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  1. Coming from someone whose language is guttural too, I love this
  2. This is officially my favorite Dutch word, it rolls off the tongue so nicely^
  3. Sariel has released his review!
  4. Goddamn, personally, this thing is gorgeous. I hope Lego will go with this lime-ish yellow color (if it doesn't exist already):
  5. Also known as the terrifying six-eyed spider car... It's so cool I wanna buy it just for its headlights!
  6. Yeah, it was pretty weak for an such important milestone.
  7. Same, and in place of that attempt at modernizing an old set (Car Chassis 8860), I really wanna to see Lego trying something new, making a flagship set that will truly deserve to be called so.
  8. Let's keep the excitement high, March's near the corner :D
  9. So much lost opportunity for such a cool design (!) (among many other awesome MJ trucks too)... :/
  10. I love this thing^ Polybags are silly little Technic sets that feature a lot (sometimes) in such small scales :P
  11. Each to his own; I watch RacingBrick too, excellent reviews and the building section is absolutely awesome, I genuinely never skip it^
  12. Sariel's review of this set has been hard, but justifiably so, I think...? [Some part of me stills think that this set is good, maybe without the stickers it'd look better as a generic Pull-Back car (non-licensed ftw) than a half-baked attempt of the real thing in this scale (like many of the smaller licensed sets)]. So it's not entirely my thing, but it'd look cool next to the other NEOM Pull back set (Note: It's 42169. Insert the funny here).
  13. PlopiNinetySix

    MOCs versus sets

    Trigonometry is one of my favorite math subjects XD That's actually a really interesting way of perspective^ Right, while Lego also makes mistakes they have the licnese of the brand, tho that's unlikely of them to design inaccurate designs (although sometimes details are missing, both MOCs and TLG are prone to this).