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  1. Cardboy

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    My first set and my parents bought me the ideas book to go with it it would be another 5 years till I had enough parts to build anything in the book
  2. Cardboy

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    Hope that new charger comes with a set of ear plugs as that engine is right behind the driver with no baffle and I bet it smells a treat as well And pray you don't get an exhaust leak.
  3. Cardboy

    42115 Lamborghini

    I don't think we will see the new shocks used as suspension for this car as the Ducatti will have two in the front suspension as a much lighter that any UCS it will need to be softer. The BMW 40263 only had 1 yellow shock at the front. I can see these being used elsewhere in a possible scissor door mech. I think this will be the key USP The gear box will probably get a tweak possibly the paddle shift but the Bugatti was pretty good Being a mid engine car the engine block will be the same especially as all the new gear boxes have been at the bottom of the car and the will be space above that. It's also a hybrid but for a static car not sure your how you can show that off in Lego.
  4. Cardboy

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    I think it will be more like 911 RSR 42096 scale wheel arches as people on this site think it will be £85 price point the Corvette is only £40 may or may not get suspension and will be a simple design with a engine and super charger probably without opening doors as the one ion the movie has welded doors. I'm hoping they add some chrome / metalic silzer pieces but will probably be grey. Will still get it as who doesn't love a Dodge charger
  5. Cardboy

    [WIP] Lego Super Car

    @SNIPE Thanks I'll have to have a look at that. i had wanted to show off some more Pics but after remodelling the front and back of the chassis I was having many issues with the adjustable ride height, which keeps failing I'm adding some more bracing and getting close to a solution that fits and is not to hideous.
  6. Cardboy

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Dom's charger would be perfect for me as it should be in black with silver ascents and should be next to no stickers
  7. Cardboy

    42115 Lamborghini Says the Ducati has new suspension that damps as well as springs. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the scissor doors used these a bit like the old Enzo.
  8. Cardboy

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I think you would have been disappointed I think that would have been the Top Gear Car looking at the box and the background image
  9. Cardboy

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    That what I'm trying to do here I will tell you that motorised suspension has several issues once the car get to UCS size the wight starts to be come a problem my first attempt caused the suspension to sag so much you couldn't tell if it was up or down. Then I might just be no good Looking forward to the Lamborghini be interesting to see what innovation they can do on it the Porsche and Bugatti we all about there gear boxes. Lamborghini's usually have scissor doors so maybe we will get some cool motion. I doubt we will see many suspension innovations as most people will only care that it goes up an down.
  10. looking at the new dif do we think that the wide end on the right engages the new 28 gea? (as that has a different moulding to the current idle gears) and the left hand can accept the current gears? Be nice to see it in more detail.
  11. Thanks for the excellent app! I have used your web site for many years is it also possible to add the Gear coupler section as well? I find it really useful in working out what will fit.
  12. It looks like its been made with a 3D printer could be they had to take shots of the prototype
  13. Cardboy

    [WIP] Lego Super Car

    Wow that is amazing I'll be happy if i can just get the flap to open and close in time. I'm so far off that level of intricacy
  14. Cardboy

    [WIP] Lego Super Car

    Here are some renders of my modifications the length is about the same but it is now narrower
  15. Cardboy

    [WIP] Lego Super Car

    I have been redesigning the chassis and am reasonably happy with the front half. here is are some comparisons with the old and new one. I have increased the suspension clearance by one stud so now when the suspension is set to race the car no longer scrapes along the floor and when at full comfort height the weight of the model cant compress the suspension into the tyres. I have also moved the suspension adjustment mechanism up one stud so that I can stop using universal joints and the front and rear adjustment are in a straight line which i hope will make it more robust. the result of this is the engine has had to move up one stud as I still want the engine over the suspension and and the towards the middle of the car as it would be if this was a real car. I hope this has not made it look too high when the bonnet down. with these changes all the axels for steering drive and suspension are all now 3 studs apart which means i can clean up the gears used and reduce some of the friction. I have also now moved the HOG steering to the front (big gear) and added a HOG gear shift (smaller gear) these can be pulled out and re inserted if you don't needed them. The forward and reverse gear shift had to be moved as it was in the way of the suspension axel which also meant i had to redesign the paddle shifter it has become more compact the shifting is smooth enough but sometimes catches so may have to revisit this at some point. Below are some close ups of the new design please let me know what you think.