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  1. Kristof

    [MOC] Merry Brickmas

    Feedback on your builds is really boring... what else can it be that 'awwwe' :D :D Merry Xmas Kevin!
  2. Kristof

    [MOC] Delta 7 Starfighter

    Is something wrong with me as I want to pet this thing? :D It's so cute. And seemingly a great build too! You have my full appreciation for this design! Except one thing - on the renders the large white arch slopes interfere with the tille in the wings. On your real build the whole cockpit assembly sits higher so it clears. Where is that coming from?
  3. Kristof

    Custom Microfighters

    Wow, I wasn't expecting too much when clicking the links but that still doesn't justify my surprise and awe :D There is soo many of them and mostly great models! I really have to find more time to look more closely on the designs but that's some great work over there for sure :D
  4. ^ I guess it strongly depends on region and typical prices for shipping, but for me S&H can really magnify the total cost by a lot. Hence the number of stores is really a STRONG optimization criterion for me. And frankly so far I have not found a good manual search based method on how to keep it low. Often I find good prices on some lots in particular stores but in the end I find myself having 15 different orders as opposed to say 3 or 4 which easy buy can find for me. Again, I can imagine that with increasing total cost of the parts for a MOC you are building the price for shipping becomes more and more marginal, and maybe in some countries shipping tend to be overall cheaper, but really for keeping the number of orders low I can not beat Easy Buy by a long stretch :D
  5. ^Thats quite surprising for me. I am regularly doing research on available prices for my Venator so I can keep potential buyers updated and it seems to be giving me consistently good results. I rarely obtain price which I would think is considerably higher than what one could achieve manually. I know its not apples to apples, much smaller model with somewhat optimized design (extensive amount of lots and rare parts avoidance), but $700 difference is still insane
  6. @Hollander Even if we assumed perfection at certain point, with LEGO it is never going to be eventual :) New parts and options come pretty often. But I gotta say that after spending nearly 4 years with this particular design, I am very happy with it as is. It could probably be improved in terms of looks here and there but at the cost of much worse buildability and loss of sturdiness, so given all the objectives I wanted to meet, I don't have anything that would bug me and I felt like I could have done better at this point. Frankly it was an achievement in itself for me to even call it finished, exactly because of the persistent feeling that something can be improved upon :D That's also why it took me so long. Possibly (likely) with time, there will be some improvements invented, either by myself or someone else, and I am looking forward to it. The invisible hand might be less appealing when standing alone. It is also way more stylized, simply because the in universe design is actually very organic, there are barely any straight lines and it is literally impossible to render such look with bricks in smaller scale. There are far fewer Invisible Hand MOCs than there are Venators and I bet you the part of the reason is how lego unfriendly it is :D That all being said, I think that the stylized version looks fantastic especially in the joint display with Venator. There is some harmony in colors and shapes that isn't even present in universe. [EDIT] This sounds so lofty now when I read it :D They are genuine thoughts so I will leave it with a full awareness of the risk of being perceived as some kind of narcist :P
  7. I just got an email from Adam, one of the first who got my instructions, including this near-completion WIP pic! Adam allowed me to share it and I have to say that seeing my model being actually built by someone else is great!
  8. Kristof

    [MOC] Boba Fett's pod racer

    It does. It seems to happen to many creators in whatever domain they work. A burnout :D It can be temporary, or fatal. Not necessarily always towards the completion - for me it can be in any state of the project. For me usually if I spend a lot of time involved in a particular part of the build and then when I finally succeed figuring it out, another and seemingly even bigger problem arises. What usually works for me is taking a break, stop designing for some time or do smaller vastly different project :) Then, with regained enthusiasm and renewed perspective I go back and it seems easier to again focus on the bigger thing. I think the issue with the burnout, in fact, is loosing that perspective, because of the previous focus on some different part of the project, which limits your scope and then the next no longer fits that narrow scope :D Hence the refreshing perspective reset.
  9. Kristof

    A wing of A-Wings

    Yeah, that was slightly hyperbolic I don't know anyone who would make living just purely of of making instructions. But instructions and some commissioned models maybe? :D And sure enough I join Daniel in the interest in the backstory!
  10. Kristof

    A wing of A-Wings

    Yeah, the question wasn't even meant as a joke either :D It seems like you could be one of those guys.
  11. Kristof

    A wing of A-Wings

    @Jerac Did you go full time? :D I can't keep up with your pace of putting out models, each of which looks like hundreds of manhours :D Extremely impressive!
  12. Kristof

    [MOC] Boba Fett's pod racer

    Cool :D I like the thruster blocks a lot. The pod itself looks slightly off but I cant state the reason really... the color scheme is right, maybe the way it's shaped, with the canopy. And btw it kinda looks like he just lost the energy-holder inbetween the thrusters :D
  13. @thire5 Thanks my friend. Looking up to your creations was one of the reasons why I started designing this! You really take some major credit for being an inspiration. I'm slowly working on my Invisible Hand, which is somehow less popular but imo really great ship as well and it just makes the coolest display next to the Venator!
  14. I love when fresh designs just come out of nowhere! I agree on Jerac's points for the first one, I got to say that I would suggest using fewer 1x1 round plates as a design feature in this scale... altogether. They don't really look like anything one would 'expect' to be on the hull, unless representing some specific feature or coupled with other building techniques. Otherwise the design is neat and I like the engine section a lot. The second one is just nailed!
  15. Kristof

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    i had to look several times to recognize that the first image is not a reference picture but it really contains your model. Jawdropping :D The design is pretty incredible (particularly that use of the long dual grey spike piece which you matched perfectly with the colors of the nose). I have to say that eventhough this is somehow less eye pleasing in-universe design for me, your model makes up for it.