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  1. Kristof

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC WIP

    @Brick-Wombat I know, right!? Frankly I don't think the intakes look bad as they are but sure the cleaner version would be better. One thing that goes to the lego design is that the longitudinal curvature is closer to the round slope they used than the 'almost' 90 degree circular curve created by the fender pieces. Anyway, the window piece seems to fit the cool model by Thomas Jenkins! I gotta say that my interest in the model in given scale increased by a lot now :)
  2. Kristof

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC WIP

    Have you seen the lego set? I gotta say I quite like it :) The printed cockpit looks nice.
  3. Kristof

    [MOC] Micro Zenith - Old Republic escort Cruiser

    I have not much else to say. It's gorgeous!
  4. Kristof

    [MOC] Techno Union Hardcell-Class Transport

    As simple as is this is actually pretty fantastic design! I wish lego made such set ;)
  5. Kristof

    75244 - Tantive IV - MODS and Improvements

    It looks to me like your cockpit is too low. May be less than a brick... 2 plates possibly. But it still shows very much from all angles, particularly from the side view :) Looks like the Tantive is tired and its head is going down. I can imagine it should be possible to move it up a bit without much problems. And I agree with others that it’s just way too cylindrical - enlarging the midmost ‘ring’ may improve that a lot! Otherwise I like your changes a lot and I agree 100% that the stickers absolutely kill any appeal of that official one.
  6. Kristof

    ky-e's 1:1250 fleet

    The Crusader is great!
  7. Kristof

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC WIP

    @jdubbs, @icm Good points both of ya, I just wish you did the discussion in a different thread :) Then I would possibly add my own insight and experience in this. But I feel like this MOC WIP topic has been diverted enough already and I encourage everyone not to steer it any further away from its point. @Midlife-crisis is there any chance you can do the air intakes without the flex tube? That means achieving that curved slope ring by some radial array structure instead? Just asking, I know that the flexitube is the goto solution for most people in most such cases, but for some reason, it always felt... Idk, not satisfactory to me :) Second, I am wondering what is your motivation to use the technic beams for the support struts to the engine blocks, instead of technic bricks. In my experience stacked technic bricks (or not even stacked) work better in preventing some bending, which seems to be the case here. Technic beams are IMO a good substitute when they are reinforcing the structure in 'tension' or 'compression', but not necessarily when the load is lateral and you want them to stay straight :) Last, I have my fingers crossed for self-supporting landing gear, although I have my doubts about the current design. But really, if it was my decision to make, I would even allow some sacrifices on accuracy in order to make the side/back landing feet beefier and better structurally incorporated to the frame in order to achieve that! clear stands just suck IMHO :D
  8. Kristof

    [REVIEW] 21313 Ship in a Bottle

    One of the best photography I have seen in any pictorial review! It could very well be the best set of pictures of this set ever taken... The timing is a bit weird tho, having the set just retired not too long ago :)
  9. Kristof

    1968 FIAT 500 F

    And the sour grapes are even worse when you compare the two designs... I mean no offense to the lego designer but the official deigns falls terribly short :(
  10. Kristof

    [MOC] Micro Slave 1

    Fantastic. These small models really look so much better on real pictures compared to renders! I actually had some reservations when I first saw the renders on Rebrickable - I was about to comment that the wings are too thick with the 1x2 wedges. But seeing it on pictures now it really looks way less prominent and doesn't bother me anymore. Great design!
  11. Kristof

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    @Rubblemaker *love of interesting models If I had to guess, I'd wager that they are gonna sketch out Nebulon as well and then make the epochal release to make everyone happy :D
  12. Kristof

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    Who made the deafening noise then if not the Lego community itself :) Btw mocs like yours is exactly why there is no real need for official UCS frigate IMHO.
  13. Kristof

    ship engine design

    Where did you get that impression from? If you look at the variety of SW designs, there are a lot of engines which are stylized similarly to this (some podracers for instance... or one could argue that even ships like Venator have somewhat similar feel to them) This particular design (which btw evolves from this design by the same guy) looks fantastic, but the truth is that it still just mimics the general appearance of a somewhat stylized long radial jet engine. It seems that we (people) just tend to like it better than a plain dish with a glow inside, which is supposed to represent some ion engine. The truth is, however, that even in the vague terms of sci-fi realism, there is no need for having these long turbine-like chambers with tons of greebles to have a 'space engine' :D I might have gone off to a tangent here though. I wanted to argue that not all of the SW ships have engines that look alike and that this style of engine is indeed sometimes used. The most characteristic feature (IMO) of this particular design is the angle of the 'flaps' on the end, which then form this sort of partial helix. I think that is not typical for SW :) But I don't think it would look too odd on a fictional SW universe model. Beaware the huge gap between building such engine digitally and rendering it with all the fancy copper chrome elements, and trying to align all these obscure connections IRL :D
  14. Kristof

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC WIP

    it looks to me like the model is just squished lengthwise... quite considerably, that is. Any chance that the reference picture has some weird aspect ratio distortion going on? I personally like the longer/narrower design much better, but maybe some other photos of the on-screen ship make it look chubbier? :D
  15. Kristof

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC WIP

    @Midlife-crisis off to the good start! Mind you linking the original? I can't find it by name somehow... @Brick-Wombat I think they would need to grow quite a bit! :D Though, frankly, I think you are right and I would totally use those and just match the scale to them.