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Found 224 results

  1. Set#: 21301 Name: Birds Theme: Ideas Year: 2015 Pieces: 580 MSP: $44.99 Brickset Bricklink The box The box is nicely laid out, with a wood grain pattern overlaid with photos of the flowers and trees where the birds naturally occur. It's a tasteful package, suitable since the content is, compared to anything LEGO makes other than the Architecture series, appealing to builders who like to display more than play. The back shows the birds' natural habitats. Looking at the front, I doubt many who aren't ornithologists would know this from the front of the box. I only know the blue jay, since it's an iconic Canadian bird, but I was unaware that Europe had its own species of robin. The box is small, but is surprisingly heavy, so I thought it was densely packed with pieces, but the main reason is because of: The booklets I should have known, since the other ideas sets I have also had square-bound, glossy instruction booklets. This set comes with one for each bird. While most of the content is unique to each book, there is an introduction and some post-ads repeated in each, repeated in three languages, which seems wasteful and redundant. Likely, they couldn't squeeze it all into a single book easily, so they decided to separate it into three books rather than two, since there are three sets, but the repetition wasn't necessary, in my opinion. Regardless, the booklets live up to the high standard set by past sets from the deluxe Ideas series. There is also a short collection of statements from the original designer of the series. Each book has a description of the bird of each book. It gives the set a very deluxe feel. The back of one repeats the box back, and collects the sets. This is my first time seeing a non-screaming boy WIN! page. It's a treat. A massive difference is that Japan has been replaced by China as the non-Euro language. LEGO has been massively increasing in presence in Japan over the last five years (for example, it's pages four and five of the Japanese Toys R Us Christmas catalog this year), so this was a surprise to me. I guess as China's economy has eclipsed Japan's already, it is the major world growth market, and it makes sense, but it's still kind of a surprise after years of seeing Japan's 当てよう! on the back of set instructions. The European Robin (Erithacus Rubecula) The first build comes in two bags. The parts selection is all pretty standard parts. If you have a fair amount of LEGO, there is a chance you could build this without the set. The first part of the build is the base. This is an identical base to that of the second build. The robin starts with the underbelly, a real SNOT style build. When turned over, a centre block is added, to affix the sides to. A second block is placed on top, and the first wings are placed on the side. I've seen similar techniques in sets to get SNOT done, but I thought this was really cleverly made. It is truly a creative build. In back, SNOT techniques are used again, and the tail is clipped in with three separate parts, allowing you to splay them if you so choose. The other side's wings are attached, and you get a very solid block of a bird. Finally the head and breast are placed in. A stick is made to stand on, which is dropped into the base. The connection is loose, meaning that the bird will spin around whichever way the base is tilted. Since most will display it on a shelf, it's not such a relevant point. It looks really nice. A shot from below. The SNOT on this could be renamed, SFES (Studs From Every Side). It's really fantastic, cute, accurate. The tail is a little splayed here. It really has captured the dimensions of a robin. Not a North American robin, which is a little more elongated, but I've seen birds like this. Except for the red colour, it captures the feel of a chickadee. A few pieces remain. The Blue Jay (Cyanocitta Cristata) Build two also comes in two bags. The pieces, for the most part, are nothing I don't already have, but I would say I don't have much in baby blue. These pieces are new for me though. I've seen some new shapes with SNOT studs in the last two years, so these don't shock me, but their shape is a little off the beaten path, having six studs length flat, and four studs perpendicular. <edit> Apparently, this piece was in some City truck sets recently, and is therefore now classified as a "common piece," as City trucks are the most common sets. The blue jay as well starts off with the bottom, studs out. Its feet aren't nearly as developed as the robin's was. At first, it was a little disappointment, but on the finished build, it's not really a big deal. The base of the blue jay connects to the tail with a clip, and the tail is attached to a pivoting slope to help get a natural contour. It looks pretty good. The wings use a ball connection, allowing them a little movement. The head also uses a click attachment, which pivots a little, but not much. Mainly it allows the head to connect at an odd degree, not square or perpendicular. The finished product is pretty beautiful. The crest on the head, the organic angles. It's striking. Since the wings are on a ball-socket, if you move them upwards, you can see inside, but that's a complain only a non-AFOL would make. And a few pieces remain. The Green Violetear (Calibre Thalassinus) The last bird is the violetear, such an uncommon bird that my computer spell checks it as 'violator'. Both my wife and I, and anyone I showed the set to, confused it for a hummingbird. Without research, I'm going to assume they are at least cousins ancestrally. The pieces are also pretty standard overall, but I love the brightness of them. The first part of the build is the flower. It's not so complicated, but communicates what it has to clearly and succinctly. It's quite effective in its simplicity. And a few pieces remain. This finished piece should be more effective than the first two, as it's a diorama. Unfortunately, because of the slightness of the build, it's my least favourite. Probably, it is mainly the wings that don't stun me. They are logical enough and capture the shape at a glance, but I would have liked a little more depth and complexity in them. More work are spent on the bird's underside than the overside. The two-tones of green done in cheese slopes look nice. The overside isn't nearly as impressive. The wings show the back of the studs, and the back is simply two slopes. It's not a bad build by any means, but it's a bit too simple for my tastes. All Together My wife always says "Oh, great!" when she looks at my built LEGO sets, but I felt that she actually meant it a bit more than usual with this set, as it was very at odds with the mini-fig scale that she's used to. I have to admit, I feel about the same way. I have over a hundred of mini-fig scale sets at this point, and simply because of that, this set feels really fresh to me. It's something I'll be very happy to keep at my desk. The Final Verdict Design: 10/10 I need to review them a little separately, since they all have different points. Of the three, the one which piques me the most is definitely the blue jay, but, to be totally honest, is because it was so nostalgic to me. As a Canadian, blue jays and cardinals were hammered into my head as 'Canadian winter birds,' as much as robins were labeled 'spring birds.' I just feel good to have one sitting to the left of me as I type this. That said, I think there is a strong tie with the robin as to which was designed best. The violetear is substantially less interesting as a model, though I'm sure it was difficult to design on the whole, being a slight bird. Ultimately, I can't imagine most (sane) people complaining about this set. Build: 9/10 The set is non-repetitive, apart from the wings. On top of that, there is a lot of clever SNOT techniques, which change from build to build, making all of it a fresh experience. Playability: 2/10 I don't think this is a set for playing with. Price: 10/10 It has a MSRP below 10 cents a piece, so would anyone complain about that? Great colours too. Makes me think those mini-figs might just cost a little too much. Overall: 10/10 I haven't awarded many 10/10 scores. Some nines, but not any tens that I can remember. Part of it has to be that I've built so many sets over the last few years, that I've gotten a little tired (I bought 15 buildable sets this year so far) . This is fresh. It is memorable. It simply taps into a love of LEGO that I hadn't tapped into yet. It's actually new. Conclusion: This is a great set. It stands out against my collection of LEGO. If you have a deep LEGO collection, I think this would be a must have. If you are simply a fan of themes and mini-figs, it might not be to your tastes at all. One thing I can say though: if you are an AFOL wanting to get a non-AFOL, non-geek fan, a set, this might just be the one. It's charming. The Architecture series could do the job as well, but I think this is a more appealing set than many of the architecture sets, and priced a lot better too.
  2. It's here! Or, rather, over there, at LEGO® IDEAS. Thanks for checking this train project out. If you like it, I'd appreciate your support vote at the IDEAS project page. If you don't like it, or might like it, let me know in the comments what you would have modified or added. with gratitude, James Custom Winter Village™ LEGO® train project, arriving soon on track LEGO IDEAS™. Can you smell the coal, oil, steam, and pine? Can you feel the crisp chill in the air against the warm aroma of spiced cider and nutmeg atop a mug of nog? This project awaits approval, after which your support would be greatly appreciated to enable potential production and begin revenue service. Check back in about one week for additional "Winter Village Express" train project details and get your ticket to travel back in time on a winter holiday as this project goes "live" on LEGO IDEAS. "Tickets, please." ;-) Thanks for checking it out. sincerely, James Mathis
  3. Adeel Zubair

    LEGO Avengers - Helicarrier

    LEGO Avengers - Helicarrier by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr VOTE ON LEGO IDEAS: We all know it's very unlikely to get a large scale model of the Avengers Helicarrier from LEGO; so why not have a mini one? It's compact and is a great iconic show piece for your desk or shelve from the hit movie Avengers (2012) This small model only contains 126 pieces; therefore it's an easy purchase and isn't going to break the bank. One day this LEGO Avengers Helicarrier could be yours; click the vote button and share with your friends and make it happen. Blogged By Update: +258 Supporters! Adeel
  4. Anduin1710

    Greetings from Lego.Ideas

    Hi, I'm Anduin1710 and I'm an AFOL from Germany. I was born in East Berlin, this means to get a little LEGO set was always like birthday, x-mas and eastern together! And Lego was always very expensive too. ... I started to buy and collecting Lego, since I found the Lego Minifiures Series 2. I'm very interessed in history, so I found the historical minifigures pritty cool. I like Star Wars too, so I stared to buy some Lego Star Wars sets. I found the Lego Digital Designer to creat my own MOCs on my computer. I'm a big THE LORD OF THE RINGS fan, so I started to build my own LOTR sets. And with the Lego LOTR and THE HOBBIT sets my dream come true. In April 2014 I joined Lego cuusoo (now it is lego ideas) to publish my creations. Here are my projects: You can also visit me on flickr. Thank you for your attention.
  5. TECHNIC AIRPLANE The target of this project was to make an educational and semi-functional airplane model having the basic control surfaces of a standard airplane. Of course, the plane does not fly. The LEGO elements are too heavy and the motors are not powerful enough to reach a velocity suitable to take-off. However the fact of having the same control elements that you can find in standard airplanes is amazing and instructive. The model has a damped undercarriage that retracts under the wings. The retracting mechanism is manually driven by a gear under the battery box. All standard control surfaces (ailerons, rudder, elevator, flaps and spoilers) present in any airplane have been replicated and can be controled from the back section of the cockpit. The propeller is driven by a standard Power Functions motor fed by an AAA battery box (4x11x7) . The rotation speed of such a motor is usually too low to be realistic. So there is a gear system that increases the rotation speed. You can actuate the little on/off switch in the battery by pushing the flight instruments panel support in the cockpit. The cockpit canopy can be opened the to reach it. The model is gathering support in the LEGO Ideas site in order to become a commercial set so if you find it interesting some support will be wellcome. Extended photo gallery:
  6. It's a train, for a village, in the winter, or other scenic season. In case you don't visit the Train Tech forum, I'd like to announce this complementary themed train set for which I'd greatly appreciate your support vote over at LEGO IDEAS. Direct link to the Winter Village Express Train LEGO IDEAS project: link removed Cross-forum discussion link in Train Tech: Looking forward to your likes and dislikes, suggestions, and opinions. Thanks for checking this out. James Mathis
  7. After your enormous feedback and a lot of people asking me for putting my set on Ideas, I have finally done it. Please support it on Ideas, thanks for you help. I still hope, that we got a chance to get some Gondor soldiers and rangers ! Together we can make it happen
  8. Reekardoo

    The Legend of Zorro

    Hello! Presenting to you my newest MOC and project in The legend of ZORRO The set is basically the governor's mansion and Zorro is about to break in :) I hope I can count on your help with feed back and support regardless of this being possibly being a big and pricey set. Please support if you like it - - might think they have business case.Either way your opinion and feed back is always good Anyway i leave the link for your consideration - Now for the set photos and all the details: P.S. all roof come easily off for increased playability and to check the inside and all the detaisl. When closed it also works as a phenomenal display (So I think :P )
  9. Hey everybody, DarthKy and I worked together to make this high end non-ship set concept for LEGO Ideas. We also tried to re-imagine Redbeard, Anne, Rummy, and "Steve" from the classic LEGO Sets. We certainly hope you will check it out.
  10. Hello! I'm here with a new MOC! In LDD I created a Batmobile. But not any Batmobile... Batman Beyond's Batmobile. With this being a unique asset to Batman and it's an overlooked yet popular variant of the Batmobile. Yet we still haven't gotten one. That's where LEGO Ideas kicks in gear. Anyways you want to see the MOC now! Here is an areal view of the Batmobile. Clocking in at about 330 pieces. This is an unstoppable force of justice when fighting futuristic gangs! The picture I like showing off is this one. Just the main view of the Batmobile and it's glory! And here's the rear view! Thanks for looking at my MOC! Feedback would be great and so would a support for the project!
  11. This Modular Ghostbusters Headquarters has been sized to fit in with the LEGO Modular Series. (Developed for LEGO Ideas by OGELSBOB (formerly known as "LEGODT") Only 16-studs wide. Thanks to Sergio512 for the wonderful design of the LEGO Ideas submission: Ghostbusters HQ. I copied some of the build techniques and design elements of the Sergio512 design to inspire the creation of this modular-sized Ghostbusters Headquarters. The garage door facade is made of dark brown 1x4 tiles that cover 1x5x8.5 stockade doors. In order to fit the Ecto-1 Cadillac inside the building with inward swinging doors, I had to extend the depth of the standard 32 stud baseplate by 16 studs. This creation is 16 studs by 48 studs. You can see from the photos that this creation fits in nicely with modular-proportioned buildings. The interior features a pod for Dr.Egon, Dr. Peter, Dr. Raymond & Winston Zeddemore to perform their duties and to relax with some snacks. Little do they know that above their secure pod, Slimer, a ghastly apparition, is about to invade their inner sanctum. What does everyone think about the playability of this MOC? Please support on LEGO Ideas:
  12. mmcclelland

    MOC Modular Hospital (LDD)

    Hi everyone This is my first MOC on Eurobricks that isn't for a contest, hope you enjoy! A few people have said that a Modular Hospital would be impossible, but I have had a go. I have tried to stay within the syle and restrictions of the official modular line whilst still keeping the essance of a hospital of this period (1950's/60's). Any constructive feedback is welcome! On the outside, I have attempted to add texture with brickwork and the rod of Asclepius (the snake around the staff) and the date in a similar style to the TH and FB. Parked outside is a period appropriate ambulance. The ground (first) floor has an emergency triage to treat patients, a reception desk and a Doctor's office where a poor woman is getting a booster shot! Details on this floor include a gold statue of the hospital's founder and (not visible in this picture) yellow bins for medical waste. Like the TH, there is an elevator rather than stairs, I prefer stairs, but a lift is more realistic for a hospital and there is not room for both. The middle floor contains the pharamcy, laboratory and X-Ray room. X-Rays are a slight anachronisim, but I couldn't not include them! The top floor is the ward where two patients are recovering. The man has a leg in plaster and the little girl has had her tonsils out, so she has ice cream. Also on this floor is the operating theatre where the surgeon is preparing to operate on a man who appears to be wide awake! Unfortunately there are no sleeping faces! I'm still fine tuning my creation, so I hope to post some updates soom. Sorry for the poor quality pictures, I'm still getting used to things around here! If you like the General Hospital, it is on Lego Ideas.
  13. Please post any cuusoo ideas that you have uploaded to lego ideas here. It will be a good way to see how many people use LDD for designs and it will help you collect supporters Here are some of my projects
  14. dvsntt

    MOC - Boardwalk Arcade

    A wonderful boardwalk arcade for Lego minifigs to play some of the latest pinball machines and video games or compete on the classic bubble hockey and foosball tables. Maybe they come in to hear their favorite song on the antique jukebox. Whatever their pleasure, the bright and vivid atmosphere of this arcade is welcoming and warm. The model is based on those arcade halls that would typically be found on a beachfront boardwalk, but is common enough that it would fit into any city theme. I used 3 colors of blue, contrasted with the yellow and magenta colors for a beautiful facade and wild and energetic interior.
  15. EDIT: PROJECT IS LIVE! Hello everyone! I'd like to present my MOC/LEGO Ideas project. It all started off as a Speeder I was trying to build in LDD with the new ball joints, I made it Ice Planet 2002 colors. I wasn't thinking I'd want to turn it into an Ideas project until AFTER I had made an Ice Planet 2002, Blacktron II, and Rock Raiders speeders. After that I had changed it up a lot into Ice Planet 2002, Blacktron I, and M-Tron. Then, I understood that these all racing against eachother would be cool. After MONTHS of trial and error I finally gave up... Until yesterday. I had decided that some obstacles weren't the best idea so this was born. After this was all made I was pretty satisfied! I had added all I wanted to and was proud of it. Now, do you all like it? I hope you do, because I know those robots are pretty excited! (Transparents aren't working too swell ) Please SUPPORT here: Thanks for reading and looking! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! - NuffSaid1996
  16. Hello any renderers, I know I could probably do this myself but even after reading countless tutorials and trying to download the right software I just can't do it. I have an Ideas project that I'd really like rendered because the transparent pieces look awful with LDD's screenshots example: Sorry if it's any trouble but it'd really be a big help if someone could render my project. If you are interested, that's awesome and I'll send you the lxf!
  17. TheLegGodt

    No IDEAS

    We all suspected the latest 2 CUSOO/IDEAS sets would he hits but they are sold out wthin a week! Same happened to the MARS rover at the beginning of the years. Meanwhile, Ghostbusters ECTO-1 and the Delorean are still available. The funny thing is, I would have thought the licensed sets would have sold out a lot faster than MOC-inspired ones. Do LEGO simply produce more licensed-inspired IDEAS sets than MOC-inspried sets? Or do AFOLs prefer the MOC-inspired sets more? What is the message that the buying behaviour of us AFOLs is sending TLG regarding the IDEAS line?
  18. sidekick2461

    New Member and Lego Fan

    I've just got back into Lego after many years, I find it very relaxing, apart from when you stand on it. I've created a Lego Ideas 66 TV Batmobile including Bat Boat and Trailer. See Link: Any support would be much appreciated. Best wishes to everyone on this forum.
  19. RemtonDulyak

    [MOC] Ambush on the bridge

    Hi all! Here is a gallery of a MOC I've realized in LDD. It's part of a concept set in a fantasy feudal Japan, a setting I played with table-top RPGs some years ago. This is the first of a series, and my first project submitted for LEGO Ideas. A small gallery (more can be found at the LEGO Ideas page).
  20. SWAT Strachan

    [MOC] Vampyre Squadron

    (Click the image to find this project on Lego Ideas) Well I finally got it approved, this is my Vampyre Squadron MOC It consists of five vessels, two fighters, a gunship, a tank, and a missile boat. I based the design on an earlier MOC that I came up with, an Imperial Ice Speeder, but as I know that Star Wars MOCs are very unlikely to succeed on Lego Ideas, I revamped (arf :D ) the design and eventually came up with these five. The Gunship The Strike Fighter The Naval Fighter The Missile Boat The Tank I did also make a sixth model, but as it's blatantly Star Wars based I had to exclude it from the final collection. It's a shame really as out of all the ships, it's by far my favourite. The Interceptor These ships are now listed on the Lego Ideas site, and any support would be greatly appreciated. Now, Lego didn't like me including this image, and I had to remove it before I could get my submission accepted, but I think it looks pretty cool, and I put a fair bit of work in to it :D. I know it's a bit cheeky posting this to try to gather some support, but as no-one that I know is in to Lego (just me) I don't really have any other means of spreading the word. Either way, opinions are welcome :).
  21. In another forum here at EB, it was suggested that by posting an idea or picture that you were implicitly giving anyone seeing it free reign to copy it without giving you credit. Do you agree or disagree with the assumption? If you copy someone's idea, should you give credit? Or is it the case that there's nothing new under the LEGO sun and therefore nobody is really creating anything anyway? In the incident leading to the above, I wasn't the person copied. I had copied an idea but gave credit. Turns out that the person I credited thought they were the first to come up with the idea, but wasn't. So I innocently credited the wrong person.
  22. Dans lego

    offset axles

    Hello, I have been doing some research on front drive axles, it occurs to me that most if not all dont axle diffs are offset from the center of the axle, as I'm currently in the prosess of building a half realistic 4x4 chassis this information was quite importaint to me, so knowing that I started experimenting, this was the resault has anyone used an idea like this before? please leave any suggestions, ideas or advice below Cheers, -Dan
  23. Now that I perfected My latest chassis, I want a new challenge. I know my limits of weight/strength/power now and I want to build something different. Also I am going to make another Bricklink order with some random parts I currently lack, so I want to make a list of things I may need. Here's what I am thinking of at the moment: Drift car-either AWD or RWD using fast output of buggy motors. As for wheels: A car similar to Chassis V1 for outrageous top speed-suspension would be the main issue. A remake of a crawler using either XL motors or NXT motors with Doc_Brown's Reaper axles. Any other ideas would be appreciated. I would hope to build it before the end of this year, as I then plan to build a small, possibly non-pf vehicle using the new snowmobile suspension pieces.
  24. A long, long time ago, I stumbled across the great site called Cranes Etc. It's a site that reviews models of construction vehicles, as the name implies, and I've seen some fun stuff to build here. I really like this site because the pictures of the models are really good, and they do some things with the models that is not often shown with the real vehicles. Also, there are some uncommon vehicles and configurations that are hard to find pictures of in the first place. Some of my favorites: Mammoet PTC Crane Goldhofer AST-1 X 1360 Aircraft Tractor Peterbilt 379 with Nelson 3x3x3 Trailer Terex AC 1000 Mobile Crane (My current project ) Isn't this stuff cool? I think you should check out this site if you need inspiration.