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  1. Just building modulars...

  2. Agusti Padros

    [MOC] Minifig-scale Cat D7 Dozer

    Is there any chance that it's gonna be produced??
  3. Agusti Padros

    [MOC] rally raid truck

    Cool! I really like the back of the lorry!
  4. Agusti Padros

    [MOC] Magic Shop

  5. Agusti Padros

    10251 Brick Bank

    I've got it at home, and it's just spectacular!
  6. Agusti Padros

    I just got screwed by a buyer! Need help

    Tricky. Unless you can prove that it left your house in perfect conditions, and that the damage wasn't caused by you. It could indeed be a fraud, so try'n look for any kind of warnings, such as the feedback that people give back... Sorry to ehar what's happened to you
  7. I've startd using it, as I was really tired and extremely annoyed of the POV rendering tool. It's much quicker, although I definitely think the image doesn't look as cool as with the older one
  8. Agusti Padros

    What are you listening to?

    Interesting question... I've always enjoyed listening to Coldplay, and for me they're the best band in the world. They just did a concert right where I live, so obviously I went there :)
  9. Agusti Padros

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    I completely understand your point, and despite the fact that most of what you can see there is LEGO which can be bought separately, I'd say that the colours that some of the bricks they use may not be produced in that very colour. P.S: I really liked the fact that they gave you a 'factory brick' so you can remember your visit. :)
  10. Agusti Padros

    Huge train station MOC of 25.000 bricks

    Wow! That's real dedication. Is it the final version or will we see further updates?
  11. Agusti Padros

    [MOC] 'The Golden Hat Store'-Western House

    Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I designed it with LDD, so it hasn't been built in 'real life'. And in addition to this, I must reckon that some of the bricks used aren't available in the colour I actually used them, so it'd have to be variated.
  12. Hey! I'm Agustí, you might just know me from Lego Ideas!, and I've just created a wild west modular! 'THE GOLDEN HAT STORE' MODULAR Hello LEGO fans! 'The Golden Hat Store' is my first modular, and it's a shop that sells any type of hat you may want; from hats for cowboys to exclusive and really expensive ones. ·1223 bricks ·27.84 cm (11'') tall The Second Floor: The minifigures that come together with the set are these ones: This project wouldn't have been possible with the help and collaboration of Pau Padrós for his ideas, design tips, renderings and character designs. So, if you like my first modular, please support it on LEGO IDEAS, as it takes no time at all and really makes the author really happy. Thank you so much!
  13. Just building LEGO houses at the moment