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  1. Hi everyone, I'd like to share my first submission for Lego Ideas - a set based on the original Planet of the Apes film from 1968! Click the link below to check it out if you'd like. I'd appreciate if you would support the project and/or leave some feedback on how you think the set looks and could be improved :) Link removed If you could share the project it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Clayko

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    Wow, Lance's vehicle seems a lot smaller than I was expecting... I thought it was £20? I like Clay's the best, though I likely won't get it due to the price. Jestro's thing looks... stupid with that face imo, but the rest is nice. Triple-Rocker is pretty cool, might get that. Ruina's vehicle is disappointing, though I don't know what I was expecting. I'll admit the action sets look weird and kind of lame, but with a few modifications I think they could look pretty neat. I made a mock-up of what I was expecting earlier which I may post. Overall, a 'meh' wave for me, though I think over time I may warm up to these sets like I have done with every other Lego wave that I look at the leaks early with... Oh, also, trans-visors are cool, but I'd love if the knights also came with different prints to this year.
  3. Clayko

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    Well to find the Jet I searched 'Nexo Knights Drawing' and set the search tool to 'Past 24 Hours'. First Image on there :) How did you find Jestro's set?
  4. Clayko

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    Found the drawing of the Jet - looks awesome! Definitely looks like a Falcon, which makes me wonder if the other knights will have their vehicles based on their animal (except Lance of course). Still can't find the Jestro set yet though...
  5. Clayko

    Nexo Knights 2016

    The Rumble Blade is a great set with a good selection of minifigures... I'd say it is worth getting. The jet sounds like it would be awesome as well, but I believe it will be $50 if I remember correctly...?
  6. Clayko

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    I wonder if the 'Nexo Power' colour will stay trans-orange, or if they will change it to another trans colour to represent an "upgrade". That could be quite a cool way to distinguish between years as well.
  7. Clayko

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    The 'spacesuits' seem cool (although no Clay?), I'll probably get one. The sets names don't seem all that interesting to me, but I'll wait for pictures to decide if I get any.
  8. Clayko

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Personally, I think they could have distributed the colours better (maybe had a blended mask although I know some people wouldn't like that), made a better looking hammer with a function like his Protector form, and of course having new pieces would be nice. Also, new user here, hi everyone :)