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Found 236 results

  1. Historic themes have their own lovely thread all about sharing cool parts and sets that can be adopted and adapted to fit their theme. So here we are with our own thread. Ready to supply any budding adventurer! This thread is for sharing about parts, prints and sets that are currently available from 2021 onwards. (Of course if the thread lasts a long time, some sets and parts/prints might be retired in future). Any and all themes can be the source of useful parts and even sets that supply our thirst for Adventure! Build a Minifig, Pick a Brick and Bricks and Pieces tips are welcome. Remember: Adventure is out there!
  2. The LEGO Minifigure Series are proving to be a great source of new minifigs and accessories relevant to the LEGO Pirate theme. Upcoming Release The Rococo Aristocrat will be released as part of LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 will be available on from January 1, 2023. Previous Releases Here is a selection of minifigures deemed most useful to Pirates: Series 10 (yet to be released - information tentative) table.minifigtable{ width: 800px; } table.minifigtable td { text-align: center; width: 33%; } Sea Captain (particularly for seagull) Revolutionary Solider (missing legs) Native American Series 9 (late 2012) Judge (nice wig!) Mermaid Series 8 (mid 2012) Pirate Captain (finally a pirate!) Conquistador The Thespian Series 7 (early 2012) Aztec Warrior Ocean King Series 5 Royal Guard Series 4 Muskateer Series 3 Hula Dancer How to suggest a Minifigure Name a minifigure from the LEGO Minifigure Series you think would be useful to the LEGO Pirates theme and explain why. If 5 other people vote for your minifigure by posting a comment it will be added to the first post of this thread. For the vote to be valid the comment must state why the minifigure is a good choice and how it can be used in the pirate theme.
  3. According to the leaked set list for 2022, CMF S22 will be released next January @Itaria No Shintaku Can we have the mandatory Guessing Game thread? But this time around the real guesses are about the number of minifigures and the packaging VIDIYO was..... something that happened........ this year. Let's said it that way With VIDIYO, single character little boxes were used. Can those be introduced to the CMF theme with Series 22? Also, now with VIDIYO out of the map, are we going back with 16 characters?
  4. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 8pin cars

    Hello :) Topic for placing in one place my self-made products 8pin wide in the scale of Speed Champions. Pleasand viewing! I will be glad to comments with wishes and criticism :)
  5. lego_guyon02

    Updating Your MCU Minifigures

    Hello everyone, This thread is a place to share any custom figures or modifications to existing figures from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I hope we can use this thread to inspire each other for years to come! Did you know the Star Wars and Harry Potter themes also have topics like this? You can check them out below! - Star Wars by @Kingslayer - Harry Potter by @Seaber Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We gotta start somewhere so here's a good chunk of the custom/modified figures from my collection, it's not everything but I hope you'll be able to take inspiration from some of these figures! I'll apologise in advance for the mediocre quality of some of the pictures Black Widow family L-R: Melina Vostokoff, Alexei Shostakov / Red Guardian, Yelena Belova, Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow Revengers L-R: Bruce Banner / Hulk, Brunnhilde / Valkyrie, Thor Wakandans L-R: Nakia, Shuri, T'Challa / Black Panther (kinetically powered up), T'Challa / Black Panther Fugitive Avengers L-R: Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow, Steve Rogers / Nomad, Bucky Barnes / White Wolf Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. L-R: Leopold Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Daisy Johnson / Quake, Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie, Bobbi Morse / Mockingbird Earth-bound villains L-R: Grant Ward, Johann Schmidt / Red Skull, Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier, Ulysses Klaue, Erik Killmonger, Antonia Dreykov / Taskmaster Spider-Man villains L-R: Hydro-Man, Quentin Beck / Mysterio, Adrian Toomes / Vulture Space-bound villains L-R: Ayesha, Yon-Rogg, Grandmaster, Hela Black Order L-R: Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight Thanks for viewing and I hope to see some of your customs soon!
  6. jelletv

    The home of Ole kirk MOC

    hello LEGO fans around the world today 10th August 2022 lego celebrates their 90th anniversary and to celebrate I made a LEGO ideas MOC called THE BEGINNING OF THE LEGO HISTORY (90TH ANNIVERSARY Based on Ole kirk's house the place where the LEGO Group began their journeyIf you would like to see this one day become a real LEGO set and reach 10,000 support, please share and support it than at lego ideas:) also wish every LEGO fan and AFOL a happy 90 years of play and let's hope for many more great years to come. In the middle of the roof is a handle where you can easily lift the roof and view the details underneath. The office is the place where Ole Kirk came up with his ideas. In the office there are construction drawings of the house and of the wooden toys like the duck and a bus. The room contains several details such as an old-fashioned phone on the wall and a typewriter on the desk and many more small details to discover. the living room is the please where Ole Kirk can quietly drink a cup of tea while his grandson Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen builds a LEGO rocket with the new prototype parts in the year 1958. There is also a seating area in the living room. the store was the place where Ole Kirk sold his wooden toys like a number of iconic like the fire truck a blue car - truck - locomotive - plane and the wooden duck naturally. I also added an easter egg that refers to the Wooden Minifigure from 2019.
  7. This project I came up with is based on the house of Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the founder of the LEGO group that celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. I made several rooms in the house. The workroom contains various details such as his typewriter and various blueprints.  Ole Kirk Christiansen's living room. Ole's woodworking shop. Several well-known wooden toy models. If you want you can support this project
  8. Moon_Knight

    Updating Your DC Minifigures

    Hi guys, after seeing @lego_guyon02's "Updating Your MCU Minifigures", I thought it'd be fun for the DC fans to show off their upgraded DC minifigures. Here are a few of mine. Hope to see some of yours soon! L-R: Jim Gordon, The Batman, The Riddler L-R: Joker, Bane, Commission Gordon in SWAT gear L-R: Brainiac, Cosmic Boy, Lightning L-R: Suicide Squad: Bronze Tiger, Katana, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang L-R: Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Hal Jordan, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz Batman Zero Year Guardian (Mal Duncan from Young Justice)
  9. This is a list of BAM Exclusive parts that I have collected and catalogued so that the conversation in the BAM topic will be less confusing. The index of parts are sorted in order of item type (headgear, headpiece, torso, etc) and then date "first seen". NOTE: All the pictures used here are all my own, unless otherwise stated. All copyrighted and exclusively for Eurobricks use only. If you wish to use the images outside Eurobricks, you need to link back to this topic and include attribution. With that said, you may use the images throughout Eurobricks without any boundaries (e.g. copy and paste image link in topics/replies, etc) Also, this topic is not meant to discuss new parts. I will update the list as needed and as new parts are discovered, or when I acquire them. For discussion of these parts, post your response here: Image BL Code Item Name First Seen & Notes 93218pb01 Bright Light Orange Minifigure, Utensil Snowboard Small with Blue and Pink Snowflakes Pattern 2018 Q1 fn#001 87995 Blue Minifigure, Hair Bubble Style (Afro) 2018 Q3 fn#002 13788pb02 Minifigure, Headgear Hat, Wide Floppy Brim with Knotted Tan Band Pattern 2018 Q3 fn#002 3626cpb2325 Minifigure, Head Mime Smiling Face, Black Star Eyes with White Pupils Pattern - Hollow Stud 2019 Q1 fn#004 26073pb03 Minifigure, Backpack with Lime Bedroll Pattern 2019 Q1 fn#004 28432 Bright Light Yellow Minifigure, Hair Female Long Wavy with Ponytail 2019 Q2 29633 Bright Light Yellow Minifigure, Hair Female, Mid-Length Straight, Parted in Middle, Longer in Front than Back 2019 Q2 38798 Reddish Brown Minifigure, Hair Short and Bushy, Parted on Lef 2019 Q2 17349pb02 Minifigure, Headgear Hat, Cone Drooping, Wizard with Silver Stars and Moon Pattern 2019 Q2 973pb3491c01 Dark Blue Torso Lace-up Shirt with Moon and Stars and Silver Rope Belt Pattern / Dark Blue Arms / Yellow Hands 2019 Q2 75904pb01 Light Bluish Grey Minifigure, Utensil Tool Sledgehammer (Mjolnir) with 4 Copper Rivets and Razorback on Both Sides Pattern 2019 Q2 Similar to sledgehammer wielded by CMF S16 Battle Dwarf with same print but with different colour fn#005, fn#010 35701 Reddish Brown Minifigure, Hair Short, Parted with Two Pigtails, Hole for Pin on Top 2019 Q3 95326 Bright Light Yellow Minifigure, Hair Female Messy with Swept-up Ponytail, Side Bangs and Clip 2019 Q3 28430pb03 Dual-Molded Police Hat with Hair Pulled Into Bun 2019 Q3 973pb3600c01 White Torso T-Shirt with Red Trim and 'CHAMPS' Logo Pattern / Red Arms / Yellow Hand Right / Reddish Brown Baseball Glove Left 2019 Q3 973pb3528c01 Torso Shirt Torn Off Sleeves, Buttons on Pockets without Back Print Pattern (BAM) / Yellow Arms / Yellow Hands 2019 Q2 downgraded version of 973pb1399c01 without tattoo and back printing 970c00pb1031 Sand blue Hips and Legs with Yellow Boots and Pockets Pattern 2019 Q3 36036 Red Lower Body, Skirt 2019 Q3 95351 Green Tail, Mermaid Curved 2019 Q3 35699 Minifigure, Hair Male, Smooth with Spiked Bangs 2019 Q3 12890 Minifigure, Hair Bubble Style (Afro) 2019 Q3 17346 Bright Light Yellow Minifigure, Hair Female Long Straight with Bangs (Rubber) 2019 Q3 18836pb03 Minifigure, Shield Triangular Long with Rampaging Lions and Key Pairs Pattern 2019 Q3 93221pb0_ Minifigure, Utensil Radio Boom Box with Handle with Silver Cassette Player, Buttons and Rimmed Speakers Pattern 2019 Q3 13786pb05 Dark Bluish Gray Cat, Standing with White Muzzle and Bright Pink Nose Pattern 2019 Q3 970c00pb0474 Dark Blue Hips and Legs with Dark Red Boots Pattern 2019 Q3 970c00pb0645 without print 970c00pb0411 Dark Blue Hips and Legs with Black Boots 2019 Q3 970c00pb0745 without print 973pb3706c01 Blue Torso Pirate Vest over Red and White Striped Shirt, 3 Buttons Pattern / Yellow Arms / Yellow Hands 2019 Q3 downgraded version of 973pb0525c01 without back print 973pb2033c01 White Torso Reddish Brown Apron Female with Cup and Name Tag Pattern / White Arms / Yellow Hand 2019 Q3 female version of 973pb3256c01 but without back print 970c00pb1024 White Hips and Legs with Red Lego Head Print Shorts and Yellow Feet Pattern 2019 Q3 Similar to 970c00pb0785 but has minifig heads instead of paws --- Minifigure, Head Beard Dark Orange, Gold Teeth, Eyepatch Pattern - Hollow Stud 3626cpb1304 with eyelashes (misprinted?) fn#004 3626cpb2406 Minifigure, Head Black Eyebrows, Vertical Cheek Lines, Slight Frown, Chin Dimple and White Pupils Pattern - Hollow Stud Eyebrow colour is different from CMF Series 2 Pharoah 38800 Medium Nougat Minifigure, Hair Bowl Cut Parted in Center 2019 Q4 20592pb02 Bright Light Yellow Minifigure, Hair Female Mid-Length Flipped Ends, Short Bangs, with Black Cat Ears Pattern 2019 Q4 13787pb02 Minifigure, Headgear Hat, Elf with Pointed Ears with Red Top Pattern 2019 Q4 973pb3372c01 Green Torso Rounded Collar, 4 Red Buttons and Gold Belt with Red Buckle Pattern / Green Arms / Yellow Hands 2019 Q4 28798pb01 Orange Minifigure, Hair Female Pigtails High Bouncy, Hole on Top with Black Hair on Left Side and Black Tie on Right Side Pattern 2019 Q4 973pb3678c01 Torso Black Cat on Orange Moon Background and Bats Pattern / Black Arms / Yellow Hands 2019 Q4 970c00pb1015 Orange Hips and Legs with Purple and Black Bats and Pumpkins Pattern 2019 Q4 3626cpb2485 Minifigure, Head Pumpkin Jack O' Lantern with Yellow Outlines Pattern - Hollow Stud 2019 Q4 41879pb017 Yellow Legs Short with White Feet and Half Leg Pattern 2019 Q4 970c00pb0575 White Hips and Legs with Yellow Boots Pattern 2019 Q4 973pb3371c01 White Torso Castle Kingdoms Female Corset with Dark Green Side Panels and Red Lace Trim, Necklace Pattern / White Arms / Yellow Hands 2019 Q4 3678bpb115 Slope 65 2 x 2 x 2 with Bottom Tube with White Apron with Red Lace and Candy Canes in Pocket Skirt Pattern 2019 Q4 18746pb005 Minifigure, Utensil Snowboard Small with Dark Turquoise, Orange and Magenta Decoration Pattern 2019 Q4 26078pb003 Black Dog, Terrier with Black Eyes and Nose on Gray Background Pattern 2019 Q4 970c00pb0495 Dark Blue Hips and Legs with Dark Brown Boots Pattern 2019 Q4 970c00pb0671 without print 36036 Dark Blue Lower Body, Skirt 2019 Q4 3626cpb2238 Lime Minifigure, Head Female Magenta Lips and Eye Shadow, Black Wart and Wrinkles, Smile with One White Tooth Pattern - Hollow Stud 2019 Q4 Also available in 2018 at LEGOLAND: BL 853607-1 fn#006 973pb3530c01 Dark Purple Torso Female Shirt with Buttons, Orange Belt, Buckle, Lime and Orange Patches Pattern / Dark Purple Arms / Lime Hands 2019 Q4 Also available in 2018 at LEGOLAND: BL 853607-1 fn#006 973pb3530c01 Dark Purple Torso Female Shirt with Buttons, Orange Belt, Buckle, Lime and Orange Patches Pattern / Dark Purple Arms / Lime Hands 2019 Q4 Also available in 2018 at LEGOLAND: BL 853607-1 Back print fn#006 15503 Black Minifigure, Hair Female Beehive Style with Sideways Fringe 2019 Q4 3626cpb2239 White Minifigure, Head Alien Female with Magenta Lips, Fangs and Magenta Eye Shadow Pattern - Hollow Stud 2019 Q4 Also available in 2018 at LEGOLAND: BL 853607-1 fn#006 973pb3320c01 Black Torso Female Outline with Magenta Spider Web Trim, Necklace and Dark Bluish Gray Spider Pattern / Black Arms / Light Bluish Gray Hands 2019 Q4 Also available in 2018 at LEGOLAND: BL 853607-1 fn#006 3678bpb114 Black Slope 65 2 x 2 x 2 with Bottom Tube with Dress with Magenta Spider Web and 2 Dark Bluish Gray Spiders Pattern 2019 Q4 Also available in 2018 at LEGOLAND: BL 853607-1 fn#006 3626cpb2240 Minifigure, Head Alien with Red Eyes, Fangs, Angry Eyebrows, Mouth Open Pattern - Hollow Stud 2019 Q4 Also available in 2018 at LEGOLAND: BL 853607-1 fn#006 973pb3319c01 Black Torso Jacket Formal with White Shirt with Frills, Dark Purple Vest and Cravat, Gold Watch Chain Pattern / Black Arms / White Hands 2019 Q4 Also available in 2018 at LEGOLAND: BL 853607-1 fn#006 970c00pb0918 Black Hips and Legs with Silver Chain and Tan Vials Pattern 2019 Q4 Also available in 2018 at LEGOLAND: BL 853607-1 fn#006 26076pb01 Penguin with Flippers and Stud on Back with Orange Beak and Feet and White Stomach Pattern 2019 Q4 The eyes and beak are slightly different fn#007 54647pb02 Dark Orange Minifigure, Hair Combo, Hair with Hat, Long Hair with White Bicycle Helmet Pattern 2020.01 10164 White Minifigure, Headgear Cap, Santa 2020.01 fn#008 973pb3794c01 White Torso with Dark Blue Vitruvian Minifigure Pattern (BAM) / Dark Blue Arms / Yellow Hands 2020.01 fn#008 41879pb020 Black Legs Short with Blue Feet and Half Leg Pattern (BAM) 2020.01 fn#008 3626cpb2562 Minifigure, Head Blue Eyebrows and Goatee Pattern - Hollow Stud (BAM) 2020.01 fn#008 "Ice King" counterpart for the CMF Series 16 Ice Qeen 973pb3820c01 Torso Robe with Crystal Necklace Pattern (BAM) / White Arms / White Hands 2020.01 fn#008 "Ice King" counterpart for the CMF Series 16 Ice Qeen 973pb3820c01 Torso Robe with Crystal Necklace Pattern (BAM) / White Arms / White Hands - Back 2020.01 fn#008 "Ice King" counterpart for the CMF Series 16 Ice Queen Back print 35857pb01 Bright Pink Minifigure, Headgear Head Cover, Costume Mask Elephant with Black Eyes and White Tusks Pattern 2020.01 fn#008 Valentines Day special 3626cpb2561 Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Black Eyebrows, Red Heart-Shaped Sunglasses, Pink Lips / Eyes Closed, Kissing Pattern - Hollow Stud (BAM) 2020.01 fn#008 Valentines Day special 973pb3787c01 Bright Pink Torso with Large Red Heart Pattern (BAM) / Bright Pink Arms / Red Hands 2020.01 fn#008 Valentines Day special 973pb3817c01 Torso Robe with Gold Hems, Gold Circle Symbols and Rat Pattern (BAM) / Red Arms / Yellow Hands 2020.01 Year of the Rat special 973pb3817c01 Torso Robe with Gold Hems, Gold Circle Symbols and Rat Pattern (BAM) / Red Arms / Yellow Hands - Back 2020.01 Year of the Rat special - back 99244pb01 Reddish Brown Minifigure, Headgear Mask Bunny Ears with Bright Pink Auricles Pattern 2020.02 Brown Easter Bunny fn#009 3626cpb2578 White Minifigure, Head Rabbit Teeth, Bright Pink Cheeks and Whiskers Pattern - Hollow Stud (BAM) 2020.02 Brown Easter Bunny fn#009 973pb3841c01 Torso with Bright Light Blue Bow with Yellow Polka Dots, Pink, Blue and Yellow Waves Pattern (BAM) / Reddish Brown Arms / Reddish Brown Hands 2020.02 Brown Easter Bunny fn#009 973pb3841c01 Torso with Bright Light Blue Bow with Yellow Polka Dots, Pink, Blue and Yellow Waves Pattern (BAM) / Reddish Brown Arms / Reddish Brown Hands - Back 2020.02 Brown Easter Bunny - back print fn#009 12892pb01 Dark Pink Minifigure, Headgear Cap, Insect with Black Antennae Pattern (Bumblebee) 2020.02 Butterfly Girl fn#009 3626cpb2614 Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female, Black Eyebrows, Grin / Open Mouth Smile with Butterfly Pattern - Hollow Stud (BAM) 2020.02 Butterfly Girl fn#009 973pb3840c01 Black Torso with Bright Pink Bow Tie and White Polka Dots Pattern (BAM) / Yellow Arms / Yellow Hand 2020.02 Butterfly Girl fn#009 973pb3840c01 Black Torso with Bright Pink Bow Tie and White Polka Dots Pattern (BAM) / Yellow Arms / Yellow Hand - Back 2020.02 Butterfly Girl - back print fn#009 35762pb01 Bright Light Blue Minifigure, Headgear Head Cover, Costume Flower with Green Bud Pattern 2020.02 Flower Pot Girl fn#009 973pb3822c01 Green Torso with 4 Leaves on Bright Green Stem Pattern (BAM) / Green Arms / Yellow Hand 2020.02 Flower Pot Girl fn#009 970c00 Teal Hips and Legs (Monochrome) 2020.04 970c00 Magenta Hips and Legs (Monochrome) 2020.04 15427 Medium Azure Minifigure, Hair Female Ponytail Off-center 2020.04 28421pb04 Coral Minifigure, Utensil Swim Ring / Floatie Duck Inflatable with Black Eyes and Dark Turquoise Bill Pattern (BAM) 2020.04 970c00pb0575 Medium Azure Hips and Legs with Yellow Boots Pattern 2020.04 93568pb004 Pie with White Cream Filling and Sprinkles Pattern Pattern (BAM) 2020.04 53075pb02 Dog, Dachshund with Black Eyes and Nose and Tan Markings Pattern (BAM) 2020.04 fn#011 973pb4011c01 Black Torso Shirt with Dog French Bulldog Head and Space Helmet Pattern (BAM) / Black Arms / Yellow Hands 2020.04 fn#011 973pb4011c01 Black Torso Shirt with Dog French Bulldog Head and Space Helmet Pattern (BAM) / Black Arms / Yellow Hands - Back 2020.04 fn#011 973pb---c01 Lavender Torso Female Dress ... 2020.04 fn#011 973pb---c01 Lavender Torso Female Dress ... Back 2020.04 fn#011 36036 Lavender Lower Body, Skirt 2020.04 fn#011 973pb4075c01 Black Torso Jacket Formal with Black Vest, White Shirt and Black Bow Tie with Red Flower Pattern (BAM) / Black Arms / Yellow Hands 2020.04 fn#011 973pb4075c01 Black Torso Jacket Formal with Black Vest, White Shirt and Black Bow Tie with Red Flower Pattern (BAM) / Black Arms / Yellow Hands - Back 2020.04 fn#011 65590pb02 Orange Minifigure, Headgear Head Cover, Costume Mask Cat with Black Tiger Stripes Pattern (BAM) 2020.09 fn#012 973pb4065c01 Orange Torso Black Tiger Stripes and Tan Chest Pattern (BAM) / Orange Arms / Black Hands 2020.09 fn#012 973pb4065c01 Orange Torso Black Tiger Stripes and Tan Chest Pattern (BAM) / Orange Arms / Black Hands - Back 2020.09 fn#012 15504pb04 Orange Minifigure, Costume Tail Cat with Black Tiger Stripes Pattern (BAM) 2020.09 fn#012 20606pb05 Minifigure, Hair Combo, Hair with Hat, Mid-Length Scraggly with Dark Green Floppy Witch Hat Pattern (BAM) 2020.09 fn#012 973pb4064c01 Dark Green Torso Open Jacket over Dark Red Vest, Gold Necklace with White Skull, Belt with Buckle and Emblem Pattern (BAM) / Green Arms / Yellow Hands 2020.09 fn#012 973pb4064c01 Dark Green Torso Open Jacket over Dark Red Vest, Gold Necklace with White Skull, Belt with Buckle and Emblem Pattern (BAM) / Green Arms / Yellow Hands - Back 2020.09 fn#012 3626ccpb---- Brick Light Blue Minifigure, Head ... 2020.11 3626ccpb---- Brick Light Blue Minifigure, Head .. 2nd face 2020.11 2020.11 Medium Nougat Minifigure, Headgear Mask Bear / Panda with tan muzzle 2020.11 Medium Nougat Minifigure, Torso with Red Ribbon and Fur 2020.11 99253 Medium Nougat Minifigure, Utensil Lasso 2020.11 20595 Minifigure, Hair Female Long Tousled with Center Part 2020.11 970c00pb---- White Hips and Legs with Blue Boots Pattern 2020.11 Dark Purple Minifigure, Utensil Snowboard Small with 'Sport' and light blue pattern 2020.11 3068bpb1461 Tile 2 x 2 with Groove with Red and Green Bow Pattern (BAM) 2020.11 10169 White Minifigure, Utensil Sack / Bag with Handle 2020.11 13787pb03 Minifigure, Headgear Hat, Elf with Pointed Ears with Dark Pink Top Pattern (BAM 2020.11 fn#013 3626cpb2713 Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female, Reddish Brown Eyebrows, Nougat Cheeks, Dark Pink Lips, Smile / Open Mouth and Winking Pattern - Hollow Stud (BAM) 2020.11 fn#013 3626cpb2713 Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female, Reddish Brown Eyebrows, Nougat Cheeks, Dark Pink Lips, Smile / Open Mouth and Winking Pattern - Hollow Stud (BAM) - 2nd face 2020.11 fn#013 973pb4077c01 Dark Pink Torso Jacket with Fur Collar and Lime Belt Pattern (BAM) / Lime Arms / Yellow Hands 2020.11 fn#013 973pb4077c01 Dark Pink Torso Jacket with Fur Collar and Lime Belt Pattern (BAM) / Lime Arms / Yellow Hands - Back 2020.11 fn#013 Used to be exclusives 98382pb009 Medium Blue Teddy Bear with Black Eyes, Blue Nose and Mouth and Bright Light Blue Stomach and Muzzle Pattern 2020.02 Flower Pot Girl fn#009 Exclusive for a short while, but also found in set 40473 after. 36036 White Lower Body, Skirt 2019 Q4 Appeared in 10273 later 36036 Medium Nougat Lower Body, Skirt 2019 Q4 Appeared in 75980 later 36036 Dark Brown Lower Body, Skirt 2020.09 Appeared in 75978 later Footnotes: fn#001 2018 Bright Light Snow Board with snow flake print pattern spotted much earlier fn#002 2018 The first apperance of teal hat & blue afro hair fn#003 2019 "Wanda Panda" with new backpack fn#004 2019 "Bearded Woman" fn#005 2019 A different hammer fn#006 2019 Halloween blister pack fn#007 2020 Penguin - different eye and beak prints fn#008 2020 Winter & Valentines Day Batch fn#009 2020 Easter Batch fn#010 2020 Sledgehammer photo by Broke4Bricks fn#011 2020 Dachshund fn#012 2020 Halloween fn#013 2020 Bear & Elf Change Log: 2020.02.09: Initial 2020.02.10: Corrected several first seen dates and added footnotes 2020.02.11: Added 973pb2033c01 & 973pb3706c01 / Updated some missing images & references 2021.02.04: Updated Bricklink part numbers and description. 2021.02.09: Updated 2020 exclusives and added a section of 'used to be' exclusives. 📅 Last updated: 9 February 2021 ⚠️ Again, for any discussion about these parts -- please use this topic instead. ⚠️
  10. About 90 years ago, in a small town called Billund, an experienced carpenter named Ole Kirk started working with his little LEGO friends in his workshop making wooden toys together including the famous wooden duck. in the model I have depicted several well-known highlights from the past 90 years of LEGO history. can you find them all. The moc is based on the workshop of Ole kirk Christiansen the founder of LEGO if you want to see even more go to LEGO ideas
  11. Jack Sassy

    PI003 and Others Missing...

    Hello, everyone! I am not sure whether this is big enough for a topic of its own but I will create one regardless. I like to browse Brickset database to find first few minifigures from specific themes, for instance, CTY0001 (City), SW0001 (Star Wars) and so on. However, there is one theme that I was surprised to find a missing minifigure from - Pirates. PI001 is Admiral Woodhouse (without the plume): PI002 is Captain Redbeard (with plain hat): Then the next entry is PI004, being Governor Broadside: Ye might notice that I skipped PI003, reason for that - it doesn't exist. Of course, there are others that are missing further in the list - PI007, PI012 and way down PI067 and PI071. There might be few more, but I didn't notice any (list becomes more complete further down). Note that PI001 was first released in 1995 so numbering doesn't indicate that the figure was released in 1989 (I am not sure what they take into consideration when labelling these figure by numbers). I am just curious, what happened to these missing figures and why are they missing? I have checked both BrickLink and Brickset, in both these minifigures are absent. What are yer theories about their absence? I would love to hear some interesting ideas and perhaps, if someone has more additional info. Jack Sassy
  12. Welcome, Friends! I am glad to present you my new handmade work – Guldan LEGO custom minifigure. Having grown up weak and sick, the sickly orc Gul'dan, once expelled from his native clan, will return later to wipe it off the face of the earth forever. Being rejected by the Spirits of the majestic remains – the Throne of the Elements, Guldan will hear a mysterious whisper which will later change the balance not only on Draenor but also far beyond its borders. It will make Guldan the most powerful orc warlock who will receive the immense power of fel magic and almost unlimited power overall in exchange for eternal service to the forces of Darkness. LEGO does not officially produce Lego Warcraft sets. But Lego series have Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, Dwarves, Elves and other fantasy characters. And LEGO fans have a fantasy. Therefore, Lego Warcraft fans have already been making Lego Customs on Warcraft for a long time. World of Warcraft is an amazing fantasy universe which is older than a lot of its fans. «Guldan», «fel magic» – everyone knows these words, even those who do not play computer games and those who are not interested in Fantasy themes. Warcraft is the universe for all time. Many years have passed since its inception, but the fans have not gone. Warcraft, without any doubt, is one of the pillars of fantasy worlds and deserves respect. I wanted to join this world once again by creating my own Guldan LEGO custom minifigure Guldan belongs to Shamans in the Lego Custom Undead Universe. Guldan custom minifigure can be twisted from all sides – Here. My latest customs on Eurobricks: Kaligula (the Governor of the Nothern Lands) Dark Wizard (Mage of the Army of Darkness) Ragmar, Elder Witch (also known as Mad Princess) Lego Halloween Custom Minifigure (Lego Scary Movie) Two Headed Ogre Cho'gall Warcraft Baba Yaga Custom Lego Minifigure (Russian Folk Tales) Soul Taker
  13. DwalinF

    CDC2 CMF DwalinF

    Populating Historica – GoH CMF Series 1. Chronomage - Kaliphlin They took ingridients for their rituals in the Sands of time. The richest cult of all. Maybe because they always know who will win the races. 2. Fugitive Goblin -Nocturnus Its not so easy to run away from dungeons of the Reach. Huge dumbbell-shackle gives no chances for escape. But someone heard there is a mushroom that gives a huge power... 3. Cherry Gatherer -Mitgardia Winter is the season when its difficult to feed a family. Winter Cherry that grows in tundra is a good source of vitamins so many villagers goes to gather it. 4. Asassin -Varlyrio Power and money rules in Illaryian. It's not easy to get them just with words and diplomacy. Sometimes you need help of different sort of people. Sneaky, evil, violent. 5. Forgotten Comrade -Mitgardia He was lost and forgotten by his teammates in the expedition to the Pikesteel. Since that time he is trying to get his destination and walks alone among snowy rocks. 6. Pygmey's Chief - Kaliphlin Deep in the Dune Sea gangs of this small people attack caravans for loot and food. And escort tastes best of all. 7. Navigator -Varlyrio His services cost a lot. He knows all the roads and trails. He escorts expeditions all over the island of Varlyrio and other lands. He was the one who returned from latest trip to Dune Sea. 8. Orc Berserker -Nocturnus Kill dem all! Smash their faces and brake their bones! Orcs iz da strongest! Green iz da best! 9. Mistress Of The Tavern - Avalonia Eastern lands are rich, peasants are well nourished, roads are safe and there are a lot of travelers on it that need bed and supper. That's why Agness have no time to rest: everyone should be served. 10. Dwarf Thunderer - Mitgardia These dwarfs, armed with musket and heavy backpack, can cross vast distances without rest. And when they reach the battleground, no armour could resist deadly hail of bullets. 11. Blood seeker - Nocturnus Right hand of Lady Isabella. In the darkest nights this creature sneakes into castles and temples to get blood of nobles 12. Recruit -Avalonia Be ready for hard days, lad! Tears won't help you. Now, wear this plates and march to the training camp. Move, move, move! 13. Water-bearer -Varlyrio This old-man is known throughout the area. He tamed the seagulls and sometimes they can even bring him fish for dinner! 14. Paladin - Avalonia Magnus the Righteous is a protector of the western lands. Faith is his shield and Fury is his weapon against demons and undeads. 15. Queen of the Sewers -Varlyrio Under the crowded streets there is another life. Little girl with magic flute rules the empire more powerfull than most of kings. Thousands of furry servants shall do every wish of Her. 16. Fire Wizard - Kaliphlin Fire Institute of this order located in the north part of Petraea. Disciples of the Bright Spirit are irascible but honorable. They fight against monsters at the remotest lands of the South.
  14. mrcp6d

    CDC2 CMF mrcp6d

    I decided to go with an overall theme this time rather than simply and only focusing on what might work for each Guild. So, I present to you: "Legends and Horror Stories of Historica" There are all manner of scary stories told throughout the ages in Historica. Some are surely simply tales created for entertainment around a fire on a fall evening. Some may be fairy tales sometimes used by parents to try to keep their children close to home during dangerous times. Some may result from the, er, "impaired" sensory experiences of wandering travelers. But, some, some are true..... Historica is an ancient land with magics and mysteries stretching many generations. Who can tell the fact from the fiction? You? I doubt it. Flickr album Congrats everyone on 10 years!
  15. TheRiddlersMind

    Scouting party

    Hi all Here are some photos of some minifigs and vehicles of an up and coming moc I'm working on, many thanks. Tom 323rd legion fig barf by Tom, on Flickr Scouting party. by Tom, on Flickr
  16. AntiZombie

    SigFig Music Video

    Hello everyone. Do you trade and collect SigFigs? I do and together with a professional musician I have created a music video for them. Here is the result. Maybe you know some of them... I'm happy about any feedback! And you're welcome to like and share it
  17. TheRiddlersMind

    w.i.p rebel troopers

    Hi everyone Here is a wip of my rebel cell. there will be more minifigs added and a midi scale fleet to help protect there corner of the galaxy let me know what you guys think i'm struggling for a name for them, any help would be appreciated many thanks tom Rebel troopers by TED D'Arcy, on Flickr
  18. socalbricks

    CDC2 CMF: socalbricks

    Here is my entry for CDC2 Category 1: Populating Historica. Enjoy! Cedrica and Valyrio from left to right: Queen Ylspeth: The Queen of Historica in her “ceremonial armor”, which she wears at certain military functions/ceremonies. Though she rules securely from Cedrica, she worries that she might one day need to use it... Marilla Danza: a tiefling and former slave who freed herself after leading a revolt. She and her crew of freedom fighters have been disrupting the underground slave trade between Valyrio and Kaliphlin, raiding slave ships and freeing their captives. Gerard Renwick Sinclare III: Second son (and the only bachelor) within a powerful family of Valyrian aristocrats. He is the only one in his family without any heroic tales to tell. Having lived an uneventful life, he seeks adventure in an effort to prove himself. Mitgardia Ivar Lonswain: an “eccentric” sea captain who ferries “unscrupulous people” between Mitgardia, Avalonia, and Valyrio. His pet lobster, Claudette, is blood thirsty and capable of surviving out of water indefinitely. She has a body count large enough to fill a multi-volume book. Ivar is the only one who can pet her without being dismembered. The Ivory Priestess: a mysterious priestess who collects bones. Her methods of acquiring these bones vary from rummaging around in the waste piles of butcher shops to brazen grave robbery. Her intentions for said bones are currently unknown. Zapato: a Minotaur butcher of few words. How a member of a usually herbivorous race became an expert on meat is anyone’s guess. People ask him if it "ever feels weird for him to be serving beef" - they receive a death glare in response. Avalonia Gertrude "Gerti" Eilinger: a prominent cultural anthropologist from the University of Albion. She travels all around Historica with her team of researchers. Having just finished a thesis on Cyclops cultures of the southwest Mitgardian lowlands, she has now set her sights on a group of “camel centaurs” (cameltaurs?) that some allege to exist in the Siccus Badlands. This has elicited controversy among her fellow academics, who claim that her theories are “absolutely preposterous”. This has done little to deter the enthusiastic anthropologist, though. Brielle Valken: adopted older sister of Ayra Valken, and captain of the Knights of Duranya. Described as a “natural born leader” who leads from the front, she has earned the respect of her fellow knights time and time again. The same cannot be said for her relationship with the bureaucracy. In a field where nepotism and “favors” leads to promotion, Brielle’s polite refusal to “brownnose” has left her without many allies in the upper brass, and without many means to progress her career. Though this sometimes frustrates her, she would ultimately rather be "on the ground" then cooped up in some office. Shriana: an elven sorceress who betrayed her kind before being banished to another plane of existence. Bargaining with dark powers, she has returned in a cursed, spectral state (neither alive nor dead) to exact revenge on her fellow elves. Kaliphlin Jalla Vaswani: a naga bounty hunter and assassin engaged in a fierce rivalry with Kars. A top earner among Kaliphlani mercenaries, she has become a minor celebrity in parts of Kaliphlin, flaunting her success with expensive silks and the best weaponry. Keeper Radina Roshti: the dedicated (if not slightly aloof) keeper of the Queenscross archives. Located deep beneath the sand, she oversees and guards thousands of years worth of knowledge. Ranging from "schematics of buildings that don't (officially) exist" to "forbidden spells", the texts would prove dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands. Armando Sabatheel: bar tender at the Tipsy Tree. Applying excessive amounts of pomade to his hair (down to his “trademark curl”), he can be smelled from meters away. He claims to be popular with the ladies (proof needed). Nocturnus Magda: a mysterious chemist with an entirely unknown past. There are no records of them or their work in any of the five guilds - their age, gender, race are all a mystery. Ulriq has deduced that, if those records ever did exist, they were likely wiped from existence by those in power. Magda is too experienced in their field to have not had a history. The only things that are unquestionable is their expertise in their field and their complete sociopathy. Recently, they have joined the Crimson Knives after being offered "career opportunities" by Ulriq. Bastio: an orc soldier who fashions himself as a “survivor”, allying himself with whoever he thinks is the most powerful. He has allied himself with Ulriq, but will betray him at the first sign of weakness. Unbeknownst to Bastio, Ulriq is well aware of this fact; he only tolerates Bastio because he “drives him to be better”. Ulriq: the mysterious and charismatic leader of the Crimson Knives. Hailing from an influential Nocturnan family, he was sent to Avalonia before Raavage considered the family a threat to his power. With his family subsequently purged, Ulriq was the lone survivor. A year later, he would join a Cedrican commando unit, fighting alongside Kars and Cobold. Parting ways after the war, Ulriq returned home to his native Nocturnus and claimed his family’s hidden wealth. With Raavage’s purported death creating a power vacuum, the whole kingdom is now in chaos, and Ulriq has sought to make a name for himself by any means necessary. Countess Irina Vachau: living in her isolated castle in northern Nocturnus, she has a prized collection of "vintage bloods" in her cellar. Visitors to her castle also have a nasty habit of disappearing. She insists that she definitely isn't a vampire, though. ___________________________________________________________________________________ When I heard that CDC2: Category 1 would involve a CMF, I knew that I just had to take part! Given my small workspace and limited parts collection, I've never been able to build larger MOC's - instead, I've focused almost entirely on minifigures these past few years. Something like a CMF challenge was one of the few Guilds of Historica challenges I could feasibly participate in. Some behind the scenes info on this series: I had a lot of fun working on this series and watching what the other contestants have/will come up with - I wish you all the best of luck!
  19. soccerkid6

    CDC2 CMF soccerkid6

    Hard to pass up a Guilds CMF challenge Warrior Wraith– Nocturnus In life, a champion of the Black Spire. Now fights mostly out of habit, as he finds being undead rather boring. Has to do something to pass the time! Elderly Lady - Mitgardia Lady Tora moved to northern Kaliphlin after the death of her husband and sons in the Algus war. Of late, she often takes tea with Damir. Elderly Gentleman – Kaliphlin Damir is a kind old man, wealthy from his lifelong career in the spice trade. Never married, but a proposal to Lady Tora looks near at hand. Master Swordsman – Varlyrio He has lived through too many duels and battles to count but isn’t yet old enough to have lost his speed or strength. His reputation has led many of the noble families to seek his services as a mentor and bodyguard for young family members. Picks and chooses his clients carefully. Forest Ranger - Avalonia Avalonia’s forests are filled with skilled archers and woodsmen. Loren certainly fits that description and is an excellent tracker too. Frequently offers her services as a guide to foreigners who need to travel through the dense woods of Avalonia. Gnome Tinker - Kaliphlin “High quality pots and pans! Add some fresh sparkle to your kitchen!” Folmar is a traveling gnomish tinker. He specializes in metal cooking gear and if unable to sell you something new is also glad to mend your old cookware. Mushroom Forager - Nocturnus A very solitary individual. Little is known about him besides his passion for mushrooms. The swamps of Nocturnus offer many unusual varieties though what purpose he then employs their peculiar qualities towards is unknown… Veteran Knight – Avalonia His battered armor has seen action across the guilds. Doesn’t make friends lightly, though is fiercely loyal if you do earn his trust. Most of his original companions now lie in the grave. Dwelf Gardener - Alnya Dwelves tend to be good gardeners, but Alia is exceptionally talented. Despite her own expansive gardens, she cheerfully takes time to teach others her cultivation tricks. Most people don’t know of her pet chameleon, as Chervil is rather shy and tends to hide when others are nearby. Courier – Varlyrio A very dangerous career for youngsters on the streets in Varlyrio. Those with quick minds and daring personalities can make a comfortable living through their efforts. Failure, and even success, can well prove fatal for those not able to handle the layered intrigues of the island. Dwarven Spearman – Mitgardia Solid and steadfast. Dwarves brave enough to select a weapon besides the axe have more than enough skill to back up their decision against naysayers. Fairy – Avalonia The Enchanted Forest is home to many unique races. Those with no ill intentions have little to fear from these small folk, but they’re more than capable of defending themselves from outside threats. Confectioner – Varylrio Creator of scrumptious baked goods. Signe ‘s shop is always packed, and many take detours just to pass by and enjoy the fragrant scents drifting from her ovens into the street. Mercenary Commander – Kaliphlin Possessor of a sharp blade, and even sharper tongue. Rose through the ranks of the Phoenix mercenary organization to become one of their commanders. Chicken Farmer – Mitgardia The harsh weather of Mitgardia makes raising livestock an extra challenge. Annette takes excellent care of all her hens and makes a tidy profit on their large eggs. Goblin Fisherman - Nocturnus A cheerful individual despite the inherent dangers of fishing in Nocturnus – you never know what sort of creature you might catch! Always accompanied by his crab friend, Klar. The pair of them are experts at scampering to safety or quickly cutting the line when especially perilous prey is hooked. More photos can be found on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, feedback always appreciated
  20. LittleJohn

    CDC2 CMF: LittleJohn

    Pumpkin Pie Master - Nocturnus Nocturnus is famous for it's pumpkin pies, but it takes a steady hand, nerves of steel, and a good dose of luck to survive as one of Nocturnus' fabled pie bakers. To become a true pie master you must develop your own variation of the deadly pastry. Because of this, the exact recipes are fiercely kept secrets... You will never know what is actually put into your pie. Stone Mason - Mitgardia Mountain giants aren't all fearsome brutes. Some turn their immense strength to more productive ends, like this skilled stone mason. Orym enjoys solitude and tends to work alone with only his dove as company. Author/Philosopher - Kaliphlin Irène is a renowned member of the University of Petraea, an expert in literature, and an extremely persuasive writer in her own right. Her works often spark heated debates, as she never shies away from controversial subjects. Elven Seamstress - Avalonia One of the finest seamstresses in Avalonia, Elalen pairs the finest quality materials with her expert craftsmanship. Anything made by her will not be cheap, but surely worth every copper! Minotaur Florist - Nocturnus Rutrus has a deep love for plants, and cultivates some truly magical (and enormous!) blossoms. He's an incredibly patient individual, so long as you don't trod among his flowers! Beast Slayer - Mitgardia Bondric Darkmaster first made a name for himself as a young dwarf by slaying a massive cave spider that he stumbled across while mining. Since then has made a profession out of slaying dangerous underground beasts and always takes payment in the form of precious metals and gem stones, which he has amassed quite a collection of. Orc Farmer - Kaliphlin "Those pesky camels have been eating my hay again! I wish those noble snobs would keep a tighter rein on their mammals!" Bakh is a hard working orc who owns a small homestead in northern Kaliphlin, and has a strong disdain for those who don't respect his animals and crops. Makes hay while the sun shines - which in Kaliphlin, is, well, very often. Alchemist - Avalonia Geffery can usually be found in one of two places - in his shop reading books and experimenting with new potions, salves, herbs, and remedies, or travelling to help those who are sick. The results of his work speak for themselves, and many come from great distances to seek his aid for loved ones suffering from serious illness. Extravagant Fop - Varlyrio "Spare no expense, I can afford it. Just look at these goats - the finest in the land." Incredibly rich, and well known for his lavish tastes. His parties are legendary, and getting an invite is quite a plus for your social standing. Cyclops Innkeeper - Mitgardia Has established a well respected tavern especially notable for its peaceful atmosphere. Arguments somehow never turn violent under his singular, steady gaze. Spice Merchant - Kaliphlin "Take a whiff of this - aren't the notes of lemon and the tanginess exquisite?" Transports the most exotic spices and fragrances from Kaliphlin to rich clients in other guilds. Now owns his own caravan and looks to expand his route in the years ahead. Fairy - Avalonia Azalea is an incredibly gifted musician who spends most of her time with the baby dragon Lindras. She discovered Lindras as little more than a hatchling, and has cared for her since. Local rumor has it that you can hear beautiful, otherworldly music when wandering through southern portions of the Enchanted Forest. Beast Master - Alnya Felisa spent much of her childhood in the forest, and now counts the woodland creatures as her closest friends. Others from her rural village often seek her advice if they're having trouble taming their livestock, or need help treating an injury. Artist - Varlyrio Having a portrait painted by Gerardo is something only the most affluent can afford. Though tales say that as a child it was his attempts to forge some valuable artwork that first caught the art world's notice - and the attention of the local magistrate. General Store Owner - Avalonia "Two bundles of carrots and a bag of flour? Coming right up!" Alenia accepts only the finest and freshest produce from her suppliers, which when coupled with her cheerful disposition makes her shop of one the most popular in town. Wizard - Nocturnus Poof "Did it work?! Why can't I see anything? Are you there Froggy?" Wizardry can be a dangerous task. Mess up and, well, I think you can see the consequences. To this day there still are rumors about what may have caused the strange and sudden disappearance of Rolyn the wizard.... A shot of the whole group: Really enjoyed putting this series together, and seeing what all of you are coming up with for this challenge as well. Some fantastic entries so far! C&C welcome as always, I would love to hear which ones are your favorites!
  21. Kai NRG

    CDC2 CMF Kai NRG

    Avalonia Fishmaid "Who wants feet? I'd give my hair for a pair of hands though, you bet." The Mystic Isles of Avalonia are home to many an unusual creature, including the fishmaids. They're said to tend beautiful sea gardens deep in labyrinths no human could survive in. Other people claim that they spend most of their time sunbathing. Forestman "Deer haunch or rabbit stew? Who am I kidding, I'm too soft-hearted to do anything but hug trees." The forestman is always dreaming of bringing down big game, but he's never yet been able to shoot at anything with eyes. Someday he plans on going to Nocturnus to hunt monsters or some violent creature he can feel good about killing. Farm Boy "From peep to pot, I love my chickens!" The farm boy is rustic and dirty, but he loves seeing the cycle of the seasons on the farm. He's tender as possible to the little critters, but it's true that he also likes to see them again, tender as possible, on his dinner table. Brownie "The stupid humans still think it's the rabbits who get into their gardens. Ha!hahhaha!" The wee brown men of Avalonia carry off loads of garden produce every year... but in return, they sneak into human houses and mysteriously do the chores. Kaliphlin Astrologist "Sir, I have to tell you that your destiny is a most unique one. Unparalleled heights await you if you continue on your journey. --That will be two hundred gold denars." The astrologist loves to stare at the stars and try to understand their orbits with complex mathematical formulas. But no one pays him for stargazing, so he's also learned how to give great noncommittal advice. Warrior "Do you call that a weapon? My grandmother's kitchen knives were sharper than that." Now that the Queen has come to power, the warrior is getting tired of life. He's got nothing to do but coach kids who've never known what it was to charge into battle under the blazing Kaliphlinian sun with fifty pounds of armor on and life on the line. Oh for the good old days of the Kali Civil War! Desert Mummy "Oooozzz, gooooo, blop!" The slimy desert mummy is the last thing you want to see on a trip into the Siccus Badlands. His bright green goop will dissolve you from the outside in! Mitgardia Dragon Trainer "Dragons are quite a handful... the more they bite off, the more they chew!" The dragon trainer loves his dragons, but foraging enough food for them in the tough Mitgardian tundra can be quite a chore. But wherever you go, his dragons are known for their tame obedience to their owners and their dreadful ferocity to their foes! Viking "If I find you snitching cookies one more time, kiddos, you'll find out that this spike isn't just for looks!" The viking is ready for anything, from a terrible toddler to a runaway chicken to a drow invasion. With her spiked nunchuck in hand, nothing scares her on the farm or off it. Algus Fighter "Seems like the more heads you chop off, the more heads they grow!" The Algus fighter lives for the joy of hearing his axe bite into crunchy ice. He'll never let his homeland be overrun by those monsters. And he'll also never let his moustache go untrimmed. Nocturnus Four Armed Monster "No... please don't run... I won't hurt you! Snap, there goes dinner. Again." The four armed monster either has a rough sense of humor or a tremendous appetite. Most people don't stick around long enough to find out! Pottery Merchant "Only the finest clays... what's that? Queen Ylspeth's advisor? Let me guess, you're not here for the pottery..." The pottery merchant uses her trade to cover a far more delicate business. She roams every corner of the guilds, gathering news and scandal from high and low and selling it whenever she can make a profit. Wannabe Magician "Oh boy.... I'm really looking forward to regretting this." The wannabe magician knows less about mushrooms than your average cook, but that doesn't stop him from seeing how they combine with other rare plants. So far, he's only burnt down his mother's hut twice and the chicken coop three times. Oh, and he poisoned the well, which killed all the sheep... Varlyrio Chef "Tis food, tis food, that makes the world go round." Even suspicious, backstabbing Varlyrians need the chef's services. Some of the most suspicious claim that he's sometimes looked the other way with that innocent face when servants dump suspicious ingredients into his sauces, but except for the one or two people who haven't survived his meals, everyone agrees that they're delicious! Courtier "If I could venture a remark, I would remind my lord that with his great wealth, he can well afford to be comfortable." The courtier is an expert at saying whatever you want to hear in the smoothest possible voice. In return, all he asks for is a comfortable meal, a comfortable chair, and a comfortable bed. Noble "Double-cross me, and you'll wish you'd nailed yourself into a coffin instead." Nothing scares the noble's enemies worse than his minefield of a smile. Whenever his hair is just right and his smirk is at its handsomest, you know that trouble is brewing. There we are, all 16. I don't know how Avalonia got an extra one, it just worked out that way. Here's a repetition of the group shot: This series is @soccerkid6 's fault... I had no intention of building minifigures until he mentioned that he was having fun with some (by the way, I hope there's a series coming there!). As you can see, I was too lazy to try to get all my minifigures to stand up at the same time, so I edited them into a group shot instead and had a lot of fun styling it like the official series. Some of these figs are still lying around, maybe they'll make their way into a build or two. C&C welcome, can't wait to hear which ones are your favorites!
  22. Thanks to Ninjago City Gardens, we've gotten more and more Ninjago minifigures that have been requested, like young Lloyd and the Mechanic, plus loads of civlians. If Ninjago City keeps expanding with various sized modulars, hopefully some of these can make it in in physical form! Imposter Ninjas from the start of Sons of Garmadon Harumi (from her civilian time with Lloyd) Emperor and Empress Commisioner Dr. Julian Fuchsia Ninja Burnt Generals Cyrus Borg Cole's parents Young Garmadon Kid Wu Brown Ninja Jay's birth dad Jay's birth mom New Pixal with hair Gayle Gossip Blacksmith Kai from the end of season 10 Mods, there was an old thread for this from 2018 just as a heads up.
  23. Hello :D I have made a few decal design I'd like to print or get printed, but I am not sure about what is the best way to do it. Is it better to do it at home? Or is there services I can use? (I live in the UK, in case you have specific services to recommend) Most services online assume you want to print a large number of the same sticker, but it's not my case. I've seen also many people use the "laser printer" technique to print their own stickers at home. Do they turn out durable? Do they have good quality, is the dithering noticeable? In the past I had stickers printed on a PVC sticker sheet, but they were too think and didn't stick enough, so over a few hours they'd just come off round surfaces like minifigure heads. Also, they were very easily scratched, which is not great... If you don't mind sharing photos of your own custom decals, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  24. RazerTDI

    Old Newsstand

    Hello everybody, the time available to me is less and less but I managed to insert another small piece inside my Winter Village: The Old Newsstand. At the moment it is still in a "summer" version but will soon be covered with snow to better match the context. The little moc was born inspired by the old newsstands of historic cities like Milan (the city I live in) and Paris. I am aware that it still has some "flaws" but, unfortunately for the time available, it is already a result to be able to present it to you. I hope you like it and I hope to be able to finish it all for this winter. Small SPOILER: Compared to the photos posted previously, the village has almost doubled and still lacks a small space to finish all the tables available. Alessio
  25. Hello everybody, I made a video for the upcoming Star Wars Day. Have a look at a bunch of Star Wars Minifigs discovering my illuminated Lego City. Here you can see which experience they made, for example how Luke really lost his hand and much more: I hope you'll enjoy it! :)