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  1. So I have a 2nd hand copy of Axonn that was initially incomplete, and I noticed that according to the Bricklink it had certain PLG parts that I may have had in FS. Now maybe the original owner just replaced missing parts with FS parts from the Toa Nuva or something, but looking at other inventories there's slight variation like this part actually in FS, including BrickOwl, which has several of the silver parts in alternate groups of FS and PLG. So maybe despite Bricklink not listing it, Axonn had alternate releases of the silvers? Also I may have a problem distinguishing PLG and certain FS that's like of cheaper production quality or something. Is it the mold patterns in the silver or something that can differentiate the two?
  2. LEGO Dimensions – Counting the LEGO Multiverse

    Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry'd be great. We've only seen the former get some kind of representation through the Green Loontern character in one of the LEGO Batman games.
  3. Is "importing" on iTunes worth the risk of removal?

    I'm a little afraid to essentially say "how can you tell if I've done this terms-breaking action" with an a precious purchase-filled Apple account. Unfortunately, where else can I legally purchase non-physically released shows and movies without weird offline viewing restrictions or relation to a Playstation console I don't own?
  4. I am fully aware that "importing" purchases from another country's iTunes store by making a second Apple account and using that country's gift cards goes against Apple's user agreement. "The Service is available to you only in the United Kingdom. You agree not to use or attempt to use the Service from outside this location. iTunes may use technologies to verify your compliance." So I'm wondering if it's worth the risk of getting my import account and purchases potentially removed after hypothetically pouring in a lot of money from gift cards because they found out. I've already been utilizing an American iTunes account but have only downloaded free things so far (for what it's worth, I only intend to download shows I can't purchase elsewhere, including in my own country's iTunes), and have recently updated my iTunes. The purchases fall into the same library as my own country's. And it'd also be nice to know what technologies, if any, are actually used to detect this importing.
  5. Not much else to say but, simply asking whether The LEGO Movie's Target-released "Special Special Editon" Blu-ray is region locked to Region A or also playable on Region B and C. DVD Compare lists it as just Region A:
  6. Does LEGO actually destroy their molds or not?

    So it'd still be considered the same part despite it being a different mold, like how LEGO have changed some of their colours in 2004 but still refer to them as the same colour?
  7. Does LEGO actually destroy their molds or not?

    So is it virtually impossible to reprint a part after its mold is destroyed?
  8. Can anyone actually confirm if LEGO destroys their old, unused molds or not? It's been allegedly stated that like, BIONICLE's old molds no longer exist but it'd be pretty stupid for LEGO to just destroy molds when they don't know what they'll need in the future, as well as be against the entire concept of LEGO to just permanently discontinue parts. I also remember when talking of the Ideas space suit thing being redesigned, they may have mentioned molds LEGO didn't have or use anymore.
  9. Aardman Animations LEGO adverts?

    Long time since this topic has been updated but might as well share this commercial that I think was the LEGO Star Wars one they were referring to: (Alt version)
  10. LEGO Dimensions – Counting the LEGO Multiverse

    This was another cool LEGO crossover advert:
  11. Aardman Animations LEGO adverts?

    One of the many companies Aardman Animations (the studio behind Wallace & Gromit and Creature Comforts) have made adverts for is LEGO. What is uploaded on YouTube by the Hall of Advertising channel is one advert done for Train... And one very impressive advert done for Pirates... But also, my Creating 3-D Animation book mentions a spaceman advert Aardman made that was similar to the Pirates one. I looked it up and yes, I found a Space advert with the same construction characters (2:30): But I've also seen listed in an interview a mention of producing advertising for LEGO Star Wars. This interview came out before Chicken Run and LEGO Star Wars came out in 1999 so it must have been in the franchises early years. Does anyone know of some early LEGO Star Wars advert with stop-motion in it?
  12. Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    Is that true information? Because if so, I wonder how much of the classic Toy Story LEGO would be reused and also it'd be kinda neat to see new Toy Story LEGO. Maybe also some Monsters Inc. LEGO, as I see some PIXAR franchises would have trouble fitting into the minifigure type.
  13. Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    Wow, wonder when LEGO is going to run out of dream licenses to actually make! Finally a (potentially) more thorough LEGO-isation of Disney! While the two extra figures are a bit inexplicable, I'll allow it if it means more Disney figures. Makes me wonder how they're going to compare to the previous Fabuland/DUPLO/Minidoll figures if they decide to do Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh or Princess. And while Marvel, Star Wars and even Muppets sound a bit too far away to be put in a "Disney" series, I have to wonder if PIXAR figures will go in, and what they'll do with characters already touched like those from Toy Story. But if it were to take a "Mickey and Friends" approach then here are my guesses... 1. Mickey Mouse with Pluto 2. Minnie Mouse 3. Donald Duck 4. Daisy Duck 5. Goofy 6. Pete 7. Huey 8. Dewey 9. Louie 10. Scrooge McDuck 11. Max Goof 12. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 13. Chip (Green Army Men deal) 14. Dale 15. Clarabelle Cow 16. Horace Horsecollar 17. Ludwig Von Drake 18. Roger Rabbit
  14. LEGO Dimensions – Counting the LEGO Multiverse

    Don't forget this ad: There's also been those Technic commercials where Technic products show up in other themes like BIONICLE (G2) and TLM.