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  1. Kristof

    [MOC] Dreadnaught Class Heavy Cruiser

    Big fan of your work here! Super cool design with this one. And as a 'once-in-a-blue-moon-completes-a-moc' type of guy I am continuously impressed with your steady pace in expanding the fleet.
  2. Kristof

    [MOC/MOD] Republic Gunship Mini

    @YodaSkate You think so? They appear quite substantial to me :) Mind you this reference pic might have some skewed proportions. But the two main canons seem pretty large on any picture.'s_Gunship.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1030?cb=20150226175717
  3. Kristof

    [MOC/MOD] Republic Gunship Mini

    Pretty cool! One thing that bothers me and that is inherited from the 4490 are the thin gun barrels. I realize the 1x1 diameter is probably the best choice you can make for those given the limited options, but they just look small from most angles when compared to the bulk of the ship.
  4. Kristof

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    @Monkfiche Unexpectedly, I am quite keen on the steeper version... not sure haha. The blockier look is certainly present but looks less bad than I would have anticipated. It might easily look even better IRL, renders tend to accent the shadows unrealistically. The window is excellent for sure! I don't think I do like the raised centerline. It kinda looks like a Tantive sporting mohawk haircut :D Did you try making a version without it? Edit: Now I am thinking that it might help to somehow break up the consistency in those stepped rings. The front really does look excellent and that's I think because it disguises that wedding cake kind of look.
  5. Kristof

    [MOC] MICRO Steam Locomotive [instructions]

    @LEGO Train 12 Volts Thanks! Yeah, it was the new pieces that really sparked the idea in the first place.
  6. Kristof

    [MOC] MICRO Steam Locomotive [instructions]

    I wouldn't grant myself such title but thanks! That's flattering :D I didn't implement PF but it should be an easy mod I think... Thanks! I would have never gotten around it wasn't it for the challenge :D In hindsight I think I should build more various stuff more often. @zephyr1934 Thank you!
  7. I hope this is the right forum to post this :) Recently I got challenged by my friend Felix to build a micro-scale steam locomotive. I have never tried building anything like this but I gotta say I was surprised how much fun it can be. The new pieces definitely open the whole another world of possibilities when it comes to tiny builds like this. And I am really quite pleased with the result :) If you want to build your own, I put together building instructions which you can get for free on Rebrickable!
  8. Kristof

    [MOC] Invisible Hand

    EP3 model - yes, please! :D Nicely done and a really nice picture!
  9. @Evergreen Did the film crew know when they were shooting the movies? I get the impression that all of these 'facts' are fan made anyway :D I am nitpicky too but sometimes one has to admit that even the holy source material is inconsistent.
  10. Kristof

    Fraud MOC sellers.

    Knockoff doesn't really stand for IP or patent infringement products :) It's simply a thing that imitates some established brand product, which I think without a doubt this really is. Other than that I understand you. The only reason I would not enjoy building from non-lego parts, no matter what the price advantage was, would be the (nearly pathological) brand loyalty :D Even holding knockoff parts in hand feels weird, frankly. But sure enough, that concludes that I can just about dream about building big MOCs like these.
  11. Kristof

    Fraud MOC sellers.

    I have only ever attempted to sell one moc instructions so I can't really bring any large data, but I am pretty sure that as good of a model as it may be, it would get next to no attention if it weren't for the Star Wars theme. I am not anywhere close to counting the sales in hundreds so I really don't feel bad for using the IP to drive the success (if you can even call it that way) of my model, but it's really a good thing to keep that in mind. I am trying to imagine what my feelings would be, should I have found out about some Chinese knockoff selling my model as a kit... frankly I think I wouldn't care so much. In a way, it means that the model is good :D And mind you this is a pure hypothesis, but I don't think there is a big overlap between the customers that would buy the knockoff kit and lego people who would potentially buy the instructions from the designer. Maybe @onecase's numbers are on the whole another level and the perspective is different. but I don't think the existence of these products cuts down on the profit from instructions sales. I still don't love them - they are sure infringing copyright laws on multiple levels, but it's not like they'd steal my hard-earned money... There are other mechanisms that do that much more efficiently and they are legal :D Frankly, I am more easily upset by the lone individuals that would re-sell the instructions on Ebay (or even Rebrickable sometimes, happened just recently with an excellent UCS Rey's speeder, which I found to be for sale by totally not the original designer. Luckily the mods reacted quickly to my report). I really like the practice mentioned in a few posts above, when someone is only selling the parts and redirecting for the instructions to the designer. That's sweet. I reckon they still use knockoff parts which is a bit less sweet, but ultimately it allows someone to build an excellent model that someone put some heart and elbow grease into, which I think is really nice. For me, frankly, the excitement and happiness of the people that report to me after they have built my model feel more important than the cash, which, for me, is mainly to mentally justify the extra time and effort that went into making the instructions.
  12. Kristof


    I have no doubts you do your best. My note was more towards the designers. But given that, as you say, these mocs are designed as a oneofakind and the instructions are an afterthought, I understand that the options are limited. I have a good idea where the part difference is coming from and hence my question was about comparing the impression the finished model offers. I know that drawing conclusions is inherently subjective in such cases and one could go on forever whether exposed studs are ok or absolutely ruin the looks. In a hindsight, I don't even know what kind of answer was I looking for originally :D
  13. Kristof


    I would be really interested in some hands on comparison (as unbiased as it can be) of the Monarch and 75252. if the difference in the overall presence and feel is worth the extra 6.5k parts. There are things I don't like about the new set, but I have to give the designer credit for being able to pull this of with 'only' 4700 ish parts. I know that with a model of this size, accidentally increasing the part count by a thousand or two just by adding reinforcements and needful details is super easy. Emphasis on part efficiency or avoidance of rare parts is something I am missing in many of the great MOCs with instructions. I understand that if the goal is the ultimate look, corners can't be cut, yet perhaps there is still something to learn from the lego designers work in that regard.
  14. I'm not in the market for any set above... meh, $200ish, simply because I can't afford it, so I feel like commenting on price is pointless in my case. It is an exciting set nonetheless and I have a few initial observations: First, For the detail and size, the part count is actually quite moderate. I know from experience that it's very easy to have close to finished model and then add some detailing and double the part count. I feel like that's something that makes the job of Lego designers much more challenging and they have to really master the skill for efficient part usage. I also really like the greebling. Somehow, very often the UCS sets feature some examples of greebling which look so great to me, and I can't even say why. If you push me against the wall I would say that it's because of its simplicity and elegance, and selective use of interesting patterns. Some ISD mocs have objectively much more intricate and perhaps accurate (if that's even measurable) greebles, yet they look less clean and eye-pleasing than this. On the other side, I am really not that sold on the back side. Starting with the panel edges which seem cheap to me with the overhanging 2x3 tiles and accompanying jumper plates connected from the bottom side. The thrusters themselves are no work of art either IMO. I am not with the crowd that claims they should be dome instead of a cone, I mean, I haven't studied the reference all that much but I always saw some sort of truncated cone with a quick transition to a cylinder and then entering the hull. Anyway, despite the shape, choice of these large cone pieces just seems lazy (though it might have saved some pieces). The rim is ugly and these 3 flaps don't bring salvation either. In the video, the designer cherishes the idea of building with existing elements and I agree that it's not great to create a ton of new parts in whenever there is a slight need. But one or two new molds would I think fit the set like this one. like a faceted 4x4 half dome for the deflectors, which simply don't look great smooth like this. Or something to help out with the miserable thrusters. Last, Not sure if thats just the camera angles in the video, but I noticed quite a lot of colorful internal parts showing through the gaps. Perhaps just the excessive studio lighting... I could imagine the inside should be pretty dark most of the time. All in all, I don't think this is a letdown of any kind, though, once again, I don't consider the price, which may or may not be really high.
  15. Kristof


    I love it except for the 4x4 tile with 4 studs on the front face. The square shape, though very close approximation of the trapezoid plating panel, just doesn't look right. Maybe it's the row of studs on the bottom which exaggerates the improper look for me. Great model anyway!