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  1. Here's my reverse engineered MRT Scanner. There are multiple versions on the web but this is based on the official set and part list from brickset. Enjoy! 4000041.io
  2. LEGO sure loves their rainbow. These new cam and piston pieces are weird. But they do allow the pistons to move even without gravity helping keep the pistons down. Never saw a 3L axle with stud being marked as a 3.2 before and LEGO also calls it officially "CROSSAXLE 3M WITH KNOB".
  3. Just a little disappointing to do their tedious market research for free. In the end they will release these merch products at a premium price from Room Copenhagen or the likes and not many will afford them anyway. All I want is a glow in the dark ghost lamp or a goat plushie. I'm sure most will chose T-shirts and upscaled stuff.
  4. I expected at least 50 Insiders points for this long and detailed survey. What a rip-off! At least it was anonymous.
  5. Based on part list, the videos from the box QR code and some more images found online, I think I'll be able to reverse engineer it.
  6. Hi there LEGO fans, I know set 4000041 was given to hospitals all around the world to make kids less scared of MRI scans and there even were attempts on Ideas to make one as an official set. I think this MRI Scanner would look good in any City hospital, so I would like to rebuild it digitally and post the Studio model here on the forum. Maybe even do an auto-generated instruction for it, since there is none available at lego. Does anyone have access to this set and could post more detailed images of it here? I know it came pre-assembled and didn't contain any instructions when given out, as posted here by a medical staff: https://brickset.com/article/106487/random-part-of-the-day-upper-part-for-turntable-z60-no-2
  7. Depends which dimensions you mean. The length is 6 the width is 4L.
  8. Oh boy, just saw the McLaren MP4/4 Senna reviews. Those new A-frame pieces with included axles and the 2K-molded wheels are pretty useless outside F1 cars unless you want to make drift cars where you need hard rubber wheels.
  9. Wow! Nice alternative. Looks cool too. I would suggest to use "black rubber" for the wheels as a color though. @msk6003
  10. I think they just changed the material from PA to POM. You can hear the difference by dropping them on the table. The old pins made a nice clicking sound when fully inserted, these new pins are soft and garbage. They deform just by looking at them. I think part re-usability and durability will be a big topic with more modern sets. Yes, the older parts had a tendency to break under load and left on shelves too long, but at least the clutch power would not drop to zero after a few inserts. Gear skipping is another consequence of the material change. From what I can see CaDA is still using the "classic" materials for pins, axles and gears.
  11. This D&D CMF Series could prove to be more popular than any of the other licensed ones before. The alternative heads and class/race customization alone means that many fans will buy multiple boxes of each, maybe even whole display boxes. I for one will do that. Hopefully the Designers paid close attention to Baldur's Gate 3 and the D&D 5e rulebook. I know of at least one passionate tabletop-er that is infiltrated amongst their ranks, #@grohl ;)
  12. R0Sch

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    I mean I expect them to correct the city names on the physical box and instructions too. Just like they did with the UCS Republic Gunship.
  13. R0Sch

    Dune 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Since so many reviews are out there, I noticed a problem with the wing blades being warped and drooping more on some parts than the other. So I wonder if this is a quality issue linked to a specific tool cavity number. Could you help in gathering some data to check this theory? For the owners who already built this set please write down the numbers written on the blades next to 5240 and the level of pre-bending like this: 5240 07-HN01 - no / little / medium / strong bend This just doesn't look good and it's not because the blades are too soft and gravity bends them down: Even the lifestyle pics on lego.com show the drooping blades:
  14. Now looking back at 7189 Mill Village Raid with 663 pieces, 6 minifigures and 7 animals feels like a real bargain and it wasn't exactly cheap at the time costing 70$.