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  1. R0Sch

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Thanks for your suggestions that the middle part is also 7 wide. Wasn't easy to modify it.
  2. R0Sch

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Thanks, but Studio does all the work, I just click on a button ;) I really liked the challenge and it took me only 10 hours. Too bad the new PU hubs can only connect either 2 motors or 1 motor + 1 light. Really annoyed me on the passenger train as well.
  3. R0Sch

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Ok, so I modeled as much as I can from the leaked image. What I cannot know is how the interior looks like but I guess the 3 studs wide Motor (shown here a WeDo 2.0 Motor for reference) can be placed inside the front and/or back and the BT-hub will have enough place inside the middle section since it's exactly 6 studs wide. Or, what would be really crazy a new type of BT-hub including twin power for big train wheels with an axle distance of 11 studs. I really wonder how this train will be able to take the tight R40 curves with the front/back wheel pairs at 9 stud distance. All trains so far had a consistent 7stud distance between powered axles. I guess with the bigger wheels it's possible. Fun trivia: I am pretty sure both torsos from the 2 included minifigures will be Alan Grant's medium blue shirt from JP.
  4. R0Sch

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I have started to reverse engineer the new 10277 set based on the blurry and small images alone and came up with this. What is already clear that the axles are in front/back section 9 stud apart and the middle section 11 studs apart so a new design of Powered Up train motor will come out to motorize the set. I read it will have the nr. 88013 and will be combined with 88009 hub.
  5. R0Sch

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    Off-topic: This bike is an engineering wonder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k1fi0jJX0s On-topic: I hate rubber bands in LEGO sets since they don't last long on shelves (stretch out, get brittle and break). Whenever I get access to I remove them to not be under stress when displaying sets. And seeing this model one band is twice as stretched out as the other. TLG used to include extra rubber bands in older sets but now they don't and I can't understand what the big deal would be besides the few cents on-cost.
  6. R0Sch

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    I like the new Ducati it's a must buy for me. But I would have preferred an air-spring shock absorber like the 32181c04. It would have been more expensive to produce but certainly a better and more realistic part for all future Technic sets and MOCs. I guess we will also never again see a revamp of the adjustable 48912c01 shock absorber.
  7. Wonder if that new diff assembly is similar to efferman's 3D printed designs, cause then it would make sense why TLG took down ALL compatible 3D custom parts from thingiverse, shapeways etc this year...so they can make their own parts without people saying it was copied.
  8. R0Sch

    Review: Creator Expert 10269 Harley-Davidson

    I wanted to see how the new HD Fat Boy would look with chrome silver and flat silver parts instead of bley before ordering from bricklink. So I spent the last 3 days building it up in Stud.io using only @Sariel speed build video and part list, stopping frame-by-frame to get a good look at the parts. I don't think full chrome would hurt this LEGO model even though the real motorcycle has some satin chrome finish. Here is a short video I made: and some gifs: At this time the rims, fat back tire and 28 tooth gear are not available in Stud.io. But I kind of like the spoke design wheels better for a chopper and the designer also used black ones in one of his prototypes. Sorry about the floating renders, it's due to rotated wheels.
  9. R0Sch

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Here is the first review of 70424: https://www.promobricks.de/lego-hidden-side-70424-geisterzug-express-review/83905 People on train groups are not happy about the new wheels and wheel holders.
  10. R0Sch

    42098 - Car Transporter

    Official images from LEGO have appeared here: Link Also for the 4x4 and Spider Crane.
  11. It's strange that the part list shows only 4x 7 stud diameter wheels but this image shows two bigger 11 stud diameter wheels with different fixing points.
  12. R0Sch

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Yes, it was stated at the N├╝rnberg Toy Fair although it would be a waste to use a total of 12 ports for 7 motors so they may well be different hubs then.
  13. R0Sch

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I took some screenshots from the presentation video to better show the different elements and part list of the Spike set. Hope these parts will be included in the 2H2019 Technic sets in normal colors as well. Maybe the Liebherr Excavator will use the same hub as the Spike set since it has 6 outputs and seems to be compatible with Powered Up motors.
  14. R0Sch

    [MOC] Fus Ro Dah !

    Awesome diorama and building technique! If only we had Skyrim Sets in stores instead of them stupid Overwatch...