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  1. Also, to perk your interest, here are some pictures of an earlier draft of the axle:
  2. Thank you for your comments! Now that you mention it @keymaker, I will see if I can further increase the ground clearance;)
  3. Hello everyone, This is Evan here with my first Eurobricks topic! I decided as soon as I obtained the 42122 Technic Jeep Rubicon set to massively upgrade it (similar to what y'all did here, here, and here). The only difference is that I am starting from scratch and rebuilding the whole vehicle based on the original set to not only be more functionally proficient (which is the focus of this venture), but also to look a little bit more aesthetically appealing;) As per my preference, I will start with the functionality. Since everyone else put the differentials in the axles, I decided at first to take a different route and take them out of the axles and instead put them in the cabin. See the following pictures of the front axle: Maybe this idea will work for you in a different project, but I quickly found out that it would not work for my MOC after making a few test chassis assemblies. By displacing the differentials from the axles to the center of the vehicle greatly increases the area that the drivetrain takes up in the cabin of the Jeep, so I decided to go with the differentials in the axles. As you can already see, I went with the CV joints for the steering drive connections just like Zerobricks did. However, I decided to go with the mustang wheels to center the steering pivot more. Also, I added Ackerman geometry to the steering system out of necessity. See the following pictures: I used this piece to connect the steering gear to the axle frame with the gear that drives the differential. It works quite well. Also, the steering rack is held in place by the actual "U" technic frame. Please let me know what you think of it so far, I will continue to update it until I finish it!
  4. @Kage Goomba, First idea would be to put this piece and this piece together in the orientation they are shown in the pictures. The width would be three studs, but you could just continue the pattern and alternate and end up with the wing side being one stud shorter on both ends of the hinge than the body connection side. Also, as @deehtha mentioned, you should use lightsaber bars inside the friction pins to minimize their give under pressure. I guess the only downside would be that the top side of the hinge would offset the wings a bit... If nothing else, you could incorporate both the technic pin hinges and the locking hinges into your wing connection like this, only with the doubled up hinge that you just mentioned: Let me know if that makes any sense.
  5. @Kage Goomba, here are some thoughts: To continue the thought of using a hinge with a technic pins, maybe you could part #98286 and #98285 in conjunction with a minfigure bar inserted into the technic friction pins as @deehtha mentioned. Also, if you wanted to keep the hinges you have currently, I would suggest getting the 1-stud wide bricks and plates with the hinges essentially doubling up the connection points. You would be able to have different wing positions with this option. Hope this helps, Fluwoeb
  6. @Jim, can I enter two small construction vehicles if they both fit within the limitations? Also, in your first post in the contest entry topic you spelled "construction" with an extra "t" like this: contstruction;)
  7. Thank you @pleegwat and @2GodBDGlory! I will look into the post you linked and yes, it will double the voltage if I connect battery boxes using the old 9V components.
  8. I have a question, is it possible to use a PF extension cord to connect to PF battery boxes and effectively double or connect the voltage of the boxes?
  9. I like the bonus picture:P I have had the same experience with a larger half-track truck that I made a while ago, but my brother had the remote:)
  10. I know that @Sariel has a movie on youtube where he tested the new buwizz motor. I do not like how it looks on the buwizz website but I know it will be different based on what I have seen already. Thanks Zerobricks!
  11. For the CV joints… is TLG going to make them more like the real joints? Maybe make them a stud and a half in diameter so that they can fit a tube around it somewhat like the rigid 7mm ribbed hoses. That would be very useful for dirt:) But then if something like that was made, then TLG would have to make a steering bracket to fit around the joint… I like the new hubs with these CV joints but I think there need to be some new suspension forks to go with them, but for the CV joints I would love it if they had two versions with one not having a loose connection for axles and the other having more friction. What do you think about making a sliding piece for use in-between the CV joints when going from transmission to a rear axle for example? I have seen box-trucks with some kind of these parts. It would help us Lego fans when making live axles and such so we can use shock absorbers and some suspension forks to support the axle instead of having to base the suspension arms around the drive shaft because it is not flexible in lengthwise motion. I also am dissapointed in the strength of the Ducati shocks, if they were stronger they would be perfect to replicate hydraulic shock absorbers. And the clutch, I just want to know what it was made for. Is it to transfer drive from the transmission to the drivetrain or from the engine (or motors) to the transmission (or drivetrain)? Thank you for answering our questions! And I really love seeing companies reaching out to get feedback from customers and even people who have a hobby off of their products (like us)!
  12. Also, I like the video, it is great! Very clear, not shaky or very blurry, but focused.
  13. Great use of the new technic hubs and the larger turntables! I love the design! Not many people go for a simple swingarm per wheel in vehicles such as this. I love to see the different suspension designs in larger models! Thank you Samalot for your post!
  14. Fluwoeb

    Large Technic Super cars MOC sale

    Ok, thanks! I know that this is a great deal from watching the RC buggy motors as they sold on Bricklink. They can get pretty expensive! It is nice to get one, but then to get two, it would be little more expensive as there were a lot single motors for sale. I looked at the MOC on Rebrickable, and I was amazed at how complicated the rear suspension is when L motors are used, pretty ingenious! My email: e3mitchell@protonmail.com
  15. Fluwoeb

    Large Technic Super cars MOC sale

    Hey @technic_addict, I am seriously considering the Class 1 Unlimited Buggy, I just have some questions. So, since it is converted for buggy motors, does it include extension wires to connect to Buwizz? How do the buggy motors connect to wheels? Do you use part #92908 to connect the wheels to motors? Thank you!