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Found 5 results

  1. I noticed recently that there's been no topic for future landmark buildings (mods please merge/delete if I'm wrong) so I thought I'd better make one. There have been 6 landmark building sets made by TLG so far: 3450 Statue of Liberty (2000) 10181 Eiffel Tower (2007) 10189 Taj Mahal (2008) 10214 Tower Bridge (2010) 10234 Sydney Opera House (2013) 10253 Big Ben (2016) The Statue of Liberty is technically not part of this line but of the 'Sculptures' line that also includes 3723 LEGO Mini-Figure and 3724 LEGO Dragon, but I have included it here as the only Creator Expert set not officially of the 'Buildings' line that is a building known worldwide. The Taj Mahal was rereleased in 2018 as 10256. But the big question is.... what next? The building has to be something that can be sold and recognised globally, and would be a very large set (the smallest so far is the Statue of Liberty with 2882 pieces). It would also probably need to be something of architectural interest - not just a big glass skyscraper (the Burj Khalifa falls into this category). Towers are possible, but as the last one was a tower, I think it's unlikely. 10253 also had a large extension to the side which made it far more interesting. If you ignore the Taj Mahal entirely (or at least the rerelease) there have been buildings in 2007, 10, 13, and 16, so it would make sense to have one in 2019. The Taj Mahal rerelease is now the only one available, as Big Ben and Tower Bridge have both just been retired from LEGO’s range. It would therefore make sense to have one this year, with no others available apart from the Taj Mahal. So what is it? Share your thoughts in the comments below - but please no 'I want' or similar.
  2. Hey all, I've only recently started creating my own creations after long time admiring lego but was afraid to touch it and be seen as a kiddy man lol. I've realized it's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of so here I am :) My first project was to create an island & base add-on to existing Lego Statue of Liberty set. I haven't completed my ultimate goal of this project yet, which is to create a stop motion film. I'm still getting my parts in and once done, I will begin the stop motion captures of the building from start to end. I have two ambitious projects of various sizes planned after this. Looking forward to sharing them with you all.
  3. Hi everyone, I'd like to share my first submission for Lego Ideas - a set based on the original Planet of the Apes film from 1968! Click the link below to check it out if you'd like. I'd appreciate if you would support the project and/or leave some feedback on how you think the set looks and could be improved :) Link removed If you could share the project it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Frank Sinatra and the German-speaking singer Udo Jürgens both sang a hymn to the fascinating City of New York. And there's no doubt that especially the Statue of Liberty is one of the most popular landmarks to people around the world. So, after missing the offical brick-built LEGO-Set years ago there was no chance for me to go past the tinier version brought to us by the CMF Series 6. Now I was given the opportunity by members of to honor this very special minifigure within the context of a new CMF-contest (presenting a character from any series on 16x16) and for the first time try out a little forced-perspective-MOC - and get as many famous buildings as possible integrated into my "sykline". That's what "happened" ;): The model itself may be nothing special, especially here on EB, but for me it was not only the first time I seriously am taking part in any kind of LEGO-based competition, it was also the first time that I literally oppressed one of my "beloved" bricks ;). The water-structure is heavily clamped and by reconciling the one-plate-high difference between the two connection points I managed to get a slightly visible "wave" into it. Believe me, I had to... ehm... tranquilize these little, factory-new 1x2 Plates... And yes, of course there are attached some little (and quite obvious) gags... Now I hope you'll enjoy this rather small model and I'm happy for every kind of advice and feedback! Thanks, RC
  5. STATUE OF LIBERTY PEDESTAL PIECES: 6193 DIMENSIONS: 15” L x 15” W x 19 ¾” H WEIGHT: 17.25 lbs When LEGO® released the Statue of Liberty #3450 set in 2000, it was missing one key element, the iconic pedestal on which Lady Liberty stands. In real life, the statue stands at 151 feet tall and the pedestal adds another 89 feet. Therefore, more than 1/3 of what most people think of as the Statue of Liberty was missing from the original LEGO® #3450 model. I could not allow such a magnificent Lady to not be placed upon her pedestal. Therefore, in the spring of 2012 I began to design and build a quality pedestal model to properly complete the LEGO® Statue of Liberty #3450 set. Nearly every detail of the pedestal that could be captured with official LEGO® pieces has been accurately reproduced in this exquisite design. The entire model is designed to be properly scaled to fit with the LEGO® Statue of Liberty #3450 model. The balconies, brick patterns, shield details, slopes, columns, and many more features have all been faithfully recreated. Typically many LEGO® models are designed “studded” in appearance. However, this particular model was designed to eliminate the appearance of LEGO® piece studs. This “stud-less” look adds an incredible level of realism to the final model. The pedestal model is constructed of 6193 pieces. The model is approximately 15” (384 mm) wide, 15” (384 mm) deep, and 19 ¾” (501 mm) tall. The weight is approximately 17.25 lbs (7.8 kg). When combined with the LEGO® Statue of Liberty #3450 model, which itself is 33” (838 mm) tall, the overall presentation proudly stands at nearly 53” (4 feet 5 inches or 1.34 meters) and weighs approximately 27 lbs (12.24 kg)! Depending on the time of day and lighting, the stones of the real Statue of Liberty Pedestal can appear a variety of colors. Other builders that have done pedestal designs have typically used tan LEGO® pieces, but I usually think of the pedestal in some shade of gray. Therefore, the model was designed and built using the light bluish gray color (LBG), which is also known as LEGO® medium stone grey.