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  1. ElviN

    [MOC]Atlan's Throne

    *Reveal hidden contents* plz ;)
  2. "In this trident, resides the power... of Atlantis. In the wrong hands, it would bring destruction, but in the hands of the true heir... it would unite all our kingdoms. Above and below. If you seek my power, you must prove your worth. Journey beyond the edge of the world to the hidden sea. Look inside the bottle for the charted path. Only in the hands of the true king can he truly see." ―Atlan Inspired by the movie "Aquaman". C&C are welcome.
  3. ElviN

    [MOC] Thunder Dragon Trial

    Thanks guys! Update: Dragon only shot.
  4. ElviN

    Computer Generated Castles

    This is brilliant!
  5. Thunder Dragon Trial is one of the most dangerous trials in the entire land. No one had ever beaten the thunder dragon before. Warriors who pass the trial shall master the power of storm. Now, Lord Elveon is about to challenge the impossible... C & Cs are welcome.
  6. The Bloody Gate is a series of battlements placed across the mountain road that leads into the Vale of *Green Dragon* from the Mountains of the Moon. There are two long parapets built into the stone of the mountains. The pass, narrow where it meets the gate, is watched over by twin watchtowers, which are joined by a covered bridge of grey stone that arches above the road. The gate has its own commander who is given the title the Knight of the Gate. This commander traditionally asks the question, "Who would pass the Bloody Gate?" to all who would pass through. - A Wiki of Ice and Fire Inspired by the Bloody Gate from the HBO series The Game of Thrones, this MOC presents the red lion army’s failure of attacking the gate, which hold by the green dragon army. *Yes, the portcullis works.* C&Cs are welcome! The Bloody Gate01 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate02 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate03 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate04 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate05 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate06 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate07 by ElviN, on Flickr
  7. Black Jade Pavilion This model presents a typical scene in Chinese royal garden. It is based on a corner view of the famous Summer Palace in Beijing, China. There are two buildings in the scene. The single-level one is named Moyu Xuan, and the other one is called Danxia Ge in Chinese, Which means black jade and rosy cloud. The rockeries in the middle of the model along with lotus in the lake, the whole model represents peace and harmony in Chinese culture. Some features: Build on a 32x32 baseplate. All doors and windows can be opened. Flare angles of the cornices are fixed by hinge plates which connected to a 1x4 plate with 2 knobs. they are very stable. All buildings and the tree can be removed easily. moyudanxia01 by ElviN, on Flickr moyudanxia02 by ElviN, on Flickr moyudanxia03 by ElviN, on Flickr moyudanxia04 by ElviN, on Flickr moyudanxia05 by ElviN, on Flickr moyudanxia06 by ElviN, on Flickr For more images and my other creation, please visit my Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jxelvin/ C&C are welcome! One more thing... Please support Black Jade Pavilion at https://ideas.lego.c...ects/154099 Thank you!
  8. ElviN

    Börzerk Baël - Lord of the Faceless

    Fantastic! Like the bloody river and of course the faceless guys!
  9. ElviN

    CCCXII - Nobleman's Manor

    Awesome! So many details. Love the stairs to the tower.
  10. ElviN

    MOC: The Village of White Lilies

    Nice build! Love those colorful houses among white lilies. Very beautiful and neat!
  11. ElviN


    Thanks guys for the kind reply! Since I'v used up all my light bluish grays, next module would be a long time to wait. :(
  12. ElviN


    Annually open day at Calfton Stronghold was the most anticipated day to a Child. Just think about that: running & playing in a REAL castle! Hi, guys from the EB forum! This is my first modular castle build, hope you like it. Please visit my flickr page for more pictures. C & C are welcome!
  13. Great build! I like the swing pole & the pool. A lot of fun there.