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  1. Kristof

    MOC: T4a Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle

    Too bad this is not Falcon. Then it would have been perfect!!
  2. Kristof

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    ^ Yep, makes sense when you explain it more. Good, albeit non trivial suggestion. these good looking ring diameters made out of curved slopes don't just run around in arbitrary sizes :D I would like to see a take on it though. Could be interesting.
  3. Kristof

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    @atlas By that you mean making the 'rings' progressively smaller with faster rate? I feel like that would make the steps look too big and ugly.
  4. Dude... that picture looks good! Am I missing something or is there no actual pdf file with the instructions? I see the Bricklink generated one, but that one just keeps 'fetching bricks' for me :D I feel like this model is cool enough to absolutely deserve an actual instructions book. On that note, is there any way I could forward a few bucks to you as as a gesture of thanks for your efforts? I know you share it for free, but I would still like some option to make a small donation.
  5. Kristof

    [MOC] Core Galaxy Systems Dreadnaught (refitted)

    From some reason this looks like nothing from Star Wars to me :) Don't ask me why, I probably couldn't make up a solid answer. Just the vibes it gives... no SW there. As a Sci Fi spaceship it looks great tho :D
  6. Kristof

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    Satisfaction here :) The instructions look well crafted, especially for such large model. The design appears great as well. Thanks Kit!
  7. Dare you apologize for a thing...! :D Everyone is glad you shared it and I think some collective feedback may actually yield even more optimized result than if you waited longer and strived for perfection before publishing.
  8. I am mindblown to say at least. Fantastic design, spectacular presentation and massive generosity.
  9. Kristof

    Lego Techno Union Ship Moc

  10. That's pretty great!
  11. This is starting to feel almost bittersweet for me. You are doing exactly what i was hoping to have done one day. And you are doing it better than I think i could have So I can just sit back and watch... which is all I have time for anyway
  12. Sky is the limit...! and budget... and available parts... and... :D
  13. ^ The studded panels remind me of the first version I built. There is some old school classiness to that look, I still like it :D
  14. Thank you very much again! I hope you can make it even better with some modifications you suggested. Looking forward to seeing the progress!
  15. Kristof

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    That video is exactly what I was talking about. This is VERY durable model. I am quite confident by far not everyone who provides instructions for their designs tests the models like this. In fact, it is very common for less accurate custom mocs to be far more fragile. That being said, I would like to disclaim the possible impression that I (and some others) are sparking some hate against whoever has issues with the build! For me, it is just surprising and confusing (and interesting, otherwise I would not be joining the discussion) how a pretty well documented procedure can offer such dramatically different results. I was just playing with few of these hinges in hand and some (I suppose used, though I cant really tell) are actually loose enough to get this kind of misalignment (bend, twist) without actually disjoining. That said, comparing @bevulfs experience with the exhausting destructive test in the video... I feel they are just mutually exclusive :D I can't see how the same model, built correctly, could have such dramatic difference in withstanding stress.