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Found 7 results

  1. This is a B model for the Peugeot 42156. I have wanted to make an Audi R8 for a while and with all the grey pieces from this set I thought it could be possible. It was a nice challenge to try and create the Audi shape from limited parts of the Peugeot. And I hope I have captured the major features of the R8. I have had to simulate the 4-wheel drive as the two differentials spin at different speeds and to prevent damage to the pieces I have placed a pin connector as a fake differential. You can steer the car via the steering wheel and HOG steering, the latter can also be removed for a cleaner look for the model. Due to part availability, I have chosen a street race concept with carbon fibre bonnet/hood and roof, with large rear spoiler. I know the R8 is a V10 but I hope you forgive me for a V6 The doors can be opened, and the bonnet/hood can be lifted to see the suspension. This is my first time creating a B model and I hope you like the results. The instruction can be found here: Audi R8 Quattro - B model for Peugeot 42156 Features and Functions: · opening doors, bonnet/hood · independent suspension · HOG steering · 4-wheel drive I think the area around the engine could be a better angle but I didn't have enough long beams left I think the front is not too bad.
  2. I'm pretty slow builder, but I've been busy several months now building this two models at the same time. Used to be a huge fan of Peugeot for many years and upon my research I found there are not so much of Peugeots build in LEGO! Especially, knowing how everyone like B-group rally cars. So decision was made to build the Peugeot I like the most - 205 Turbo 16 (T16). White model is Rally version (so called Evolution, not the initial version). Yellow model was used in Pikes Peaks, which uses some extra huge spoilers. Both models were built featuring as much as possible details you can do in Technic, without utilising any PF. The main features to mention: "Brick built" 4 cylinder in-line engine. double wishbone suspension on all wheels 4 wheel drive with central differential No differentials on each axle (thanks to Thirdwig for idea I found in your Audi) Opening hood, doors (lockable) and engine cover Switching from tarmac/asphalt setup to gravel is quite easy - you just need to use different attachment point for spring on a wishbone. Gravel-ready version is 2 studs higher with 62.4 wheels. Rally model features spare wheel under the hood and fuel filling places. First challenge was to built a hood of brick instead of liftarms so it could close while keeping the wheel inside. Other "brick" based challenge was the front and back with grills and lights. This was nightmare! Engine bay includes engine (how obvious!), exhaust system with turbo, intercooler and air filter. "Most important picture" not that important. All shafts are hidden inside the body, as in real car. The part I'm mostly proud of. It is a free form (in terms of Technic) but still sturdy enough to keep its form while operating an keeping removed from body. Oh, and I love that HUGE spoiler. Full roll cage is present as well. Pikes Peak version is one-sitter, while rally version has two seats. This tiny half pin keeps the door closed! More pictures on Flickr. I'm looking further to create a Dakar version too! not sure if white or yellow one thou. Stickers and building instructions for one of the models is something still in consideration. Hope you like it too!
  3. Hi Folks, let me allow to share a new creation. This replica of famous Volvo Iron Knight Race-Truck is completely built with parts only from set 42156 Peugeot 9x8 Hypercar as an alternate model (B-model). Only a copy of donor set 42156 is needed to build this iconic truck. You can buy the instructions for this model here if you're interested in building. Features & Functions openable doors on both sides HoG-steering with removable knob independent push rod suspension in front and back V6-engine with moving pistons connected to rear differential openable lid in back to see suspension working Volvo brand with no sticker detailed design and interior lights that are glowing in the dark modular building with splitted premium PDF-instructions measures 44cm x 20cm x 18cm Impressions Headlights Lights in front are made with fluorescent bars from donor set to represent instantly recognizable headlights. A Lego addicted heart beats higher for the first time when the iconic V-shaped lights are glowing in the dark. No custom sticker Thanks to the inventory I'm happy to share my first model with a completely brick built front to recognize Volvo's brand only with pieces from 42156 and without any need for custom sticker. Suspension The model uses a soft push rod suspension in front and back. Due the fact that this truck is two studs shorter in wide than its base model, the suspension design is not only a simple copy, but an own approach with a way different building instead. Through an openable lid in the back, the suspension can be watched working. Steering Driving and steering the truck works directly with a steering knob on top of the cabin. This steering knob is removable and can be easily pulled out for better displaying the model. Engine The real Iron Knight uses a straight 6 piston engine instead of V6. Due limited inventory and missing crankshaft parts, it was not possible to form a straight working engine out of V6. Some compromises are made here and as a result, this alternate model uses a working V6-engine with moving pistons. Instructions & building process Premium instructions for this model comes in two separate PDF-files with high quality images and building steps very close to the original Lego Technic ones to ensure a satisfying building experience. Building this Iron Knight alternate model starts with the 249 pages long main PDF to finish the rear end first with differential and suspension included. The second instruction file takes over to assemble the entire front section together with a suspension and steering system you never built before. After 132 pages the front section becomes married with the rear end. Frames and structural elements are added to make the model solid. The working V6-engine becomes attached and connected to the rear differential through drivetrain. More parts are added to form characteristic lines and shapes, getting closer to a real looking Volvo Iron Knight. Some parts of the cabin are attached and the drivers seat and doors take place at their final spot of the model. After 381 pages of joyful building in total, this Volvo Iron Knight alternate model is finished in all glory and ready to drive on your shelf or desk. Grab instructions here Crafted in Sweden. Rebricked with passion in germany. Have fun with this 42156 Volvo Iron Knight alternate build. Follow me on Instagram
  4. Dear Eurobricks fans, I wanted to share with you one of the favourite speed Champs MOC I've created: The mighty Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Evolution 2 Rally car This little beast is regarded by many rally fans as the most successful racing car ever It dominated the WRC championship in the mighty (and rather scary) Group B, winning both pilot and constructor's titles in 1985 & 1986 I thought it was time to pay a Lego tribute to both this astonishing Peugeot racing car and the legendary Group B WRC era My Lego project features a very realistic and detailed racing car in full action in its natural rally 'habitat' The vehicle comes with a lot of interesting details: An accurate shape and proportions (not easy to at this scale) Multiple stickers reproducing faithfully the Peugeot Talbot Sport racing colours, main sponsors, headlights, rear lights and Tailgate... A polished and detailed interior including a beautiful reinforcement frame behind the driver’s seat I hope you will like it and don't hesitate to share your feedback here! Finally, this set is currently gathering support on the official Lego Ideas website. If you wish to, you can also vote for it on the following link: Thanks! Fabrice
  5. Hi guys! Until I receive the missing pieces for my TIE Interceptor and my TAS Batmobile... (Follow me on Instagram, Flick or Facebook ;) ), I quickly made a try for the Peugeot Spinner from Blade Runner 2049 (French power! ;) ) with pieces I have in my room. I tried to be closed to the minifig's scale. It's not very nice... I prefer my other MOCs I find better than this... I like the inside and the rear of the vehicle but not the rest... The small drone! And a full inside ! If you want to build it I made a fast tutorial! Maybe too fast... Send me an e-mail if you have problem for the building process! (The stickers come from the First order snow speeder and the Rogue One AT-ST but I'm not sure) Link for the parts list on Rebrickable : Let me know what do you think about this MOC? :) If you have build my MOCs, could you send me a picture? I will be very happy to see if my work is around the world! :D Keep on building in a free world! You can see my other topics : TIE Fighter (SW Rebels Design) : ITT : [MOC] ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) from SW Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype : [MOC] TIE Advanced Prototype (aka Inquisitor's TIE) from SW Rebels A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) : [MOC] A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) Batman's Batmech : [MOC] Batman's Batmech Speeder Bike 614-AVA : [MOC] Speeder bike 614-AvA
  6. Good day. I've been building this for the past 2 weeks, but haven't really succeeded. This is a model of 1991 peugeot supermini - 106. Features: -solid axle suspension on front and independent(?) on rear -Buggy Motor for FWD -BuWizz -working steering wheel -detailed interior -openable hood and doors I've been posting photo updates and got some critisism regarding it's looks without panels. I tried fixing that , but I don't want to use technic panels, I prefer the studded look of the model. One of the most problematic areas is the front not having enough slope and the headlights being slightly off. That's why I would like to ask for recommendations regarding this build, because I'm running out of ideas. Photos below, LDD in progress. The front axle is inspired by Piterx's Panda 4x4 one, but has been changed with my parts selection. Bricksafe gallery
  7. The 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours came and Audi Sport-Team Joest was still the team to beat in Circuit de la Sarthe. They've only been defeated twice, and one of those defeats came from a car that used to power an R8C, and after Peugeot got one off Audi's streak in 2009, the four-ringed brand and their R15 TDI went at it again, and even a big rules change in 2011 did not stop Audi-Joest from taking wins left and right when they made the R18. Naturally, the opponents had to match the clout of Ingolstadt. Peugeot's 908 and Toyota's TS030 Hybrid (along with a Swiss team, Rebellion Racing, which was the lone non-KERS coal burner in the LMP1 world for this decade), stalked Audi from the back, occasionally leading and very much giving Audi a fight. The 908 had a far better chance of taking 2011's spoils from the R18 ultra, while Toyota boxed well with Audi when the Pugs left from 2013 onwards. All the while Porsche said they wanted to join the party her sister was holding at la Sarthe, and when the 919 Hybrid came, Porsche fans rejoiced in the return of the original king of Le Mans. 2014 was a blockbuster hit, but Audi still won. Alright, so there's the backstory behind my builds, which are Tiny-Turbo-scale models of the LMP1's that competed from 2011-2014. I built these cars in the style I saw from //prototyp, using LEGO Digital Designer, and rendered thanks to Tom.Netherton. Here they are together: (Top line, L-R: Toyota TS030 Hybrid and Porsche 919 Hybrid. Bottom line, L-R: Audi R18 e-tron quattro (2014-spec), Rebellion-Oreca R-One, and Peugeot 908 Hybrid4 in 2011-spec 908 livery) Sorry, but singles pictures will come tomorrow morning. I have to sleep. I have stirred awake! Here comes the pictures, with links to the bigger one on the names. Porsche 919 Hybrid Toyota TS040 Hybrid Rebellion-Oreca R-One Peugeot 908 Audi R18 e-tron quattro