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Found 4 results

  1. This little polybag deserves it's own topic. Let's continue to show our love for the Technic polybags. May their reign never end! Set nr.: 30682 Name: NASA Mars Rover Perseverance Parts: 83 Age: 7+ Price: 3.99 Euro Release date / availability: 01.01.2024 / limited retail Number of functions: plenty (worm gear driven arm, rocker-bogie suspension, adjustable arm and drill head, rotating camera head) First review: Brickset First digital model:
  2. This is a project MOC I've been working on during my evenings and weekends for about 5 months. I really tried to cram in all the features I thought would be cool. The rover weighs just short of 3kg, has 11 motors, over 4 meters of pneumatic hose. It's controlled with two remote controls. Getting all those features with limited parts and tight space constraints was a huge challenge Main Functions: 4W Drive, Steering Switch between crab and 4-wheel steering "Solar Panel" unfold/fold Crane up/down, left/right, extension/retraction, "pincer" Cargo bay door open/close Pneumatic airlock Fully RC Other small stuff: Rotating satelite dish Detailed cabin Independent suspension on all wheels Two servos each control two pneumatic functions Design process I started with the chassis, and moved on from there. Driving and steering worked a lot better before it put on all the weight! I had to plan ahead for everything I wanted to add and how it would fit together, which got really complicated so I had to start drawing out the connections. I basically had one drawing for how the modules physically fit together, one for the pneumatics connections, and one for the electronics. Even things like the lengths of the cables would determine which battery I could hook them up to, and every single battery connection and remote control button is in use. I used a few clever tricks to give motors more than one function. For example, each pneumatic pump is also a switch, depending on the direction it spins, using a design I borrowed from youtube. Each servo motor controls two switches each, because by design it was possible to make functions opposites of each other. The pneumatics engage in order of easiest to most difficult, so there are some rubber bands to set the order of activation. E.g. the up/down motion of the crane is paired with the storage lid. Improvements There are a lot of possible improvements that could be made, but I'm eager to move on to the next project and I'm happy enough with it already. Here's what I would change: Less functions overall. My line of thought when I started this project was "ooh I'll make everything with pneumatics because they're cool, and make it all remote control, and add crab steering because why not, and etc etc". But then it really dragged on forever. Next time I'll keep it small and simpler. Especially now that I've ticked most of my idea boxes No / fewer remote-control pneumatics switches. I did it, it's possible, but it takes up a lot of space and often doesn't work so well More robust steering (and no crab steering). The crab steering takes up like a third of the space and adds a ton of weight, and doesn't work very well. After trying it myself, I'm even more impressed by Madoca's shaman If a vehicle, all wheel drive For something so heavy and high torque like this, i'll definitely keep each driveline on separate batteries. Having two drivelines (left and right) improved the performance a lot, but since I needed every single battery output I moved all motors to the same battery, which killed performance I'll probably avoid exteriors and paneling — I'm not that great at it and it just adds weight Inspiration The idea and inspiration came from Eurobricks mars mission contest (ZeroBricks, Samolot, Kubic5), Simon stallenhag's artwork, and image searches for mars rover concept art I'll take more (and higher quality) pics of it as I take it apart, just need to wait for a free day with good lighting! Happy to answer any questions! Thanks for reading
  3. Hi, After lurking for several years and after arising of this new Mindstorms forum it's time to start sharing some of my own MOC's. I present the Boogie Burnout: This bot is based on the Rocker-Bogie suspension mechanism, which is also used for the Curiosity and Opportunity Mars rovers. The Bogie-Burnout is my own interpretation of the system and not a copy of existing robots. My main goal was to experiment a little and see if the Rocker-Bogie system would work in the scale of my other MOC's All 6 wheels are able to pivot up and down and turn in every direction. The main problem I faced building a rover this scale was the flexibility of the Rocker arms in conjunction with the middle base part of the robot. Adding flexible links between the left and right wheels solved most of the flex, but turning the wheels 90 degrees still caused the robot to look like a drunken sailor. Adding removable stabilizers solved most of the wonky movements. When not driven 90 degrees side wards these links can be released on one side to give back all flexibility to the rocker system when driving over obstacles. As it turned out, a Lego Technic structure this big has enough flexibility to drive over obstacles without having to unlink the stabilizer bars. The wheels are driven by 4 medium Power Functions , which are geared down in a ratio of 11.7 in two steps. To prevent the current regulator kick in, each medium motor has his own IR receiver, which makes 24 receivers in total. The Power Functions remote is driven by two Mindstorms motors, one for speed control and one pressing the stop button. Controlling two channels simultaneously and thus reducing the amount of IR receivers resulted in lag and speed difference between motors. For each two motors and receivers there is one battery box, this again to prevent the current limiter kicking in. The outside plating of the rover can be removed easily within seconds. Bonus: The Bogie Burnout is high enough to drive on top of one of my older MOC's, which opens some possibility's on events :) Video: Note for the purists: This is not a 100% pure MOC. Some 0.5mm Teflon rings are used to prevent slack in the mechanism and the Mindstorms cables are custom made to length. Some tape is added to the wheels to prevent them from scratching.
  4. If ghosts need busting on Mars, this is how it might be done In LDD, I modified the original Cuusoo/Ideas version of the Mars Rover to have a Ghostbusters feel, attempting to add as many of the greebles present in 21108 while still retaining the Rover feel and function. Added a proton pack to the front and then the Rover's instrument boom becomes the nozzle, with silver flex hose connecting the two. The wheel hubs on both original sets are the same size, so easy to use 21008's wheels, and silver wheel covers, with 21005's tires. Also attempted to capture the 21008's Caddy tailfins onto the Rover body. A little photoshopping on these images to add the sticker images to the model. Too much? Sacrilegious? Are you ROFL? I want to see what people think of this before I go get the parts, as I won't part out my Ghostbusters set just yet, but will mod the Rover accordingly,