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  1. How does this not get more attention!? It looks better than most lego airliner models that are twice the size or larger. Btw the techniques you used to get the wing geometry are very educative - I suggest everyone check the internal views on flickr.
  2. Nice! That is even a pretty ok price for that yellow one! (Red is sold out already :D)
  3. This ship is one of these prequel designs that I like so much despite not being able to tell why. I have seen but one lego version so far (a fantastic model by Gamabomb and I am glad to see another one, albeit just a digital concept :) One day, perhaps, lego will make these curved panels in dark red.
  4. Kristof

    [MOC] 1:200 Iowa-Class Battleship

    I like the hull shaping! And the use of these minion goggles is spot on.
  5. Kristof

    [MOC] Imperial Light Cruiser

    Very nice!
  6. Kristof

    Motorized AT-TE free instructions

    Spectacular. I would just repeat myself from Instagram and Rebrickable, but this is indeed brilliant. It could only get better without the use of some of the older parts, but I reckon there was no way around that.
  7. I second what's been already said a few times - the choice of the vehicle raises an eyebrow at first, but the overall presence comes quickly to fully justify it. Very cool, very original, and impressively built!
  8. Kristof

    Sets becoming smaller and more expensive

    Frankly, I feel like it's difficult to be objective when it comes to these things. For instance, I am pretty sure I simply grew up to be less excited about most released sets, period. That comes partially from me being more involved in MOC world and as such, whenever I look at a set, I can easily visualize designing it differently and in my opinion better. Hence, I simply focus more on the flaws than on the pros. I really like Jangbricks for this very reason. I am rarely that interested in a particular set but I still often watch the reviews just because he can point out the good things and put all things in perspective - exactly what I myself fail to do. In general, however, I don't perceive the trend of things getting just smaller and more pricy. At least not very strongly. When I think about the sets mentioned by OP, I don't think they all tell a consistent story either. I happen to have the cool MTT from 2007 and that really supports the claim - the new release was smaller and the price wasn't adjusted accordingly. I think that they mostly messed up by the downgrade of that droid rack, though. Should the newer one have somewhat similar carrying capacity and included at least 4 more regular droids, I wouldn't perceive it as such a downgrade after all. In a way, the smaller overall size of the set isn't such a bad thing, and the newer model is much more accurate in terms of shaping. Clone turbo tank is IMO not as convincing. Yes, the first one was larger (and arguably somewhat cheaper than the successors, though likely not so much when adjusted for inflation) but it was also the set from the era when things like structural rigidity and clever design techniques were as big as they are today. Direct comparison of the oldest and newest version makes the older one looks like some crude prototype. And the price difference between the two is really just inflated. For the SC, I reckon you are comparing the 2005 and the newest version (not the 'UCS' in-between). And again, the arguments seem shaky to me here. Yes, the new one is slightly smaller and arguably is on a verge of looking almost caricature, but the old one with its odd proportions and lack of detail wasn't flawless either - again, it might have looked greater through our child optics, but that aside... it's actually straight-up ugly, isn't it? Besides, there is a similar number of pieces and the RRP is the same, which in fact means that the new one is quite a bit cheaper. Some inflation calculator tells me that the old one would be almost $180 in 2028. Factor in a massive improvement in detail, building techniques, structure... IDK, I just don't see how things turned worse here either. So IDK where the truth is, but I know for sure that one has strong tendencies to remember things better than they actually were, and certainly be more critical as a grown-up. Also, I feel like there might be a slight turn in favor of slightly simpler but significantly cheaper sets, introduced by the newest X-wing. Compare that to the 2006 variant for instance - same size, better looks, superior functions, a few more pieces, and THE SAME RRP! The 2006 one would be $15 more expensive today - I think that's the win :)
  9. Kristof

    [MOC] The Malevolence

    Very nice! Not exceedingly complicated but very well proportioned and just pleasing to the eye :) The size seems like a perfect compromise between detail and affordability & swooshability! What are you using for rendering? There might be some settings for toggling the luminosity for the transparent bricks.
  10. Kristof

    FS200 Skybird/Seabird

    Some of the techniques in this are unexpectedly interesting. Not that I would expect a boring design from @saabfan but these models, in particular, look very simple at first, but there is nothing basic on them when you look closer :) The instructions are nicely crafted too!
  11. Kristof

    MC75 "Profundity" star cruiser UCS MOC

    Impressive model! I like the smooth paneling, especially around the tail and the DBG band in the middle. The greebles are very tasteful (I particularly like the underside of the tail - some of the sequences of clip plates attached to the bars look very appropriate) and overall the impression is great... with the exception of these trans clear technic crutches :D Oh how I wish these weren't necessary. But I get it, the ship is large and the cantilever from that big stand post would be too great. Anyway, very solid MOC!
  12. This is so cool, I am surprised that it didn't get more attention and appreciation over here! EB really is limboing except few selected boards and threads. Fantastic model and incredible 3D tour. Its the first time for me to really experience any sort of lego interior from minifing perspective. Thanks for the effort!
  13. Kristof

    T-70 X-wing [MOC]

    Congrats @Inthert on being featured on the frontpage 5 years after submitting the topic! :D
  14. I wish I was bringing you some actual news but instead, I want to share that I finally became famous with this MOC... on mainland China :D Not much else I can add to this except don't give them your money :) I don't think anyone reading this ever would anyway and I have no idea what their demographic actually is (there's gotta be some 'customers' that give them a reason to do this, right?) and how to perhaps warn them :) So I am sharing this more as a fun fact... token or recognition :D
  15. Kristof

    [MOC] Grand Theft Podracer

    That must have been quite a lot of work! :D It looks very complete. I like the layout of the buildings and some of the clever solutions like that tan dome sunken in the sky border or the flying doohickeys. The map in the corner is a nice touch, though it kind of calls for the cash/time/health bar in the top right. Anyway, cool crossover! PS: How come that podracer has the energy binder while the engine is one connected unit? :D