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Found 23 results

  1. FiliusRucilo

    [MOD] 31050 Corner Deli

    The Corner Deli is build from two 31050 Corner Deli sets with additional 282 parts (in 50 Lots). 35 parts are left over form the sets. As you can see on the photos, I have sockets below the modular house but you can put up the MOC on plain baseplate also. LDD file and partlist for the extra parts are available on my website. is in german language, but i'm sure you'll find the download links. It's also possible to build up the Deli on a 32x16 Baseplate for a smaller version without garden. Just leave off the stairs. You then need less extra parts. Find more photos on my Flickr pages.
  2. lookl

    [MOC] Modern Library

    This is my first modern building - LIBRARY. Front walls are mostly glass from their bottom to the top. They are completed with shutters and ivy and formed in a best way to show the corner shaft of the lift. The whole building is covered by the steel metal roof hemming. The building consists of two levels only - the ground floor and the 1st floor. In the inside of the library we can find lots of bookshelves, a reading room, a customer service and a toilet. A minifig can go to the first floor by the lift which works automaticallly and is based on a power function set (comprised of typical motor and battery box only). When the lift reaches the top or the bottom of the building it turns off automatically. The whole modular consists of 2734 pieces so it's only a little bit bigger than the official Lego sets. Modern Library by Łukasz Libuszewski, on Flickr Modern Library by Łukasz Libuszewski, on Flickr Modern Library by Łukasz Libuszewski, on Flickr Modern Library by Łukasz Libuszewski, on Flickr Modern Library by Łukasz Libuszewski, on Flickr
  3. snaillad

    MOC: Downtown

    Hello fellow EB members. I've been working on this MOC for the last couple of months which includes a Cinema, bakery and clothing shop. No interiors were included this time. Its been only my second project this year due to moving my whole Lego collection to another room and re-organizing. Hopefully more to come next year! It is based on 1930-1940's timeline as it was a flimsy excuse to build a old style car and tram and more importantly the Luxor cinema which is what I started building first. Anyway on with the pics, 4 in all to include a few closeup shots. Any questions on building techniques or general comments I'll do my best to answer. You can find all the same pics on my flickr here in bigger sizes if you so wish: Cheers!
  4. ReplicaOfLife


    Welcome to Green Brick Grand Hotel! After over seven months in the making, it's finally time for me to present my newest modular MOC to you. Green Brick Grand Hotel is my biggest MOC to date, it is the largest both in footprint and height. It is built as a regular corner building, but features an inverted corner! Inside, it is fully furnished, featuring a lobby with reception and bar/loung area, dining room, kitchen, manager's office, an indoor pool and 6 rooms (two single & four double). I estimate this one to consist of about 7000-8000 pieces. Building time was February to September 2019. Except for the top of the tower, I did no virtual planning, it was all done as a free build using pieces from my collection (and a couple of bricklink orders I had to place...). More pictures can be found in the flickr album. A couple is just arriving at the hotel... Upon entering, you can't miss the reception. To the left is the grand sweeping staircase leading up to the other floors. The room for the couple isn't quite ready yet, so they enjoy some refreshments in the bar/ loung area. The dining / breakfast room. Currently, there's just one couple in. Overview of the ground floor Coming up from the reception area, there is a nice atrium from which you can look down to the ground floor. This also gives access to the manager's office, the small pool and a huge double room. The small indoor pool. There's only one room on the first floor, but it's a spacious double bedroom. The second floor also has two single rooms and one double room. Both singles are rather small, but they offer everything you might need! The other single room. Double room on the second floor. There's only two rooms on the third and topmost floor, both very spacious double rooms. One of them even features a small balcony with wide, opening doors! The couple we saw earlier arrives in their room. They booked the other spacious suite on the top floor. Again, there are some more pictures on my flickr account! Hope you like it - I'm looking forward to your feedback! Greetings, Tobias (RogerSmith)
  5. Giacinto Consiglio

    [MOC] Old Harbour Street

    Just 18 days after the Venetian Watchmaker's, I'm happy to present you my latest creation, the Old Harbour Street. Based on English traditional architecture (especially the marvellous town of Dartmouth, Devon), the wooden facade blue building includes a fishmonger's and the fishmonger's flat upstairs and a Fish Pub in the half timbered house. Hope you like it!
  6. Huaojozu

    [MOC] Ninjago City Docks B-Model

    Fancy a swim? Or some adrenaline action? Or maybe a luxurious rooftop party? Then wait no longer and come visit the newly opened Brickastle Water Park (with enough parts for the original Pig baloon too). Instructions available here. This corner modular features two sections - the Brickastle building and the nearby Water Park. In the park you can find an olympic sized pool complete with swimming lanes and starting blocks, as well as a trophy to compete for. There are 2 diving boards at varying heights and 3 sets of slides, each with a different adrenaline rating. We have a clear display for both the time and the temperature of the water (in Celsius) to keep you informed. While you're standing in line to get tickets, you can buy some snacks and drinks at the first booth. We offer an assortment of yummies, ranging from sea food to biscuits. The interior of the Brickastle building features the two booths, one for food and the other for tickets and storing any clothing and valuables (including a safe). You can also find two changing room booths near the entrance to ensure your privacy.The second floor contains the apartment of the Brickastle brand owner, complete with a bedroom and other assorted furniture. It also has a ladder leading to the roof, where the real fun awaits. If you're lucky enough to get invited to the rooftop party, you can enjoy the private pool, open bar and the highest diving board in all of Brickopolis.
  7. theCroc

    [MOC] Corner fountain

    I always thought it was a shame that the terrace of the Parisian restaurant always gets covered up by neighboring buildings, so I decided to instead turn it into a corner! Or rather add a corner module with a fountain to it! Album with more pics:
  8. o0ger

    [MOC] Cavity Corner

    Hi everyone. I'd like to share my latest creation with you. It's called Cavity Corner. It's a 32x32 Modular Corner Building. Building this, I was trying to challenge myself to build with colors I wouldn't normally use. This is the result. My second modular. It was great fun (but frustrating) to build :) Somewhere halfway into the designing process I got the idea to have two very contrasting buildings as next door neighbors. This resulted in the contrasting colors, the older house next to the newer and the dentist versus the candy shop. Please tell me what you think! This house is built for a BriXtar contest. BriXtar is an app for iOS and Android where you can share LEGO creations with others. I have uploaded a 3D-version of this MOC to BriXtar, so you can view it in 3D and see how it's built.
  9. I recently received the CREATOR set "Corner Deli" (31050), and I decided it needed an upgrade to better fit my Town's standards. I added a third level and rear walls to all the models' floors. I added a desk for the private eye whose office is on the top floor, plus inside and outside seating on the street level for patrons of the deli. Unfortunately, my creative juices ran out by way of the second floor furniture, so it is sadly empty. The rear of the building features exposed brickwork in places giving this a New York City (or any older big city, really) like feel. The upstairs detective office features a desk, chair,and light with a secret hiding spot for something small, maybe a pistol. This floor is also lacking two of these printed windows. Sadly, their is nothing on this floor as I couldn't think of what to put in there. The Deli sign hooks onto the outdoor balcony, next to the rainwater downspout I added to every floor. The lowest floor features a delicatessen with a deep fryer, grill, indoor / outdoor seating and a serving window with cash register. This car was originally based on the car from set 10232, (Palace Cinema) along with a front end inspired by set 70906. (The Joker Notorious Low-rider) You can also build this car in red or black instead if you so desired. The rear of the car with the spare tire. The car features seating for one driver figure, plus a spare tire at the rear of the car on top of the opening trunk. The LDD file is available for both car and building at Brick-safe at this link. As I already have 90% of this build's parts already, I will be ordering this next along with the clock tower for my train station. Please keep an eye out for real-world pictures coming soon to this topic, and remember that comments, questions, and complaints are always welcome!
  10. My current ongoing project is a Modular corner building with a square and a clocktower. So far most of the building exterior is done, with the exception of most of the clocktower itself (I havent decided quite how to do the clockfaces, may have to bricklink the Big ben clockfaces) EDIT: The clocktower is now done! Next step is ground level! See a small album at The plan is to house a restaurant (with the glassed in roof terrace, a small cafe and a sports goods store in the building as well as a market stall or two in the square bellow. Let me know what you think!
  11. snaillad

    MOC: Kahuka's Koffee

    Hello all. I've finally completed my last build of the year with Kahuka's Koffee. A building influenced predominantly by neo-classical architecture. It has taken about 3 months to complete. I've wanted to try my hand at more varied styles of architecture. It's been 4 years since I last had a go at a classical style. The problem I find with this style is that it tends to be all one or very few colours and it makes picking out details more difficult so I've opted to vary the colours of floors and put highlights in where I could. I wanted to include a rounded roof mainly to finally use the PAB cup full of 1x4 slopes in black I got a while back. I also was keen to incorporate balconies and many arches - common in classical architecture. There is an interior but only for the ground level floor (Said here in the UK), but I've not chosen to build upper floors as it would take too long and frankly I just didn't have enough plates to build another 5 floors If you're wondering why it's called Kahuka's Koffee, there is a subtle hint of the Islanders theme in the facade. I've included a slightly updated version of my streamlined delivery van which I made some years ago to give some busyness feeling to the street. Anyway here's all 9 pics; If you wish to view them at flickr my stream is here: If you have any questions about techniques I used or any comments please feel free. Cheers!
  12. Hello fellow EB members; My latest MOC is called Astrid and Associates Architecture firm. This building is the new head office for the firm as a showcase of the firms abilities! It's taken quite a while to build as I've struggled to find the right direction to take the building. After finding the right proportions to using the large arch pieces surrounding the windows on the ground floor the rest of the building took shape from there. I wanted a good mix of colour and texture, using inspiration from 1920's/1930's buildings with perhaps a touch of middle eastern influence. The interior is modern as I wanted to do something different from one of my many older themed buildings and timelines. Anyway on with the pics, 8 in all; You can also find them here on my flickr page if you prefer and it bigger sizes. Comments and questions welcome! Cheers
  13. Hey all, a lot of us are a big fan of the Lego Modulars. I also noticed a lot of stunning MoC's on this forum already. One thing we don't see very often though (both from Lego or in Mocs), is modulars with an inverted/inverse corner (270° instead of 90°). I would love to see more of those, as it would be nice for once to be able to redirect our modular streets in another angle. Browsing the web for inspiration only gave me one or two pics (as below) . Are there people on this forum that already created Moc or Mod in this way? Would you be willing to share some of them? It would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. Brickenberg

    MOC: Modular corner building

    Dear friends! I'm glad to present you my modular building project. My project includes the casino building and little abandoned building. Unfortunately I can't upload to this topic more than one image. I can't understand why. So I suggest you look at the other images on the page of the project on the lego ideas website. More photos you can see there: But don't forget to click support!;) Enjoy!
  15. snaillad

    MOC: Rua Amarelo

    Hi folks, My long running saga of a project has finally been finished. Inspired by a trip to Portugal this summer, Rua Amarelo is a corner street featuring a Pasteleria and a hat shop. The yellow corner building is perhaps more authentic in colour and I would of preferred to have made a tiled effect for the narrower building but could not source enough tiles from what I had at my disposal. Really would like TLG to bring back sand red in an assortment of pieces! No interior this time but I'm hoping to have something to see inside on my next MOC which is already planned. Anyway on with all 4 of the pics; You can view them at flickr if you so wish Comments welcome!
  16. DrJosephMosch

    Bikeshop and office corner Modular.

    Hey all. I proudly present you my very first modular MOC, technically my first two modular MOCs: There are two buildings on a 32x32 baseplate forming a modular corner. Let's start with the blue one Corner bikeshop On the ground floor there is a small bikeshop, where my townpeople come to buy and repair their bikes. The studs in the front will be used to build a bike rack like you can already see on the left side. On the tan tiles I will put a sticker with the bikeshops name on it. The interior is quite simplistic. A cash register, some wall hooks to display cycling equipment(must be sold out) and some tools, a cash register, a backroom where the bikes are repaired and of course a selection of bikes, red and azure being the colours of the season. Here you can see a better picture of the bike racks I am going to put up all over the city when the pieces arrive. The first and second floor look the same and will eventuelly house office spaces. They are still empty since I seem to suck at furniture. I would highly appreciate help in the comments ;) The highlight of this building is the rooftop bar, which overlooks the deep IKEA Expedit river and most of the town. Then off to the red building, but beware, adult content incoming ;) Stripclub and appartment building After a visit to Amsterdam I wanted to recreate some of the architecture and atmosphere to my LEGO town. So I made a classic innercity townhouse out of dark red bricks and huge windows. Only the roof is not quite dutch, I made it to fit my existing collection of modulars. If you have ever been to Amsterdam you will recognize these windows from the red light district. I decided to soften the purpose of the building in my town to "just" being a stripclub. This is the stripclub where the rebels went to forget the battle of Hoth actually. Above the club there is the appartment of some lovely old folks. They do not mind living above our loud stripclub, in fact gramps ownes the place and his wife was one of the first dancers there in the 50s. Looks like they are having a feast with the profits the club is making. All in all their appartment is quite nice, with a loggia on the first floor and a big terrace on the upper floor. The appartment features big windows and classy interior. Backside: Front: The buildings sit together with the palace cinema on a small shelf, divided by the great Expedit river from the rest of my modulars because I ran out of space on the "mainland" so I guess the next project will be a bridge connecting the two. Criticism, praise, comments and questions all welcome. :)
  17. snaillad

    MOC: The Ocean Restaurant

    Hi everyone, My latest moc is called The Ocean restaurant and is inspired by Miami's south beach area. I felt some of my ealiest attempts on the style didn't do it justice. I thought a 1 storey building wouldn't be as time-consuming as some of my more recent buildings much larger in size which would allow me to concentrate more on the details and refinement. The exterior was done first and I wasn't originally going to do an interior but was persuaded to and I'm pleased I did as it turned out to be pretty fun designing. Anyway on with the pics - There's only 5 this time so i'll put them all in here These are all the pictures from this MOC, if you'd prefer to view them at flickr go here: Comments welcome!
  18. Vincent Kessels

    Ode to the Brick

    Here is one of my latest modular 'buildings'. It is a small square that can be used a corner module. At the corner is a small statue called 'Ode to the Brick'.
  19. wingyew29

    [MOC] Starbucks Cafe (modular)

    Hi All, It's been awhile i wish to MOC one modular cafe out from Lego bricks. At the end, i choose to moc a famous cafe chain, Starbucks cafe. A lot of studied and reference has been done to come out with this MOC. I did include the little Starbucks barista in my moc too. Hope everyone will like it and feel free to comment. Cheers. You may dropby to my Flickr for more details photos. Enjoy Bricking!! MOC Starbucks (1) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (2) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (3) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (4) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (5) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (6) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (7) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (11) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (14) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (15) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (17) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (20) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (26) by WingYew, on Flickr MOC Starbucks (27) by WingYew, on Flickr It's now available in LEGO IDEAS for voting as well. :) Appreciate on the support.
  20. Bennemans

    MOC Grocery Store

    Hey all! First time I'm posting a MOC! I don't have a good camera, so I made the pics with my phone. Forgive me! I wanna show you my grocery store. It's a small corner building in dark colors (mostly black, dark red and dark green). On the outside there are crates of fruits and vegetables, a tree pushing up the stones of the sidewalk, a dumpster around the corner, Chase McCain on patrol, and the entrances to the shop and the apartment above. The roof plates will be replaced with a darker color, I was thinking dark brown or dark gray, but Kristel's suggestion of dark green got me thinking ;) Inside the shop there are stocked shelves, a counter with a scale and a busy shop owner. What you can't see is the refrigerated area across from the counter and the restroom underneath the stairs behind the counter (even though the toilet is basically invisible, I want my buildings to be functional, and a place for the shop owner to lay a brick [badum tsh] is part of that) When we go upstairs, there's an apartment. First level is the kitchen (with toilet and laundry room), second the living room, and third the bedroom and bathroom with a small balcony. I hope y'all like it! I've got some more MOCs I wanna show you when I get the chance! [EDIT] Just a few extra pics I had:
  21. Hello everyone. Here i'll post all my MOC's, questions ect. Feel free til ask!
  22. Commander Turtle

    Winter Village: The Brick Arms

    My winter village pub! Do you remember how terrifying it was being pulled about on a sled by a motorbike? I do... I always see great entries, and think, "I don't have enough bricks for that." My collection at university is only about 4000 bricks, but I figured it was about time to just dive in. So what if I don't have so many options, it means I have to use what I have better! I'm chuffed with how the lorry came out. It easily seats a minifig, and with a simple parts change (for a couple of pieces I don't have) it'd fit 2 side-by-side! And there's the delivery lady hefting a package from Santa. This is an exceptionally well-armed pub. The chimney is a cannon, and the mistletoe is actually missile-toe - mounted on flick fires! It's a pub worthy of calling itself the Brick Arms! For my accessory, I wanted to do a feed the homeless type thing. That's what Christmas means to me :) I'll try get some indoors shots up on my Flickr soon. I didn't have access to the camera for long, I'll keep you posted! Roughly 900-1000 pieces. 5 minifigs + 2 more inside who you haven't seen yet!