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  1. Oh, actually I didn't delete anything, what you see in the picture I posted is what I got in the first place in its original form. I understand that you thought a part list for every step within a callout is unnecessary, which I agree, but what I am talking about missing is the whole part list for the entire callout. Now I am sure it is a bug, because I have found a way to circumvent it :-) Here is what I do: 1. convert submodel to callout 2. click then right-click on any part in the call out, then select any part or "select all" 3. choose "remove from PLI" 4. repeat step 2 5. choose "add to PLI" Wala! the PLI shows now! It is my hope that you could find why this is happening to me, if it's not happening to everyone. But if you couldn't, it is really OK. And I am as grateful as always using you amazing program:-)
  2. Thanks for the fast reply. Yes, I am using the latest version(3.0). The problem is the same. Could it be because of the errors in the log file? ERROR: 2016-09-17 12:01:09,723: Uncaught Root Exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File "F:\Workspace\eclipse\licreator\build\licreator\out00-PYZ.pyz\LicTreeModel", line 135, in index File "F:\Workspace\eclipse\licreator\build\licreator\out00-PYZ.pyz\LicTreeModel", line 536, in child IndexError: list index out of range INFO: 2016-09-17 12:01:09,723: ------------------------------------------------------ As I said, no part list for the callout. Thank you :)
  3. First, I would like to say thank you, Jarema. Your program is very beautiful. I have 2 questions though: 1. I would like to print the instructions out, which requires higher resolution than the default 800*600 to meet the 300 DPI printing criteria. And I know I can "change page size and resolution". But the problem is every elements in it does not enlarge automatically with the higher resolution.One solution is to change the default CSI/PLS scale from the template. But after it's done, every part list in the instruction does become larger. The problem is the pens enclosing the part lists don't get bigger accordingly. Do I have to manually adjust every pen? 2. After I convert a submodel into a callout, the part list for the submodel is gone. So how can I show the part list of a callout? Thank you so much.
  4. Arcquinn

    [MOC] Extreme Evolution: Arctic T-rex

    Thank you for the suggestion. I actually thought of that and tried transparent red. It turned out darker than solid red. I guess that's because the eye ball is in a socket so light doesn't come out easily. So bye bye shiny eyes. :-) ps. your creations in the sig section are amazing!
  5. The T-rex is the apex predator in the Cretaceous age, and the most perfect masterpiece evolution has ever managed to accomplish. Because 65 million years after its extinction, it is still the biggest and most powerful carnivore ever walked the earth.When I first watch Jurassic Park, I was immediately captivated by the power and beauty of the T-rex, and hopelessly fell in love with her. And what beats watching a T-rex movie? Building one yourself! At 59 cm length and 930 grams weight, This model is possibly the world*’s largest posable T-rex that stands on its own. * LEGO world :-) For more pics of the beast, please visit me on flickr: Features: 1. It grew bigger as the building went on, for we are all greedy in the detail department. As a result, at a certain moment, It suddenly hit me that this thing may never be able to stand on its own when finished, and that would be an ultimate bummer (Yes, it’s my second MOC, I never knew LEGO was so heavy!). But due to a technique (mixel joints served as tendons), a lot of time and effort put into banlancing, and many compromises made to aesthetics, the completed T-rex stands on its own. (It may not pose a problem for digital building, but I consider this the No.1 feature of this build.) 2. Play features: This beast is not only a display piece, It is moderately posable thanks to a lot of joints. And it has to be from the conveiving because there are so many cool postures and it would be a waste of bricks if it ends up to be just a statue. Again, aesthetics has to give way… to gaps. But the very essence of LEGO saves the day again: with a few parts (modules) added or removed, the gaps left by maneuvers can be covered. 3. Sturdy. Every time I had to choose between appearance and sturdiness, I chose the latter, for which I think is a virtue of official sets. 4. I try to get the proportions as real as possible. Oftentimes I see a T-rex MOC, the head is over-sized to stress the beast's ferociousness and the feet are disproportionately large to increase stability. 5. Stud-Not-On-Top design, and all “legal” LEGO parts and techniques. The T-rex is a LEGO Ideas project, if you like it please support me at . Thank you so much :-) Check another of my posts, Extreme Evolution: Arctic Triceratops: http://www.eurobrick...opic=135937&hl=
  6. Arcquinn

    C.A.R.L. 800

    Hahaha, it looks like nothing I ever saw before. the shield and the club are both so cool! Thinking what would happen when a club like that beat on a shield like this?
  7. Arcquinn

    [Moc] Military Shuttle

    Great form factor, and I especially love the color pattern.
  8. supported on Ideas, another masterpiece.
  9. It's so beautiful at such a small scale, and thanks for the interesting history :-)
  10. Arcquinn

    [MOC] Facehugger and egg

    Love the Alien franchise and love your MOC.
  11. Arcquinn

    [MOC] Lego City Future - The Cop of tomorrow....

    The mech reminds me of the rogue one in Robo Cop. And the car is also cool.
  12. Arcquinn

    The Mentalist

    Haha, I like the minifigs, the car and the show!
  13. Accordidng to Wikipedia, Some triceratops could grow up to over 9 meters long and weigh more than 12 tons. That put them in the same weight class as the ultimate predator T-rex. So their only appearance inJurassic Park obviously didn't do them justice size-wise. And if you know anything about polar bears, you would know Arctic beasts usually grow larger than their relatives in other regions of the world. Imagine how powerful and beautiful this creature must be. Features: 1. Play features. It is not a statue. It's moderately posable with tons of joints. I made it this way so it could fight a T-rex in the short movie below. You can have more poses with a few modules added or removed. 2. Sturdy. Every time I had to choose between appearance and sturdiness, I chose the latter, for which I think is a virtue of official sets. 3. Stud-Not-On-Top design, and all “legal” LEGO parts and techniques. The Triceratops is a LEGO Ideas project, if you like it please support me at . Thank you so much :-)
  14. Arcquinn

    Jurrasic Park

    Looks great as it is. I am wondering if the trees could have some green leaves though.