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  1. Greetings, fellow brick lovers! I'm happy to present you my new project - the legendary Lamborghini Miura SV. I couldn't leave this masterpiece of car engineering without attention it deserves and built it with Lego. Revolutionary and innovative, Miura was basically the first supercar ever produced, setting the standart for sport vehicles up to now. Mid-engined light vehicle with two-seat layout - sounds familiar, right? Named after Ganadería Miura, the Spanish fighting bull ranch (as well as most of the other Lamborghini cars' names having been associated with bulls), this little devil, equipped with V12 engine, was extremely light, with the weight not exceeding 1300kg. The shapes of the car are not edgy compared to its successor Countach, and this has made the process quite hard for me, as the target was not only to copy the exterior, but also to make the openable parts exactly like in the original. This 1243 parts' model features: openable doors, front and rear part fully built interior and a V12 engine replica spare wheel in the front part and a tool box behind the engine :) modular system for easier building process Thank you and have a great day!
  2. Thank you! :) Thanks a lot! The functions you've mentioned are definitely coming - the doors are designed to be openable, but still need some improvement and the construction of the hood has to be tested with real bricks to make it well fixed enough to be openable, this and much more is planned for future updates. Regarding the wheels, I haven't found the ones with spokes and had to make a substitution with the current ones - they are surely not so suitable, but it's the only option at the moment, sadly. And, to conclude with - the olive green version is now a part of 100 supporters' update since I wanted to thank everyone and listen to your preference as well :)
  3. "There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do" - Henry Ford (Description below is taken from project page on Ideas) "The prototype of this project, Ford Model T was not the first car ever built, neither it was the most powerful, fast, beautiful and so on... It was revolutionary because of its availability, making the concept of automobile the one we know today - a vehicle, more or less affordable for highest amount of people possible, not a luxury for the chosen ones. That is why I have chosen Tin Lizzie - it's simply iconic. Since there is a plenty of variations of Model T, I ended up making the collective image of it without sticking to any exact modificaton, but trying to follow the last, 1927 version of it - wheels' choice was probably the hardest part because of the original, since there aren't any tires that narrow. However, the overall look of Lizzie is still recognizable. Being a huge fan of vehicles myself, I grab every new set of Creator Expert car as soon as it's possible - but one day I just decided to try my skills in making my own model, that's how this project has been born. Adjusted to scale of already existing vehicles, this set could be a nice addition to the collection and a good gift for other many cars' enthusiasts. Since I'm planning to develop the project, the updates will be coming without any doubt - the final target is to manage to improve the model as much as possible and to build a real version of it, so stay tuned :) Thanks in advance to every single supporter and everyone who stopped to look at this project!" Thanks again for stopping by and have a great day! :)
  4. Hey there! I'm happy to present my new project - a Scania R500 replica modified with trailer and a small crane. Size: 64 (76) x 16 x 28 (47) centimeters (numbers in brackets are the max. size in working mode) Weight: 2.1kg Functions: double rear wheels connected to V8 engine under the cabin, steering, openable doors and cabin, functioning crane (turntable - 2 sections - grab). Unfortubately, all the electrics are currently busy in my other WIP, so it's more of a bookshelf model :) Thanks for watching!
  5. Hey everyone! As someone who hasn't yet explored this whole forum, I honestly have no idea if my choice of subforum for this topic was right - so please don't kill me instantly if it was wrong :) A couple of days ago I suddenly had an idea to build some kind of truck, since I haven't made anything with LDD for a long time. My choice was KamAZ 6520 - one of the most common trucks in Russia, with endless different modifications and purposes. The functions are not so unique - just some openable and turning parts. It is basically my first experience in LDD with something more than 500-700 parts (this one has 2195). Thanks for watching and have a great day!
  6. Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I posted here, but I'm still happy to return with a new model :) Built for the Rebrick contest, replica of the iconic Porsche 911 includes a 5+R manual gearbox, fully independent suspension, steering from the cabin and a working V8 engine at the back of the car, as well as opening doors and adjustable seats. I'm not fully happy with the result, as I failed to nake the back as curvy as I planned to, but well... we don't always get what we want :P Thanks for watching! :)
  7. Hey there! :) Being a fan of Galaxy on Fire 2, I once decided to try building the various ships from the game. Already finished and rendered the two smallest of them - they don't pretend to have 100% accuracy, as the in-game prototypes were just used as a kind of help. Let's start from the smallest one, Inflict. (in-game description) Going to the second one - Furious. I failed at making the turret, so it's not eqipped xD That's it for now. I'll definitely try to make more ships in the future, hope you liked these two, guys! Thanks for watching!
  8. Razor

    [MOC] Coupé (1:10 scale)

    Thanks to all of you! I finally finished the video, so here is it: Unfortunately, the weather wasn' good enough to drive the car outdoors, so I had to make a video at home. The coupe can actuall drive faster, but it needs some space to gather speed, which is not possible to do when you're indoors. :(
  9. Greetings everybody, it's me again and today I'd like to show you my new creation. It is a 1:10 scaled coupe, equipped with five PF motors (2 XL & 3 M), remotely controlled and with three pairs of LEDs. The functions of the vehicle are quite simple or, being exact, it only has one, main function: it can ride with the help of two XL-motors. The M-motor (equipped with return-to-center system) is used for steering. The other two M-motors are used to control a relative small 4-speed gearbox. Each motor controls two speeds and has the same return-to-center system as the one for steering. The gearbox doesn't work perfectly all the time, that's because the elastic bands are not and will never be a good substitution for Servo motor. :) However, approximately 97-98% of gear changing are successful. The gear ratios are 1:3, 1:2, 1:1 and 2:1. The rear part of the car looks quite strange and futuristic: There are two white stripes along the whole car's body: Side view: Let's look at the bottom of the car. You can see the four of five motors and the gearbox: The doors can be easily opened. However, they stay closed during the ride thanks to the simple fixation mechanism. The video will come later, because it's raining now and I cannot test the car outside. :) Thanks for watching!
  10. Razor

    [MOC] Crane Truck

    Rishab N, Dayton, Nimdian, Doc_Brown, drdesignz, thank you! The problem with driving was quite a good lesson: next time I certainly will not get too far with the weight of motorized vehicles. Also, I'm very happy to be published by The Lego Car Blog, haven't even expected this. :)
  11. Greetings all, today I'd like to present my new moc. :) This is a motorized crane truck, inspired by 8258 and 42009. It took five months to build it, that's the biggest vehicle I've ever made. The truck is equipped with 4 XL- and 5 M-motors, 3 IR receivers, 3 battery boxes and 4 pairs of lights. Its length is about 65 cm (95 with extended arm), the height can be between 25 and 75 (extended arm) cm. The weight of the truck is 4.5 kilos. Being almost completely remote controlled, the vehicle has following functions: driving (4 XL motors), steering (M motor), turntable, raising/lowering the arm, extending the section of the arm and the winch (M motor for each function). It also has a pair of manually controlled outriggers and cabin, that can be opened to see the V12 hiding under it. You can also watch the videos (in spoiler) showing the truck's functions. Unfortunately, the arm was too heavy (I used some steel balls from magnetic construction toy as a counterweight) and the XL motors were not enough for the truck. Having the crane installed, it actually moved, but it was going so slowly, that I had to take the first video without the arm, otherwise it would have been really boring to watch the truck driving one meter in half an hour. :) Thanks for watching! P.S. I know, my cameraman skills are awful. :(
  12. Razor

    [MOC] Antiretro Hot Rod

    Thank you!
  13. Razor

    [MOC] Antiretro Hot Rod

    Doc_Brown, Rishab N, thank you!
  14. Razor

    [MOC] Antiretro Hot Rod

    Thank you! Thanks! Yes, there is enough room for PFs, but the battery box doesn't fit in entirely and makes the rear part look really ugly. :( Thank you! About the half of the parts (mainly panels and beams) were taken from 42000, the other ones are from 8070 (including the parts of suspension) and some other sets.
  15. Razor

    Modular Pub

    Lovely house! In my opinion, the façade is a bit too overloaded with all these small deco parts, but it still looks nice. The interior is also good: there are some really attractive things. :)