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  1. Kristof

    [MOC] Grand Theft Podracer

    That must have been quite a lot of work! :D It looks very complete. I like the layout of the buildings and some of the clever solutions like that tan dome sunken in the sky border or the flying doohickeys. The map in the corner is a nice touch, though it kind of calls for the cash/time/health bar in the top right. Anyway, cool crossover! PS: How come that podracer has the energy binder while the engine is one connected unit? :D
  2. Kristof

    [MOC][Instructions] Darth Severus' Sith Speeder Bike

    Such a clever design. I love how the rounded shape comes together with the windscreen. It brings over the coolest design aspects of the Darth Maul speeder while remaining original in its final form. Excellent model and thank you for the instructions! :)
  3. Kristof

    [WIP] [MOC] Malevolence

    I realized the scale of your model is actually not terribly far off from some of the ships I build (I think it should be around 200 studs in length to hit the mark). I know very little from Clone Wars but that space battle against a few Venators would look awesome as a diorama :)
  4. Kristof

    [WIP] [MOC] Malevolence

    @jdubbs Well, I don't know if my comment reads all negative or what but it was not meant to be. I sure hope no hard feelings taken on @Reaper's side. I commented because I was impressed by the progress, which I did not really anticipate after seeing the first post a while back :) Perhaps it sounds a bit like some self-proclaimed guru have spoken? Idk... maybe I have a talent for making controversial comments, this wouldn't be the first time. Perhaps I need to learn how to just type down an unconditional 'awesome!' and move along :D
  5. Kristof

    [WIP] [MOC] Malevolence

    I have to admit that your first several wip posts didn't get me excited one bit. It looked to me like one of these digital attempts taking on a massive build with size being the primary focus and any sort of quality lacking far behind And, frankly, looking up close it still looks somewhat hodge-podged together. But from the distance, it seems like everything blends in really well and the shapes work out nice. The overall shots already look pretty cool and it seems like if you carry on with the good proportions, it may actually turn into an impressive model!
  6. Kristof

    [MOC] Nebulon-b Escort Frigate

    I wouldn't even worry about the 1 stud connection there as much as the 1 clip hinge maintaining its angle. The single stud can hold a lot when there is relatively normal force and little torque, which I think is the case here. But the single clip would be a no go, at least for me. I am pretty sure some pairs of the hinge pieces would appear to have plenty friction but that's betting on chance and there is no margin for using a bit sloppier hinge (which can be caused by used parts but also a production variation). I can sympathize with the situation that you are unable to build up the model fully (let alone the proper colorscheme) but you still believe in your design and want to offer the instructions. It doesn't feel inherently wrong as long as you put up a very clear disclaimer about that just like you did with this MOC. I wish you had done the same with your AT-ST which IMO raises even more question marks about the feasibility of the design, yet the description still celebrates the sturdy build and playability :) To end on a more positive note, it's cool to see how your design skills improved from your previous version. This one really looks worthwhile, at least aesthetically!
  7. Kristof

    [MOC] Wookie stands out of the crowd

    I can very much associate with what @RogueTwo said :) terrible vehicle in the movie, outstanding model!
  8. Kristof

    [MOC] The Twilight

    I never cared much about this particular ship, nor any of the lego renditions (besides some complimentary appreciation of few well executed mocs) but I totally applaud to this! :) Clever design, not only for the cockpit, which truly is a mastered centerpiece but even elsewhere I love how the shapes come together. Impressive.
  9. Kristof

    Instructions - The Ghost & Phantom

    @Captain_Quinn I read you. I was reluctant to sharing too messy pictures of wildly colored proof builds myself :) For one I think you can done better job with realistic renders. The results you can nowadays get out of very accessible rendering methods are pretty incredible. And my own impression is that I can easily accept a rendered model presentation if the renders are photo-alike (less cartoony, less after effected) and also plentiful, showing the complete view as well as some closeups.
  10. Kristof

    [MOC] UCS Harrower-Class Dreadnought (WIP)

    Off to a good start :) Hope you are safe and well too. I like the texture of those panels. Tile expensive (== cash expensive :D) but it looks good. I am wondering what exactly does this translate to in terms of your design intent: I admit that it sounds a bit like a salesmen metric (95% green energy kind of thing). Are you talking about just 5% of the parts facing upwards in the build? Oh wait, perhaps you are referring to the absence of visible studs on the surfaces haha, I am second guessing myself. Though in that case, I don't think SNOT refers to that :)
  11. Kristof

    Tantive IV Diorama MOC

    I am no expert but the white corridor looks very realistic and your real-build action shot looks cool! I am not entirely sold on the idea of the side corridor being at the back and providing what looks like to be fairly limited access to pose the minifigures (letalone some play) and I am not sure how one would ideally display this model, but that might be me not being a diorama guy. I am curious about the elbow piece design in the ubiquitous doors :) When you first posted the renders, after looking at them I had the impression that the elbow tubes ever so slightly interfere with the slopes which frame up the corners (both the regular 45 degrees on the bottom and the inverted 45 on the top). Is it all fine with the real build? It looks so from your picture, although it doesn't really provide a detailed shot. Speaking of which I hope you plan to take more pictures with the posing minifigs! The empty renders don't do the model enough justice.
  12. Kristof

    Tantive IV Main Corridor with Airlock Doorway MOC

    With a risk of coming out as a hypocrite (given that I also offer some building instructions that aren't free of charge), I feel like there is a growing tendency of posting purely sale-oriented topics. This really feels to me like product description (very much inspired by the official lego set descriptions) with the primary focus of promoting your shop :) I remember there used to be some moderation in this regard, perhaps even something in the forum rules, but maybe the tendency and preferences changed... I don't know. So I apologize in advance to everyone who disagrees and thinks that I am just creating a drama again, that's not my intention. Though frankly, if I may react to the only part of the post which seems to be exclusive to this forum and not just copied from the shop: I have to say that this looks exactly like the corridor segment of your previous Tantive IV diorama build with an extra front wall. I guess it may allow for some alternate views, perhaps quite interesting pictures... ultimately I don't see too many display or play options that would benefit from having the second wall. All in all, this is IMO a modification of the other MOC, possibly even a better choice for someone, but as it is it doesn't bring anything new or interesting in terms of creative design when compared to your other recent MOC post. Once again, apologies for not being unconditionally positive :) I know this isn't all nice and cheering, but it's my honest feedback.
  13. Kristof

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC

    It looks spectacular!
  14. Kristof

    [MOC] Munificent Class Star Frigate

    Fun fact - these large bow pieces were one of the (admittedly minor) determining factors for this scale :) My munificent design never got past some crude dimensional mockups in LDD but these pieces were the first in place and it was clearly too good of a match to be turned down!
  15. Kristof

    Instructions - The Ghost & Phantom

    Looks pretty well crafted but I always like to see more pictures of the model, ideally physically built, before reading the advertising poster for the instructions (with pretty cool holograms, I like that touch!), particularly when the poster makes the actual model look kind of collateral next to all the graphics, logos and fonts. That's by no means an intended insult to your efforts. I just think that if your model is good (which it might), a set of decent pictures of it would present it much better than this ;)