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  1. Transparency for Effect

    How can I tell if hose parts are cut or not?

    And I thought I was making a bad guess there! Thanks for the info you all :)
  2. I'm not even entirely sure being cut is the case, but I'm comparing two different Hose, Ribbed 7mm D. parts of the same axle length (y'know, these pieces: for a Sand Tarakava replica and I think one piece has one more of the rings than the other and thus maybe a little longer. Is this standard for the pieces to be slightly different like that, or has there been piece alteration here? As someone whose purist in the sense that I just want a LEGO set to have the parts as they normally are, can you tell if a hose part has been cut down (and thus not the actual piece) if that's even what's happening here? For all I know the messy-looking ends of the parts may just be the condition or so. I sorta just get OCD over the parts being correct, a similar case if Hose, Rigid 3mm D. parts ( are cut or distinguishing between the proto minifigure blank heads and regular minifigure heads whose face printing has been rubbed off over time (as well as stuff like if parts are actually bootleg instead of authentic LEGO, but that's another can of worms). EDIT: Looking at some sealed parts from a bag of the Sidorak set, yeah the inconsistent rings seems to be present there too, and a little weird "fraying" at an end where part of the circle is raised above the rest of it. Guessing LEGO's production itself cuts the pieces down from a long length into the right size and the softer plastic is why stuff like that happens?
  3. Transparency for Effect

    LEGO Creator 2021 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Not sure if this even goes here, not sure if this was already known or useless, groundless info, but apparently someone at the LEGOLand Discover Centre in Birmingham told me they were coming out with a new LEGO Store set in Jan 2022 or something when I asked if they had any of the 40305 set in stock (they had only a display of the set). Maybe he just meant the The City of Lanterns set with the LEGO store component in January, but is that a bit of a reach?
  4. Transparency for Effect

    Need help on "reverse-engineering" part of a model without instructions

    It has been! It totally wasn't other rounded plates after all, plus it seems I was also wrong about how the blue headlights are connected, with me thinking prior they were attached through SNOT bricks with the clip for the horn on top, as well as the proper placement of the windshield piece. Thanks ChocolateCrisps!
  5. Transparency for Effect

    Need help on "reverse-engineering" part of a model without instructions

    That looks like it could work! Looking back at the image, that looks like it could be that roof piece after all, and at the very least that's easier to go with than finding a way in attaching other or smaller rounded plates that aren't a thing looking into it (Occam's Razor?), so I think I'll go with this. Many thanks! EDIT: It's also worth noting that the height of the "windshield" section seems to require 2 plates instead of another regular brick, so that kind of fits with the construction shared here of putting a plate below the SNOT brick that connects to the front rounded grey plate.
  6. Transparency for Effect

    Need help on "reverse-engineering" part of a model without instructions

    I'm starting to think the SNOT bricks holding the blue "headlights" in place are the ones with two studs opposite sides, and those are holding the rounded plates in place unconnected as it's sandwiched between the mudguard's studs and the front blue tile's edge.
  7. Transparency for Effect

    Need help on "reverse-engineering" part of a model without instructions

    The only problem is that it really looks like there's other red rounded plates behind the grey one in the image I linked, to which that'd collide with the studs of the mudguard. So either there's smaller plate pieces that match the roundness of the grey one or the two/three rounded plates stuck together are just sitting on top of the car unconnected (maybe as to why there ain't no instructions) although that probably doesn't look the same as it does in the image. But I do appreciate the construction you made here :) I could use it for my recreation but with red snot pieces behind it if the other idea doesn't pan out.
  8. Transparency for Effect

    Need help on "reverse-engineering" part of a model without instructions

    That's kinda the best image we got as I've only seen scans of the LEGO Club Magazine here:
  9. I'm trying to recreate the one model made in the LEGO Club Magazine for the first series of Collectable Minfigures that didn't come with instructions in 2010; the Clown car. I've basically been recreating it in LDD and so far the one area I'm having issue in is the round front section with the blue stud. The car looks like it uses this mudguard, but whatever the front rounded plate with the blue stud is connected to seems to collide with the studs of said mudguard and can't be placed down flat, meaning it may not be the same but red rounded plates. That or it's connected to a hinge piece at the back to "drape" over part of the car at an angle, but would there be enough stud space to do that length wise? It could also just be a matter of what's connected to the grey piece and the answer not being the same, rounded plate, but it does look like it's rounded like the front piece and I'm not sure of other similarly rounded pieces that are shorter to accomodate for the mudguard studs and still connect to the rest of car through SNOT. TLDR; I'm bewildered by the construction of the SNOT-based, blue/grey/red middle front section of the car and wonder if anyone here could take a crack at it. EDIT: Here's a link to the image I took from that might be slightly better quality:
  10. So basically when the first Collectible Minifigures came out literally a darn decade or so ago, they had some mini LEGO Club magazine with images of five certain models you could make with pieces from your collection; a torii for the Ninja, a stage for the Magician, a saloon door for the Cowboy and Indian, a ramp for the Skater, and of course a display stand. They also had an image for a car for the Clown, but this was instruction-less. Of course, you used to be able to put in the "MINIBUILD" code into to get these instructions, but like other instructions of the exact same kind, they seem to be lost to time as far as I can tell. I personally had copies of these previously, but after a transition from the weird iPod place I put them or something, I could not find them anywhere I looked in my PCs or memory banks. And while I've found some LEGO Club instructions through the Wayback Machine, I've yet to relocate these when I've finally gotten the ability to Bricklink the parts to them. Should I contact LEGO about these missing instructions, perhaps? I also was able to find my instructions for one of LEGO Club models I'm not sure is online; the LEGO VIP Minifigure Christmas "BrickFig", to give it a name.
  11. So I have a 2nd hand copy of Axonn that was initially incomplete, and I noticed that according to the Bricklink it had certain PLG parts that I may have had in FS. Now maybe the original owner just replaced missing parts with FS parts from the Toa Nuva or something, but looking at other inventories there's slight variation like this part actually in FS, including BrickOwl, which has several of the silver parts in alternate groups of FS and PLG. So maybe despite Bricklink not listing it, Axonn had alternate releases of the silvers? Also I may have a problem distinguishing PLG and certain FS that's like of cheaper production quality or something. Is it the mold patterns in the silver or something that can differentiate the two?
  12. Transparency for Effect

    LEGO Dimensions – Counting the LEGO Multiverse

    Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry'd be great. We've only seen the former get some kind of representation through the Green Loontern character in one of the LEGO Batman games.
  13. Transparency for Effect

    Is "importing" on iTunes worth the risk of removal?

    I'm a little afraid to essentially say "how can you tell if I've done this terms-breaking action" with an a precious purchase-filled Apple account. Unfortunately, where else can I legally purchase non-physically released shows and movies without weird offline viewing restrictions or relation to a Playstation console I don't own?
  14. I am fully aware that "importing" purchases from another country's iTunes store by making a second Apple account and using that country's gift cards goes against Apple's user agreement. "The Service is available to you only in the United Kingdom. You agree not to use or attempt to use the Service from outside this location. iTunes may use technologies to verify your compliance." So I'm wondering if it's worth the risk of getting my import account and purchases potentially removed after hypothetically pouring in a lot of money from gift cards because they found out. I've already been utilizing an American iTunes account but have only downloaded free things so far (for what it's worth, I only intend to download shows I can't purchase elsewhere, including in my own country's iTunes), and have recently updated my iTunes. The purchases fall into the same library as my own country's. And it'd also be nice to know what technologies, if any, are actually used to detect this importing.
  15. Not much else to say but, simply asking whether The LEGO Movie's Target-released "Special Special Editon" Blu-ray is region locked to Region A or also playable on Region B and C. DVD Compare lists it as just Region A: