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    I most recently purchased the Lego 42138 Ford Mustang and 42122 Jeep Wrangler sets

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  1. @HorcikDesigns, thanks for the link to your design! I have a small portfolio of other people's 3D Lego compatible part STL files from Thingiverse.com and Printables.com. I have designed a couple Lego compatible parts of my own, but particularly adapters from RC to Lego for a project I am working on rn.
  2. @HorcikDesigns, did I spot a 3D-printed connector between your front axle and the portal hub? The little piece that pops onto the portal hub tow ball and appears to connect to the rest of the axle by axle hole?
  3. I had all the bevel gears engaging using their bevels (or at 90-degree angles to each other). It was very challenging and there was a lot of half-beam spacing. There was one location where I had two 12-tooth bevel gears on opposite ends of a 2-stud-long axle with a single half-beam in-between them. It was pretty goofy and bulky looking. I think if I were to show you I would build it again... (which would probably end up in a slightly different result) because I only had a short video of it and that was a while ago and not filmed well at all. The main premise of the design was my discovery of how this and this fit together nicely (though probably not entirely "legal"), so I used that combination instead of the standard 16-tooth clutch gears.
  4. I made a 3-speed + R transmission exclusively using bevel gears... that was fun and cool.
  5. Hey everyone! Just wanted to mark the 1st year anniversary of this thread and share some thoughts at the same time! I really appreciate y'all sharing your experiences with RC and Lego! I am currently in progress of building my own RC/Lego vehicle. I have purchased some wheel hubs from TF Engineering just like @vergogneless and @aFrInaTi0n did and might be getting some technic beams/frames with bearings (like what @Krzychups has designed) and some other similar parts to ones y'all have mentioned (like wheel hubs) from a Russian guy. I have a 3D printer of my own and have experience with Autodesk Inventor so I have designed my own parts and will be designing more similar to what y'all have already done. Also, I agree with you @gyenesvi, I think planetary reduction is going to be the name of the game here...
  6. I am just hoping they don't disappoint us with pendular axles like in 9398 or 42099 instead of live axles... though I think the portal axle setup will be more interesting in comparison. I say that because if the G500 set ends up having a V8 piston engine under the hood, then there will be limited room for the axle, not to mention that the portal axle design will put the axle higher up in the chassis leaving less room for a live axle setup. But at this point I am only just speculating. Oh wait, never mind... the front will have independent suspension... duh.
  7. Thanks. Yeah, I haven't looked up a bunch of leaked info stuff like this before so that was a bad assumption on my part. lol
  8. @SNIPE Idk, that is just what I saw on Reddit. (see the link I attached to my previous comment) I hope that doesn't end up happening...
  9. Did anyone else notice that the body of the G500 set appears to be build mostly or entirely system? That will be interesting for a Technic build... (I don't know if the picture from Reddit is accurate to what the final set will look like, or if it is the final set...)
  10. I will post an update to this soon. I have since made several iterations of my original axle design, most of which were not very satisfying. I will see what I get to this week.
  11. @letsbuild, what if you raised the shock absorbers by one stud where they connect to the chassis? That would at least help level the suspension arms out a bit. Although ik the front ones wouldn't be as easy to move up on the chassis... great design btw! Very compact and efficient. I myself have too many shock absorbers... I think I have over a dozen at least, if not two. Also, @2GodBDGlory, the idea of a 48-hour MOC challenge is great! I especially love how accessible it is to everyone (maybe partially bc of the very limited criteria XD). The timeframe is a bit short though, at least for the level of functionality most everyone puts into their models. (I might put in a few pics of something later today before the deadline... )
  12. I am considering making a topic with pictures of all or most of my builds to present. I have made quite a few motorized vehicles, most of which were fails or not finished, but some turned out great. I made a half-track vehicle (which ended up eating my servo cable ), an arctic tracked vehicle, a trial truck, a very unsatisfying (speed-wise) motorized version of the 42138 Mustang set, and several other things...
  13. @keymaker, I actually saw your KrAZ 255 Eurobricks post already;) I think you did a great job with such a complex drivetrain, incorporating so many details in the cabin and the exterior, and overall functionality. Yes, I am probably going to have to reconstruct my axles to strengthen them. I am not planning on applying high torque to the axles, but my design intentions for the drivetrain will probably require stronger axles. @Alex Ilea, I have always been interested in making something like this since I learned about the Jeep Hurricane, GMC Hummer, Rivian R1T, and several other vehicles. I have always been fascinated by four-wheel, crab, and the Jeep Hurricane's unique steering systems. I am not planning on incorporating differentials into this build, but I might end up doing so. The main reason my axles are this way and not bulkier or taller is because I am trying to constrain the dimensions of at least the front end of the vehicle the same to the original 42122 set. I already have some ideas on how to reconstruct the front grille...
  14. My goal is to keep the same dimensions, shape, and aesthetics of the original set (though I will probably do some work to the front grille and rear end to make it look a little more realistic). Here are some pictures I was able to take today: Sorry if a little blurry. Also, here is a sneak peek at the current chassis progress: Please let me know what y'all think!