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  1. 42148 with mini wings in red yay just need the angled versions too. 42149 has a 7 stud beam with top and side holes in green hopefully we will get in black somewhere too
  2. I find the whole book special edition to be quite baffling on Lego's part. Book print runs on the whole aren't that expensive and at the price Lego is charging I'm sure they are making a profit. I could understand that a 12" anime figure that you get with some computer games would have a much higher cost so you would likely only do one production run or some kind of metal case that again has added production costs / difficulties. Once you have a book you can easily ask the publisher to run another batch Lego don't make any more money on any second hand sales. Also if reviewers are get unnumbered ones then there has already been at least 2 print runs. Books tend already have a collection hierarchy whit first edition hard back etc. They could easily make a second version with a soft cover. They make more money the hard back is still rare and everyone who wants a copy is happy. If this happens and they just trying to create a buying frenzy i fell its very against Lego's image of inclusivity for all. In general I hate exclusivity and limited editions. If you want to do a collectors edition do a pre order to find out how many are required and then let people decide on the level of spend. Apart from the 41999 Crawler Exclusive in 2013 so 9 years ago they have never done a limited set since so they must know its was counter productive or they would be doing it all the time?
  3. So it seems we have three of Stuck together with a pin hole in the middle but they didn't make a 1x3 version of it probably saving it for next year Also is the panel that make the rear quarter window new or just shadowing as the bend seems more than ? I just noticed there also seems to be a black one just behind the rear wheel under the lights seems a shorter version. We also get in red
  4. I wonder if all references to the Ferrari date "slipping" we actually just references to the slip case dates with probably the SE coming first and then a month wait until a general release?
  5. sorry i mean rim not hub it could be lighting but the gaps in the spokes a quite large and the inside of the rim seems a lot darker than just a shadow from the photo
  6. Are the rims a two part moulding or the silver "alloy" part just sprayed on? The inner part of the hub seems to be black. currently on all these cars the rimes has been all one colour. I hope so as they have done it on the Lego BMW m1000rr brake disk but this would be a much larger scale and probably make he rims expensive to make.
  7. More like the SE will be more expensive as the "standard" won't be cheap. Probably be a Lego VIP exclusive thing for the first load of orders possible get it a few days before to justify the price increase. Hope we see some better pics soon and an official announcement soon as I would like to know how the new panels work as the seem to have a pin hole in them as well as each end but seem like its 2 suds wide.
  8. We Lego must have some idea on what the world wants as the F1 has sold out in the UK already in most locations. Yeah have mixed feelings about this merge atm its a bit easier to navigate but stuff is not there and it doesn't show out of stock items like before which is annoying
  9. It's sort of new gears seems to be non bevel versions of the 12 and 20 gears so for when you really need 1/4 stud spacing and both in shades of blue.
  10. The miss understanding could be that on the real F1 car the tyres are printed and the wheel covers only cove the hub. Seems like it was easier for Lego to make bigger wheel covers then set up a process for printing on tyres . Also making them rain tyres are a sneaky choice so they don't have to make slicks Are they definitely printed? I'm hoping for stickers so I don't have apply them or have to get a second set and rub the printing off.
  11. Hopefully not and I think they will want something to distinguish them from the Sian. I think Lego red looks nicer against silver than gold so fingers crossed. And yes if its a Ferrari it will be red as the marketing team won't let them do anything crazy
  12. If it is a Ferrari then the wheel rims should be Silver possibly black so that would be good for MOC's as the gold and blue ones from the Lamborghini and Bugatti are hard to match with most colours.
  13. When I said reworked I was thinking more of a Chinook than a tilt rotor as that is still Boeing and has many civilian versions. Presumably Lego still owe Boeing a helicopter or would cost them in licence fees to not release a set?
  14. I have a feeling 42144 may be a reworked 42113 Osprey and we might finally see the dumb battery box in a set. Also the new propeller blades used as such not just car side skirts
  15. " A coolway to play – The pull-back function combines with the LEGO® Technic™ AR app. After scanning the car in the app, pull it back by hand then use your foot to launch the car and watch the result" I wonder how bad this will be I wondered why they had a kid holding a mobile phone