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  1. Hello everyone, this is the latest work from MTC: Benz-Unimog 4×4 Off-road RV Designed by Muen 1. Function Description ① XL×2:providing power ② Servo×1:steering ③ M×1:2-speed gearbox shift ④ M×3:3 differential locks for front, middle and rear ⑤ SBrick×2 ⑥ Small battery box ×1 ⑦Yellow hard spring ×8 2. Appearance "Modularity" is a design concept that runs through the design of the car from start to finish. From the exterior to the interior, I have modularized all the parts as much as possible, with the obvious benefit that it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, and no longer afraid of transportation. At the same time, each model is clearly positioned before it is designed, which determines the tendencies and trade-offs when designing. The positioning of this car is mainly to do my best to restore the appearance and rich interior of the real car, so this car uses technic parts to build the chassis, and particle parts to build the appearance and interior. The following are photos of the whole car's appearance, and according to the real car's beautiful pictures taken at the same angle, please enjoy. 3. Interior I always think that the interior of an RV is a very important part, so in the process of designing this car, it can be said that the design of the interior took up half of the focus and energy. Another important reason why I personally like RVs is the various storage spaces, which can be a storage space in places you don't expect, so I also built more storage spaces when designing the interior. The following is a detailed introduction to the interior of this car, I hope you can enjoy it. (1)Cab ① Seats The design of the seats uses #99563 to shape the unevenness of the surface, while the base under each seat consists of four #4532 for additional storage space. Behind the front seats are shelf baskets and in-car video for rear passengers to use and provide entertainment during the drive. ② Central Console I divided the center console into two parts, front and rear. For the front center console, there are several storage spaces with three drink holders. At the same time, there is a shift lever, handbrake and a number of function control buttons set up on the side near the main driver. And the side near the passenger side is the air conditioning vents. For the rear center console, a number of storage space and drink placement that must be the regular configuration, front and side air vents and air conditioning adjustment knob. There is a small clock in the middle for the rear passengers to see the time, but also equipped with a blue satellite phone, we all know that the wilderness places or satellite phone more reliable. Here are photos of the combination of the front and rear master consoles (2)Living area The living area is also designed with rich interiors and "modular". There are two main purposes, one is to facilitate the display of the interior, because my first off-road RV work "Conqueror F", in the process of display found that the interior can not be well displayed. the second is to allow the weight of the car to be reduced during the driving process. So the interior of the living area is very easy to remove as a whole. The interior of the rear compartment consists of 9 main parts, let me introduce them one by one below ① Kitchen Due to the limited space, the kitchen is all open, I personally divided it into 3 sections. First is the lower area, which is a variety of storage space for dishes, I also placed a garbage can, specifically for food waste. The second is the middle area, where the cooking is done, the left is the sink, the right is the stove, most RV's kitchen stove is covered, this is no exception. A variety of pots and pans as well as a wealth of spices hanging on the wall, and a range hood directly above the stove. Finally, there is the upper area with a blue microwave oven and two storage spaces. ②Bar I personally like the bar very much, so I also designed a bar in this RV, mainly for making various desserts and beverages during the rest of the day in the car. The lower half of the bar has 2 levels of storage space, mainly for cups and unopened drinks. The upper part is mainly for a small number of commonly used cups and 2 desserts that have just been made, and there is also a beverage machine with 4 different drinks. These 4 drinks are: orange - Fanta; red - Coke; green - Sprite; blue - Mizone. ③ Left side of the entrance door This module consists of three parts. The lower part is a fire extinguisher. In case there is a fire in the process of parking rest or entertainment outside the car, you can get the fire extinguisher nearby at the first time. In the middle is a white fridge, close to the kitchen and bar for easy cooking. The upper part is a small open storage space. ④ Right side of the entrance door This module is also composed of 3 parts, the lower part is a two-layer shoe rack, placed at the door, in and out of the door is convenient to change and put shoes. In the middle is a small storage space, which is mainly used to place umbrellas to prevent rain from touching the wetland board; There are also two hooks for hanging hats. The upper part is the switch box, the whole living area power switch, there is a specific instrument to show the real-time data of the living area electricity. ⑤ Sofa This car is equipped with two large electric sofa, placed opposite, sofa side armrest has adjustment knob and small display screen. Among them, the sofa near the side of the bed, the bottom is installed with a slide rail, moving the sofa, can enter the storage room under the bed. A sliding rail is installed at the bottom of the sofa to facilitate horizontal movement. ⑥ Table There is a table in the middle of the sofa. To expand the limited space, the table can be folded. After the table is folded, flowers can be placed on the table to beautify the interior environment. ⑦ Storage room The living area has 2 large storage units, mainly distributed under the bed. One is the common storage room, mainly placed washing machine, cleaning tools, repair tools and other common items; The other is a hidden storage unit behind the sofa, which can be accessed by moving the sofa and is used for infrequent items such as suitcases. ⑧ Toilet The toilet is equipped with a toilet that can also be used for bathing. There is a hot and cold water sign and a toiletries basket in the corner. ⑨ TV set The TV set is placed above the sofa and facing the bed, so that whether you rest on the sofa or in bed, you can watch TV programs and relax. Finally, a panoramic view of the living area! 4. Some Details (1)Where is the battery box hidden? (2)The living area tank is located below the rear door (3)Where is the spare oil drum hidden? (4)For parking rest and picnic outside the car, there is a foldable table on the back of the door of the living area, and it is equipped with a storage box (5)Because the car chassis is higher, so the left side of the staircase is designed with handrails, when entering the living area, convenient borrowing; There is a clock on the top of the handle, which is mainly convenient to check the time when taking a rest outside the car or having a picnic (6)The shoe rack is by the door (7)A fire extinguisher is placed in the back of the cab. (8)Skylights in the living area can be opened (9)It's 2023, car phone holder must have! Convenient map navigation! Finally! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for browsing! Benz-Unimog 4×4 Off-road RV From MTC·By Muen·For Gap.Li
  2. Hello everyone, this is the latest work from MTC: Unimog 4×4 Off-road RV Designed by Muen Function Description: ① 2×XL: providing power ②1× servo: steering.×M: 2-speed gearbox shift. -3×M - 3 differential locks for front, middle and rear. -2×SBrick. -1×Small battery box. -8×Yellow hard springs.
  3. Thank you for liking it!I will send you the link for the tires.
  4. Thank you for liking it! Thank you for liking it! Thank you for liking it!I will send you the purchase link. Wow! That`s great! It's my honour! It also gives me the motivation to create more new works!
  5. Okay! I will send the link to you in a private message! Wow! that`s great! I will share it in this topic as soon as possible. Thank you for liking it! Thank you for liking it!We feel very lucky to have found this tire.
  6. Thank you for liking it! We did not measure the weight of the two cars, but it is obvious that they are heavy because of the rich interior. So both cars sacrifice some off-road ability. And the off-road RV based on a Mercedes-Benz Unimog chassis, we will share the details through a new topic. Thank you for liking it! That tire fits the LEGO wheel, which was made by a Chinese model manufacturer and is still available. I'd love to share the purchase link directly with you, but I'm not sure if that's forum compliant.
  7. Thank you for liking it! Because this is an RV, we work hard to make detailed interiors.
  8. Hello everyone, this is the latest work from MTC: MAN 8×8 Off-road RV Designed by Lance Deng Special Notes: The cab of this MOC is mainly based on the MOC-2918 MAN dump truck, based on which the design was further developed Here is the video, hope you can enjoy it! Function Description: -2x XL motors for driving-1x Servo motor for steering-2x Sbrick for Bluetooth Control-1×M motor for Pneumatic device -1×M motor for Motorcycle bracket lift -4× Pneumatic Cylinder 1 x 11 for roof lifting Next, we will also share with you another off-road RV, which is based on a Mercedes-Benz Unimog chassis.And we will share the details through a new topic.
  9. Hello everyone, these are the two latest works from MTC:1.Ford Mustang NASCAR 2.AWD Hatchback Race CarDesigned by CrMo2001 These two MOCs are both in about 1:17 scale, fully remote controlled by control+. It looks great when two cars were placed together. **Ford Mustang NASCAR -2x control+ L motors for driving -1x control+ L motor for steering -Custom designed stickers -Roll cage Instruction is available on: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-72980 Basically, it’s not a very complex model. It doesn’t even have a differential, because of the limited space. Without most of the stickers: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **AWD Hatchback Race Car -2x control+ L motors for driving -1x control+ L motor for steering -Custom designed stickers -AWD -Working steering wheel -Openable doors When finished Mustang, I thought maybe I can design something more compact, more detailed in the same dimension. So, I made this car. It based on ford fiesta ST 3 doors, and has some modifications. The button of control+ hub is under the chassis: More pictures: Hope you will like our new works! Thanks for browsing!Thank you! In October, we will share two other new works, both of which are Mercedes-Benz Unimog! Stay tuned!
  10. We have published the instructions on RB, you can go to buy it, thank you! Thank you very much!
  11. Great work. I also like the large-scale transportation scene very much. I also made a trailer and transformer, hoping to complete it smoothly.
  12. Thanks for your liking it!The video is still being recorded, but the building instructions has been completed and we will release it at a suitable time.
  13. Thanks for your liking it! Thanks for your liking it!
  14. Hello everyone, this is the latest work of MTC lego studio:AZURA LMP2 Racing Car Designed by CrMo2001 Here are detailed introductions to this work: -Long 47,Wide 21 (Lego unit) -2 × “control+ L motors” for propulsion -1 × “control+ L motors” for steering -LEGO Bluetooth control module -Front and rear independent suspension -Technic parts build chassis, Brick parts build appearance When designing this car, there are two main points, one is the suspension, the other is the appearance. The size of CONTROL+ components is very large, while LMP racing car is very low, so the Bluetooth hub is put in the middle, the front bridge module is on the front side, the drive motor is placed on both sides, and the layout of the rear bridge module is on the rear side. Otherwise, the height will exceed the limit and the appearance production will be affected. In a real LMP car, the driver's seat is not centered but, by habit, left or right. So I put the driver's seat on the left and the steering motor on the right in a symmetrical position. The CONTROL motor has a built-in code disk, so the L motor can be used as a servo motor and can be customized with Powered UP. The motors on both sides drive the wheels on both sides respectively, and the transmission systems on both sides are independent. This also eliminates the differential. The power of the motor is first transmitted to the middle shaft through four 16-tooth gears, and then to the wheels. To prevent transmission interference, 16 teeth on both sides are staggered by 1 unit. For the design of the exterior, I pay more attention to the continuity of the lines of the vehicle. In some places, in order to better shape the curved surface, the Technic parts are used. Brick parts are not dominant in the construction of some complex curved surfaces, but cylindrical and flat surfaces are basically preferred. I made my first attempt to add a clear windshield to the MOC. The windshield comes from 76139 (1989 Bat Mobile), and a black printed vertical line in the middle is worn away. In practice, the windshield is slightly lower in height and the front is too steep. But I couldn't find a better one than to 3D print one. Here is a more detailed picture, hope you can enjoy it. The LMP race car has a drop-shaped cab, which I tried to recreate with Lego. Some airflow channels are left on the side. Front and rear The Building Insitructions will be released in the near future, so stay tuned! Thanks for browsing!Thank you!
  15. Yes,it is in 1:10. And TC is designing a new pagani which is in 1:8