarities with the glorious set 6080 continue inside with stairs that lead to the batllements. Behind the stairs, you find the treasury. A ladder can be used to access the upper levels. Furthermore, the prison cell in one of the towers may remind you of older days. Just like the black falcon's fortress, there is a break-out function. If you don't like the open back of this castle, you can just hinge both side arms to the back to close it. Modularity The two castles are not very big. If you like the two factions to join forces, you can just combine them to a single one! Now that's a castle that deserves the name! I hope you enjoyed this journey through my castle world from 10305 that offers different locations to visit and to explore. While the official build is like the end of a story, this is merely the beginning. There are so many options for play included in these five models, so many stories to be told. If you are interested in the instructions, you can find them on Now, the only thing that's left is to work on the second half and rebuild the more civil part of the castle. Review - Part 2 Here's a picture of part 2 that is finally complete and only uses the parts from the first half of the set! I wanted to focus on the civil side of medieval life and therefore created a medieval village scene, complete with a windmill, a peasant's thatched roof cottage, a medieval Inn, a guardhouse and a merchant ship. Let's have a look at each of the models, starting with the windmill. Windmill Windmills are underrepresented in sets in my opinion, especially in the castle series. There is only a single castle set with a windmill: the 7189 Mill Village Raid. Therefore, it was an obvious choice to include in this project. I wanted to create half-timbered buildings of different color and this is the first of three: white and brown with blue roof tiles. The roof is made from almost all blue parts in the set. Both sides of the building can hinge open to reveal the millstone that is driven when you turn the windmill. Further more, there's a working table for the miller inside and a little bird nests on the roof. Without farmers, such a mill is of course pointless... The peasant's thatched roof cottage The farmer and his son live close to the village in a plain cottage. To do transport, they have an oxcart that offers enough space to hold trees, a chest or some barrels. Next to their cottage, they cultivate a small field where they grow grain and beetroot. On the other side of the building, there's a block with an axe for chopping wood and a dry place to store it. A small stream is their source of drinking water. If you open the building, the sides fit together perfectly at the back. And you can easily access the interieur that offers a fire place with chimney, a table with dish and a straw bed. Medieval Inn - "The Prancing Pan" Let's take a look at the second half-timbered house: the medieval inn with its black and tan colored facade and its black roof. You can recognize the "Prancing Pony" by the golden pan with the guild sign above the door. Next to the covered entrance, a vine grows up the wall and a barrel is waiting to be brought inside and tapped. The yellow flag shows that a room is free. The red-roofed well adds some color to the scene. When opened, it gives the impression that there are two buildings. Inside, a staircase leads upstairs where a hatch can be opened to the guest room with comfortable bed. Below the staircase, another barrel is stored. The other half of the building includes the kitchen with tiled floor. Vegetables are being cut there and a pot is on the fireplace. Upstairs is the heated room with table and stools where guests are served the most delicious dishes. The Forestmen's Merchant Ship The village depends on supplies, which are delivered to the dock. This trading ship of the forest guardians is about to arrive. You can recognize it immediately by the coat of arms on the sail. The bow is decorated with a figurehead that reminds the captain of his missing daughter. And the steering wheel can be used to operate the rudder. On deck there is enough space for many different goods. Including a barrel with fine fruits, some honey and a crate. These goods have to be declared through customs. Lion Knight's Guardhouse The lion knights guard the harbor. From the high bell tower of their guardhouse, they can see approaching ships early on. I'm especially happy with this half-timbering that mainly consists of the nano scale yellow castle from the original set! Just like the other buildings, this one can be opened for play. Here you see that the wooden door can be locked with a beam from inside. A well ensures an independent water supply and there is also a target practice. On the upper level, the guards have a writing table with some very valuable equipment. I also added the possibility to connect the guardhouse to the Lion Knight's castle from part 1. But this isn't the only way to connect it to the models from part 1... Since black and yellow half-timbering is associated with the Black Falcons, you can add it to their fortress too forming an angled building. Please note that this isn't an exact fit and might stress the clips over time. You can find the instructions for part 2 here. The only thing that remains now is to share some pictures of the two parts combined, showing some of the countless stories that could take place here :) I hope you enjoyed these smaller builds from the Lion Knight's Castle! Maybe it inspires you to wipe the dust off your castle and start building as well :)
  12. Hi folks, I want to share a new creation. Rebuild your Lego Technic 42152 Firefighter Aircraft into this Conwing L-16 Cargo Seaplane alias "Seaduck" from the famous cartoon Talespin. This model is an alternate build, meaning all 926 required parts comes from the main set with no extra parts needed. The plane uses 4 spare parts, that are all available with the set 42152 Firefighter Aircraft with a total parts count of 930. Get ready to join the Higher for Hire Cargo Company with its pilot Baloo von Bruinwald XIII, to rebuild one of the most iconic planes in cartoon history. You can find instructions here if you are interested in building this model. Features & Functions fast spinning propeller in opposite direction working rudder on wings openable cargo bay with linear actuator dual-linkage mechanism for cargo doors implemented wheels for comfortable playing includes two offshore buoys measures 40x46x12cm Impressions Propeller & rudder Propeller for that seaplane are custom made to fit the scale of this alternate build. Both propeller are geared up as much as possible, spinning very fast but smoothly in opposite direction by turning the red gear on top. I was not happy about the rudder implementation for the Firefighter Aircraft donor set. As a result, the rudder on wings are operable in a more comfortable way for this model. Cargo bay & doors To be confirm with the Higher for Hire Cargo Company, this Conwing L-16 is made to transport freight, providing as much space in the back as possible. By controlling the black gear behind the nose, a linear actuator is triggering a sliding mechanism to open the cargo doors. This mechanism opens the cargo door itself and part of the roof simultaneously, providing more room to reveal the cargo bay. The following animation should help to understand how the dual-linkage mechanism for the cargo doors works: Floating over surfaces This model is made as a seaplane only with no retractable landing gears, due the fact that the linkage mechanism inside takes up almost all the space. Thanks to the implemented wheels, the plane floats very smoothly over each surface to ensure a good playability. Of course this Conwing L-16 is a construction toy, do not put it into water. This model does not really float on water, but on its wheels instead. The seaplane has a heavy back wing like the real one, performing a take-off when displaying the model. Instructions Premium instructions for this alternate build comes in a single PDF-file with 241 pages of high quality building steps and clear images to ensure a satisfying building experience. Builders will be surprised what clever techniques and tricks are used to form all the shapes of the model, especially for the iconic red nose. Go back to the basics of Lego Technic with common colors, cool functions and playability - not only for the younger audience of builders. You can find instructions here. Seaduck from Talespin Talespin is a trademark of Disney and freely used to reference this model. Have fun with this 42152 Conwing L-16 "Seaduck" Cargo Seaplane alternate build.
  13. Hi folks, I'm happy to share my latest creation to complete my 2022-lineup. With this model, the craziest journey is now over that I've ever had for an alternate build. This replica of a Ferrari F40 is purely built from Lego set 42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3 as an alternate model (B-model). Having the set 42143, all required parts will be donated and no additional parts are needed to build this F40. The model uses 23 spare parts from Daytona's large spares inventory, resulting in 3603 total parts for this MoC with 95% Daytona parts used. More info and instructions can be found here Functions & Features independent suspension in front and back manual steering with working steering wheel openable doors with locking system openable hood openable rear section working popup-headlights with linkage system 5+R speed transmission gearbox F40-V8-engine with moving pistons open window in bottom to view gearbox detailed interior and engine-bay modular building with separate premium PDF-files detailed design with printed parts fits all Supercars in 1:8 scale measures (all parts closed) 57cm x 26cm x 14cm Impressions Engine The V8-engine with moving pistons is directly connected through the gearbox to the rear differential. By opening and stabilizing the rear section, the engine and engine-bay can be revealed to watch inside this F40. The engine-bay is one of the most detailed part for an alternate model, with exhaust pipes completely made from the engine to the rear end. Even the crossbar from the back to the roof, that gives the real F40 more structure, has found a way into this model. The stabilizer-bar that keeps the rear section open can be stored safely under the rear without loosing them. Gearbox Welcome to my most realistic gearbox so far - the 5+R speed transmission gearbox inside the middle console of the car with a shifter layout very next to the original. For a full wheel spin, the engine fires 1.841 times in the first gear and only 0.663 times in the fifth gear. A higher selected gear results in less friction on the drivetrain and in lower moving pistons of the engine. Following is a summary of all gear ratios, measured from wheel (input) to engine shaft (output): Reverse - 1:1.767R 1. Gear - 1:1.841 2. Gear - 1:1.479 3. Gear - 1:1.104 4. Gear - 1:0.884 5. Gear - 1:0.663 Popup-headlights The model features iconic popup-headlights like the real F40 does, triggered by hand. Once the hood is open, the mechanism can be triggered to open and close the lights. This linkage mechanism is secured with a rubber band, holding the lights strong and in place. The following animation shows exactly how the popup-headlights works. Details The model uses most of the printed parts from its 42143 donor set, giving it the final touch and the instantly recognizable Ferrari brand. Doors of this F40 are implemented with a locking-mechanism. The doors snaps in automatically and stays in closed position. More features to mention are the iconic black stripes around the car, the air-intakes, the slightly angled shapes, the detailed interior with printed dashboard and the front lights, that are very detailed under the trans-clear parts. Instructions & building process The premium instructions for this model comes in 5 separate PDF-files with high quality images and building steps that are very close to the original Technic-instructions. The build can be quite challenging for inexperienced builders, but is for a 18+ set of course a satisfying experience for more practiced adults. Building this F40 starts on the 368 pages long main PDF with the ingenious 5+R speed transmission gearbox and the front axle to complete the front section of the chassis. The build continues with the second PDF and 136 pages later, the rear section is added to the front. After the marriage process with rear and front section, more parts are added to the chassis to make a solid structure, where every function works perfect at this point of the build. Iconic lines are more and more represented to give this model a real F40 experience. The third PDF takes over to complete the openable rear on 170 pages and added to the build. Some more details are added and the roof and windshield will be finished, getting closer to a real looking F40. On the fourth PDF, both doors are built and attached to the car 78 pages later. The F40 continues with the fifth and last PDF to build the hood on 185 pages with the triggering mechanism for the popup-headlights and then attached to the model. After 937 pages in total, the F40 alternate build is finished in all its glory. Comparison Final note With 95% Daytona parts used, this model pushes the limit of what is possible with a given inventory, offering builders a relative easy way to create this F40, where only the 42143 donor set is needed providing all the parts. I'm happy that I've finally managed the biggest brainfuck that I've ever had in my head with this model, resulting in the biggest model I've ever made and in one of the biggest alternate builds in history. Thanks to Uwe Wabra, my favourite designer, who makes this possible just with the Daytona. With several functions and authentic design-features very close to the original one, this model is not only a piece to display. More info and instructions can be found here Have fun with this Ferrari F40 alternate build.
  14. I wanted to present my alternate build for set 10947 Galaxy Explorer, I call it the UT-928D Galaxy Transporter! I wanted to create something for the Classic Space competition here and ever since I built my copy of 10497 with its dual windscreens I had this idea to make a classic space version of my favorite Star Wars ship the U-Wing. However, once I got started I realized with the size of the canopies staying within the 40 stud limit would be impossible while retaining the sleek proportions of the U-wing. So I changed from the limitations set by the rules of the contest to keeping it an alternate build, using only pieces found in set 10497. With a secondary goal of retaining the most important features of the U-Wing - 4 large aft mounted engines, sweeping wings (or s-foils), a cockpit with full 180 forward visibility (or the ability for pilot to see straight down) and accessible cargo/passenger space. I'm happy to say I was able to meet all these goals, although in order to stabilize the mechanism for opening the cargo bay doors I had to add one 1L axle/pin and two 2L axle/pins each for stability/friction. I justified this by thinking most people will have these in their collection anyways and it was important that the doors actually stay shut! I feel pretty good about how this turned out given the restrictions of the set pieces and the design of the ship. I just managed to pick up a second copy for %50 off though and I'm already thinking about how I could use it to make a "UCS" version! But for now I will let this one take up a place of pride on the shelf and move onto other projects! I hope you have enjoyed looking and thank you for reading this far! Please let me know if you have any questions. And yes instructions are available on rebrickable, you can just search my user name or UT-928D there to find them!
  15. Hey everyone, I just made this new MOC and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the model. It's a 42126 alternate build so it uses only the parts from the Ford F-150 Raptor.
  16. Hi Boys and Girls, I am happy to share my newest creation. Follow link for instructions More details here 3D-Play here This Grand Prix Air-Truck is an alternate build for official model 42144 Material Handler. All 805 required parts to build comes with this set and there is no need for other parts or other sets to build this Truck. In order to give this model a complete look, 7 spare parts are required that are all available with set 42144. Inspired by a real Race Truck, this model features: manual steering with knob openable doors on both sides tiltable cabin with lock V6 engine with moving pistons Pneumatic functions high-adjustable rear-axle with air air-suspension detailed design 32cm x 15cm x 15cm (38cm with open cab) In scale, this alternate build fits all mid-sized Trucks from the past years with the same tires and rims. Impressions Air-Suspension and how it works This model comes with Pneumatics and an adjustable rear axle that is connected to the V6-engine, where air-filled cylinders acts like shock absorbers. The lower the air-pressure is, the smoother the suspension works. The harder the air-pressure is, the harder the shock absorbtion works. The rear can be adjusted from low with no suspension to the highest point with full air-suspension. Instructions are very clear and understandable on how to connect Pneumatic-parts and tubes. Instructions Premium PDF instructions for this 42144 alternate build comes with 181 pages of high quality images and building steps to ensure a long and satisfying building experience. Following are example pages to show the quality of instructions: We will Truck you. This Grand Prix Air-Truck alternate build uses almost all parts from the given set 42144. Have fun with it.
  17. Hi community, I am happy to show my latest build to complete the 2020 lineup - another Lamborghini which seems to be the alternate model of 42115 with the highest parts count used so far. Following this link to the instructions on RB. By clicking here you reach more of my content and models. This is the Lamborghini Miura Concept from 2006, completely build from set 42115. What you need to build this model? Only a copy of set 42115 Lamborghini Sian from 2020. All 3434 required parts comes from set 42115, using 93% of them. The model uses one spare part, which is also included in the Sian's inventory. Other parts are not required to build this Lamborghini Miura Concept alternate model out of the Sian. Summary of Functions & Feautures double wishbone suspension in front and back manual steering with working steering wheel openable doors with auto-locking system openable hood and rear section detachable engine cover 4-speed transmission gearbox with reverse gear 4x4 drivetrain with 2 differentials Lamborghini V12-engine with moving pistons open window in bottom to view gearbox detailed interior includes golf bag with 3 rackets (under hood) modular building detailed design with printed parts fits all Supercas in approx 1:8 scale measures (all parts closed) 53cm x 28cm x 13cm Impressions Suspension The suspension in front and back is made double wishbone, with a suspension in front very similar to Sian. The rear suspension is made different with horizontally mounted shock absorbers, because the engine is placed over the suspension. Travel, hardness and space between wheels and fenders are just great. Engine Miura Concepts detailed V12-engine with moving pistons is connected through the gearbox directly to the 4x4 drivetrain. The engine can be watched working by detaching the engine cover easily or by tilting the rear section, to reveal the engine bay. Gearbox The gearbox is a typically H-shifter in the middle console of the car. I experimented many hours with the gearbox and changed it from 6 speeds to 4 speeds due much friction in the drivetrain, but with a cool and realistic working reverse gear instead. Shifting gears is clearly noticeable in the drivetrain and can be seen by different speeds of the moving pistons of the engine. To make all the shifters working, I developed a gearbox for this model never seen before. For a full wheel spin, the engine fires 1.87 times in the first gear and 0.373 times in the fourth gear, which is only 37% of a wheel spin. Like in a real car, the reverse gear fits between the first and second gear in ratio. Following is a summary of the gear ratios, measured from wheel (input) to engine shaft (output): 1. Gear -> 1:1.87 2. Gear -> 1:1.12 3. Gear -> 1:0.625 4. Gear -> 1:0.373 Reverse -> 1:1.34R Doors Like real car design, I started developing this model by the doors and implemented a cool self-locking door mechanism. Each door stays in position when closed and can only be opened by triggering the doorhandle. When closing a door, it locks automatically. Golf bag Overnight bags are out (and maybe thats the reason why 42143 Ferrari doesn't have it anymore). Take a ride to the next golf club with this model. It includes a golf bag with 3 different rackets that all fits under the hood. Prints Luckily the 42115 Lamborghini Sian uses prints, so there is no need for custom sticker or custom prints. Using the Lamborghini prints gives this model the final touch. The real car promo Following are some promo images of the real car prototype alternately with model images: About the Miura Concept (2006) The House of the Raging Bull has unveiled the Miura Concept 2006, that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the legendary GT. The idea was to create a new concept with a retro-inspired look heralding back to one of the auto world’s most famous icons - the legendary Lamborghini Miura. This new edition features a clean style with smooth surfaces and straight cuts that define the opening body panels. The new Miura prototype from 2006 can be considered a faithful re-interpretation of the original one, even in details like the grey-lime appearance and the air-intakes who makes this concept car instantly recognizable as a Miura. A modern styling cue is represented by the rear headlights, whose design is very close to that of the latest Lamborghini models. In 2006 the new concept model was strictly a prototype with no firm date set for production launch and is still prototype in 2022. It exists a real manufactured car in the Lamborghini Museum in Italy, but having this model on shelf or desk is a much higher chance than seeing it in reality. The instructions of 42115 Sian shows a Miura at the beginning - maybe a secret hint to this model? ... Instructions The premium instructions for this model comes in 5 PDF files with a total of 766 pages of high quality images and building steps. For the first time, I splitted the instructions to multiple files due the large size and complexity of the model and made the most challenging and largest instructions released so far, to ensure a satisfying and long building experience with this model. Following are 5 example pages to show the quality of instructions: Final words Thanks to Pawel Turalski (C3technic) for his pre-release support. This model is my masterpiece in art, design and functionality. It took me countless hours to make. Have fun with it.
  18. Hi folks, I'm happy to present my 42141 alternate build, which seems to be the first alternate model of McLaren Formula 1 released so far. Instructions can be found as usual on rebrickable. This Crash Team Racer Fun-Kart is an alternate build of set 42141 McLaren Formula 1 from 2022. No other parts are required to build this model. The model uses 3 spare parts that are included in the set 42141, with a total parts count of 1257. Keep in mind that the set 42141 McLaren Formula 1 comes in different versions with different sticker sheets that do not affect the build of this alternate model. If you own any of the set 42141 McLaren Formula 1, you can completely build this Crash Team Racer alternate model without any restriction. What is a Crash Team Racer? This Kart is driven by the character Crash Bandicoot in the 1999 video game Crash Team Racing and Crash Nitro Kart as competitor to the very popular Mario-Kart games. In 2019, the game Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled was released as remastered version for next-gen consoles, where this Kart appears again in better quality. You'll find renderings from the video game at the end of this article. Functions & Features smooth independent suspension in front and back steering with working steering wheel piston engine driven by differential through rear axle custom built engine block detailed design with many fun to play 39cm x 29cm x 19cm Impressions Testdriver Schorch seems very happy with the finished model... The giant exhaust pipes with flames are easy removable for a more common look... Custom built engine Because the standard engine parts won't fit at the scale of this alternate model, the highlight of this build is the custom made engine block, which works pretty well with a nice sound. Instructions The premium instructions for this Crash Team Racer comes with 258 pages of high quality images and steps to ensure a challenging but satisfying building experience with many cool building solutions. Instructions can be found on rebrickable. Following are some example pages of the instructions: Racer from the video game Have fun with this Crash Team Racer alternate build.
  19. Hi everyone, we had our Raptor set parts sitting around and after we built a Jeep Gladiator out of the Raptor we decided to build something packed with little features that will add extra value to this licensed set. We present to you an Offroad Truck with a crane! Please visit this blog post on our website for more info on this model and don't forget to like and follow us on Rebrickable and sign up on our website for discounts on more MOCs and alternates. Features: Clean and working V6 engine under the hood openable hood with a stand to keep it open hog steering (removable top nob) opening doors interior snorkel exhaust 2x4 drive solid axle set up throughout model new front axle that has improved steering Outriggers with an easy lock wheel chocks that are stored at the side of the model outrigger pads (recommend making custom ones**) crane arm with extendable boom Rebrickable Link
  20. Hello friends, I'm happy to share my neweset creation and first alternate model in 2022. This Chevrolet Corvette C2 Sting Ray Coupe is an alternate build from the official set 42127 Batman Batmobile. With 1227 parts, this model uses more than 90% of the parts from the Batmobile. No other parts or spare parts are required to build this Corvette alternate model. If you own the set 42127, you can completely build this model without any restriction. Visit rebrickable for more content and building instructions. Features & Functions 1:11 scale HoG steering V8 piston engine very detailed interior openable doors on both sides realistic openable hood to reveal engine pop-up headlights controlled by lever automatic lighting of engine through openable hood lighting in the back to simulate brake light/underground light Impressions Headlights & Lighting The iconic pop-up headlights are replicated in this model and controlled by a lever inside the armature, which is easily accessible by fingers through the windshield and doors. By opening the hood, a light is triggered automatically at the highest point to lit up the engine. The light in the rear can be activated with a lever beside the HoG steering to simulate brake light or underground light. Interesting to know The Corvette C2 as the second generation was manufactured from 1962 to 1967. With this model realeased in 2022, you can celebrate the end of production 55 years ago. Only in 1963, the Corvette Coupe was manufactured with splitted rear window and nowadays this Corvette C2 Sting Ray "Split-Window" is very rare and popular. The name Sting Ray is common for the second generation, where the name Stingray was used since the successor Corvette C3. Instructions The premium PDF instructions of this Corvette Sting Ray comes with 237 pages of high quality images and building steps for a satisfying building experience. Following are some example pages of the instructions: Follow this link to get instructions. The real car manufactured in 1963 Have fun with this replica of Corvette C2 Sting Ray alternate build.
  21. Hi folks, I want to present my latest alternate build for 2021 to complete my lineup of 2021 alternates - the McLaren 600LT Spider made from 42123 McLaren Senna GTR. Instructions are available on rebrickable Follow this link for more content and other builds. Rebuild the 42123 McLaren Senna GTR into another McLaren - the McLaren 600LT Spider. As an alternate build, this McLaren 600LT Spider uses only pieces from the 42123 main set (Senna GTR). Other parts or spare parts are not required. Parts with stickers applied can be reused without any problem. The McLaren 600LT Spider uses 754 parts (more than 90%) from the set 42123 McLaren Senna GTR. Functions & Features realistic openable scissor-doors HoG-steering working V8-engine fits on the 42098 Car Transporter Impressions made for 42098 Car Transporter With 15 studs wide, this alternate model fits other mid-sized cars in the Technic-theme since 2019, like 42093 Corvette, the new 42137 Porsche or 42138 Ford Mustang Shelby GT. All these cars can be transported by the 42098 Car Transporter and this McLaren 600LT Spider fits this scale as well. If you're looking for another car to transport by 42098, this McLaren is the right joice. Instructions With 154 pages, the instructions for this McLaren 600LT Spider comes with high quality images and steps that are easy to follow for a satisfying building experience. Here are three example pages of the premium instructions: The real car The McLaren 600LT Spider is more common in lime green or orange and can be build in this color as well. Here is an example of the real car (for the american market) that fits this alternate build most: Have fun with this McLaren 600LT Spider alternate build.
  22. Hi guys, I have designed my second alternate build for the island part of Lego 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay! When building this set, you will discover a mini pirate world on an island. On shore, you will find a multilevel harbor cottage, including a stockroom, a gundeck, a living cabin and an outlook platform. When walking over the hanging bridge, you enter an ancient fortress, in which secrets may be found.. Check out the YouTube video and images, and I would really appreciate your comments/feedback! The INTRUCTIONS will be available on soon!
  23. Travel back 90 years in the past and rebuild your LEGO Technic 42125 Ferrari 488 GTE into this replica of 1931 Hot Rod FORD Model A. All required parts comes in the set 42125 and no additional or spare sparts are needed. If you own the Ferrari 488 GTE, you can completely build this alternate Hot Rod with no restriction. This model uses 1329 parts of the set, which are 79.3% of the parts of the Ferrari 488 GTE. Follow this link to show all pictures, renderings, 360° animation and the story about the design process of this MOC. You can find this model with instructions here on rebrickable. Features & Functions independent suspension in front and back steering with knob (in the back) engine with 8 cylinders, driven through diff by the real axle openable doors openable tailgate with lock to locate the trunk box to transport usefull things that fits inside the trunk overnight bag that fits inside the trunk lifting jack to lift up the car 41cm x 23cm x 15cm (with closed doors) Here are some impressions of the model: Box and overnight bag The model comes with a transporting box and an overnight bag. Both fits inside the trunk very vell. Lifting jack Luckily there are enough parts left over to build a cool lifting jack with locking function. You can lift up the entire car and it stays in position. Version Cabriolet The model and building instructions are designed to make a Cabrio as well. Therefore, the roof is detachable easily for a quick summer drive. Scale, Sticker & Stability The Hot Rod fits in scale, vintage style and playability with my Vintage Custom Pickup - alternate build of 42111. I have never tried this model with stickers, but of course it is buildable and could look more "racing-ish". I am excited to see the first user photo of this model with stickers applied. Some people report about problems with the stability of the Ferrari 488 GTE - be sure, this Hot Rod is designed to be solid as a rock. What makes this model special The wheels are mounted in opposite direction, which is not really common, but looks way better on this model. Unfortunately this way the rims does not fit the wheel hubs. As a reason, this model can not use the wheel hubs for mounting the wheels, but uses two of the rear hubs as the headlights. If you have already connected the two parts of the wheel hubs (the light bluish with the dark bluish one), be careful separating them. Because the model can not use the front wheel hubs, these hubs are custom brick built in a clever way and works perfect. The real car Of course this Hot Rod FORD Model A is based on the real car. Here are some pictures of the 1931 original model: Instruction You get a premium high quality PDF-instruction with 412 building steps on 259 pages with clear images. Yes, this is a 18+ set, but the instruction is easy to follow. You can get the instructions for 9.90 EUR on rebrickable. Here are some example pages of the instruction: Have fun with this model. I wish you happy building and promise an enjoyable building experience, as well cool playing and displaying. Thanks for the attention.
  24. Dimensions: 29.5 x 49 x 30 studsWeight: 1524 g Instruction: download here To see all my ongoing projects follow me on instagram @anton.kablash Functions: 0. In the model i kept original chassis with improvements and adjustments HoG 4-speed sequential gearbox All wheel drive with 3 differentials Independent suspension on both axles Working detailed in-line 6-cylinder engine Working steering wheel in the cab Openable doors, hood The driver's cab can be tilted for access to a detailed V6 engine Working doors locks Detailed exterior and interior
  25. I've just finished another Alternate Build of set 42056 and this time it's a Japanese Classic from the seventies. The 1971 Nissan/Datsun 240Z Fairlady was much lusted after in my youth and they have held their appeal ever since. Features are: Full suspension Steering connected to adjustable height driver's wheel with 2.7 turns lock to lock Right hand drive like the original HOG steering 5 speed and reverse "H" pattern shift gearbox Detailed inline 6 cyinder engine connected to the back wheels via the gearbox Opening bonnet and doors with working door latches Cabin features full leg room, window winders (but no windows) and driver's pedals 50 cm long x 22 cm wide x 16 cm high 1.85 kg 2,071 pieces all sourced from set 42056 but you will need one additional piece to enable reverse gear, the MOC still works without it. For more images, details and instructions head over to my MOC page at Rebrickable.