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  1. brettcuv

    LEGO Iron Giant [MOC]

    Email me at
  2. brettcuv

    LEGO Iron Giant [MOC]

    Thanks! It feels good to hit 10K again :D
  3. brettcuv

    LEGO Iron Giant [MOC]

  4. brettcuv

    LEGO Iron Giant [MOC]

    Hi guys! I've been working on this MOC for over a year and it's finally done! LINK to flickr album
  5. brettcuv

    He-Man MOC

    I wanted to share this MOC I created with the Eurobricks community. Here's a link to a LEGO Ideas project (I don't know if that's allowed or not). I know this seems like shameless self-promotion, but honestly this is the only place on the internet I have pictures of this MOC.