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  1. Brickenberg

    [MOC] Unique modular building with treasure quest

    Thank for a kind words, guys! I made a small video about my project.
  2. Dear Lego fans. I present you my new modular project on lego ideas. The project includes an amazing treasure quest with clues, secret places, hidden maps and hidden room with treasure. More pics of this project you can find here: If you like the project please support it on LEGO ideas website.
  3. Unfortunately the catalog of details on the Mecabricks website does not contain hourglasses. I had to replace them with ordinary parts. I could not make the balcony railing with the help of flexible parts in the Mecabricks program. Unfortunately I could not made the necessary form of flexible tube. I agree that it does not look as elegant as it used to be. But the quality of renderings has become much better than before.
  4. Brickenberg

    MOC: Modular Surf & Ski Shop/Travel Agency

    Very like the entrance design!
  5. Brickenberg

    [MOC] Parisian Alleys (Mystic modular set)

    Thank you guys! I'm glad that you like it.
  6. Brickenberg

    [MOC] Parisian Alleys (Mystic modular set)

    Thank you for this big comment, my friend! You made a very valuable observations. The main photo was a big problem for me. I really wanted to show the whole project in one photo. It was difficult to do. Because part of the facade of the building hides behind the bend of the building. I "broke my mind" while choosing the appropriate view for rendering. But in general, the shape and location of buildings turned out the way as originally planned. I originally wanted to build on 32*48 baseplate something like this I wanted to re-create this place, where one street is divided into 2 halves. In the project the streets looks narrow. But the distance between them does not hamper to the access of your hands to the sidewalk.
  7. Brickenberg

    [MOC] Somewhere in Sweden during the 70s

    Great presentation photo!
  8. Brickenberg

    MOC: Piazza San Marco - Modular Building

    Amazing set! High professional level of quality as usual. Bravissimo, Pau Padros! ??
  9. Do you feel it? Feel these smells? In the air there is a quaint mixture of flavors of fresh baked bread, strong coffee, young cheese, spring flowers and of course the most fashionable perfume. Dear friends, welcome to Paris! I invite you for a walk along the Parisian pedestrian streets. In this set I decided to recreate a little piece of this beautiful city. A wide pedestrian street is divided into 2 narrow streets to simulate the winding streets of Montmartre. This project is called "Parisian alleys" This is the continuation of my modular pedestrian street. Like the first set this set has its own interesting story and plot for the game. This time the plot is related to with magic and dark forces. Behind the gloomy door there is the office of Madame Brochant, the famous fortune-teller and witch. Get ready to meet with ghosts and evil spirits! Inside the three buildings of this set there are: Bakery; Artist's workshop; Shop of paintings; The room of a young writer girl; Cafe "Green Windmill" Cheese shop; Fashion boutique. This is a very detailed set with beautiful interiors and buildings. Read and see more about the set you can here: Please SUPPORT this project on LEGO IDEAS web-site!
  10. Brickenberg

    My Modular Buildings - Pau Padrós

    Absolutely great modulars! I want to see interior of Venice set.
  11. Brickenberg

    Rava Town

    Fantastic collection!