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  1. R0Sch

    [RUMORS] 4x4 Mercedes Zetros

    Are you guys sure about the 6x6 and C+ for the Zetros set? Was really hoping for an offroad 4x4 Unimog style truck with pneumatic compressor and manual functions. I was really disappointed by the Volvo Hauler from last year... too heavy, too slow and the automated gearbox didn't help if all it can do is drive in 1st gear due to lack of torque. Also if a flagship CAT Bulldozer and Zetros are released in the same year, it means the CAT will be most probably designed by Kossi and the Zetros not, which again is unfortunate because he created the wonderful Unimog. Maybe Milan or Michael will be the designers.
  2. 88015 Technic Battery Box is available as of today for 30GBP / 35 EUR on lego website... it says compatible with Control+ App. Compatible as in not interfering with other smart hubs or what? :) https://www.lego.com/en-gb/product/battery-box-88015
  3. LEGO Catalogue was published in NZ.
  4. Good news, according to promobricks.de the Osprey battery box was sighted on a polish shop. Box looks like this and it costs around 30€. But not on stock.
  5. R0Sch

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Everyone assumes there is no difference between the old Saturn V 21309 set and the new 92176 because the piece count did not change and the pics look the same, but aside from the different box sizes, the new set actually includes a design fix which was admitted by the designer Carl Merriam as a "mistake" that was forgotten. In the new version a 2x4 dbg plate was changed to a 2x4 Technic plate for the lunar lander bottom. This fix makes sure the small black booster stays stuck on the module when taking it off the moon surface (lbg 2x2 tile round with stud) because the Technic holes have tighter grip that the anti-studs. This is the only difference I found when comparing the instructions other than some element number changes for identical parts. Here is the difference (left old, right new):
  6. R0Sch

    REVIEW | 10274 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

    Of course the windshield is not available to order through CS... would have been too easy to have spare parts for a recent and popular set. Or the complaints were so numerous that they already "sold" them all.
  7. R0Sch

    REVIEW | 10274 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

    @VBBN , @Boettner Builds Here is how my windows look like... unacceptable. Will call customer service tomorrow morning. Problem is, I'm afraid the replacement parts will come in even worse condition, cause my experience so far is they throw everything in a zip bag together with all other parts and that gets shipped in an oversized padded envelope by standard mail.
  8. R0Sch

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    It's just a theory, but could the cancellation of the Osprey and the need to recycle the unsold sets perhaps have influenced the decision to use two L motors, instead of a XL for drive + L for steering as in 42109? Or do you think 100 less parts mean it's lighter and doesn't need so much torque? The bigger wheels only make it faster, so I propose a tug of war contest between the two models to see who the winner is for the same priced C+ set.
  9. R0Sch

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    Yes, of course it's cheaper on BL. But even if it's half the price it's still ok value. Just saying.
  10. R0Sch

    42122 Jeep Wrangler

    It also contains at least three of the new 2x3 panels in yellow :D
  11. R0Sch

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    It's not even that expensive considering how much LEGO is charging for the separate C+ components. 80€ smart hub, 35€ for each motor. Those 3 alone would cost 150€! This set is like the Top Gear car a great donor for C+ parts when it will be sold with the usual 30% discount like every Technic set.
  12. R0Sch

    42123 McLaren Senna GTR

    Yep. https://www.newelementary.com/2020/11/2021-lego-technic-42123-mclaren-senna.html#more
  13. R0Sch

    42123 McLaren Senna GTR

    I guess the new 2x3 panel has a single pin in the middle and connects to the middle T-Liftarm. The other black pins are standard 2L.
  14. R0Sch

    42123 McLaren Senna GTR

    Cool, I just guessed based on the seat color that he might be behind it. Glad it's him.
  15. R0Sch

    42123 McLaren Senna GTR

    I don't know that for sure if he is the designer.