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  1. glowytheglowbug

    Grum's Shed

    Woah! Your progress is pretty amazing and just with your mouth you can fit pins together, I even struggle using my hands 🤣great work and I hope to see your next post soon! your posts are pretty funny too :D
  2. ah alright, im not going to have any gearing though so that might affect some things, wheel diameter will probably range from 5 to 10cm
  3. I mean I have been searching for a brushless motor to mount to a car with sufficient torque to drive a 3-4kg build above 40 km/H but can't find any. i also tried searching for ones with gearbox, so far this is the only one I found that seems tested and decent. if you have any links, could you send them to me?
  4. Do you happen to have some outrunner motor links on Aliexpress or Amazon? I have been searching but only found drones :/
  5. the holes on the gearbox has two pins I think sooo the plan would be to use their wheel hubs instead?
  6. i meant gear reduction on zene motors yes, their gearbox on the end of the motors connects to Lego pins I think was more talking about the shaft output on the gearbox there will be wishbone suspension with toggleable pendulum suspension that I will be designing the motors would be unsprung weight and directly connected to the gearbox/gear reduction which would connect directly to the wheel and not have to deal with cv joints or friction problems, not sure how big a wheel I need for 3-4kg
  7. Soo about 7.5k rpm? thats pretty decent A gyro would be used and a lidar would be for autonomous racing and controlled by a Raspberry Pi. Yes main idea is getting rid of the drivetrains, my idea is mounting the wheels directly to the gearbox, do you think a 1/8 or 1/10 scale car using 4 of those motors can reach above 40km/h? How much is each wheel with a gearbox And how much is each esc (I only need to control 1 motor per esc) Also, can a wheel be mounted on the motor/gearbox? directly on the shaft so there's no need for bearings, I will be using metal Lego parts for the bottom chassis for weight and strength and normal plastic for the body. Do you have a measurement of the output shaft, I might be able to find a non-lego wheel that directly connects to it. Also for the price of the brushless motors with gearbox, how much would getting four of the motors with gearbox cost and how much would adding ESc's to control the motors cost?
  8. ah interesting, my plan is to get four of them and have one motor per wheel to have independent control of each wheel speed
  9. how much is motor with gearbox? and whats the output torque? (and rpm)
  10. Is there a price for one motor? and how much would it cost to get four motors (no ESC no battery, just the motors), also can they drive 3kg of load at least 40km/h?
  11. Does this mean a 5 or 6 dof robot? XD would love to see how that works! maybe with robot arm on dog too :D Also, I'll be using your code as a reference, it's just that when I look at code it takes me a while to figure out how it works XD It's not helping that I have minimal knowledge of c and mainly use Python to code. Thanks for your help so far!
  12. ooh thanks, the main thing with mine was the lower sections were longer than the top arms (connected to servos) so there's more linear travel, but I need to adjust the servos for that. i think software wise it should be solvable thanks! also I have gotten a Nrf24l01 smd (transciever) and its kind of tiny its for controlling the arduino from a raspberry pi pico
  13. Oh thanks! Could I also use the Desmos calculator? And how do I adjust the values for each side of the quadruped eg LR, FR, BR, BL?
  14. I wish they were still around, I am looking for Lego actuators that don't have a clutch since my linear actuator engine requires high precision this would be perfect lol
  15. ah thanks! I was also trying to figure out the maths for calculating servo angles above 180 and since I have a 1.4:1 gearing my servos rotate clockwise instead of the anticlockwise that's in your video, also when calculating the servo angles I cant set G=0 as it gives me undefined and thus does not work? thanks to moki on discord for helping me with this :D seems like this works! ٩(◕‿◕)۶ now to implement it in code :/