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Found 258 results

  1. Hi everyone! This isn't technically a pirate ship, but I figure all the ship-appreciators in this forum will appreciate it at least as much, if not more, than the sci-fi/fantasy peeps. Hopefully a few of you will even be willing to support on Lego Ideas 🙏. Click to enlarge any of the images / view on Flickr Starboard View with Roc in flight Aft/Starboard View with Roc perching Grabbing a snack in the galley - lines are connecting ship's wheel to rudder Folding bunks and hair-care in the cabin Fore/Starboard View Fore/Port Underneath View Aft/Port View Fore/Port Closeup The Full Crew Complement Background This build is specifically inspired by the novel "Ilse Witch", the first in a trilogy (within a longer series) aptly entitled "The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara". Unlike many other fantasy series, it's set in a world which sees substantial technological and magical innovation over the course of 32 novels and thousands of years. At the time of the novel, The Jerle Shannara is the fastest and most advanced airship ever built. The airships of the Four Lands are solar-powered and require active thrust to stay aloft. The sails, called "light sheaths", absorb solar energy, which is channeled through special rigging, the "radian draws", into the parse tubes which house the diapson crystals. It is these crystals which store the solar energy and distribute it through the ship's thrusters. After spending quite a well doing research based on the descriptions in the novel, and being unsatisfied with any of the existing artwork I could find online, I settled on a design which is somewhere between a racing catamaran and a Baltimore Clipper, with just enough additional other-worldly flavor to match the books. Hope you enjoy! A few fun features to highlight: • The captain's cabin in the front of the ship has been converted into two smaller cabins with folding bunks to account for the unusual crew. Captain "Big Red" shares the port cabin with Prince Ahren Elessedil, and his sister, "Little Red", shares the starboard cabin with the seer, Ryer Ord Star. A privacy curtain separates the two cabins on the aft side of the mast, and sliding panels allow access to a shared washroom in the fore of the cabin. • A removable platform between the main hull and port pontoon provides landing space for the roc, Obsidian, and his rider, Hunter Predd, to roost between scouting flights. • Other crew members can wrap themselves in their cloaks and sleep in the pontoons. • The ship is armed with a complement of ballistae to defend against hostile airships, and the ramps may be lowered to send over a boarding party. • The galley occupies the center of the ship and features a long table where the crew can dine together, or study their maps and charts. • The storage room in the aft of the ship has fresh water, food, the armory, and spare parts to make repairs on the long voyage. • The rope ladder may be raised and lowered to take on supplies and passengers. • The ship's wheel in the pilot box really controls the thrusters on either side of the ship's rudder, and the capstan hauls up the dual anchors! • The masts are grippable so crew members can climb up into the rigging. • Obsidian's wings fold and unfold realistically to move between flying and roosting positions. Build consists of approximately 2700pcs, including 12 minifigures.
  2. Hello :) I'd like to share with you my first submission to LEGO IDEAS - Rocky Reef Restoration (link). The idea is about saving the coral reef but with futuristic twist in form of a giant jellyfish submarine :D It is 1500pcs build full of marine life and with many play features. If you'd be kind enough to spare few minutes please check out the link above and I really hope you'll like it enough to click the support button! I leave you with the main picture and a promise that the rest is equally interesting :) Cheers!
  3. SerperiorBricks

    REE Models CIWL Baggage Car for 21334

    I've completed my design for a Baggage Car to complete the Orient Express train into a full train set. I used a similar design that has been paired with coaches like these in a model train pack by REE models. Some quirks of the reference model are the angled doors at the ends of the coach with their own steps, represented by inverted and round plates in my model. The Door Portals are carried over from the standard coaches, using the grilled fence piece to represent a ladder that shows on the models. There's also a view box at the front of the coach. I haven't quite figured out what the interior of one of these looks like, so for now it's just a shell. In the consist, the Baggage Car is shorter than the rest of the coaches, and with a 6-wheel base there were some fun challenges to overcome. To keep the ladders static, the turntables salvaged from the standard coach now are used to let the buffers and connector pivot. The outer wheelsets are on a pivot, which are necessary for anything below R72, but are not required for R72 and larger. The middle wheelset is using the same sliding mechanism as the Tender, which is necessary for any Radii. On the left side, doors are embedded into the side of the coach 1/4 plate. The right side has two sliding doors, that I would like to get stickers made for, using a clear piece like the CE HE carriage doors. More pictures and some WIP Pictures can be found in this album on my Flickr.
  4. StudWorks

    X and Zero - Mega Man X

    Introducing my 1:12 scale figures of X and Zero from Mega Man X! The figures have authentic articulated joints and many fun accessories from the game series. X has his X-Buster with normal and charged shot effects, and all of his armor upgrades (head, body, arm, and foot) with the super charge shot effect, as well as four changeable facial expressions (normal, angry, shouting, and smiling) for normal X and for his upgraded helmet. Zero has his Z-Buster with the same shot effects as X, and parts to swap his armor to the lightsaber-wielding Zero in Mega Man X2 and onward with his X3 Z-Buster and Z-Saber, as well as four changeable facial expressions (same as X). Both X and Zero also have posing stands and plaques with famous in-game quotes on them, plus a plate with a Heart Tank, Sub Tank, and 1-Up. There's even a Dr. Light Capsule for X to stand in! Free instructions will be available on Rebrickable in the near future. The figures are part of my Mega Man X 30th Anniversary LEGO Ideas project. Your votes would be appreciated!
  5. Here is my review on LEGO Ideas 21341 Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage: THE GOOD: Looks Great, not too big and not too small. Exterior details are lovely. Interesting way to install the roof. Very nice action feature having the smoke in chimney working with the rotation of the water wheel. Excellent minifigures! THE NOT SO GOOD: There are parts of the interior very hard to access with big adult hands XD It is a great set. Looks great, refreshing and fun build. I really like it. The highlight for me though is the details on the exteriors, this set looks really good whether it's on a shelf on its own or integrated in your own LEGO layout. The way to install the roofs is also very refreshing. There are tons of interior details packed in side, unfortunately, while one side of the roof can be opened and one side of the wall opens like a door, there are parts of the interior becomes very inaccessible once you completed. This pretty much the only thing I would complain about XD. Because I haven't watched any other reviews nor designer video, I didn't know about the action feature integrated with the chimney and water wheel, it's very cool and the moment I noticed it, it kinda blown me away. On top of an excellent build, the minifigures are top notch! There are so many exclusive hair and torso pieces in this set and they are great. Given it's a licensed set, I doubt we could get extra easily. At the end of the day though, this is an excellent set not to be missed by anyone.
  6. CommanderR

    [MOC] Symphony Orchestra

    Hi everyone! I have been a member on these forums for around 10 years now, but have mostly been viewing the forums, so haven't posted any creations of my own until this one. Just wanted to start off by saying hi and briefly introducing myself. My name is Daniel, I'm also known as CommanderR here on Eurobricks and PieceOnEarth over on LEGO Ideas. I am currently studying engineering at university and I'm also a musician and Lego fan. Fusing my two passions of music and Lego together, I had this idea of building a Lego orchestra! A few weeks ago, I finished the model design (using LDD) and I am happy to share it here with you all! Welcome to the Symphony Orchestra! My focus was designing a model that I believe would fit will with the normal Lego set scale. With that in mind, I knew I needed to skim down a 60-instrument orchestra to around 15-20 minifigures. I tried to add as many details as possible, resulting in some printing for the sheet music. Can you guess what song they are playing? One of my visions for the model was that it would have the ability to be customized easily to suit the purpose of any show. The orchestra needs a place to store their instruments, warm up and relax. Welcome backstage! I love classical music and wanted to decorate the lounge room with some paintings, so those of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven seemed like a perfect fit! This lounge is where the musicians can relax and grab a refreshing drink. Here are a couple more photos of the backstage, instruments, and overall model: I also have recently added the Symphony Orchestra on Lego Ideas. So, if you like it, please head on over there (link below) and give it your support. That would be really appreciated! Thank you for viewing! I hope you have enjoyed it. Let me know what you think
  7. Here is my review on LEGO Ideas 40595 Tribute to Galileo Galilei: THE GOOD: A good small desktop or shelf display. Love the solar system action feature. Some nice furniture builds. Reasonably lower threshold GWP compared to some released this year. THE NOT SO GOOD: The top of the wall can be a bit more polished. With double insiders points running earlier in October & a low threshold, managed to get his with my PAB order. I have low expectation on this but it contains some nice surprises. Firstly, I enjoyed building the base and it has a lot more area than I expected. With some very detailed furnitures build, it was fun! Despite Galileo minifigure does not really strike you as Galileo, the action feature of the solar system made up for it. It works so well, I'm now very interested in building one with all 9 planets! One side of the wall also has a nice exterior look, however the top of the wall can be a bit bland, and I believe would make this even a better desktop display if it is more polished. Anyway, considering the threshold of this, this set is pretty good. If you still able to get your hands onto one, I would definitely recommend this.
  8. Villa Del Balbianello is a lakeside villa in Italy built in 1785 expanding on an existing structure from the 13th century. With later additions added throughout the years such as relics added from an explorer. It was also featured in films such as Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) and James Bond: Casino Royale (2006). Also a set on LEGO Ideas:
  9. Today I would like to introduce you to my latest MOC: The PortaBrick Arcade. It is a fully functional mobile arcade game console built entirely out of LEGO®. The PortaBrick Arcade consists of 432 parts and weighs about 520 grams including the battery. The software is based on the @Pybricks project. Quite unlike any other game console currently on the market from the Danish bricks, the PortaBrick Arcade is 100% functional. The whole thing came out of a university project and was supposed to be just a small demonstrator for driver development and as a tool to brush up my Python skills. But as it is sometimes, things turned out differently. So I had a lot of fun writing games for the demonstrator. Thus, it was quickly decided that I would build a nice case around the naked basic framework. And with this then complete game console the first "test persons" played, were quite excited and so it came that I threw all original plans overboard and concentrated completely on the game console. The result is now the PortaBrick Arcade. I created the console in Python/MicroPython. As software I had to resort to the source-open framework Pybricks, because LEGO software only recently started to support programming in Python again. If everything works out, I will (eventually) port the program code to the LEGO platform (LEGO Spike App). The heart of the PortaBrick Arcade is the Spike Prime Hub (nearly identical to the Mindstorms Hub from set 51515). The game console has two displays: Below a monochrome one with a resolution of 5x5 pixels. The upper display can show colors and has a resolution of 6x6 pixels. This upper display is also one of the special features of the MOC. It is composed of four single modules of the Spike ColorLightMatrix. For this I had to write my own driver to be able to control all four displays as one. When the first game ran, it quickly became apparent that the whole thing was nice, but poorly usable. While playing, it became evident that input via the two buttons was poorly recognized. The program's flow is to blame for this. All instructions are processed one after the other. And so that a human being can recognize and play something at all, I worked with a short pause in the program flow. Problem: During the pause and during the instructions, which have nothing to do with the input, no input is accepted. So I needed something like concurrent programming or a way to process instructions in parallel (called multi-threading). However, Micropython does not support this out of the box and the used framework Pybricks does not support it at all. I found the solution in the concept of so-called generators. If you want to read more about this, you can visit my blog. Enough of the technology, on to the content: Currently, the game console runs two games. One is the Nokia classic Snake, and the other is Pong, one of the arcade veterans of all time. Both are currently solo player games. If there should ever be a second console like this (who will have the heart to build the second one??), then Pong can be switched to multiplayer. Two players, double the fun! Also part of the project was a "Pixel Art Painter", a small application that allows you to paint pixel images for the PortaBrick Arcade and then transfer them to the program code. The source code of the whole project is available on Github for anyone interested. If you have any questions about the project, just ask! Otherwise I'm looking forward to your feedback. P.S. If you like the project, feel free to support me on LEGO Ideas. There I have posted the PortaBrick Arcade as a project and keep my fingers crossed. To all who support me and to those who supported me right after the start, thank you very much!
  10. GJC15344

    Lego Minas Tirith

    Lego and Lord of the Rings work perfectly fine together! We have had a lovely Lego set of the battle of Helms Deep including the Hornburg, and a Lego version of the Orthanc. What we haven’t seen yet is a Lego version of one of the most iconic places in Middle Earth: Minas Tirith. The battle for Minas Tirith, featured in the movie "The Return of the King", is one of the most memorable cinematic battles ever. The Lego Lord of the Rings theme misses just this one set to live up to the epic legacy of the Lord of the Rings franchise. If you agree with me, please do not hesitate and go to to vote for this epic Lego version of Minas Tirith! If the idea reaches 10.000 supporters, the Lego Ideas team will review this creation and consider it for production! his set features three levels of walls, which are characteristic for Minas Tirith's appearance. The lower and upper wall are on minifigure scale. They feature working gates and walkable ramparts: perfectly playable to relive your version of the battle of Minas Tirith. The lower section of the citadel tower features a throne room. The citadel tower can be easily detached from the upper wall section, to enhance playability. Once finished playing for a while, the set can be reassembled to put it on for display. The citadel tower and the upper wall are both designed to bear resemblance to the actual grand scale of Minas Tirth. Therefore little houses, towers and royal buildings are worked into the design of the castle to fluently incorporate both minifigure and micro scale in the castle's appearence. The set also features several minifigures, working catapults on the walls, and a catapult for the orc army laying siege to the castle. All together this sets includes: Lower wall with gatehouse and catapults Upper wall with gatehouse Citadel tower with throne room Minifigures: Gandalf the White, Pippin, 3x Gondor soldier, Denethor, 4x Orc soldier Orc catapult Are you with me? Every vote counts! Because “even the smallest person can change the course of the future” ;) Also, let me know what you guys think of this Idea! Are you excited about it? Is it feasible? Are you missing anything?
  11. Here is my review on 2023 LEGO Ideas 21338 A-Frame Cabin: THE GOOD: Looks amazing. Tons of interior details. Great building experience. Including new 2023 hair piece and lots of animals. THE NOT SO GOOD: There is a visible gap between the roofs but I believe this is depended on individual bricks quality. This is a great set. The look, the interiors, the building experience are all top notch. As many have pointed out before, the use of Thor's hammer just brilliant. Having different levels to put the tiles on to give it more textures is also great. It's not just about the exterior, the interior is packed with details too. I was so happy to see the Ideas Tree House in brick built miniature form. Yes, toilet is missing but hey, if you notice the toilet paper outside, then you know how the visitors going to take a dump =P. This sets also come with great parts, lots of animals, unique printed tiles and a new 2023 hair piece. There are opinions of the trees look a bit too empty, in my view, the balance just right. The actual thing looks better than in photos and having additional foliages could increase repetitiveness in the building experience. On top of that, you can freely rearrange the side builds as well. One thing to note though, my copy did have a visible gap between the roofs, but I think it is more to do with the individual quality than overall problem with the design. At $300NZD, it is in fact on the more affordable side considering most other D2C sets are so expensive. This is is excellent, I had a great time and a definitely recommended for everyone.
  12. Operacion Saturno

    Video for Operacion Saturno's creation.

    Hello. I decided to create a video presentation for three of my current Lego Ideas Projects. The link is below. Give it a try and see if you like the format.
  13. 01 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr Hello, Bozos! You can support Johnny 5 on Lego Ideas to turn him into an Official Johnny 5 Lego Set here: Johnny 5 on Lego Ideas Who is Johnny 5? Those who don’t know him, Johnny 5, also known as “S-A-I-N-T Prototype Number 5” or Number 5 for short, is a very lively and inquisitive military robot prototype who’s perpetually hungry for more “input”. He is the star of the 1980’s movies Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2 and a TV special called Hot Cars. He became sentient when he was luckily struck by lightning during a combat demonstration. Although he is designed to serve the military as a robot prototype, he has an adorable child-like behaviour and has a great respect for life. He is a peace-loving robot and refuses to use his military capabilities to harm others. Despite being very intelligent and inventive, his naivety and trusting nature has been taken advantaged of on several occasions. Design This model is fully motorised using Powered Up motors and hub and controlled through a mobile device using the Powered UP App. It uses Technic parts to ensure stability of the structure, and System parts to capture the look and form of Johnny 5. The following are the playable features of the model: Movement – This model can move around on tank tracks and uses skid steer to change directions. Body – Johnny 5’s body can tilt using a Powered Up L motor and controlled using a mobile. Arms – Arms can be raised and lowered individually using the Powered Up App. The fingers can be adjusted manually as well as the elbows. Head – The head can be tilted and turned using the Powered Up App. Eyebrows – Eyebrows can be manually adjusted to suit the desired facial expression. Laser – The laser at the back can be raised and lowered using the Powered Up App. Watch the YouTube video here to illustrate these functions better: Johnny 5 on Youtube Total Pieces: 2,711 Dimensions: Studs: W 68.4 x L 36.1 x H 73.5 Inch: W 21.5 x L 11.4 x H 23.2 cm: W 54.7 x L 28.9 x H 58.8 Weight: 99.8 ounces or 2.83 kg Johnny 5 MOC Pictures: 02 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr 03 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr 06 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr 05 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr 04 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr 07 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr 08 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr 09 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr 10 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr
  14. Hi all, I don’t know if this the correct place to ask (feel free to move it if it’s in the wrong place mods), but I’m wondering how I’d go about upgrading the LEGO Ideas Motrised Lighthouse to be able to turn on the functions of the lighthouse remotely, and also how to add a permanent power suply like a USB cable so I n longer have to use batteries. Can anybody offer any advice, point towards any easy to understand resources (either online or in print), or point me towards any of the parts I need or companies that sell the required parts if I have to go aftermarket? Any assistance anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated and I offer my thanks in advance.
  15. Bricked1980


    Hi everyone It's been a while since I've posted any new MOC's on Eurobricks but I wanted to show the latest project I've been working on called "Red London Telephone Box". In the past I've included miinifig scale phone box's in a couple of my other MOCs, which gave me the idea of building a much more detailed, large scale model of this British cultural icon. Although the red phone box can be found throughout the UK my model is based on an early version of the phone box called the "K2" which was designed specifically for use in London. As well as the phone box itself I've also included a red British pillar box and a street lamp complete with hanging flower baskets and plant pots. The front door can be opened to reveal a vintage telephone and detailed interior. LEGO IDEAS Thanks for checking out my latest MOC and I hope you like it. Whilst designing this I felt that it would make a pretty good submission for LEGO IDEAS. If you'd like to read more about the model or give it your support on LEGO IDEAS then I'd be very grateful. Thank you very much.
  16. scarovich

    [MOC] Flying Hummingbird

    This project began life as a kinetic sculpture attempting to simulate the unique wing movement of a hummingbird as it hovers. I used transparent parts to recreate the shimmer of the Violet-Crowned Woodnymph as it flies and did my best to accurately portray the bird's wing movement when it hovers.. The bird can be displayed on or off the kinetic gearing, atop the basket handle or on its own. If you like this, check out this posting for it on Lego Ideas:
  17. EDIT: I have turned this topic into a place where we, as Historical fans, can efficiently gather and support projects in these themes in Lego Ideas; so please feel free to add any that you find and I will amend this original post. If you like any of the projects listed, please consider supporting them over on Lego Ideas. Have you all seen these? Thoughts? Last Update: 18th June 2020. MADE IT! Medieval Blacksmith by Namirob. We made it! Namirob's Medieval Blacksmith is going to be made into a set. The Castle in the Forest by @povoq. - This has achieved support and fingers crossed, will be made into a set! Historically Accurate Rome by daevead. - This has achieved support needed. Brickwest Studios by Bricky_Brick @paokus. - Another 10k achievement from Bricky_Brick. That's 4 now, including the recent Pirate Bay set. Ending Soon (URGENT VOTES NEEDED): The Medieval Blacksmith by Cholmberg1. Medieval House (2999 Pieces) by llllllllll. (sic. I have not made a mistake here with the username lol). Medieval Farm by cubeous. The Grand Colosseum by jofra-imperial. Nearly There (Needs more votes): The Bakery by Bricky_Brick. @paokus Medieval Blacksmith Shop by LEGO ScapeSculptureDesign @Ben Pitchford. Classic Castle by DERBOOR. Aging Entries (Needs a boost): Viking longship by Beñat. Black Falcon Stronghold by Xman. Modular Wild West Saloon by joefreak2003. Siege the castle ! by @povoq. Trolls's Siege Brachiosaurus by @Destrier. Medieval Knight House by Namirob. The Fortress by Gandalf54. Colosseum (Architecture Style) by SkyWalter. Medieval Harbor by Namirob. - I love this. It's beautful. Medieval market by lennert476. Greek Temple by Imperator49. Kinetic Saloon Simple by brickster0404. Desert Palace by SirMiniLasha. The King’s Castle Chess Set (2 in 1) by FormidableSouthernTiger. Lego HeroQuest by KingGloriousSquirrel. Enchanted Haven by GondorSoldier. Rysendor's Island by Lego Landon. Medieval Castle by Lego fan 99. Viking longship by Beñat. Medieval Woodcutter's Cottage by Banana_Guy03. Adventures of Robin Hood by siuliano. The King's Castle Gatehouse by @Jcreations912. The Old Watchtower by HP_Brixxter. Archers Tower by RyszardBosiak. Cliffside Villa by OrientExpress26. Medieval Cottage by Lego User. Medieval Town Hall by HP_Brixxter. Studwalder Castle (Modular Castle) by HP_Brixxter. Secret of the Castle by Alpine Builder. Sage's Library by SMARLIN. The Argo, Legendary Greek Ship by Kropotin_vl. Medieval Tower by 1965MGTFB. Western Saloon by lachie1023. Forest Fortress by Blocker007. Princess June's Castle by legolux1973 @legolux1973. House of the Samurai by hischen. Fantasy Era Medieval House - Here Comes Trouble by l_hendriksen. Viking Longship with Working Catapult by legomountainfanatic. Classic Fairytale Castle by Maxence. Roman Chariot Racing Stadium by brickster0404. Medieval Dice Tower by El_Skutto (a bit unconventional, but it fits!). Mini LEGO Kit - The Mighty Castle by Dcomprime76 (a miniature scale entry). The Modular Knight's Castle by @klockizbroda. Harbrick Castle by kylav. Royal Knight Harbor Outpost by BrickJohnny. Viking Hall by Heimdallsen. Coyote Canyon by BrickJohnny. Windmill Defense by Banana_Guy03. Forgotten Fantasy Castle by DutchLegoMan. Medieval Stable by Banana_Guy03. Chromed Classics by MinifigInSpace. The Medieval Village by Danthelegoman. A Truly Wild Western Town by MinifigInSpace. Tolkien by BrickGallery. Medieval Watermill by Witz Bricks. Mini "Emerald Dream" by Lionard. Ancient Temple by Blocker007. Brickville Tavern by momirsarac. Medieval Dock House by LEGO ScapeSculptureDesign @Ben Pitchford. Fantasy Castle (micro-scale) by Timiny Cricket. Lava Castle (Microscale) by BrickDesignerNet. LEGO Robin Hood by @Jcreations912. The Mountain Windmill by Hanwasyellowfirst. Hidden Greek Temple by DutchLegoMan. Soutou Tenshu, Japan's Forgotten Past by Horlack @Horlack Bricks. Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Modular by BooCrackers12. Fairy Tale House by farmfarm. Castle Bridge Stone by @Master0889. Lego Medieval Farmer Village by Luuknijman. Tower of Three Wizards by MaverickBrick. Minas Tirith by @GJC15344. Medieval Guard House by Micro_Model_Maker, aka @legoMoccer. Roman temple by ROMVLVS. Wizards Keep by Woligan. Castle Mellori by Magiclaw. Four Swords Inn by Magiclaw. Medieval Windmill by Neon5. Medieval Windmill and Barn by BooCrackers12. Redbrick Outpost by GondorSoldier. Sheriff's Office by Angryclone. Druid Gathering in the Forest by Cromone. Monrepos by Orbiter88. Lion Knight's River Outpost by HP_Brixxter. The Wizard Tower by AdrienClochere. The Legend of Zelda BotW: Hyrule Castle by BrickGallery. Castle Outpost by xXgGhostXx. Mighty Fortress by hischen. Medieval Outpost by LEGO ScapeSculptureDesign @Ben Pitchford. Miner's Mountain by BeatBlocks. English Fort by Klarinik. Merlin's house by Davy_92. Olivia’s Get-Away by PeetersKevin @Perterz. Lighthouse of Alexandria by MA_bricks. Red Badger Border control by Neon5. Wizard’s forest house by Ranger03. Merlin's Tower by George Brickman. Wizard Tower by DominikQN. Plundering the Ancient Fortress by Bricks_Of_Tomorrow. Medieval House in the Forest by BooCrackers12. Medieval Puppet Show by Ben.Daly. The Wizard’s House by Michele16. Lion's Mountain Gate by ErockBrick. The Mill by J-Bricks1. Viking Longship (Knarr) Overseas Raider by jbmakemson. Castle Waterrock by Egol Okkas. The Conquest of the Outpost by Davy_92. Jason and the Argonauts - Triton by Justspb. The Great Kingdoms Gate by KAJAKSZATANA. The Black Knight's Castle by Alessandro 28. Old West General Store by J-Bricks1. Tribute to the King by frederic.q99. The Fortress by Crossway_Studios. Nobleman's House by DominikQN. The Dragon Attack by Jcreations912. Heailenregarr Outpost by @DanDelie. Medieval Inn by DominikQN. S.P.Q.R. Castrum - Microscale Roman Fortress by BriKKone. The Witches' Lair by Alessandro 28. The Satyr's House by Silver42. Medieval Siege Tower - Belfry by VamosYimmy. The Prancing Pony Inn by BriKKone. The Dragon and the Knight by Proteasome. Mediterranean Coastal Fort of the Knights by VamosYimmy. Ancient Roman Warship by VamosYimmy. The Parthenon by Mattix creations. Castle Chess Set by BricKatai. Medieval Cottage by BrickyHead. Medieval Marketplace by DominikQN. The Water Mill by ricbuilder225. The Mythical Camelot Castle by BrickHammer. Wolfpack Hideout - Old King's Castle! by @tomaaki. Wizard's Room by Andrew Bricksen. Raven Knight’s Castle by MrPotatoHead. Outpost Defence by SirSurprisedPoodle. Lord of the Rings Balrog and Gandalf by Alexmorsilla_8413. Wolfpack Fortress by Mefju. Attack On The Village by Crossway_Studios. Roman Warship by Iyan Ha. Medieval Observatory by SMARLIN. Old Castle. by MasterOGEL. Ninja Outpost by Greenflame24. King's Crown Carriage by VamosYimmy. Rock Diamond Sea Castle by Trixi van Park. Ironbeard Dwarf House by ErockBrick. Medieval Market Village by Commander Brick. Siege of Troy by Haluk Skywalker. Viking Warrior Temple by HammerofHenfryn. Temple of Horus by daevead. In the Hall of the Mountain King by RatAHatHat. Medieval Restaurant by tm.bricks. Viking Dwelling by beforekilling. Fort Iron Cactus by JaminStar. The Golden Hall of Edoras by BrickHammer. Fantasy Castle by @Jcreations912. Ancient Indian Fort Watchtower by TheDude98. Waytt McLego Rescue by Brick_come92. Medieval Farm House by @Jcreations912. Gargamel's House by ArchiZ. The Shire, the Hobbithole of Frodo and Bilbo Baggin's by TB Brickcreator. Tower Outpost by Iain McCarthy. Lord of the Rings: Edoras by theLOTRbuilder. White Stallion Tavern and Inn by Andrew Bricksen. The Tower of Barad-dúr by theLOTRbuilder. Lion Castle by Hsiao1. Wolfpack Castle by enowicki_AFOL. @enowickiafol Dinomads by brickster0404. Mountain Monastery by BrickHammer. Whistling Past the Old Orc Watch Tower Through the Ancient Bog by Captain Key. The Medieval Cottage by theLOTRbuilder. The Acropolis of Athens by AlphaBricks. Medieval Bakery by Dorino Dorino. Black Dragon Knights' Castle by yuptype. Ye Olde Dragon’s Inn by Bubis. LEGO Construct & Command: Forest Outpost Siege by LEGOConstruct_and_Command. WolfPack Hideout by @DanDelie. The Mushroom House by JohnyKov. Fantasy Dragon by Crossway_Studios. Castle of White Lord Afol and the Black Knights by SleeplessNight. New Entries: The Castle Of The Black Falcons by thkindcrusader. Minas Tirith by Dar-nat-phné. Medieval Homestead by MegaPeskyPineapple. Smaug by Brick-A-Brac. Creator Windmill 3 x 1 by FranzPlus. Asterix the Gaul by Ganpat the Celt. Bone Wing by HerboRyanSeth_6561. Royal Residence by SomethingOfAScientistMyse. Winter Castle by Lukas_84.
  18. Hello! My entry for LEGO IDEAS/Dungeons and Dragons challenge. Wanted to build this kind of MOC for a really long time and finally competition motivated me to do that. Tried to connect two worlds - real one where players are sitting by the table and fantasy one where they go using their imagination and PRG system. Hope that you like it. ;) Team of brave adventurers has to stop Dark Wizard! Will they succeed in this mission? Will the troubadours sing songs in their honor? Will there be piece in the kingdom? Or maybe mom will call everyone for a dinner earlier? If you enjoy my build, visit LEGO IDEAS and leave some comment there:
  19. castor-troy

    [MOC] LED Lamp

    Yes! It is real lego (what else would it be ?) Yes! The build is stable and the lampshade is reinforced while allowing light to pass through Yes! It is functional. There is a battery hidden in the base, and a round switch on the side to turn on/off the LEDs. We included 2 Powered Up Lights (88005) for a total of 4 LEDs, to make sure the lamp is bright enough. Yes! You could imagine a version where extra parts are included, allowing you to customize the colors of the lampshade to match your interior and taste. Which colors do you prefer? YES! This project was designed on and rendering with Blender You can discover more pictures and support (if you want) on LEGO ideas : LINK to support
  20. I made a kinetic sculpture of an exploration car challenging rough road conditions. (Find it on LEGO Ideas) The video says it all really. The vehicle is attached to the landscape on the starboard side, keeping it in place. I hope you like it, don't forget to comment and support . Thank you!
  21. This is a Lego Ideas Submission, if you can, please support it here. I originally made this to go alongside the Galaxy Explorer, since 10497, while excellent, lacks the base 497 had. It's not meant as a remake of the base from that set specifically, though, more of just a base in general to go alongside 10497. Once I finished it, I thought it'd be a nice moc to submit to lego ideas. Here you can see all aspects of the base. The skylight and radar on top of the left module, the asteroid defense system on top of the right module, the landing pad and scout ship, the lunar rover and charging bay, and the 5 spacemen united once more, this time alongside a new brown spaceman. Another view of the full set, just cleaned up a bit, with the scout ship and rover docked. This part of the interior contains a console for the radar scanner and a material analysis bay. The clear 1x2x2 panels are on hinges and can open to place a crystal for analysis. The other side of this module contains a pair of robotic arms for further material experimentation, as well as a tool rack for wrenches, comms, and "flashlights". Totally not blasters. The other module contains, on one side, the controls for the emergency asteroid defense system, as well as a kitchen area. The kitchen area is stocked with a hot/cold liquid dispenser, and some different types of food. Finally, the other side of the small module contains a sleeping area for the spacemen. Here they can hang their air tanks by their pillow and drift off to sleep. If you like this, I hope you'll be able to take a few seconds and support it quickly on lego ideas, again, here
  22. Piraten

    [LEGO IDEAS] Caswell Point

    Hi Everybody Should we make a final push before the Trading Outpots expires on Lego Ideas ? We still need more pirate themed sets. So vote for the love of the almighty gods of the caribbean !! :) I have been busy for a while.. And later this year I can tell and share why :) Have been builind a lot but not on my pirate projects, and my crown is also on display in Legoland Billund. So pleny Lego-things overall. Sadly not much on Eurobricks. But now I,m back :) The project is ready for the Skærbæk Fanweeknd in the fall and it will be on display with plenty other projects and off course the pirateboi and the soldier. So I hope that I will see some of the members from Eurobricks. Actually this is the most playable build i have made for a long time and still love the details and secrets. Will use some off the ideas in my next projects. SUPPORT NOW
  23. BrickHammer

    [LEGO IDEAS] Armada Port

    Pirates and buccaneers beware! Too long have you preyed on weak and unprotected merchant ships! Too long have you raided small Caribbean Islands and ports! Too long have you roamed the seven seas without meeting any real resistance! Now you will have to face the justice of the mighty Imperial Armada! This "Armada Port" is an homage to the beloved 90s Imperial Armada pirates subtheme, which only ever got a single fort like structure! While sets like the "Eldorado Fortress" were clearly based on the British Empire, this all new design uses elements of real life Caribbean architecture to pay tribute to the Spanish Armada while also trying to capture the spirit of Caribbean ports like Havana! SUPPORT NOW THE DESIGN PROCESS After my first LEGO IDEAS submission (the "Imperial Island Fort") was turned down I immediately started to plan a redesign of the project. I always start my designs with a very clear vision in my head and for this redesign I had two major goals: 1. I wanted to make the design a lot more colourful and 2. I wanted to add as much depth and verticality as possible within the 3k parts limit of LEGO IDEAS. On top of that, instead of going back to the "old" red coats, who already had their big "Eldorado Fortress", I decided to honour the legacy of the Armada faction which only ever received one bulding: The Armada Sentry! To get a better feeling for the general shape of the island I used a couple of placeholders to determine the relative size and location of the different structures, as can be seen in the picture below: After I was satisfied with the results of the first couple of test renderings, I also made sure that the geography of the whole island was visually appealing from all angles and that there was a good mixture between 90 degree angles and odd angled elements, as can be seen from a bird's eye view: Once, I was happy with the general shape I started to design the different buildings in detail. While the fortification and the smaller houses were quite easy to design, I struggled a lot with the design of the main building. Originally I had planned to include a big arch with a bell, but was unable to find a design that did not look like a church! In the end I decided to move the bell to the right outer wall and go for a more basic roof design, since I really did not want to make the building look like a chapel. You can see a couple of different variations for the roof structure below: I am really happy with how my "Armada Port" turned out! If you like it you can check it out on the LEGO IDEAS website! You can find more pictures on my LEGO IDEAS page and my Instagram page :) If you have any questions please ask! I really appreciate criticism and feedback! SUPPORT NOW 
  24. BrickProject

    Real life "Escape Game" MOC

    Hi all! 😀 Being an escape room and lego enthusiast, I have built my own escape game with Lego® bricks. It’s like a real life escape game where you have one hour to find hidden pieces and combinations to open doors. There is a total of 5 rooms with an expected 1 hour play. The model is made out of 2800 bricks. I have submitted this model on lego IDEAS. You can check it out here: What do you think of this MOC? If you have any question about it, I would be pleased to answer them 😀 Thank you!
  25. Hello everyone, Here is my interview with Sir Legolot, He has an AMAZING Lego Ideas Modular Castle that NEEDS our support. Pleas Watch the video and GO SUPPORT this project!!!