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  1. R0Sch

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here is the Studio file, this time with the correct parts and colours based on The Brothers Brick review: 40532 Vintage Taxi.io
  2. Would have been awesome if the liftable object was a SpaceX Starship with Super Heavy Booster.
  3. R0Sch

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here is my attempt to reverse engineer the Vintage Taxi from the images. I think the bonnet is a new part. Also torso and head of the minifigure are new prints. The head strongly reminds me of the old castle minifigure head with red moustache and sideburns (3626bpx122), so maybe a hint to a Castle themed 90th anniversary set? The torso has this print but the shirt will be medium blue instead of lbg:
  4. Thanks to StoneWars for the new January Technic part list: Black 6407066 80286 0,36 € Black 6378464 49151 0,32 € Black 6365679 79505 1,39 € Black 6380021 80267 1,70 € Black 6380030 80268 1,70 € Black 6330607 71721 6,00 € Black 6330608 71722 14,20 € Bright Red/ Red 6378120 89678 0,10 € Bright Red/ Red 6362552 80267 1,71 € Bright Red/ Red 6362553 80268 1,71 € Bright Yellowish Green/ Lime 6327441 25214 0,24 € Bright Yellowish Green/ Lime 6370401 71682 0,61 € Bright Yellowish Green/ Lime 6370399 42531 0,75 € Dark Stone Grey/ Dark Bluish Gray 6407065 80286 0,36 € Medium Blue 6373366 22961 0,23 € Medium Blue 6372246 71682 0,61 € Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray 6345502 6575 0,33 € Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray 6327007 18945 1,52 € Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray 6317177 69636 1,92 € Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray 6364922 79717 7,88 € Titanium Metallic/ Pearl Dark Gray 6328490 67498 6,40 € Warm Gold/ Pearl Gold 6385882 62701 0,35 € White 6345328 71709 0,79 €
  5. Yeah, they are already existing: 64448 and 64449. No need to reinvent the wheel. Oh and a few of the 73843 2x6x2 counterweight bricks.
  6. Motorized landing gear makes more sense, side door could also open with linear actuators similar to Osprey ramp. There are 2 winches, so at least one of them should be motorized. Also the individual rotor tilting is another function which could be motorized as well if space allows.
  7. I learned from the promobricks livestream that the crane will actually have the main boom, back mast, plus the extension jib to achieve the whooping 1.5m height including the mobile derrick ballast. Seeing Aleh's Liebherr LR 11000 MOC, I guess the part count is realistic for the size, but then the price of 600$ is just outrageous.
  8. I really hope it won't be a LeMans Hypercar because of the many stickers in that case. Could be this LaFerrari successor prototype:
  9. According to Promobricks, this set will be the world's most powerful crawler crane, the Liebherr LR13000, with 2882 pieces and cost 600$, making it the most expensive Technic set ever, especially considering the low part count. The full height is expected to be 1,5m tall and motorized via Control+. My personal opinion is that the part count must be wrong for this size.
  10. According to Promobricks, this set will be an Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter with 2001 pieces costing 200$ with a red and yellow color scheme with manual motorization (probably Control+ dumb battery box), 5 large rotor blades that can be tilted.
  11. According to Promobricks, the set will be a Waste Handler with pneumatics (2 cylinders are new in grey) similar to the Sennebogen 825 Mobile (with wheels, not tracks) and will cost 140$ with 835 pieces.
  12. Any hypercar from 2022 is a potential candidate but a previous licensing partner is most likely and nothing that Cada or MK did before. A white supercar is also likely judging by the new 2022 recolors of Technic parts. My best guess would be the new Koenigsegg or the Aston Martin Valhalla.
  13. With the success of gaming titles like Forza Horizon 5, I don't think supercars are dead at all. It is almost a cliche to want to have what the rich people get even if it's a toy model of the real thing. Judging from previous releases, LEGO will most likely reveal the supercar at the same time the RL model is revealed, so probably a car that is still a secret like the upcoming Koenigsegg.
  14. It's not the first and surely not the last time TLG does this. The Concrete Mixer Truck 42112 was also silently fixed and updated. The pistons were getting stuck due to the longer axles. Camshaft design and pistons had to be changed.
  15. Why do you quote StoneWars? Don't you have your own whistle-blowers and spies?