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Found 51 results

  1. This little polybag deserves it's own topic. Let's continue to show our love for the Technic polybags. May their reign never end! Set nr.: 30682 Name: NASA Mars Rover Perseverance Parts: 83 Age: 7+ Price: 3.99 Euro Release date / availability: 01.01.2024 / limited retail Number of functions: plenty (worm gear driven arm, rocker-bogie suspension, adjustable arm and drill head, rotating camera head) First review: Brickset First digital model:
  2. I'm so glad the Technic polybags are still on-going. The small ones deserve a separate topic too, so here you go. Set nr: 30655 Name: Forklift with Pallet Parts: 78 Age: 8+ Price: 3.99 Euro Release: January 1st 2023
  3. The contests continue! This one is pretty simple: Choose any Polybag sized set produced by LEGO and turn it into a Ninjago version. Ninjago City Street Sweeper? We need that! Ninja-Lawn Groomer? Get building! The prize is for first place is: Ninja Glider The winner and four runners up also get their pic of a nifty ninja tag: The rules are simple: Create a Ninja version of a LEGO polybag set. No service packs, Foil bags or CMFs sorry. You do not need to use Ninjago parts, but the set has to look like it will fit the theme. Make a thread titled: [Polybag] ---- Include a picture or link of the set you have based the MOC on. Digital Entries are permitted No clone brands please Have fun! The contest ends on 31/5/19 at midnight. So please get your entries online by then. Winners are chosen by public vote. Any questions? I am happy to help.
  4. Probably should've done this one first. LDD link here. Using this classic poly as a basis, managed to pull together a more modernized model with a subtly "mechanical" aesthetic (being Zane and all) and a bit more (hopefully requited) flair in . Should've added tan or "plastic wings" just for the sake of color, but it's too late to change the render now, isn't it? And back shot. That red button is a homage to the original, but does play a role in the principal function: it can be pressed to let the wings, uh, "flutter." I dunno if I need to add much to this beyond a couple lines, but do click the links if you can. The LDD one in particular has some neat insight into the model's function. Edit: I've added the words "plastic wings" above. This doesn't negate the entry, does it?
  5. I always wanted to do some sort of food vendor or cart that could fit into the Ninjago theme, so this contest and the 2018 Hotdog Cart were the perfect reason to do something. IMG_20190530_204218 I decided to give this whole cart a different approach and build a tricycle with a fun-sized pagoda roof on top. IMG_20190530_204143 IMG_20190530_204133 IMG_20190530_204047 IMG_20190530_203950 Hope everyone likes this tiy thing, have some tasty hotdogs Ninjago style!
  6. My entry for Ninjago Polybag Contest: I chose an older set, Underwater Scooter, and recreate like this:
  7. I don't have any Ninjago sets or this particular Polybag, however this was fun to make. Replaced Drone with Bat-Creature (head, wings and legs can move) Replaced Cop with Winged Ninja Replaced Criminal with a Captain Soto inspired Pirate figure (set 70591)
  8. Hi it has been a while since my last review of 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition on 24 January. Endgame will be showing in the cinema this 24th April and I'm very excited for the movie! Let's put on the Quantum Realm suit and go time travel! The Polybag I got this one as a gift from @makoy and it's my precious now. Thank you so much my friend. The bag looks pretty clean with white background like those Quantum suits and the front art features Iron Man Mark 85 and the content of the bag. Here is the two paged instruction of a small build of Iron Man in Quantum suit and Dum-E. As you can see, there's still room for advertisement of other Avengers Endgame LEGO sets at the top right corner of the first page. The Minifigure. Here is the main character of the set featuring Iron Man in Quantum suit. This is the exact same Quantum suit (torso and legs) of the other sets so it is not so 'exclusive' to the set as you can take the helmet and mark 50's Tony Stark head to put on other Quantum suit. Tony's head is also the exact same Mark 50's head. But this will be exclusive when you need to take a group photo of all of them wearing the same suit with different heads. About the suit, despite being so common in this series, it is actually a very clean and nice looking suit with the matt finish of the center part of the torso, Avengers logo and a pinch of reds sprinkled on the torso and legs. Good thing is the legs are also printed makes it look cooler. The Build Dum-E. This is a simple build of Dum-E that assists Tony in his lab. The design of this build is simple yet wonderful. The base is actually resembling its wheels with the use of two black 1x1 round plate. The connector between the arm and the base is kind of 'decorated' by some yellow bricks and connected with the blue technic pin in the middle. The mechanical arm of this build is actually one hinged arm and can only be moved upward and downward. However as it goes nearer to the flame, the articulation improves by the use of this Light Bluish Gray Bar 1L with 1 x 1 Round Plate with Hollow Stud which makes 360 degree rotation of the flame possible. The Light Bluish Gray Bar 1L with Top Stud and 2 Side Studs which connects the flame part also helped in articulation of the mechanical arm. The 'play' feature of this polybag is kind of making Iron Man fly with the help of the Trans-Clear Bar 12L with 1 x 2 Plate End Hollow Studs and 1 x 1 Round Plate End and the Trans-Clear Dish 4 x 4 Inverted (Radar) with Open Stud which is labeled NEW part in Bricklink. I really loved the dish and bar here which can be used to make lots of other things fly and helped a lot in LEGO flight photography! Conclusion This set features the new design of Dum-E which can be easily MOC out and the 'exclusive' Iron Man minifigure. To me it is quite special that the Iron Man here uses the round trans blue tile instead of plate which is quite surprising yet interesting. Other than that it is a quite simple polybag to me. Review SummaryPlayability: 6/10 - Very simple posing features of Dum-E and flying Iron Man.Design / Building Experience: 6/10 - Very simple build.Minifigures: 8/10 - The Quantum suit is actually very nicely designed and printed.Price / Value for money: 8/10 - It is a free promotional item. But it is a priceless gift for me by a very good friend.Overall: 8/10 - A crucial polybag to be collected if you really need a complete Quantum suit Avengers. It can still be replaced by putting iron man head on the other Quantum torso and legs. After some research in bricklink, the NEW Dish 4 x 4 Inverted (Radar) with Open Stud is actually exclusive to this polybag! So it's a worthy polybag after all. Hope you enjoy the review, do share your thoughts in the comments!
  9. Finally got my copy of this polybag, Star-stuck emmet! And here is my video review. THE GOOD: Exclusive facial expression for Emmet and The Star. Interesting opening and closing mechanism in such a small build. THE BAD: Availability ... either you get it via the game promotion or have to source it from Brinklink or Ebay. The build while interesting it's not very good to look at so more likely to become part of my parts inventory. Overall, this is one of the better polybags with exclusives elements and interesting build. Again, the only negative would be the availability of the set.
  10. I was at LEGOLAND Florida yesterday and they were selling another Friends flower. Polybag 30408 is two tulips in a pot with a brick built bee. I usually see some polybag in January that I have a hard time finding later in the year.
  11. Long-time member, sometime speaker. I thought it was time to get more active in the AFOL community, so I've started a YouTube channel. The first batch of videos will consist of my reviews of the new Harry Potter sets and Collectable Minifigure Series. Please find the first video, a review of the polybag 30407: Harry's Journey to Hogwarts, below. I'll add more reviews as I make them. Apologies for the varying picture quality. It's my first try! And I'm thinking: I should probably include more close-ups of the actual LEGO next time... Still, I hope this proves useful and/or entertaining to you. Thanks!
  12. Hey guys! Long time lurker/member, but have only recently started visiting the site again. Unfortunately, I've been hit with some unexpected expenses recently, so I'm selling off my sealed box collection I've amassed over the past few years. Without further ado, here's some pictures of what I have to sell (only sale at this point, no trades sorry): Rancor Pit (75005) = $85 Gungan Sub (9499) = $100 Republic Swamp Speeder (8091) = $35 UCS Naboo Starfighter (10026) = $650 Brickley (3300001) = $40 and Droids Battle Pack (7654) = $30 Brutaka (8734) = $100 Too many to list, ask for specifics! The Lego Store Grand Opening 2012 (140 out of 500 -- Nashville, TN) = negotiable and Monster Fighters promotional polybag (5000644-1) = $35 Feel free to PM me if you need another picture or clarification on anything, as some of the boxes do have wear on them or are bent/slightly scuffed; prices are negotiable! In most cases shipping is not included, though I'll never charge more than what it actually is and I'll combine if you buy multiple sets. A little info about me: live in the US (Alabama), no pets and don’t smoke, and have +22 positive feedback on the Straightshooter’s List (albeit that was from a couple years ago haha). I’d be willing to ship outside the US, but the buyer would have to pay for the extra shipping + insurance so I’d like to keep it local if possible. Thanks for looking!
  13. kaelthas

    [Review] 30611 R2-D2 Polybag

    Hi today I'm reviewing the very nice and exclusive version of the famous Astromech Droid, R2-D2 in polybag 30611. Overview Name: 30611 R2-D2 Theme: Star Wars Year: 2017 Pieces: 70 Minifigures: One Brick Built Figure Price: Free from and LEGO Brand Stores with qualifying LEGO Star Wars purchases, May 2017. This is the front and back for the polybag. You can see R2 is standing on the sand scene, maybe going different direction from C3PO after a little fight. At the back of the pack, you can peek through the translucent part and see the head of R2 hiding inside. Open the polybag and bring out my beloved R2-D2! I liked the design of the polybag art where you can feel the heat of the desert already. *C3PO and Jawa are not included in this set. They will be in pictures below for illustration purpose. The plastic bag material is quite fragile, so you need to be very gentle or else the whole thing will be thorn apart and you'll need to pick up the pieces scattered on the floor. The first thing I took out was the big head of R2. Inside you'll get a small bag of smaller parts, an instruction booklet, and other parts listed in the picture below. *C3PO and Jawa and small R2D2 are not included in this set. They will be in pictures below for illustration purpose. These are the parts included in the set. Quite a few technic pins and parts for articulation and curved top bricks for the body of R2-D2. Wake up R2, the Jawas are going to sell us or melt us! I prefer selling, at least we got a new master. Lets start building. The first step will have something like a post box as the main frame of the body. Then you will build the outer curve of the body fixed to the post box. Oh now you get a photocopy machine as the body. The jumpers are for the vents to be attached later on. C3PO is holding the bottom part of R2 that will hold its center leg. Now you'll build both R2's right and left legs and attached to the body via the technic pin. See how C3PO is so impatient that he asked me to put R2D2 together faster. These two are the printed parts in this set and I really love the dome shaped head! So nicely printed and it has a slight metallic feel of the silver colour. Here is the comparison between the brick built R2 head and the minifigure R2 head. The difference is that there is a stud on top of the smaller R2 and all other printings are quite the same. Tadaaa! Now we are completed the build of R2D2! The Jawas are taking them in their sandcrawler to seek for new buyers. These are the extra parts for this set. Just in case you lose one of these. As you can see in the picture, the brick built R2 will lean forward at a gradient as the center leg is longer than both right and left. Unlike the minifigures, this R2 cannot stand straight unless you remove the center part of the leg and the clip. However, I liked the fact that its head can be rotated 360 degrees, just like in the movies! *Light blue R2D2(10225) and dark blue R2D2(75136) are not included in this set. They will be in pictures below for illustration purpose. Now I've removed the center leg and you can pose it like others with any degree of inclination you want. I like it so much that he is so flexible! Oh no! The Jawas are catching us! Run faster R2! Haha, now who's laughing? Summary reviewPlayability: 8/10 You can rotate the head and make those beeping sound to make him alive. This is something that minifigure R2D2 can't do. This is the main reason to get this polybag.Design: 9/10 The printing of the dome shaped head is top notch and very nicely done. But I think the torso part can have more printing for more details. Price: 10/10 Its a free promotional item! Overall: 9/10 I love this polybag rather than having a minifig inside only. Astromech collectors must not miss this set as it is a great addition to those cute little droids parade. Conclusion This polybag is very nice to be collected if you are a Star Wars fan. The built is very accurate instead of bulky feel. It has a very sleek design and very detailed in this size. Now I hope there is a brick built C3PO to be his partner. Thanks for reading!
  14. Hi all, Posted this in the The Lego Batman Movie thread, but for those of you in the UK who may not have seen it the Kiss Kiss keychain polybag 5004928 is currently £2.99 at Argos and they seem to have an absolute load of stock. Happy shopping!
  15. Funky Koval

    MOD 30611 R2D2 Polybag

    The most famous R2 unit from Industrial Automaton: The title say "MOD" because both the dome and front panel are indentical to stock 30611 - the rest is all new. When I started this, my goal was to simply replace the legs - they were the weakest part of the original set - and it snowballed from there. The middle foot is now retractable and extendable because of the Technic T-piece. A frontal shot with middle leg retracted. The binocs mimic the cabling R2D2 has at the bottom of the side "feet". Back view with leg collapsed - due to space constraints, there's no back "cover", but the retracted leg mimics the port that R2 has in that are quite well, I think. Thanks for watching.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm RKastar from Hong Kong, this is my first review post on Eurobricks. Here come the speed build review video of another LEGO Batman Movie Polybag - 5004929 Batman Battle Pod. It includes 24 pieces and 1 mini figure. The first 200 customers who purchase HKD1,200 (~USD150) at Toys'r'us Hong Kong can get this set. This is a interesting polybag because it includes a "Pod". Check out the video below and you will find out what inside the pod. You can also check my Youtube Channel The Next Brick Thing for more upcoming videos.
  17. Hi all, I've got 2no 30522 Lego Batman Movie polybags for sale. This is the Batman in the Phantom Zone polybag. Asking for £5 each and will include free 1st class postage to UK addresses only. Cheers, Dean EDIT: Now both sold, apologies for the short life span! Mods - can you lock this please?
  18. I'd like to start this review with an apology. I promised to write this review a few weeks ago, but thanks to some Real Life stuff, I had to delay it. But now I've got some time, and I'll make good use of it. Similiar to the Mini Fortrex we got in Nexo Knight's first year as a freebie, LEGO offers currently a miniature version of the Headquarters (or Jestro's Monstrous Monster Mobile, to literally translate the German name which I frankly adore because it gets shortened as "MoMoMo"), the biggest set of the current Nexo Knight wave. But how well does this set fare compared to its monstrous inspiration? Let's find out! Set number & name: 30378 Shrunken Headquarters Price: This set is currently free, but can only be obtained along with another Nexo Knights set Parts: 44 parts and 1 minifig (according to BrickLink) Release: Late 2016/Early 2017 The bag The front of the bag shows us the set and its pilot, a regular Stone Stomper. I'd like to mention that I generally like the visuals of the background used for this wave. All these blueish ruins give off a very eery and spooky vibe, which fits nicely with the bad guys (while the heroic knights provide some nice contrast). The bag is naturally nowhere as interesting. Well anyway, let's open the bag! The parts Here's the parts overview of the set. Since I'm not really willing to count the parts myself (which I used to do in my reviews of the constraction sets), I cheated and checked BrickLink. According to them, the Shrunken Headquarter contains a total of 44 parts. It's kinda surprising to me that the amount of purple and dark stone grey (the two colours which make most of the color scheme of the baddies) is so short in this set. The building instructions are a folded poster, which is quite common for small sets like this one. Pieces of interest The supposed action feature of the Shrunken Headquarters is a catapult. I'm not sure how old this piece is (EDIT: It debuted in 2010's Kingdoms line), but here's a picture of it for the little catapult enthusiast in all of us. This little TECHNIC-esque piece on the other hand is familiar to me, as it was also used in various G2 Bionicle sets (it might even have debuted in them?). It's a pretty cool-looking part, and I'm happy to get it now in black too. Another nice bonus: The Shrunken Headquarters comes with a total of three of these, but one of them is a spare part, so even if you kept the set built, you'll get one of these connectors for your parts collection. This brick is part of the catapult, and it's a rather exotic piece (at least for me...). Oh hey, a Mixel Ball joint! Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but could the Shrunken Headquartes be the first set to use one of those in a vehicle, just like how the older plates with balls were already used for decades? Either way, it's a pleasant surprise, considering that I actively collect these joints, what with being a constraction nerd. I generally like 1x2 plates in this style, I think the first time I spotted this variant was in the Mini Snowspeeder. The Shrunken Headquarters uses two of these to connect to steam roller-like front section. The Minifig Instead of featuring a specific character like Jestro (similiar to how the Mini Fortrex was piloted by Robin), the Shrunken Headquarters is piloted by a Stone Stomper, which are apparently the lowest-ranking mooks of Jestro's new army. As this picture shows, Stone Stompers are Gargoyle-like humanoids. A front and back view of the figure itself. As you can see, the Stone Stomper got overall some nice printing. He also comes with an alternative facial expression, so it's up to you if the Stone Stomper sports a evil grin or a more aggressive expression. Here's a comparison with one of the mooks of the past wave (my apologies for not knowing his title though). Given the versatility of the color black, the Stone Stomper looks good if you swap the gear around, while the combination of bright red and purple is kinda odd. Building the set The build of the Shrunken Headquarters is rather simple and straight-forward, starting with the front section, followed by the back section, and once both sections are completed, they get united. I think I can let the pictures speak for the most part here. This picture shows you how the roller in the front is assembled. The instructions themselves of course expect you to first assemble the roller completely before you attach it to the vehicle, so I kinda cheated the instructions here to give you a better insight of how it is built. The front section, completed! Now we also got the back section done, so once we've combined both, we get... The finished set Behold, the evil Miniature Monster Mobile (MiMoMo)! Oh right, spare parts. Design and playability As the name implies, the Shrunken Headquarters is based on Jestro's Headquarters, the larges set of this wave. It comes probably to nobody's surprise that a polybag set doesn't emulate every play feature of it's bigger brother, but I think the set does manage to evoke the shape of the MoMoMo. One feature I like about it is how you can alter the height of the front roller. Since I don't own Jestro's Headquarters, I'm not certain if this feature is inspired by a similiar trick of it or not, but it's still a cute little feature. The set's other play feature, the catapult, leaves something to be desired though. Not only is the Stone Stomper in the way of the catapult, the bricks you can fling with it also fly in a rather low arc, and thus, not very far. So good luck hitting anything besides a miniature town with it. Of course, as a miniature set, the Shrunken Headquarters may not be really up to challenge the Nexo Knights - or at least not their Action Suits... ...except for other polybags I guess. While I would have loved to show the Shrunken Headquarters next to the Mini Fortrex, I unfortunately don't own this set, so I went with another polybag instead. Final thoughts Truth be told, I was initially not really interested in this set, mostly because another polybag which popped up around the same time in the Nexo Knights 2017 thread, looked far more appealing to me. However, once I opened the bag and built the set, the Shrunken Headquarters managed to win me over, as the set still has a rather neat design and comes with plenty of unique parts that will be very great for my parts collection. So if you want buy some Nexo Knights in the foreseeable future, make sure to also get this polybag with it. It's a neat little set that I can recommend.
  19. I picked up the polybag "30279 Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle" at Target the other day, and couldn't resist making a few mods! My goal was to create movable wings that looked good in both upright and angled positions without substantially adding bulk to the model. The end result is highly swooshable. In addition to the redesigned body, I swapped out the light bley parts and whipped up a little stand. (The "ramp" was an OK play feature, but I've dispensed with it here.) Note that only two of the four 1x2 hinge plates actually connect to the body; the other two are just there for shaping and stability, with 1x1 round tiles between the fingers.
  20. I have some exclusive polybags and a minifigure cube up for trade. Smoke-free, pet-free. All sealed, never opened. 5003084 The Hulk: 5002948 C-3PO: 5004077 2015 Target Minifigure Gift Set: I'd prefer to send these somewhere in the US or Canada. Oh, what would I want in return? I could make a list, but odds are I'd forget something. I'm interested in polybags, minifigures and pieces from pretty much all themes and years. I'm flexible- if you want to know if I'd consider something, ask!
  21. Bought some LEGO Ninjago Anacondrai Battle Mech polybag 30291 polybags since they went on sale in our area. I thought they would make good battle mechs for my Goblin minifigures. When I did a straight up build I was put off by the purple parts so I decided to modify the build and made 2 variations: Calling this the "Bobcat" Calling this the...uhmmm... "Chicken" I have another polybag but I could not think of another design. Any of you here got any alternate builds for this poly? Thanks.
  22. If you look at the bottom left of the Finn polybag you can see a code in the exact same style as the Plastic Man Polybag, which was used to unlock the character early on in the game. HYPE!!!!!.
  23. Please respond if you have any information on the January 2016 store calendar.
  24. Hello, the new Lego Star Wars C-3PO is fantastic - right here, you can find images. And this is my video - very cool: There are prints on every side of the minifigure. Best wishes Andres
  25. Hello, the second Lego Star Wars Magazin is out - it includes a small Slave I. If you wanne build this model, you need these bricks. Best wishes Andres