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  1. " A coolway to play – The pull-back function combines with the LEGO® Technic™ AR app. After scanning the car in the app, pull it back by hand then use your foot to launch the car and watch the result" I wonder how bad this will be I wondered why they had a kid holding a mobile phone
  2. 42138 & 42137 have been listed on the Lego website and will be the same price in the UK as the McLaren with a smiler dimensions so disappointing that the only function is a pull-back motor still should be some room for a nice mod. Also just noticed on the Porsche 360 view you can see the pull back motor on each side so it should have a bit more power.
  3. Probably not a video I only have a phone and no tripod so I cant demonstrate the functions and record art the same time but I may think about it. I don't have any other turquoise parts and I'm not sure there are any equivalent parts to do a modern version but they are stud less. Also if you insist on all modern parts then the wheels and air tanks can't be used.
  4. 7. Tow Truck Original set: 8462 Features: HOG steering 180 Degree Rotating Crane Extending Boom Arm with Winch Retractable wheel-lift with auto alignment Height Adjustable wheel-lift Discussion topic: See more details here
  5. The complete model
  6. On the UK Lego website you can now per order it for release in October why is this getting massive pre-order time when the models fro august not even listed??
  7. @Timorzelorzworz doesn't have pneumatic tubes as a part and they are not part of the flex system. (If they built around the harder Technic parts they would be saving themselves a lot of grief in the future bat that's a different rant.) The flexible hoses are for the smaller hard tubes so the diameter is smaller. when I was making my version of the 8868 i used LDCad for the tubes and then import them into via the part designer tool. I used Thus Guide to create the tubes. Its quite a time consuming process and even importing the parts has a trick to it to get them to have the right orientation.
  8. So i Have the functions added even though this is for the competition and I can probably make more for show than function I still find myself trying to make the model stronger still unsatisfied with the amount of flex where the switches connect.
  9. I'm no expert on air tanks but I would assume if it was an air tank it would be cylindrical for uniform pressure within the vessel? and comparing it to the old tank that wouldn't have much volume which would create more pressure than storage? In general I don't think we will see another air tank as with out a pressure regulator I have been rebuilding the 8462 and I found that while the air tank does store more air to use the functions the first few uses after its at pressure are so fast that its hard to control.
  10. I own the original so was going to use those as this if for the completion. However, normally i try to build these with parts that a current or highly available but I don't think there is anything close the only other silver rims I can think of are the 8448 super street but there just as old.
  11. Think I'm also missing some of the blue lift arms myself so may have to go shopping
  12. Ah Sorry, yes I know that's a frame. I was using to illustrate that's what a frame should look like. I think the rear section has 2 alternating beams the gears being used as functions throw too much shadow to be 100%
  13. Its not a frame if you look at the brick link image it is smooth around the sides and that pattern can only be seen on the top and as its flush with the orange panel it cant be a frame., Liftarm, Modified Frame Thick 5 x 7 Open Center&category=[Technic, Liftarm]#T=C, Liftarm, Modified Frame Thick 7 x 11 Open Center&category=[Technic, Liftarm]#T=C
  14. I think we are getting new alternating beams The front square is how a frame looks side on when horizontal for the rear image to be a frame it must be vertical but you can see that its not. so probably an 11 and a 9 looking at the space and where its round at the end.
  15. So have been building the structure and crane trying to recreate the style using Technic over bricks Think the turquoise parts will have to remain as that colour has not returned to stud-less Technic.