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  1. Cardboy

    8868 Air Claw Redux

    Now with Tubing!! It took most of the week but here it is with the tubes all in place I just noticed that i forgot to add the rubber band to connect the engine together I may re-render the front but its not that important at the moment. Now the long process of turning it into some plans.
  2. Cardboy

    8868 Air Claw Redux

    My aim was to be as faithful to the 8868 as possible so i didn't add air tanks I haven't measured the gap so not sure they would fit. With the new V2 compressor and the power functions motor it seems to deliver better rate of compression from the original and will probably make the turntable even more uncontrollable. Back when i first got this I tried to tape up the fuel tanks to make them air tight how little i knew back then about air pressure I did think about it. Though I would probably consider the the dumb box and a motor as control + would be overkill for one "on" function. As i like to make all these models for real when i build them and don't have access to that part, like many I'm not paying £30 for it and would have bought the Osprey but we all know what happened to that Actually its quite robust as the crane superstructure is not that heavy. The claw doesn't have too much closing pressure and that will fail before the turntable. This could be why the original never had out riggers as its not a heavy lifter. The other issue is the tubing there are 6 pipes that need to feed past the turntable and it needs to rotate freely. As i said before I do build all of these for real but I show you the CG images for two reasons. 1) I don't have a good set up for tacking pictures and I'm quite rubbish at photography. 2) I don't all ways have the right colours available so my prototype looks a bit odd.
  3. Cardboy

    8868 Air Claw Redux

    The part count at the moment is now 1213 this will go up with all the tubing and T connectors required so possible 20-30 parts Brick set has the original as 954 so a bit of a jump up
  4. With a new Pneumatic truck possibly on the horizon, I decided to give the Redux treatment to one of my favourite models.This is due to its complexity and that it was the first large model that i bought for myself that was not a Christmas or Birthday present. And judging from a recent post on the forums a lot of you like it as well. I have still to model the tubing from my IRL model but I may have to switch to LDCad as is still not the best at this. As with most of the models of the old studded times, to convert to studless you have to switch the width from even to odd so the truck is now one stud wider. I have tried to keep as many details from the original and made changes where the new beams demand it or where newer parts allow a better build. With the redux models I make I always try to use the most current parts available so people who don't have the original have a chance to build it as well. Please let me know what you think especially the front of the truck as I have employed a few odd techniques to keep it looking like the original. Plans will follow eventually when i get the tubing done.
  5. I have now added instructions via rebrickable see first post for link
  6. Cardboy

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    I know what is it with the pneumatics and horrid colour schemes i need some of those new switches. Volvo 42053 was so good, reasonable price great functions even had a compressor and easy to motorise
  7. Your quite right sometimes you just don't see it for looking a quick part swap about and here you go.
  8. So I have modified the steering to remove the bump steer. To make it fit with the rim I had to use some un Lego like techniques. and rotate the track rods 90 degrees. I have given a lot of rough treatment but it survives.
  9. NOOOOOOOO !!! I still have nightmares about those things I remember all the Lego instructions which had how to build a tool to remove them.
  10. I thought about it and will probably add them as a alternative in the instructions but as the parts haven't been in production for 20+ years i wanted to make a version that some who doesn't have the 8865 can experience what it was like.
  11. I though about using them but the original uses double wishbones so felt that this should have the same. The original also has a much longer arms on the hub which also give better clearance for the front shocks. My original design extended the hubs and made them more parallel but these rub on the chosen tiers it's OK if you use a larger rim but there not in white and more of a road tread.
  12. I have made a stud less version of the classic 8865 Test Car Instructions can now be downloaded free here I would like some feedback and your opinions. I have tried to keep as many features from the original as possible including the clunky 3 speed gear box. The parts I'm least sure on is the engine also the front grill I have only used parts which have been produced by Lego in those colours which limits some design choices. I would love to have 63869 in red seeing as the Lamborghini got some in lime hoping there may be some in the new Ferrari. The front wishbones are only in grey now and you cant place the shocks in the same place so it now has a more positive rake. The original had more off road tiers and there rims are hard to get in white but it looked closer to the original than the the new ones for the current 1:8 scale cars. Some of the Blue parts are very expensive so i don't know if i should include some alternative colour schemes or can AFOLs figure it out themselves . (i don't have all the needed colour parts to build it but i substituted some of the blue for dark grey whilst working on it) One thing i have noticed building it from new beams compared to my original its a lot lighter but has more flex in the chassis the suspension is still light enough that its not to much of an issue. Here are some close ups of the engine
  13. I wonder If the rear wheel arch and flare are 2 pieces or one mould.
  14. Cardboy

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Looking like lots of cool new parts this year. The excavator looks like it has a part i could do with right now for a moc Looking forward to the reviews with part lists. I'm going to be spending quite a bit I think hope i can get some parts of Bricks & Pieces
  15. Cardboy

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    @Ngoc NguyenYou sir are a gentleman