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  1. My Modular Buildings - Pau Padrós

    Absolutely great modulars! I want to see interior of Venice set.
  2. Rava Town

    Fantastic collection!
  3. Hat Store

    Very beautiful building! Lots of interesting detail! Also I like the design of the first floor windows.
  4. I made last three renders of updated 2nd floor. (@admin, I just want to show the update from different angles. This is the LAST my message about this update. Do not be angry about it, please!)😉 So, this image shows hiding-place behind the clock: Second image: both floors of red building together. View of the office from the side of the stairs.
  5. EXCLUSIVE CONTEST: Mini Building Madness!

    It was the fastest contest in history!
  6. The jeweler's office got a new interior too. Before: After:
  7. [MOC] Modular Antique Shop - Updated

    Very interesting and beautiful modular building!
  8. Jewelry store on my pedestrian street got vintage interior
  9. OK. I understand. If this can not be done, then I will not continue to post pictures here. Sorry.
  10. [MOC] 60117 alternate mocs

    I very like the dump truck!
  11. Christmas update MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!