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  1. i think i found a bug when i scroll flashes of random colors go around the screen stuff gets misaligned etc as I scroll through the thing it moves around
  2. yep i did the embedding seperately
  3. imma do it oop for some reason it doesn't want to show it
  4. im finally done with my tank moc! i hope you like it if possible like and share it on insta & facebook (links below) it comes with a detachable trailer and a 3DOF arm thanks @thealvacado for the arm I've improved the bracing of the 8 tooth to the 40 tooth gears as they were constantly popping out also changed positioning of some things there is a 4 pin connector on the end so that its much easier to change the attachment on the end I hope you like it :) spent quite a while making this
  5. ah just curious how would i do it if I had 2 ev3 robots? (my project is one bottom tank base with 4 large motors and a top ev3 with a 3 DOF robot arm I might need a little help as I cant seem to figure out how to use the app I've gotten it to somehow work with my Chromebook and bad phone but I cant seem to figure out how the controls work and what the settings do if you could help thanks! by the way the thing I'm trying to do is make my robot work so right now what I want is for w to move the motors b and c and for s to move b and c in reverse and for q to move a and d forward and a to move them in reverse if you could teach me how tobocam works that would be highly appreciated thanks!
  6. i probably will use a raspberry pi also how could you control it? i see in your video you simply watch the stream and control the joysticks but I don't see any wires connected to the phone?
  7. just curious how did you sync the motors to some online controller? (I want to create a sort of minigame in my room using this system and my current moc)
  8. i think im done with most of this gonna have to change the bracing and things thanks @alvacado for posting the instructions on rebrickable! and sariel for repling to my comments
  9. does anyone know the speed and torque of a medium and large motor?
  10. are there any people here who are experienced in ev3 classroom?
  11. if anyone is able to help me with using ev3 classroom to daisy chain
  12. yes i am! hi again!
  13. oop i didnt notice the location :P good luck locating the others though hope you can get it set up soon!
  14. i mean if you want you can contact them if needed i can help you right now im searching thru pages
  15. is there like a torque limit on medium motors also? because im not sure that pushing a few kilograms of weight around might break it