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  1. The 3L axle and pin connector is dbg on the official images too. It looks darker due to the shadows. But it's def. not black if the part list also shows them in dbg.
  2. With the help of the official high resolution images, 360° video and partial part list available on lego.com. At this scale it's fairly easy.
  3. Good spot. And looks like they dropped the carbon fiber stickers on the panels too to be more accurate to the source car. The funny thing is that pre-production model is still depicted on the back of the box and it shows the non-existing stickers.
  4. Over-engineered but such fabulous work and perfect timing with the RL revealed truck. Congrats!
  5. This set is 100% in bright light orange (aka flame yellowish orange) and dark blue.
  6. You can check out the partial part list on PaB to see that the axles used are regular 4L for the rear sprockets. There is only 1 4L with stop in dbg. Edit: And here is my Studio model. I am only left with one 3L pin with axle which I can't find a place for. Maybe someone can figure it out. Extra small red panels replaces with small #21+22 since not available yet. 42148.io Very cool functions for a 10€ set.
  7. Of course the rear axle is split into 2x 4L and the rims are the axle hole version. You want to be able to steer after all.
  8. Well, it most certainly looks like it is quadruple thread, pitch 1L and lead 4L. So with every turn you'll move 4 studs axially. If my eyes don't trick me, I see a blue axle end and I recon it's a new 20L that goes all the way through.
  9. https://www.lego.com/cdn/cs/set/assets/bltd3f162aab40c70f1/42147_v1.mp4
  10. Cross referencing the part list and part count I concluded that the dumping linkage is constructed like this: Here's my Studio file: 42147.io
  11. I am actually working on it. Will be ready in about 1-2 hours.
  12. Like GTS said and here's how it works in this set:
  13. Fork assembly sliding on the 2 long beams and connected through linkages to pivoting arm driven by worm gear.