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  1. R0Sch

    Review: Creator Expert 10269 Harley-Davidson

    I wanted to see how the new HD Fat Boy would look with chrome silver and flat silver parts instead of bley before ordering from bricklink. So I spent the last 3 days building it up in Stud.io using only @Sariel speed build video and part list, stopping frame-by-frame to get a good look at the parts. I don't think full chrome would hurt this LEGO model even though the real motorcycle has some satin chrome finish. Here is a short video I made: and some gifs: At this time the rims, fat back tire and 28 tooth gear are not available in Stud.io. But I kind of like the spoke design wheels better for a chopper and the designer also used black ones in one of his prototypes. Sorry about the floating renders, it's due to rotated wheels.
  2. R0Sch

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Here is the first review of 70424: https://www.promobricks.de/lego-hidden-side-70424-geisterzug-express-review/83905 People on train groups are not happy about the new wheels and wheel holders.
  3. R0Sch

    42098 - Car Transporter

    Official images from LEGO have appeared here: Link Also for the 4x4 and Spider Crane.
  4. It's strange that the part list shows only 4x 7 stud diameter wheels but this image shows two bigger 11 stud diameter wheels with different fixing points.
  5. R0Sch

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Yes, it was stated at the Nürnberg Toy Fair although it would be a waste to use a total of 12 ports for 7 motors so they may well be different hubs then.
  6. R0Sch

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I took some screenshots from the presentation video to better show the different elements and part list of the Spike set. Hope these parts will be included in the 2H2019 Technic sets in normal colors as well. Maybe the Liebherr Excavator will use the same hub as the Spike set since it has 6 outputs and seems to be compatible with Powered Up motors.
  7. R0Sch

    [MOC] Fus Ro Dah !

    Awesome diorama and building technique! If only we had Skyrim Sets in stores instead of them stupid Overwatch...
  8. R0Sch

    Ideas for CMFs

    Hey Roberto, great new minifig designs, as always. The Giraffe Guy from the New CMF LEGO Movie 2 Series seems to resemble very much like your Series A Giraffe Guy. The Dragon Suit guy from Series 18 is also similar. Does TLG give you any credit or do they just copy your ideas? Why not sell them the designs or do a cooperation with TLG? I would rather see your minifigs then this constant BS of licensed minifigs. You keep everything classical, with 16 minifigs per pack and a good box distribution as it should be. Miss the times when a bag cost 1.99€.
  9. R0Sch

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hopefully the 500€ HP set will not be just a bigger Hogwarts castle with the same minifigures as 75954.
  10. The good: Some costumed minifigs in this Series have beautiful design (like the dragon) and are loved by many fans of LEGO. The bad: repetitive characters (2x balloon kids, 2x brick costumes) or too similar to previous releases (unicorn, clown), 17 minifigs instead of 16/20 like before (anyone who displays CMF's on 48x48 baseplates like me will understand) The ugly: orange baseplates (ruins anyone's display look, as if Batman 2 CMF wasn't bad enough with a useless logo print), that cat costume just looks wrong I don't want to repeat myself through multiple forum threads but there are enough examples of standard (non-licenced) minifigs that TLG could create without the need to make dozens of new part moulds and justify increasing CMF price tags, like these ideas here: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/132488-some-ideas-for-cmfs/. Besides, if I want a classic looking minifigure I can just buy an original, used one on ebay (parents almost sell them off for pennies after their kids grow up). So I think the re-issue of a 1978 police minifig is useless.
  11. R0Sch

    Ideas for CMFs

    Roberto, TLG should take example of your creative ideas and go back to the normal collectible minifigures which were perfectly fine until these expensive, licensed, crappy minifigs came up. Now there are rumors Harry Potter will be next. There are so many possibilities with designing new minifigures that one has to wonder why TLG made so many repetitions of the same type in both genders. I really hope to see some day your designs on the shelves while you get the credit you deserve. Or maybe in the future we will be able to design our own LEGO minifigures and pay&print them. Keep up the good work!
  12. R0Sch

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The posters are available in Germany too, but the day 1 posters of the MF were already sold out in the afternoon when I got there. Hope I will get #2 and #3 tomorrow since Sunday the Store will be closed.
  13. R0Sch

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Today I saw the UCS MF in the LEGO Store Cologne on display. What a huge LEGO ship! But disappointing minifigures if you own 75105 already. https://ibb.co/m54umv
  14. The LEGO Store in Cologne has the UCS MF on display in it's full glory (see https://ibb.co/m54umv). I never saw it in RL before. It's f...ing huge. Unfortunately I didn't win ithe MF at the promotion game in the Store but the consolation price was a free 30611 Because I own 75105 as well (and all smaller MF sets) I am very disappointed with the range of minifigures the UCS MF has. I was expecting more then 2 exclusives and 2 useless porgs. The store worker told me they don't know how many sets they will get on 14th Sept. but he was afraid it will be like an iPhone release so there is no way to guarantee a reservation can be fulfilled.