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  1. -No problem! I will try my best to finish this work as soon as possible. -Thank U for liking this work
  2. -I get it!I will adopt your suggestions and make changes. Thank you very much for your helpful suggestions. -I am purchasing the required parts, and I will start building as soon as possible
  3. -Thank U for liking this work! And Your advice is very useful. -Because I have not finished this work,I can not check if the 8 hard shock absorbers can meet the weight of the car body.I will tell U the result when I finish it. -the gear box has two 2 gear positions:1:1(with 94925) & 8:24(with 10928&3648)
  4. Thank U for liking this work! I will build it in real life as fast as I can Congratulations! I have finished the structure for locking front differential which is also controlled by one M motor.
  5. OJBK,I will try my best to make this work be perfect! Thanks again.
  6. Thank U for liking this work! I will build it in real life as fast as I can
  7. -Thank U for liking this work! -These pictures are made by studio.io -The pictures for the internals have not been made, I am so sorry for that. -this work must be built in real life. Thank U for liking this work! I will build it in real life as fast as I can
  8. thank U very much! I will I will upload the pictures as soon as possible.
  9. Please delete this article.Thanks Sorry for the problem during the image upload process, I will republish an article.
  10. Hello! My latest MOC is ARMADILLO-Climber Model D Off-Road RV This time I brought the second work in the "Amodillo Off-Road RV Series", my second MOC work in 2019, ARMADILLO-Climber Model D Off-Road RV 【MOC situation-Chassis】 -2 XL motors for propulsion -Servo motor for steering -M motor for 2 speed gearbox -M motor for locking rear differential -2 SBricks powered by one rechargeable battery box -4 front and rear 4, a total of 8 yellow hard springs 【MOC situation-Superstructure】 The superstructure has a rich interior, including the front box driving area and the rear box living area. Due to the poor rendering effect of the software(Studio.io), the interior is displayed after it is finished. 【MOC situation-Breakthrough】 -Complete rear wheel differential lock structure, can be turned on or off remotely by 1 M motor -I hope everyone likes and gives suggestions for revision.Thanks! -Because I am going to the United States to attend an academic conference, I will not be able to complete this MOC in the future. More videos and images will be uploaded when the work is completed. -I am very sorry that there was a problem during the first image upload. -Here are more pictures comparing with real cars.
  11. dls7223685

    [MOC] Jeep Mighty FC Concept

    Hi,Madoca~I am a LEGO lover and I have seen you this work since March 2017. I really like it. Based on your video and several pictures published, I have designed on the LDD. At present, I have built and completed the chassis front axle and the gearbox and shifting device in the middle part, but the design is not ideal,.I hope I can really look to your design, every day dreaming that you can release building instruction.